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Let's "Retire" Killer Sales LettersViews: 588
Jul 19, 2005 9:08 pmLet's "Retire" Killer Sales Letters#

Garland Coulson

Let's "Retire" Killer Sales Letters

You've seen them hundreds or thousands of time on the Internet.  The latest offer for an e-book, software or some other marketing system that promises to make you money nearly overnight with very little work.

Often referred to as "Killer Sales Letters" almost all these sites are constructed  by very similar formulas promoted by a number of "Internet Marketing Gurus" and their hopeful disciples.

The formula includes:

  • Emotionally charged headlines

  • Lots of benefit statements

  • Lots of hype

  • Lots of testimonials

  • Time limited offers and bonuses

What these killer sales letters rarely give you is enough information to make an informed decision about your purchase!

Many people I talk to are tired of all the hype and want real tools that really work.  So, all you Internet marketers - here is your chance to be different!  Instead of being a "killer," be a resource. 

Try this formula instead:

  • Give us a sample or free trial of the software

  • Show us examples of how it can be used

  • Give us videos or webcasts that demonstrate it

  • Explain it to us in non-hyped language

  • Give us a list of people using it we can contact to see what they think

Garland Coulson, "The E-Business Tutor"
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Private Reply to Garland Coulson

Jul 27, 2005 9:29 pmre: Let's "Retire" Killer Sales Letters#

Kurt Schweitzer

Not everything is suitable for a free sample. For instance, Sound and Loving Care is a package of music and instructions customized for a particular dementia patient. As someone who is NOT suffering from dementia (at least according to the medical definition :-) ), when I listen to the music it sounds TERRIBLE to me! But when a dementia patient, especially the one for whom it's been customized, listens to it, they find it WONDERFUL!

While we don't offer free samples due to the effort involved in customizing the music, we DO offer a money-back guarantee.

Likewise it's tough to provide a video of how it's used, or even testimonials, due to HIPPA regulations and privacy concerns. Dementia is a medical condition, and it's illegal for us to even suggest that someone has it without them or their legal guardian approving the statement. And with the social stigma associated with the desease, few are willing to admit they or their loved ones have it. It's easier for people to admit to Alzheimer's desease, which is a leading cause of dementia, but even that's tough for people to acknowledge.

We are working to be a resource for dementia, but the main drawback of doing that is the time delay between putting information online and making any sales. Likewise, it's tough to focus the message on our product. People don't care about the product, they care about bettering their own lives. While our product will help our target customers, there is MUCH more that will help them than what we sell. If we only focus on what we sell, nobody will be interested in visiting the site!

I'm all in favor of getting rid of Killer Sales Letters, but I'm not sure what to replace them with.

Kurt Schweitzer

P.S. Sound and Loving Care can be found at http://soundandlovingcare.com

Private Reply to Kurt Schweitzer

Jul 28, 2005 3:45 pmre: Let's "Retire" Killer Sales Letters#

Garland Coulson

Hello Kurt,

Of course, not every product or service lends itself to free samples.  But that doesn't mean a killer sales letter needs to be used instead.

The sales pitch can still be made in a professional, friendly fashion rather than a hyped killer sales letter format. I think you could use video testimonials with family permission.    You could also provide links to medical research that shows the effectiveness of your product..

The approach of setting up a site to help families of people suffering with dementia is a good one, but t is very time consuming and resource intensive if your main goal is to just to sell the one or two products of your own.  You might be better off to set up multiple product landing pages to test what wording converts (and you can even try a killer sales letter format as one of them) and then drive targeted traffic to the pages while tracking each type of marketing.  This will tell you what landing pages are most effective and what traffic methods work best.

Garland Coulson, "The E-Business Tutor"
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Internet Marketing Tools

Private Reply to Garland Coulson

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