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I need Help! Can I ad extensions to my web suchas www.mycomp.com/MARYViews: 733
Aug 13, 2005 7:23 pmI need Help! Can I ad extensions to my web suchas www.mycomp.com/MARY#

Jay Bartels

Hi everyone, i have a very long url to my company site. I have my own site which is www.jaysplan.com.  I want to add my brokers as an extension and direct it right to their site. For instance: www.jaysplan.com/tom and have it go directly to www.deliveringonthepromise.com/40242905. I buily my site with frontpage (it was my first experiment) ANY ADVICE?

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Aug 13, 2005 8:00 pmre: I need Help! Can I ad extensions to my web suchas www.mycomp.com/MARY#

Sean Rice
You want to ask your host provider about unlimited sub-domains, then use domain forwarding to the main site. The problem with this is that sub-domains might penalize you in the future with Search Engines if you try to market them directly. The jury is out on this.

Further, some hosts either disallow subdomains, charge as an extra site, or limit the number of them you can have.

For the method you suggested, you can do that simply by creating a folder in your top domain called /Tom/ and then create an index.html page with a redirect usng Javascript. This is easy to find on the web.

Again, don't market a redirecting page. That will get you penalized in the Search Engines.

A sub-domain takes the form, http://tom.jaysplan.com.

Sean Rice
Rasa Design Studio

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Aug 14, 2005 3:51 pmre: I need Help! Can I ad extensions to my web suchas www.mycomp.com/MARY#

Garland Coulson

Hi Jay,

It is certainly possible to set up a page at www.jaysplan.com/tom  that would immediately redirect the visitor to another page, but you are loading two pages instead of sending them directly to the page.  Here is a link to a page that describes how to do this.  (I haven't tried this myself)

If you want to send them directly to the page, I believe Bravenet has a free script at http://www.bravenet.com/webtools/redirect/index.php that might help.

Unfortunately, if the site you are sending them to isn't yours, ie. if you are marketing an affiliate program or mlm, you won't have any record of the people to follow-up with.  In this case, I would recommend that you set up a lead capture page that uses an autoresponder to send them to the other page once they provide you with contact information.  This way, they are added to your list for future follow-up.

Garland Coulson, "The E-Business Tutor"
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Aug 14, 2005 4:07 pmre: re: I need Help! Can I ad extensions to my web suchas www.mycomp.com/MARY#

R. Nelson Fernandes
hi jay,

sean is pretty much on the dot. my advice would be to set up the index.html page in the sub directory and put some relevant content on it. And provide an huge unmissable link on it to direct the interested users to the final destination site. Should keep you in the running for a Search Engine listing both ways.


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Aug 14, 2005 8:07 pmre: re: re: I need Help! Can I ad extensions to my web suchas www.mycomp.com/MARY#

Wolf Halton
You could, if you want to buy additional domain names, use the mask and forward feature at the registrar. Then the sub-page in your website that you are thinking of as http://www.mysite.com/mary/index.htm will BE, really be, http://www.marys-secret.com and browsing folks and search engines will just see that. This is not an option for a marketing page that is going up only for a week (probably) as it is a workaround for permanent affiliate links and so on.

I use this feature when I am working out a new site and do not want a new hosting fee for it, while I am working. When the site is done and has its own hosted space, I repoint the DNS to that hosting space.


PS, all sub-pages that are not specifically excluded by use of robots.txt commands are indexed by search engines. Use one keyword and link all of the text in the page to refer to that keyword at a density between 5% and 8%. If you are marketing the page using adwords, use the keyword from the bottom of the inventory.overture list that most looks like it applies to the thing being marketed. -WH

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