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The WE CARE FOR CHENNAI Network is not currently active and cannot accept new posts
What makes me HATE Chennai?Views: 1711
Aug 20, 2005 7:39 pmWhat makes me HATE Chennai?#

puneet goyal
Weird title, and I might cause some controversy here..all I am presenting is the viewpoint of a typical north indian chap...

1. Chennai has the worst public transport system in the country. There is no denying that. Buses are a 100 years old, no train/metro, and construction for metro has been going on for eternity

2. Is there any other metropolitan city in the world where people get salty water in their homes?? Its unbelievable, that to bathe, I need to buy water from a private tanker, while the government continues to ignore this

3. politics? what else can explain the strong politician-water tanker-auto union nexus? all it takes is 1000 cr to setup a desalination plant...cant be done because the political top brass owns the tankers!!

4. autos? u always have to negotiate. the meters cant work, and nothing can be done about it. chennai autos are the biggest blot on the city. sucks.

5. communication? try communicating in hindi or english (1, indian mother tongue, the 2nd, business language across the world). impossible. u cant help going back to ice age, and use sign language ot communicate. the sad part is, people who know hindi wud rather not speak. why?

6. weather? well nothing can be done about it, so wont say anything

Would be honored if someone can tell me 2 good reasons why I should love chennai. i would be obliged.


Private Reply to puneet goyal

Aug 21, 2005 1:53 amWhat makes me LOVE Chennai?#

Devanshu Arya
Hi. Every city has its pros and cons and you have put in the cons I will try and ennumerate some pros.

1. Rents. Way lower than other cities

2. Distances. Way shorter than other cities. You can cross the enitire city in 30 to 40 mins. Try this in any other metro.

3. Simplicity. This is still consider a virtue here, whereas flashing your wealth is the norm in other cities.

4. Traffic. Traffic is heavy during peak hours, but at least it moves. Look at Mumbai you can be stuck for hours.

5. Cinema. Get to watch latest movies from anywhere in the world. Look at Bangalore only Kannada movies.

6. Eventhough you spoke of language. One can still achieve the highest level in any profession irrespective of your language. Jyothika, Simran, Khushboo top heroines in Cinema, Arun Jain of Polaris to name a few. And if you plan to live and work here I don't see any harm if you make an effort to learn the local language.

7. Some of the best shopping malls, sans the crowds.

8. Some of the top IT companies and car manufacturers have chosen Chennai as their destination.

9. Safety. Safer than say Delhi!

So like I said earlier every city has its pros and cons. I still think Chennai rules over all other metros.

Its a matter of personal choice.

Private Reply to Devanshu Arya

Aug 21, 2005 2:13 amre: What makes me LOVE Chennai?#

Govind Srinivasan
Well, Puneet has given a good job to WCFCians to agree with what he says or defend. When it comes to debating through the net, we, WCFCians have proven our ability to the hilt. (Which is what NOT the end-objective I kept in mind when I started this network). For quiet some time, WCFCians are in an extended mode of stupor, and have not been even huddling together. It is time we had met. But I am eagerly looking for that real push from others here, so that our meetings don't end up planing, planning and planning.

May be WCFC is not catching the fancy of its members. But I strongly feel that this network can certainly do good to Chennai in its own distinct way. What we require is a deadly-serious small ginger group that can energize this group. Hmmm.......

Govind Srinivasan
98410 36526

Private Reply to Govind Srinivasan

Aug 21, 2005 3:38 amre: re: What makes me LOVE Chennai?#

Mr. Popular
count me in
98405 46128

Private Reply to Mr. Popular

Aug 22, 2005 11:29 amre: re: re: What makes me LOVE Chennai?#

N K nayak

One more reason to thank your stars that you are in Chennai--officially stated to be the least polluted city of 2004 -hope it remains that way for long

Chennai has emerged the least polluted city in a list of 52 cities with a pollution level of just 31 during 2004, Lok Sabha was informed today.(22/08/05)
Based on the monitoring of ambient air quality data as per the levels of Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (RSPM) measured in residential area during 2004, Chennai was the least polluted city while Raipur, capital of Chhattisgarh, was the most polluted city with pollution level of 275.

Private Reply to N K nayak

Aug 22, 2005 11:59 amre: re: re: re: What makes me LOVE Chennai?#

Govind Srinivasan
Hmmm.... Chennai, the least polluted city in India. What a wonderful news!

Chennaiites should be proud of this news. But, may be, this is one of the reasons why I am not able to make WCFCians huddle together. People should be happy that Chennai has less of problems and more of comforts. So, it is probably the case of me shouting "Tiger, Tiger" all the time!

Govind Srinivasan

Private Reply to Govind Srinivasan

Aug 22, 2005 2:31 pmre: re: re: re: re: What makes me LOVE Chennai?#

N K nayak
I think the survey if you look at it closely is only on air pollution. Good that we are among the least in that.By definiton this survey is in cities which are among the more pollution prone places

But Chennai has plenty of other forms of pollution right from waste,sanitation,garbage,water and not to forget NOISE

It maybe too difficult to survey all these possibly and maybe only action is needed

Private Reply to N K nayak

Aug 23, 2005 1:20 pmre: What makes me HATE Chennai?#

Where The MIND is Without FEAR
thanks for highlighting all the problems Chennai has ...i have to accept a fwe points while i would like to present the other side of the coin....

a. Public transport....chennai has a combo of a rail and road transport...and if combined properly, inter-city commutaion can be within an hour ....s ...our metro is due in nother couple of years...chennai has bi-lingual system of displaying the routes in english and in tamil...which i've not seen in mumbai buses...

b.water problem should be done with i two years time...yes we have a problem here....but Puneet, salt water has creeped into the underground water table only for the last 2/3 years...and with rain water harvesting being mandatory in all bulding(which no other metro has implemented so far), the salt in the water content should go down ...

c.politics....when u cant avoid it enjoy it...at least here the politicians are secular, united atleast in coruption...

d. auto.....i am ashamed...cant do any thing about it...cos 60% of autos are owned by policemen....

e.Puneet....almost all here understand english...do not have a mental blockade that they dont understand english....

f.weather....a real beaut of chennai ...sunny days always in chennai ....can anyother metro boast of such weather...a lill sultry ...thats bcos of the sea and not bocs of chennai...

and to love chennai...
my dear friend
come to the marina beach.......

ull fall in love with chennai.....

and finally ,
if u cant avoid it...
enjoy it....

and thank you....Devanshu Arya, Govind , Naya, and Avinash....



Private Reply to Where The MIND is Without FEAR

Aug 24, 2005 12:25 amre: re: What makes me HATE Chennai?#

Mr. Popular
here! hear! a true chennai lover. nice to see the positivity. makes me wonder why and what about? ok, have a nice day everybody. avi

ps: why don't we chennai lovers have a meeting in the real world, once a week, maybe?

Private Reply to Mr. Popular

Aug 25, 2005 8:42 amre: re: re: What makes me HATE Chennai?#

Lavanya Karalkar
Karthik and Avinash..I am really amazed to see the 'chennaism' in you and your possessiveness in defending Chennai. Except for Auto's, everything is better than any other Metro in India. Recently I have been to Mumbai and you should see the crowd in the local trains to understand them. People travel like mad in the local trains just hanging from any location they could grab of. Puneet..As Karthik has mentioned, can you think of any other location which can beat the beauty of Marina? Auto problem can be solved by hiring 'Call Taxis' which is just 10% to 15% more than the auto fare and you have share autos, share cabs also in Chennai which take you a long distance for Rs.5/- and travelling expenses are the cheapest in Chennai. Puneet just remove your glasses and see chennai with your heart.


Private Reply to Lavanya Karalkar

Aug 25, 2005 5:35 pmre: re: re: re: What makes me HATE Chennai?#

puneet goyal
The reason why i still prefer to kepe my glasses on is that a city cannot be judged on the basis of one bach alone. there needs to be more, right?

may i know why u r judging the mumbai metro as the benchmark? its one of the oldest, and is badly in need of a change. am sure u wud have heard of the skybus project? delhi has implemented the metro, mumbai and bangalore will start work soon. may i know wht the chennai project has been going on for 5 years, with nothing happening?

may i know the reason why indians tend to be so complacent?
may i know why u are afraid of benchmarking ur city against the best in the world?

we talk of globalization, right? y, then, r u content with what you have? why dont u demand more?

y shud i take a taxi and wait the 30 minutes it takes to arrive, when i can take an auto whenever i want? the 10% fare over auto is the 10% over inflated fare. government rules say they need to charge 3.50 per km. even if u assume they should charge 5 per km, why then do they start asking for 10 per km? and ho wdo i negotiate when i dont know tamil? why should i negotiate? y cant the police arrest the ones who dont run meters? because they get their weekly salaries from the same autos?

do i have a right to keep my glasses on?

if you ever do get some time, do read the bill of rights. i am not wrong in demanding what i deserve. and till i get that, i will continue saying that chennai, like all metros of india, sucks.

Private Reply to puneet goyal

Aug 26, 2005 1:58 amThe auto, the policeman and me!#

Devanshu Arya
You are absolutely right, the auto problem is the worst problem in the city. I had a personal experience once when I complaint to a traffic police man about an auto charging me over the top. I thought he would walk straight to the auto driver and reprimand him, instead he told me that if I did not have enough money I could take a bus! He even suggested some bus route numbers! Now what does a common man do? I have also seen auto drivers jump red lights right under the police man's nose, how do they do that? Does the police man evoke no more fear for the auto driver?
This is the reality on streets! So I can imagine Puneet's frustration. There are too many autos on the street too.
But I like the prepaid system at the railway station with autos, that keeps them in discipline. The authorities should have govt. approved rates displayed at important points in the city so that people know what to pay. Like they have in Ooty for cabs. I wonder why rates are not being standardised? Who stands to gain?

Private Reply to Devanshu Arya

Aug 26, 2005 2:32 amre: The auto, the policeman and me!#

puneet goyal
That's right. For all those who have been to mumbai or bangalore or pune, would know how honest every auto is. down to the last penny, every auto would cost you same.
i am from delhi, and i know how bad autos are there. i had assumed they cant get worse, until i came to chennai! in delhi the pre-paid autos at stations etc has been a big success. guess it all boil down to how the nexus works. mumbai police is known to be amongst the best. ditto wid bangalore. hence the system works.in chennai it cant.
in india, to chnage things, all it takes is one right guy at the top. sadly, that happens very rarely.

Private Reply to puneet goyal

Sep 04, 2005 8:19 amre: re: The auto, the policeman and me!#

Praveena Hari
Well Puneet:

The challenge is all about getting used to the place regardless of whether it is Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi or for that matter another country, because we are used to a way of living.

Well, I have moved to Mumbai recently and I have'nt settled down- I feel Chennai is far better than Mumbai despite all the shortcoming that you have mentioned, because my comfort levels are in Chennai having lived there for a while.

If auto fares are an issue in Chennai, they are an issue in many other parts- as you pointed out in Delhi. But you perhaps find it a lot more easier to get around in Delhi cos you've been there, whereas I find it easier in Chennai cos I know the place and the language- I speak Hindi like a Madrasi and autowalas in Delhi do take me for a ride.

If India had a unified national language and if everyone could communicate in it, it would'nt be a land of diversity with the dialect changing every few miles.

Well these are not excuses- I definitely agree that many of these issues cannot be ignored and need to be acted upon.

Nevertheless, it is a great city.


Private Reply to Praveena Hari

Sep 06, 2005 6:27 amre: re: re: The auto, the policeman and me!#

Follow your In$tincts!
Hi all,
Been reading the thread of messages and thot i shud tell my experience. I have lived all my life in bombay, then moved to bangalore and now chennai.

I agree with the auto thing. Its really bad but comparatively i realised that the quality of life in chennai is much better.I was in Bangalore a couple of days back and the autos there are bad too, though they charge by the meter. Its more like daylight robbery where the autowallahs were charing one and half at 8pm since it was raining. I had to get off in the middle since the auto refused to go to my doorstep..and it was pouring! there is absolutely no concern whatsoever,,or basic humanity or service-oriented mind..on the other hand, in chennai, even if i have to pay money, im assured that the auto wallahs are a bit courteous. of course, there is nothing to beat Mumbai in this regard.

Pollution is of course lesser in chennai and so is the traffic! Beaches are lovely, and chennai being one of the ancient cities has still been able to retain its heritage!
Its a safer city too!

Well, its all about accepting and getting used to the city with a postitive frame of mind i guess!

so when did u land up in chennai Puneet? back from the US kya?

Private Reply to Follow your In$tincts!

Sep 08, 2005 7:34 pmre: re: re: re: The auto, the policeman and me!#

Don't give up at halftime. Concentrate on winning the second half
Well i have lived all my life in chennai (for the past 27 years)except for a year in mumbai..i used to crib, crib --chennai is a god forbidden city.. heat, pollution, irritating auto drivers, conservative people, dirty politics, dishonest policemen..chennai sucks..esp whenever i used to land from another state or country..

but TRUST ME...its not a bad place to live when we compare it with other metros.. thanks to Praveena.. she has said what i wanted to say..
when i comtemplate.. its a really a decent place to live in when it comes to raising your children, educating them ( provides some best education sans sporting activities.. which is quite sad),

I can never say I'm frantically attached to Chennai/Madras.Like others who love Madras, I just love my home town.madras kicks some serious butt when compared to other places.infrastructure way way ahead of many other cities, relatively peaceful and calm life, and most importantly a highly intellectual and knowledgable crowd.agreed the pseudo's exist and they do in pockets, they have not been able to take over the very basic qualities that the great city posesses.

Advantages of Chennai
1. Cost of living is very low
2. Real estate prices, reasonable
3. Food is cheap.
4. Public Transport (Only Mumbai has a better one)
5. Roads (Being in bangalore, we have actually forgotten what roads are right?)

"Even though the city is very hot during summer, if you donít want to see your teenaged daughter in discos or pubs late evenings with a drunken, long-haired guy or donít like to see a Ďpaintedí wife all the time or if you donít want to make your kids get addicted to pizzas and Kentucky chicken and want to provide them with world-class education, then Chennai is still a good place to live in..

p.s. no offence intended with the last para.. it was written by a chennaite ( TP Sajith in chennai online) who is too too passionate abt his city-

My point ultimately is If you think the weather, the discs and the english speaking elite is all that you need in a city, then Chennai is not the right place. "

Private Reply to Don't give up at halftime. Concentrate on winning the second half

Sep 09, 2005 5:14 amre: re: re: re: re: The auto, the policeman and me!#

Raghav MK
Hey, firstly Its good to see a message from Goks, which could only mean his honeymooning is over ;)

Secondly, I think one point most of us havent covered, a very important one at that, is beggars.

Strangely, the beggars seem to have reduced considerably in the last couple of years- call it a secret evacuation move from amma or what - the fact is this.

I have lived about an year in Mumbai and I keep travelling to Mumbai frequently - trust me, the beggars are too demanding and disturbing. Lest this looks like an imperialist attitude, I confess sometimes it gets to be a real pain.

I dont know if others in this forum have realized this or disturbed them.

Secondly, the filth in Mumbai - on the roads is really unbearable - I think the city could do with a cleanliness drive. People living right near it, it could spread diseases for sure. I dont have my statistic on this, but thats a good guess.

I also think Chennai is quite a safe city for women - Barring the Sarika shah episode, I think by and large people in Chennai are a bit scared about eve-teasing and crossing their limits..maybe Sharada has a better view on this - having lived across Metros.

finally, the temples in Chennai are awesome - Do we know Mylapore (literally the land of the peacock) predates Chennai itself by atleast a couple of thousand years? What about Egmore and Adyar? Awesome places that store heritage buildings. Do we know the Nawab of Arcot lives right there in Triplicane?

Raos cafe and Murudis are 2 landmarks - in Mylapore on Kutchery street. I havent been there yet, but knowing Mylapore, I wouldnt be surprised if they gave the others a run for their money.

I could go on but am stopping here.

Viva La Madras!

Private Reply to Raghav MK

Sep 09, 2005 10:09 amre: re: re: re: re: The auto, the policeman and me!#

Follow your In$tincts!
Hi Gokul,
I disagree to some points you mentioned.

"if you donít want to see your teenaged daughter in discos or pubs late evenings with a drunken, long-haired guy or donít like to see a Ďpaintedí wife all the time or if you donít want to make your kids get addicted to pizzas and Kentucky chicken and want to provide them with world-class education, then Chennai is still a good place to live in.."

so u mean to say children in chennai dont get addicted to this..or only children in mumbai/bangalore are addicted to it. I have been brought up in mumbai and i very well know the kind of people and life there. I have seen drastic changes in chennai's culture today! Practically speaking the culture element is fading away..now youngsters in chennai want pubs and discos..and the number is increasing everyday..this has got nothing to do with your kid getting spoilt. your kid can get spoilt irrespective of which city u r in. mumbai or chennai..those things are related to upbringing, culture and values in a family and not with the cities, pls note.

To tell you, in this case, Bangalore is worse. In Mumbai, you can find a mix of people, from different backgrounds and you gel with someone who matches your thought process. in bangalore, there is no such thing called culture.. so many pubs n discos..the number says it all!chennai is also gtg some flavor of bangalore. though its not as bad as bangalore and of course its a safer city!

i agree with Raghav abt the temple part..i think thats the speciality of Tamil Nadu as a whole..

In all, I think quality of life is better here!


Private Reply to Follow your In$tincts!

Sep 09, 2005 4:41 pmre: re: re: re: re: re: The auto, the policeman and me!#

N K nayak
The whole thread here seems to have alot of questionable value judgements
Being in pubs or discos does not mean it is vs culture or opposed to being in temples or it means "Getting spoilt " as quaintly put .Many of these things coexist inclduing the mindless serials and shows on TV that kids see when they stay at home!

The question that needs to be asked is there a better display of humane qualities or not in general in this city

Private Reply to N K nayak

Sep 09, 2005 5:34 pmre: re: re: re: re: re: re: The auto, the policeman and me!#

Don't give up at halftime. Concentrate on winning the second half
Sharada.. thats why i said it was not my opinion.. read it .. i saw the msg posted once in chennai online..adios

Private Reply to Don't give up at halftime. Concentrate on winning the second half

Sep 11, 2005 4:12 amre: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: The auto, the policeman and me!#

Lavanya Karalkar
In my openion, be it chennai or mumbai or bangalore, or any other Metros or even say New York or Africa, it is your mind which decides whether you like the place or not and not the comforts you get. Your home may be shabby, the bathrooms leaking etc but you long to go to your sweet home after the 4th day stay in a 5* hotel..so let us not discuss what is missing in Chennai..let us try to make it better for our living..


Private Reply to Lavanya Karalkar

Sep 11, 2005 5:57 pmre: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: The auto, the policeman and me!#

puneet goyal

Been a long time I posted the post on this page. I was in NY at that time, and that might have influenced me to write whatever I wrote. Its been a week now, and wud be a good time to write again.

Its very encouraging to see the replies. Shar, I agree with most of the points you made. To take it fwd, i will say that i have lived in delhi, banaras, lucknow, pune, bangalore, chennai, mumbai and new york. Does make for apt comparison, if I do go about comparing, but i wud rather not get into it, as every city does have its pros and cons.

I would rather mention things which I would like to see in my fav city, and probably indicate which of these cities has it best.
1. Safety (chennai best, delhi worst)
2. Education (very similar standards now, in most of the metros)
3. Public transport (mumbai best,bangalore worst, delhi will be best once metro covers all of delhi)
4. food (bangalore absolutely tops)
5. relaxation (pune best, delhi worst)
6. weather (pune best, chennai worst)
7. people (pune, chennai, mumbai, bangalore, delhi)

i would not want any comments on these, purely personal opinion, based on my experience. would like to point out 1 thing, specially in response to parveena's post:

Why is an average Indian so content in what is thrown at him/her?
Why is everyone so complacent? Why is everyone scared of demanding what they deserve?
Why do you take all the shit thrown at you by the system, so easily?
Why do you keep compromising at every stage of your interaction with society?

Ryze, and Shine, people.


Private Reply to puneet goyal

Sep 12, 2005 7:07 amre: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: The auto, the policeman and me!#

Q: Why is an average Indian so content in what is thrown at him/her? Why is everyone so complacent?

A: Complacent? I think it is more a case of being resigned.

Q: Why is everyone scared of demanding what they deserve?

A: Maybe they are fully aware that God's infinite mercies are ensuring that they get only a fraction of what they deserve!
After all before demanding what one deserves one must deserve at all, na? How many citizens' primary obligations do they always fulfil?

Q: Why do you take all the shit thrown at you by the system, so easily?

A: Who system? What system? We are The System! Wake up from your jet lag sweetheart. 1947 (58 years ago) was when we became The System.

Q: Why do you keep compromising at every stage of your interaction with society?

A: Society? Self before society buddy. The compromise is first and foremost with self esteem. The rest is automatic.

Once again I remind:
Shall we set a date to stop debating and start doing something about Chennai? The trees? The footpaths? The water supply? The electricity? . . . . . . . and of course the Autorickshawalas!!!!!!

Private Reply to SOEB FATEHI

Sep 13, 2005 8:45 amre: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: The auto, the policeman and me!#

Follow your In$tincts!
That was nice. Of course, something has to be done about the auto menace..I once had an interesting conversation with the autowallah and he almost seems to be confident that nothing can be done abt it..the exorbitant rates!! Most of the autos are owned by policewallahs in the city.

The autowallahs are not at all scared coz they have the protection from police and the political party! The meters in the autos are just waste. Some even dont have them!!

Nothing is impossible, change takes time and of course can be done only with co-operation and efforts from people! The autos should run on meter first. The prices should be revamped along with the hike in fuel prices. We need to be fair to the autowallahs too for this. With prices being set, all the autos with tampered meters should have their licences cancelled. this will def create some fear in the minds of the auto ppl to be fair to public.

All the more, people should insist on putting the meter down and if autowallahs dont do it, they should go and complain. How many of us actually see unfair things happening in front of our eyes and keep silent. People also become responsible for their acts in some way, by fulfilling the expectations of such people. However, at times, we have to be so dependent on the auto that we pay whatever price they demand. Its more situational esp for the new people in the city!

Suggestions for change people.please shoot! There are lots of issues which can be taken up. What happened to the Perungudi river issue which we discussed Mr.GS? What can be done about it?

Action speaks! Lets get together and do something!

Private Reply to Follow your In$tincts!

Sep 13, 2005 11:36 am re: The auto, the policeman and me!sica#

Govind Srinivasan

WCFC is proving to be a wonderful online exchange and not-so-wonderful physical group, at least till now. The prime reason is the lack of at least a small band of people (typically youngsters, who have at least reasonble satisfaction at their job / profession / business), who could take the WCFC mission forward.

In the past, my efforts to gather even 3-4 people and head towards Perungudi marshland failed. I contacted most of the people who were present in the last meeting held at Woodlands Drive-in. Somehow or other, everyone had one or other compulsion that made the trip impossible. Even the postponed trip couldn't materialize.

All of you know that I became unavailable to WCFC, after the demise of my father, as I had to involve myself in a focussed exercise of making his works available to the world at large. This work is still on.

I certainly don't want to move away from the WCFC physical activities, but I am not able to lead the pack, typically. Yes, yes, I am looking for 2-3 absolutey-committed and friendly volunteers, who would gladly share a portion of their daily time for WCFC. I am prepared to do everything possible from my side to set the ball rolling again.

A recent member in the WCFC, by name, Avinash Subramanian, has been expressing his interest to volunteer. I wonder if I can add you in the list confidently. I know that you have been committing yourself even earlier, but I couldn't meet up with you later to work out the follow-up. There are a few others too, like Gokul Raman. Besides, there is always that goodwill generator, (probably the youngest in WCFC - when it comes to nudging people to act). I mean Sushi. There is also a well-wisher to the core, who is never tired of encouraging us and cautioning us against vain talk - Soeb Fatehi.

I think it requires just 3-4 absolutely committed people, who could spare a little of their personal time, to rev up the WCFC engine. The result could definitely be path-breaking. Really!

Wondering if I can meet you on 15th (Thursday) at Harish's marriage reception.

Govind Srinivasan
98410 36526

Private Reply to Govind Srinivasan

Sep 13, 2005 12:43 pmre: re: The auto, the policeman and me!sica#

Sushi youngest. me second youngest. yahooo!

Private Reply to SOEB FATEHI

Sep 14, 2005 6:57 pmre: re: re: The auto, the policeman and me!sica#

sushi krishnamoorthi
Thanks Govind..(Soeb .why you get jealous) ..Ofcourse I will be able to find some time but I feel lavanya karalkar will be the best suited for this purpose. Ofcourse, serious talks may take a sideline but then when jack is always serious, he will be taken to ICU na? If you are prepared for some fun, some serious issues, then I can convince Lavanya karalkar to lend some time from her busy schedule. she will have to oblige becasue i am obliging her as she has requested me to attend Harish's wedding reception on her behalf too. ( PS.. anyhow I was to attend as how can i miss my favourite co moderator's wedding reception?) It seems she has been called for as part of the committee formed to investigate into the match fixing issue.


Private Reply to sushi krishnamoorthi

Sep 15, 2005 5:59 amThe auto, the policeman and me!sica#

me no jealous. me zealous. if i cant be #1 in age then i must try at least in other accomplishments, na?

anyway Aaj toh mere yaar ki shaadi hain!

Private Reply to SOEB FATEHI

Oct 25, 2005 11:45 amre: The auto, the policeman and me!sica#

Sathish Kumar
Hi All ,

You can change people with love . And I have spoken almost to 100+ auto wallas about why they dont follow the meter. I personally feel that the fares should be revised by the government. If you all could join hands with me , we can submit a petition with the chennai corporation commissioner regarding this .Any body ready to act . get in touch with me at 9840447704/9886002309.



Private Reply to Sathish Kumar

Oct 25, 2005 3:18 pmre: re: The auto, the policeman and me!sica#

Follow your In$tincts!
Me, of course Sathish..today also had a tete-a-tete with an autowallah for charging exorbitant money..they think i hv a money plant from whr i grow money
its bad

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Oct 25, 2005 3:33 pmre: The auto, the policeman and me!sica#

Govind Srinivasan

I sent you a PM. Can I reach you on the phone? You showed a lot of interest and I badly want to include you in some of the actions that are solidifying now. Pl see my PM and respond.

98410 36526

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