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Entrepreneurs with ADD
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Benefits of ADDViews: 545
Sep 05, 2005 10:03 pmBenefits of ADD#

Stephanie Frank

I agree with you that discussing the benefits of ADD is a giant plus here on the network. After all, ADDers:

- Multitask
- Are highly intuitive
- Get more done in a day than most do in a month (even if it's in your head)
- Can advance multiple projects at once
- Are creative and funny
- Are smarter than most
- See details that others miss
- Are big picture thinkers
- Learn new things quickly
- Wake up with "answers"

Hey, we're a lively bunch! The challenge is that we don't allow ourselves to be okay with the fact that things like organization and prioritization don't come easily to us. REMEMBER, these things are part of the executive function of the brain - the actual wiring in the pre-frontal lobe makes organization and prioritization difficult for us.

So what?

There are hundreds of things you can do to get organized. Over my 20 years in business, I've been forced (and I bet you have too), to develop little systems that work for me. They aren't conventional (I"m a big sticky note fan too) but they work. Here are a couple of things I do for organization:

1. Each morning, I write the 3 things I will accomplish before I go to bed. Then I ask myself if it's realistic. If I find I'm saying "well, IF this and IF that" to get the things done, then I'm looking at projects, not tasks, and I break it down a bit further. Then I write the reward I get at the bottom of the list. Yesterday, I was done with everything on my list by 10:00 a.m. YES, the reward was that good!

2. I love magazines and I get alot of them. When I'm done with one I leave it somewhere and I can't remember if I read it or not. So my simple system for this is to turn the magazine over on its face. Now I know easily when I've read something and when I haven't. Cleanup is easy - I just pick up the magazines that are turned over and dump them. The rest go into a magazine rack so there is no mess.

3. Sticky notes vs. planners vs. PDAs. I use them all. Here's how. I use my PDA for contacts, appointments, synching with my computer. I use my sticky notes for things I will do today, and I use a planner with customized tabs to write everything else. What are the tabs? Here are a few:

1. Names of people who I delegate work to:
2. Movies
3. Books
4. Ideas
5. Things I want to pick up (then when I'm out, I can just look at the book and get what I need)

No matter what system you use, don't try to fit into a box. It won't work. Ask yourself "what do I need to be able to be productive?" and tweak it until it works.

Maybe I'll do a class on organizing, what do you think?


Stephanie Frank, author
The Accidental Millionaire

Private Reply to Stephanie Frank

Sep 06, 2005 3:35 amre: Benefits of ADD#

Sue T.
LOL I love the part where you can't remember if you've read the book. I do that with my books but I'm highly visual so I find that if I leave them laying on the space near my desk, I know I want to read them. If I put them "in" the book case, I find that I forget they exist :)

I also use those sticky's to mark the pages that I want to revisit as well because I need and want to remember specific things in it.

I adore this list you've made as to the positives we have. I do ... completely.

On a very serious note, I can say that being intuitive as I am, and being able to see things that others miss, moreso in others, well work situations and things like that as well... did take it's toll for a very long time.

I found it to be very hurtful over the years to see something in someone or something and express it... and those who couldn't see it ... just poo poo'd it away as if I some how made it up... or there is the other side of the coin... "who does she think she is?" etc.,

In the end, it would be found/discovered that Sue really did know what she was talking about ... I think and know that the most wounding aspect of this gift was when others didn't believe me ... that was tough. And for myself, I'm grateful to be able to say that out loud. It feels good.

The other side of it was that people didn't want to appear so transparent. They really weren't... I was just able to pick up on things. It was like childs play to me...

I'm highly grateful for the day someone introduced me to coaching... because I was able to express my views and learn new ways to approach things which were of such a sensitive nature and meet with success and not ... obstacles.

I remember the anxiety I felt on my first board ... network, whatever you want to call it. I was holding my breath waiting for that inevitable fight... and it never came! WOW! :)

That was about 2 years ago at this point and while people sometimes still may not take my word for things, the good news is that... I'm grateful for what I do know and further that I've come into an environment of people who are supportive ... it's been my greatest gift...

Oh :) and yes surely put together a course on organization :) My ways are totally different than others and I never paid much mind to that, I just did what worked... except for the being able to see things others didn't I was in blissful ignorance about the rest, I just did what needed to be done to work around myself.



Private Reply to Sue T.

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