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Entrepreneurs with ADD
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Music and ADD/ADHDViews: 1115
Sep 17, 2005 4:44 pmMusic and ADD/ADHD#

Sue T.
For the longest time I had myself convinced I had an awful memory.

Don't retain huge words, forget the statistical things...yet as others here have shown... when we are interested in something...

Do you truly have a bad memory? Or is it that you've inserted a "belief" in your mind and now you believe it to be true?

Granted, I get the scattered thinking and the lack of focus but what if you were to challenge this? Hmmm? You're good at so many other things... why limit yourself with such a "story" that you tell yourselves?


Music is a great memory trigger. I can hear a song and remember a train of thought in an instant... how about you?

What do you think about linking up what you are doing with a song? A thought, emotion, learning experience etc., if you notice (this could just be me however I'm sharing it anyway...) you hear a song say from 1980.. and POOF! You remember where you were, what you were doing and the people who were there right?

So perhaps all of this is about you finding your "triggers" to promote you to remember etc., better vs. the continued untrue belief that you can't.

:) Just food for thought this morning...

Food can be another trigger. I'll bet if you think about ... say the last time you had filet minon, you'll remember where you were, who you ate it with and the taste...



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Sep 17, 2005 10:15 pmre: Music and ADD/ADHD#

Deanna Gibbons

Boy have you hit the nail on the head for me. I've always loved music and have some of the best memory recall when listening to music. I never really thought to put what I was learning to music though.

Thanks for putting this idea out there!


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Sep 17, 2005 10:46 pmre: re: Music and ADD/ADHD#

Mariangie Gonzalez
When I was in school and college, the only way I could concentrate while studying was with music, even singing! Most people used to tell me: "How can you do that?, I need total silence!

I get soooo distracted on complete silence, maybe because I hear all my thoughts: "I need to clean the sink I better do it now... Oh, I didn't shave my legs!, etc.

Even today I need something in the background in order to concentrate on my work.


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Sep 18, 2005 4:52 amLadies :) Music and ADD/ADHD#

Sue T.
I can't work without music on either... the most hypnotic alone time I have had was when I was much younger and had the freedom to drive for hours listening to the radio.

That was meditation to me. For a mind, such as mine, which never rests ... that was my break.

So was dancing :) I love to dance... great stress reliever...

Music has been my faithful friend for many many years... everything I post is straight from my personal experiences and things that I know have worked for me. Before I even knew what ADD/ADHD was all about...

I am reading the book that Scott posted here earlier today, it's really good! It skips nicely all over the place lol and I love that! keeps me intrigued ... and the things I read are not only very good, but ... how do I say...

I have never viewed ADD/ADHD as a problem to be honest. I knew I learned differently, I knew I had to focus a certain way, have certain environments etc., or lists etc., I just did what I had to in order to get what I needed to, done.

I never looked at it as a bad thing. Ever. I'm me... you know? In another post here to Stephanie, the only thing that caused me pain with this gift (I said "gift") was being highly intuitive.

I could see things that others could not. Because I was and am highly sensitive to them... it was childsplay to me. You can imagine, how it would feel to have others not believe me for so long. It was hurtful... I was like, "how could they NOT see!!" LOL Well, because their brain wasn't wired like mine.

I have a friend Dave ... he's said since I'm 24 that I think too much LOL (shocking) I know that's true, so I used to tell him to shut up dork! LOL A little while ago, we were talking and he said it again ... (the dork :) -) and I said... I know I think alot, I'm highly analytical but let me ask you this?

Have I been wrong in the end?

He said, No.

Please don't misunderstand me, when you hear your entire life, you think too much even if it is a good thing, it can start to sound, like a bad thing! I say it isn't. I say "how" we think, makes a huge difference. You know?

Now the good news :) Is that since I've gotten into coaching, read things, learned new things, I can express better what I see and in a different manner that doesn't leave others feeling so transparent.

And now I've come to learn to trust my intuition alot more as well ... which was difficult before because no one saw what I did! So you doubt what you think you see, because no one else can. Inevitably I'd turn out to have seen things correctly.

I handle them a bit differently now that I recognize things differently too... so that's really cool :)


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Sep 21, 2005 1:19 pmre: Music and ADD/ADHD#

Eva N. Denes
Hi All,

What a great, eye-opening post. When I was at high school, and then college, I always needed music in the background to be able to concentrate. I did not know then that it helped me, I just needed it.
My son does the same thing now, and I first asked him if he could pay attention with the music on, and he said of course. Then I remembered that I was the same.

I remember 2 years ago I had to drive my brother's car and I was very tired, I actually realized that I was missing the radio (he took it out because it needed a repair). The next minute I realized that I was driving off the road, and then I had a bad but very fortunate accident. Ever since I only drive with the radio on if I'm alone in the car.

I think it might be a therapeutic solution to tie certain tasks to a song or certain type of music.


Private Reply to Eva N. Denes

Sep 21, 2005 9:11 pmEva : Music and ADD/ADHD#

Sue T.
You know? When I exercise (and I'm sorry to hear about your accident) Club music or like metal music really gets me motivated. I'm highly sound and visual oriented.

I notice that when there isn't any background noise? I get tired and lethargic... almost as if bored. I need the additional stimulation you know ...

I love the radio on ... when I drive... helps me think. Helps me to visualize etc.,

Sure I think we could link certain songs up to memory and help us to trigger certain thoughts and things we'd like to remember. Of course!

Every time I hear AC/DC I remember being 17 years old and going out with this fella Eddie. The music triggers that memory for me. I think alot of people are like this yet I wonder if it's only us? or everyone... there's a thought.

Sue :)

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Sep 26, 2005 5:20 pmre: Eva : Music and ADD/ADHD#

Jennifer Lavender
It makes perfect sense to me to have music playing in the background. Different music depending on my mood or what I'm trying to accomplish. Classical music is great for reading or when I need to concentrate on a specific task for a long period of time, but if you put on some nice quiet classical music when I'm bored anyway, and nothing will get done. House work goes quicker and is more pleasant when I have something "rowdy" playing in the background, keeping me pumped up and motivated.

I'm a huge advocate for using music to your advantage and knowing the basics about music even if you're not a musician. Why? Because I'm a logical thinker, and music is very logical amd mathematical. While I don't necessarilly believe that certain music will make me smarter or perform better in certain subject, I do believe that understanding music and being willing to listen to different kinds of music and pick out different aspects of the music makes me a more analytical person, yet more creative at the same time.

And if you want further reason to own lots of music and keep it playing in the background, or to turn your radio on, just think about the last time you watched a movie. Now imagine what that movie would have been like without the musical underscore. My favorite example...Jaws without the Jaws music everyone knows so well right before the shark pops out of the water. Or how about James Bond or Mission: Impossible without the spy music. It just wouldn't be the same. My background music is just my own personal soundtrack.

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Sep 26, 2005 7:10 pmJennifer: Music and ADD/ADHD#

Sue T.
Your own personal sound track. That's a great perspective... I never used to wonder why I just flipped it on you know?

Where I am now, during the day, the boss can't stand the music on and I can't stand this white sound thing/fan he has because he needs silence.

You can imagine how we conflict a bit on that. I keep it low, that's no problem but he'll turn it off when I'm not here LOL and then I don't realize it isn't on right away until of course I'm looking around the room going ... man I'm bored LOL :) Interesting ...

Sue T.

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Dec 12, 2005 11:52 pmre: Jennifer: Music and ADD/ADHD#

DeAnna Troupe, Video Marketing Specialist
I know exactly what you guys mean. I can hear a song and remember who I was with what was going on and what I was thinking when the song was on. Don't let the song be a song that I sung in the chorus. Then I'll be like oooh they messed up right there. They were supposed to creschendo (sp). LOL. I also have to have music on to concentrate. If it's quiet forget about it. I'm asleep. I don't know if that is the ADD or what, but that's just me. The best math class I had in college was discrete math. The teacher played mozart during the class or we could bring our own music. I always brought Outkast b/c I was terribly homesick and since Outkast is from Atlanta, I could always feel like I was at home. Anyway since I took the test in (almost) the same environment I studied in I aced the tests. Okay enough rambling for today.... More later.
DeAnna Spencer

Private Reply to DeAnna Troupe, Video Marketing Specialist

Jan 28, 2006 1:22 amre: re: Jennifer: Music and ADD/ADHD#

Danielle Bailey
I have to have my mp3 player on with the headphones at work or I get distracted by the least little thing. My brain works in such a way that I need 3 or 4 things going on at once or I can't focus. I listen to godsmack, ac/dc, eminem - anything driven and strong - and it helps me stay on point. My son is the same - with the music on he finishes his homework in minutes rather than hours.

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Jan 29, 2006 10:20 pmre: Music and ADD/ADHD#

Virginia Van Vynckt
Interesting comments. I can normally work without music, but when I am doing something that's difficult or boring, especially with a looming deadline, I find that lively music really helps me stay focused.

I'm, shall we say, a bit older, so the Rolling Stones count as "rowdy" for me. Though I do like Eminem...

Private Reply to Virginia Van Vynckt

Sep 04, 2006 6:54 amre: Music and ADD/ADHD#

Joe Bentson
You could be a millionairie with that Idea.

Have a large number of songs available to remind you about an event of special day that can be set to play on your computer a week, day, or hours before an event.

Like tomorrow is your anniversary, the computer plays the death march.

You have to go to court for a speeding ticket, and you hear playing "Zoom Zoom Zoom"

You have a doctor appointment with the protologist, and the compuet plays"Peter Pan"

A dentist appointment to get your braces off and it plays "happy days are here again"

Tomorrow is your wedding day in case you are the "absent minded professor" who missed his own wedding 3 or 4 times, your computer plays the M*A*S*H* theme song "Suicide is painless"

Your child goes to college or has a wedding, then it plays "Gone with the Wind" for your money.

You have to appear in court, or your divorce will be thrown out since you missed the court date 5 times already, the computer plays "Happy days are here again"


I had one lady say that her husband said that I could have made a higher promotion and pay level with the company if I wasn't always helping others do projects. She siad you have to promise me that you'll stop helping so many people instead of making more money for yourself.

She was RIGHT !!! She hit the nail right on the head, then she asked for my help on 3 more research projects.

I like to use analogies to explain things to people like do you remember in the movie mission impossible where the "company" ask you to do impossible tasks ... in impossible time limits ... and if you mess up, they will disavow any knowledge of your team or mission

... Oh yeh, I forgot you work for that company too. We never get credit when it goes right and when it goes ... wrong, then we are on our own.

You wonder if you get picked for these special missions if you have ADD, because you can't remember who the other team members are, or they won't remember you.

What also gets me is when a song gets locked in your head. Has that happened to you too. At 9 AM, the Oscar Meyer Weiner song is okay to hear, but at 3 AM and no sleep, you get to hate hot dogs, especially Oscar Meyers !!!

I playeed the 007 theme songs and hours later I was still haring them as loud as before. I could NOT sleep !!!
It was madding, then I realized my son had set the CD-player to continuous play, instead of play once and stop. At 5 AM, I now had a "License To KILL" !!! and a new idea for the next James Bond film. "Justifiable Homicide" is almost as good as a "license To Kill."

Just kidding, except about how songs can really burn their way into your brain, especially advertising jingles.

Your picture is the only one on Ryze that is laughing. Good show !!!

P.S. do you ever try to get a little more research or work done, and then see the sun rise and your goal for bed time was 11 or 12 PM?

Best wishes,
Tulsa, OK

P.S. Doe sit help to be named "SUE" if you work with lawyers.

They ask
What would you do ...Sue? And you answer, Of Course SUE.

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