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Entrepreneurs with ADD
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I always KNEW I was endearing ...Views: 605
Sep 20, 2005 2:00 pmI always KNEW I was endearing ...#

Sue T.
Now I have proof... LOL

Check out this link. Some good stuff as always... on what? Oh hell, I can't remember now ... heh heh...

I always knew I was endearing! Now I have PROOF LOL :) (Did I say this already?)


Take a gander at this article and the many links with regard to same.

Sue T.

Hey? What did I just say? :)

Private Reply to Sue T.

Sep 22, 2005 3:30 pmre: I always KNEW I was endearing ...#

Stephanie Frank

Thanks for posting this. I saw it and meant to do it, but then the phone rang... :-)


Private Reply to Stephanie Frank

Sep 22, 2005 5:18 pm I always KNEW I was endearing ...#

Sue T.
LOL :) But of course...

Private Reply to Sue T.

Sep 22, 2005 6:08 pmre: I always KNEW I was endearing ...#

Warren Simonoff
Sue -

This is an ultra-cool site! Is that enough enthusiasm for ya? [Smiles]. Really loved it. I intend to send the info to my non-ADD brother who does not fully comprehend the God-given gifts and strengths that come with ADD. I love him lots, but he's a 90% linear thinker.

Keep having fun!
ADD Coach

Private Reply to Warren Simonoff

Sep 23, 2005 1:27 amWarren : I always KNEW I was endearing ...#

Sue T.
LOL Yes that was more than enough Warren... I still have yet to read the "entire" thing! So much information there for me to forget!

I'm serious when I have to be... You know? I'm thinking that I could possibly USE this as an excuse to be goofy! Hmmmm.... nah, I like being fun, I don't need an excuse.

Seriously though ... I did have a question that I"m unsure if anyone else answered, I haven't been back to the thread... I'll look in a sec...

Have any of you, or you yourself, noticed that you can sense anothers emotions? If so, how do you separate yourself from that feeling? Know what I mean?

I'm highly sensitive to emotions. Most times I can tell which are mine, and which are not, yet I find this to be challenging.

Anyone have any thoughts about this?

Sue T.

Sue Tosto
Life and Relationship Coach

Confidence is Silent. It doesn't defend itself.
It simply exists inside of you.


Private Reply to Sue T.

Sep 23, 2005 6:35 amre: Warren : I always KNEW I was endearing ...#

Warren Simonoff
Sue -

I know exactly what you mean. Yes, many of us are hypersensitive and very intuitive, bordering on psychic.

I think we are so empathetic and caring since we have experienced challenges in our lives, that when we are with someone that is having emotional issues, we key into that person. I think that trips our empathetic circuit breaker to relate to that person and also elicits an emotional response in us. Having that negative emotion triggered by the other person goes beyond what one would think happens to someone observing it; however, for us it can be a safe haven of familiarity. It's similar to a rumination. Without proper treatment ADDers can ruminate for days or longer about a minute incident where they "beat themselves up." It's really illogical, but it happens. Part of overcoming that as well as overcoming overly relating to another's emotional reaction, is being aware of it.

Frankly, we don't deserve to do that to ourselves. Yes, we can feel empathy, but establishing boundaries so that we understand that we have to take care of ourselves FIRST. Not being selfish but when we're best to ourselves, others in concentric circles benefit.

I hope that helps; that's my spin on it. Sorry for the long response. Delete me any time...[smiles].

Warm wishes,
ADD Coach

Private Reply to Warren Simonoff

Sep 23, 2005 10:48 amaaaaaaagh : Warren : I always KNEW I was endearing ...#

Sue T.
YUP! This is "exactly" what I've been talking about! :) Long? Naaah... have you seen some of my posts? This is short LOL ...

I've got the boundaries part. When I'm blindsided by a behavior is when it bothers me the most.

I've been calling this a gift for a while because if we can tune "into" it instead of being sucked into the emotion, its very beneficial. I'm highly sensitive ... while it's helpful in so many ways, there are things that often times, I certainly don't need to see or feel. I never looked at it as a bad thing though. The only thing was of course was that I wasn't believed. In this regard it was tough because others can't see what I can see in another.

Until of course, it became more evident later on down the line to others who were not as intuitive.

I always wondered why others couldn't see it. I mean "its right there!" Granted many people walk around with blinders on yet in the same breath I used to think they were wearing a Hood for goodness sake! This was puzzling to me for obvious reasons. And frustrating.

Oh boy do I have stories!

Now for everyone else... Warren here, who is right about boundaries ... is saying things that ... are true. (I just woke up :) so I'm formulating.) I found that the more I got to know myself, the more I stuck to my beliefs, learned to convey them to others, "remained" assertive and learned how to communicate better as to what I saw, so that others didn't feel as transparent, the more confident I became. In what I saw, and in what I felt.

I'll tell you. This is tough when you're faced with people who don't see and think like you. However, I still view it as a gift. And I now trust myself alot more in what I see... because I've got many examples that I can refer to where I saw something, watched it evolve etc., and I was right.

So I'm "clear" it's not about being right. It's more about learning how to trust these feelings we get and learning how to focus on the difference between "our" emotions, and the emotions of others.

One thing that I do is I ask myself if this is about me. Is what I'm feeling about me. That helps.

Or I force myself to "STOP" and I'll say that out loud... that can work :) so I shut my brain up long enough to gain clarity into a situation. AND never underestimate talking to a person who is unbiased about what is going on because they are "not" emotionally involved in the situation.

What you need when you talk to someone? About things like this? Is someone who is going to listen and understand. So it helps you to decipher what's going on. I can sift though anything very quickly when met with understanding. Thus I learn for the next time a situation shows up, how to sift through it again, only this time faster.

See what I'm saying? Emotional awareness is very important in this arena. Because you all, and myself as well... have to learn how to sift through not only YOURS but others as well!

This is GREAT!

Sue T.

Private Reply to Sue T.

Sep 23, 2005 6:03 pmre: aaaaaaagh : Warren : I always KNEW I was endearing ...#

Warren Simonoff
Sue -



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