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What you wished you had known......Views: 1621
Sep 28, 2005 10:47 pmWhat you wished you had known......#

lisa micklin
(This post was deeply inspired by Denise O'Berry of the MYOB network: http://myob-network.ryze.com/ )

Some of us are seasoned ezine publishers, others here are getting ready to publish their very first issue.

When I started ezine publishing 6 years ago, I was tossed into a position of publishing 8 different ezines to nearly one million unique subscribers! Talk about a learning curve. Obviously it was a passion that grew on me and has stuck.

There is so much that I wished I had known back in those days! Probably the most important of which is that the quality of subscribers is way way way more important than quantity of subs.

So, what do you wish you had known when you started publishing your ezine(s)? Your answers may help other publishers avoid mistakes and theirs may help you avoid some pitfalls as well.

Looking forward to your input,

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Sep 28, 2005 11:16 pmre: What you wished you had known......#

Lynn Colwell
Great question, Lisa. I had a lot of experience with print newsletters and also developed an intranet so I probably had more experience around this than a lot of people who create ezines in support of their businesses and have little idea of how to write, much less get out an ezine.

For me the biggest issue was having a template created and setting it up in Front Page (which I knew nothing about and only bought because I needed it). People often compliment me on the design of my newletter and assume they can easily create something similar. I strongly suggest that they consult with a designer who is familiar with ezines as there are many issues that are revelant to online pubs that are completely irrelevant to a print publication.

Once the template was set up and I understood how ezezine worked, I felt everything from there on in went as well as it could go. Just to give you a little plug here, when I had a question, I asked it of Beth and always got a prompt answer so while it might save time if I know the answer, in the end, I guess the best thing I did was to choose my provider wisely :)



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Sep 29, 2005 7:08 pmre: re: What you wished you had known......#

Denise O'Berry
Lisa --

Thank you. It's been a fun thread over at MYOB. Anyone here is welcome to join in.

For email list building, I wish I'd known what to do with all those names I collected way back when.

When I first started online -- I believe in 1996 -- I read somewhere that I should have a "white paper" that people registered for. So I created one. I collected thousands and thousands of names (including email addresses and street addresses) and never did a thing with them!

So...you gotta know what to do with what you've got. I sure could have set that white paper up so that it continued to work for me to build a subscriber list and open doors for additional marketing partners, not to mention prospecting and sales opportunities.

But I didn't. I know better now. A lot better. :-)

Best regards,

Denise O'Berry

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