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Entrepreneurs with ADD
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Is Omega3 Helping you?Views: 815
Sep 29, 2005 11:08 amIs Omega3 Helping you?#

Mari Laura Skjelvik
WE had this thread before, and I just can't find it, so here it is again...

Is Omega3 helping you?
Do you focus better, is there any difference if you go without a few days? Do you feel and do things easier at a diffrent time?

I feel I get clearer thoughts and focus in the morning when I take my Omega3's. And if I have lots to do all day and night, I double my dose and take same in the afternoon/evening too, it helps me stay on task.

And it eases my muscles and joints too, aha a great side bonus. :)

How about you?
Happy Thursday
Norwegian Coffeeaholic:)

Private Reply to Mari Laura Skjelvik

Sep 29, 2005 11:38 amre: Is Omega3 Helping you?#

Sue T.
Hi Mari :) You know what I have noticed since taking it? That my skin looks amazing... that's really cool. Course it's not what you're talking about but still...

For myself, I find that when emotions hit I have a hard time with being focused. Like my boss at my day job is high strung, then again so am I and I totally believe he's got ADD/ADHD so what I do with him is to simply apply and suggest certain things for people with ADD without saying anything. He's got alot on his plate as well.

What I notice, is that we remember what we want to. At least I do... (anyone else?) For example, I may forget in walking in the other room I still owe Sylvia a response here (sorry about that it's not an easy question) yet I'll go in the other room and remember say, this afternoon to do it, rather than do it right after I post this :) ...

I "do" remember yet I seem to forget in that moment ... does this make sense? lol

Ok as to your question... I think it's helping. For example just the other day my boss said for me to do something with a title policy. As he speaks I write because I know he can walk away and "poof" it's gone... so I immediately write what he's saying on a sticky and slap it onto whatever it is he's given me. I had to ask him a question later as to what he said because it made no sense ( he needs to accept that he talks backwards he really does...) anyway he said, I "said this"! and I distinctly remember that he said the other thing. So ... in this regard I think it is working because I still remembered him saying what he said initially.

So really it could be. I'm not 100% sure ... I'm not going to stop taking it because of all the benefits though :)

Sue T.

Private Reply to Sue T.

Sep 29, 2005 2:35 pmre: re: Is Omega3 Helping you?#

Mariangie Gonzalez
I've been on it for a few weeks now as well as my 6 y/o son. I have noticed nothing myself, but I DO have noticed some remarkable changes in my son.

He's just in 1st grade, but he was really struggling with his handwriting, and it was a chore just to sit down with him to do homework, his little mind would wander and not focus at all in homework.

Now it is a breeze! He comes home from school, very aware of everything that happened at school, he tells me every detail (before O-3 it was more like, "I don't know mom, I don't remember!") His handwriting has improved dramatically.
For homework, he sits down, I look for the homework page in the books and before I finish explaining my other child what she needs to do in her homework, he has finished his' and has done it without "distraction" errors.

He's been assimilating everything the teacher talks about in class and he remembers it in detail even weeks after. I'm very impressed.

Still waiting for my results,

Private Reply to Mariangie Gonzalez

Sep 29, 2005 2:56 pmWOW!!! Is Omega3 Helping you?#

Sue T.
Mariangie! This is Terrific! I am SO happy for you and your son! You must feel so much better to have the stress of worrying so much about him and his schooling and lack of attention etc., never mind the additional time and work for yourself.

I addressed this for myself already... what I'm thinking is, since we are so busy already, and as a parent I "know" that there are many distractions and things that we think about on a daily basis.

Do you think perhaps it "may" be working .. yet due to a hectic schedule it may "feel" like it isn't? Know what I mean? Like, are you on some type of personal schedule for yourself and write things down etc., so you don't forget and set up reminders and the like?

I know when I get pms (again sorry guys it is a fact though) I can't concentrate for anytihng on earth, suddenly I need to clean everything and anything and I can't remember my name, age and social security number :)

I mark it on my calendar so I can see it coming otherwise, truthfully I would forget. I mark 10 days prior off on my calendar so I know to be less frustrated with myself.

What do you think? Could it be a scheduling thing? Perhaps other stressors and some rearranging for you? OR in the alternative as well... sometimes I've organized things "so" well... I'm actually bored LOL :) Not enough stimulation...

What do you think?

Sue T.

p.s. maybe you need a higher dosage? Don't go by me, always check this stuff out for yourself!!! :)

Private Reply to Sue T.

Sep 29, 2005 7:16 pmre: WOW!!! Is Omega3 Helping you?#

Russ Howard

Omega 3, 6, and 9 help me tremendously (as I have written on another thread). I am much more scattered when I haven't had mine. But it is more a combination of the Omegas, good Multivitamins, and Exercise (when I do it). The combination really helps me with my ADHD and has the added benefit of getting rid of my Bipolar Disorder.

As for Sue's suggestion about Mariangie needing a higher dosage, that's very possible. The EFA Oil that I take, Lemmon's Oil, goes by body weight. I take 3 tablespoonfuls per day. My 9 and 4 year olds take about a half a tablespoonful per day.

Russ Howard
Eagle Computer Technologies - Fort Worth, Texas
"Helping technology make sense to everyone"

Co-Leader - Ryze Home Page Helpers Network

Private Reply to Russ Howard

Sep 29, 2005 10:37 pmre: re: WOW!!! Is Omega3 Helping you?#

Mariangie Gonzalez
I'm soooo happy! Because on top of all, he seems to be happier too (I assume he feels more in control and less stressed) It has also helped him with his brittle nails, they're beautiful and shiny now.

About me... you know that is it! Dosage! I just realized I'm not taking my recommended dosage everyday. I'll keep you posted on my improvement.


Private Reply to Mariangie Gonzalez

Sep 30, 2005 12:03 amRuss and Mariangie : WOW!!! Is Omega3 Helping you?#

Sue T.
:) Kewl ! So up your dosage and see what goes on for ya.

I'm glad your son is happier too. Nothing is more frustrating for a parent than to see our child struggle with something and stand there helpless. I get it. Totally.


Exercise helps to hu? whattaya know about that? Does it increase endorphines too? That's probably part of it as well. I have a really tough time sticking to a regimine. I've been struggling with this for a while as Stephanie knows from the million dollar network. I have gotten past certain obstacles but yet, I just seem to lose interest in it. It's not so much that I don't want to because it is important to me but I just ... I dunno.

Why do you stop? I'm just curious... maybe in talking about it it'll help me continue. I think perhaps it's lack of support, it could be.

I also take multi vitamens; primrose oil, omega 3 & 6 as they are combined into one pill. Uhm... Vitamen B Complex for stress and memory etc.,

Does anyone have a chart for the dosage? I should probably check into that myself.

This is great! :) I'm really happy for you guys/gals...

Mari! Maybe you need to up the dosage as well... how much do you take?

I tell ya, my hair seems to grow REALLY fast now too never mind the improvement in skin tone. I'm liking that alot.

Sue T.

Private Reply to Sue T.

Sep 30, 2005 1:04 amre: Russ and Mariangie : WOW!!! Is Omega3 Helping you?#

Russ Howard

Yes, when I do it, exercise helps. I used to lift a lot when I was in college, but I'm a programmer and used the excuse of working too many hours to get out of the habit (who am I kidding? I still use that excuse. Only now it's true. Full time job. My business. 2 young boys, one special needs, and a third child on the way. a pregnant wife who is sick - not just nautious - 24 X 7 all 9 months. etc. etc.).

I guess I've always been basically lazy and that's why I never really stuck with a workout routine (except in college and the Army - where I was forced to). Also, quite frankly, people don't like other people who are too happy. Everybody else has to have something wrong with them so that you can feel better about yourself (I mean the general you here, not you, Sue.). Ever noticed that one? I've seen it way too often. If I get rid of my Bipolar by exercising, I've got nothing to blame my demeanor on. Then I'll have to look and act happy. Eventually I'll actually think I am happy. Then, there goes my creative side and I lose the ability to do my job well.

To be totally honest, I think it's a combination of all of the above reasons as to why I don't stick with one. A bit reality, a bit time management (which is why I'm at work at 8pm), a bit irrational fear.

Russ Howard
Eagle Computer Technologies - Fort Worth, Texas
"Helping technology make sense to everyone"

Co-Leader - Ryze Home Page Helpers Network

Private Reply to Russ Howard

Sep 30, 2005 1:26 amRuss : WOW!!! Is Omega3 Helping you?#

Sue T.
For myself I was just active and had a high metabolism. It just came naturally. I guess one could say I was spoiled for a very long time. :)

Now that I have to work at it and in studying for coaching for a couple years, my butt planted firmly in this very chair, I gained a little bit. And it's not alot. They say, we have to be in enough pain before we do something. Makes sense on one level but is ridiculous on another.

You know what? In re: what you are saying here below ...

"I guess I've always been basically lazy and that's why I never really stuck with a workout routine (except in college and the Army - where I was forced to). Also, quite frankly, people don't like other people who are too happy. Everybody else has to have something wrong with them so that you can feel better about yourself (I mean the general you here, not you, Sue.). Ever noticed that one? I've seen it way too often.

Holy crap! I know EXACTLY what you're talking about! In regards to the people don't like other people who are too happy. I've felt that way and gotten that reaction.

So lets change this perception ok? :) I think and know it would be a good idea. You game? Hmmmmmmmmmm? I"m dead serious too...

(I know you weren't talking about me, I do appreciate you saying so though... very thoughtful.)

Ok! now... I can change my environment. I've gone into some pretty stodgy (sp?) environments in my life and within 6 months I rub off on those around me. I always have. I guess it's a gift I never realized ... I just did it. Because I liked being in a good mood. Of course I have bad days that's for sure...

Yet, if you'll allow me to ask you this ...

Do you think that perhaps those who would be upset because you are happy... are the very same people you may want to get rid of?

It's alot of work to stay up when others are dragging you down. You know? (I know you know...) So reality says, if others feel better because you are down ... then why play with them? (Play being my term for hang around them at all)

"If I get rid of my Bipolar by exercising, I've got nothing to blame my demeanor on. Then I'll have to look and act happy. Eventually I'll actually think I am happy. Then, there goes my creative side and I lose the ability to do my job well."

Now! ... this perception ... if you'll be so kind as to hear me out, we can get rid of because it isn't true. It seems you are linking things together in the perception area that simply do not belong together ... ok?

If I'm way off, let me know, yet I'd still like you to think about it ...ok?

You're linking your creative side to being bipolar and unhappy. I can see how that would happen.

It would appear that perhaps you have a belief based on your life experience that to be creative equals being bipolar; unhappy... (just based on what you've written... nothing more nothing less)

Can you give me an example of a time when you "were" happy that you were creative as well.

What I'm getting at, if this isn't clear, is that you're creativity lives inside you... period.

I can see how you would come to believe the opposite based on your life experience, yet in the same breath I feel it's a false belief...

Do you see what I'm saying?

You can be happy AND creative. I can ... no, I'm not bi-polar yet... I'm thinking that if you can find a way to get through to your subconcious belief and remove that link that says you have to be miserable to be creative... you may find a difference in your train of thought in this arena.

What do you think?

Better yet... I"d be happy to have you as an accountability partner for even 15 minutes a day to do something toward exercise. Sit ups, push ups... hell, walking ... whatever suits you and I'd do whatever suits me.

As for the boys, your wife (congratulations on the new one too!) Yes, I know how that can be... lifes full of stressors and circumstance and responsibilities it's a wonder any of us can think at all. Stuff happens right?

What say you Russ?

I could use the help too... :)

You think about it ... let me know.

I'll be here.

Sue T.

Private Reply to Sue T.

Sep 30, 2005 9:46 amre: Russ : WOW!!! Is Omega3 Helping you?#

Mari Laura Skjelvik
Ahh Russ,
the joys of motherhood and pregnancy, it is never dull and never the same. I have had some experience in this area and it was a sucky 9 months and more after that too, but we came through it. I really had to stick to be able to use my quirks in that time... hehe.

You can do anything and even more.
Even hough you have to do lotsd of things and also be supportive you do have a lot to give.
Well , now that you are so active you get the free exercise regiment into your day..cool, at the end of the day you had a work out too.

I now that I need to have my body moving or I just get very very bogged don, unattentive, stupified by the littelest things and tiered to no amount..arrgh...

I shoose to do my exercises as part of my daily living, and up it with a night out ever 2 weeks with dancing for 3-4 hrs straight. I am picking my daughter up from school and I started to run to school to get her, she is usually finished 1.20PM , and that 7 minute run really ups my focus the rest of the day.

Sue, I take Omega3 in capsules and I take reccomended dose o 3, but on busy busy days and when I get a little down, I take 4 in the moring and 2 at 4-5pm. And it does help.
My hair is thicker and my nails keep growing stronger and faster too, soft skin, yes it is a nice thing too, I especially see it on my hands.

Having had a diet with high intake of Omega3 is something I am used too, but the effect are really showing with the extra intake.

No, I can not say I agree . I can not go around and be unhappy just to suit everyone else..yuck.
I know, but really HAPPY is the ONLY way to be alive.Most of the time, I need to be happy to be living good, but hey, that might just be me too.

I guess smiling, singing, chatting, and just being full of life and fun is a thing most other people have a hard time looking at, cuz they really notice how dull their day is.
What they really need is a dose of HAPPYNESS and SMILES in abundance around them, lets go out and spread the FUN!!!!

I tend to tell people I hang with that they are moping around, I am also not the one to shut up and sit in a corner being still. Sometimes I get that ," why are you smiling all the time" or "what's so funny?" as I tend to smile heaps and laugh too.
But hey it is FUN, and life is FUN.. I remember giving a definbition of FUN some time ago...


Like Life in general.





So well, Its FUN .

I hate to do boring stuff, and if I have reapeated the same thing say 600 times, its very VERY BORING.....
So I tend to do things that are slightly diffrent each time, just tonot get bored, just changing the order of things helps to break of the montone repeated-ness.

I have found that jotting down small poems or word assosiations helps too break things up a little too. It makes my brain fly and I let it for a few minutes, its my smoking break, I do not smoke, but I take afew minutes to do my brain stimulating wordplays instead.
I have been known to makek words out of the letters of pasta and crackers too, and yes it was on work. I spelled words in soup and made fun little arrangements in the salat bowl or fruit display. And it made me better perform the boring tasks I had to do next, it usually was not a problem. :)
And in general it just made my co-workes laugh more and smile. This was while working in resturants and kitchens, wich can be soo boring with the same, same, same task every day and several times a day.

ooo.. I better stop now..

Happy Fiday
Have a GREAT weekend all!

Norwegian Coffeeaholic:)

Private Reply to Mari Laura Skjelvik

Sep 30, 2005 11:10 amMari : Russ : WOW!!! Is Omega3 Helping you?#

Sue T.
You know? I hadn't even noticed my hands... huh. Lookit that! Now that's interesting.

In that book that Scott Allen posted here in gives tips and stuff as to how to help a child over come these perceptions about ADD. It even talks about how left handed people were perceived as weird and the nuns would smack the poor kid for using his left hand (idiots) ... the idea of this, as with "any" belief, which may be buried? Is to challenge it...

As yourself, "Is this true?" Then come up with examples that can support the positive side of the thought.

Here is a link to a story about a limiting belief I had. It's kinda ... it's an emotional reaction to something that to me was ridiculous yet still existed.


Give this some thought. Now, for sayings so sake, we don't "have" to go aaaaaaall the way back like I did. This just happened to pop into my head one day and the answers revealed themselves to me.

Sometimes, simply identifying the emotion itself and then saying... Is this true? And give your mind time to come up with answers. It may not happen "in that moment" ... yet at the same time, often times "I" find that, if I express something out loud? I'm like wow... that's not right now is it? When I leave it swirling around in my head... it what? Builds steam because I don't question it.

Same goes for the beliefs that people are handed about ADD/ADHD. I'm not saying there aren't certain things we have to deal with. What I am saying is that ... You're the boss...

Just for starters, you're very articulate, you're a wealth of information on this topic, and you're pretty expressive as well. These are all positive traits.


Sue T.

Private Reply to Sue T.

Sep 30, 2005 11:46 amA Tip : WOW!!! Is Omega3 Helping you?#

Sue T.
I just sent, this a.m., this little snipet to a friend of mine ... in re: coaching and sifting through emotions. They "are" tricky critters...

You know, people have told me all my life "I'm too analytical" "you think too much etc.," Well... you know after a while, it can make you feel that perhaps you're not ... "normal" ... then again... in my early 20's I had a thought.

Here it is.

What is normal? Normal is as the individual perceives it to be.

Now isn't this true? :) YUP!!!! and that's ok! At the same time, we "as individuals" get to chose how we think and shift some of this.

Ok as I blabber on ... here is the e-mail that I sent my friend today.


Listen to what I'm saying ok?

Sometimes when we talk to people, they give away "where" you can help them.

How? They name an emotion.

i.e., this frustrates me because he never shows up. (just as an example)

So, which part of this, do you question?

The word frustration. Why? Because it's the "emotion" of the sentence. You want to get to "why" said person is frustrated. We can have a call if you like and you can try it on me. I'll come up with something juicy ok? LOL :)

So you would say, What is it, or Why does ... what about xyz is it that you find frustrating ?

This forces them to "think" about "why" their frustrated so they can gain clarity into their own mind.

See what I'm saying?

Kind of like when you go to the psychologist and he says, How does that make you feel...

It does depend on the individual though. Women tend to need to what? "VENT" right? To gain insights and clarity into their own mind. It's a natural process. When I first heard that? I was like ... you gotta be kiddin me! I sound like a loon! but I was grateful that I found out I wasn't nuts LOL :)

So there's a coaching tip for you. :)


Hey woman feel free to ask me questions any time, I'd love the stimulation !

Sue Tosto
Life and Relationship Coach


Confidence is Silent. It need not defend itself. It simply exists inside you.


This can work, what I have put here in many many different scenarios... still focus on the positive though!

See, the objective ... is to change how you or anyone else for that matter ... perceives a certain emotion or situation ans shift it to the positive ... ok? :)

Never underestimate emotional clarity. Further, to be understood in this process is really important... it can be unnerving to talk about something that's built up so much steam in our minds ... yet ... the best thing ever I have found? Is when I challenge it... because it loses its power ... See? :) !!!!


Sue T.

Private Reply to Sue T.

Oct 02, 2005 4:11 amre: A Tip : WOW!!! Is Omega3 Helping you?#

Warren Simonoff
hi, Sue, everyone!

Yes, I also take Omega Acid 3. I think I find myself more alert and also that 'bonus' of bones, joints all fine....especially my troublesome back.

I think the litmus test is to asked loved ones if they noticed any difference? They'll let you know....very candidly. Hopefully good stuff!

Must go, because I am so attracted to this Board that I may not accomplish the substantive work and progress that I want, which would defeat the purpose of coming here.

Wishing everyone well,

Private Reply to Warren Simonoff

Oct 02, 2005 5:10 pmre: A Tip : WOW!!! Is Omega3 Helping you?#

Warren Simonoff
Sue, one quick point.

The only thing "normal" is the setting on your washing machine...


Private Reply to Warren Simonoff

Oct 03, 2005 4:30 pmWarren : A Tip : WOW!!! Is Omega3 Helping you?#

Sue T.
:) I agree actually... but is that normal as well? OR is cold normal? Luke warm? warm? slow spin, fast, gentle... hmmmmm... Drat!

Hey, normal is as the individual preceives it to be. Barring being a mass murderer and being indifferent and not caring about blending with others (not saying be like them but accepting the differences) then .. hey, who am I to say...

Sue T.
Comfortable In Your Own Shell

Private Reply to Sue T.

Oct 04, 2005 4:05 pmre: Mari : Russ : WOW!!! Is Omega3 Helping you?#

Mari Laura Skjelvik
I took your advise and yesterday as I was getting another bottle of Omega3 I asked the lady at the counter, if there was any difference between my regular one and this other type.

It is a high consentrate she told me, and lager capsules but with a more potent kick, so to speak. I desided to try .
So today we started with the Pikasol and we will see.

By the way, my PMS is less than noticeable if I up my those a bit the 2 weeks prior, so I see a difference in focus and staying on task those weeks. I got asked by a friend the other day what was different , she could not tell exactly but she knew it was something. Interesting.
Let's see if it continues.

On with the fun!

Norwegian Coffeeaholic:)

Private Reply to Mari Laura Skjelvik

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