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I need advice in CEOViews: 859
Nov 13, 2005 2:32 pmI need advice in CEO#

Gali Pushkin
Hi everyone!
Don't remember if I have introduced myself here.
If not - I am a new member and I can draw - this is the general. For the rest information welcome to my homepage.
I think I need a professional advice. At the last week I found out that my site gained really high positions on YAHOO and Goggle in most popular keywords: family clipart, babies clipart, pets clipart, graduation clipart and others. These are words, to which I optimized my pages. But it's also right to write clip art separately, and half of people use this spelling. I would like to catch this audience too. Keywords with clip art are popular in the same way, but my pages are not optimized to them and don't gain good results. What can I do? It's not good to write differently. Any idea?

Images for all-occasion

Private Reply to Gali Pushkin

Nov 13, 2005 5:34 pmre: I need advice in CEO#

Wolf Halton
1st, that is SEO that you are needing advice on.

2nd, are you making money as you are set up now? If the answer is "No" then your site might be pulling traffic from looky-lous who are not buyers. High traffic terms are not necessarily the ones that will make you the most money. Tom Antion told me that a lower-traffic, more specific term makes more sense. There are 32.4 million sites advertising clipart. There are 779,576 people searching for that term. That means there are 41 sites for each of the searchers, if they would play nice and divide the wealth fully. It also means that you have to beat out almost a million sites for 1st-page listing.

You might want to stop shotgunning your keywords. The baby page wants keywords and description about the baby clipart. There is (or should be) nothing else advertised there. Specific pages will come up in different searches then and the keywords will have more weight, and so be higher on the list of search results.

3rd, When you start making changes, make one at a time e.g. put only specific and required keywords on each page, then wait a month and see if the bottom line has changed. If you throw a mess of changes all at once, you are likely to get rid of the only thing that was getting you the traffic in the first place, and it will be impossible to figure out what that was.

Private Reply to Wolf Halton

Nov 17, 2005 8:58 pmre: I need advice in CEO#

Jeffrey Henderson
Hi, I'm the Director of Marketing for ViP Search Engine Marketing. We actually have special programs for people who have gotten some results but want to go to the next level in expanding and improving your rankings. We are a full service SEO/SEM company and we guarantee results or your money back.

If you're interested send me a message or give me a call.

Jeffrey Henderson
Director of Marketing
ViP Search Engine Marketing
(877) 484-7736 ext.209

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Nov 19, 2005 2:05 amre: I need advice in CEO#

Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901


Have you taken any time to determine who the folks are you would want as customers? Have you got a specific target market? Or, are you hoping the right people will find you simply by SEOing your website properly? Not to take anything away from search engine optimization. I believe that is very important. But, there is no guarantee that great SEO is going to bring you the customers you need most. I believe you would be well-served to take some time and determine who exactly you want as customers to build your business. Then, pursue them using "power networking" techniques and technology. I have created a FREE PDF which may help you in that regard. You actually propect only three high-profile people who happen to know each other at a time using a synergistic approach. To learn more, request my FREE Power Networking PDF.

Good luck.

Lamar Morgan
Creating a buzz for your business in the boardroom

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Nov 19, 2005 7:31 pmGali: SEO Advice#

Biana Babinsky

There is a lot of discussion around using correct spelling versus alternative spelling, especially when the alternative spelling brings in traffic. My suggestion would be to first research these alternative spellings with a keyword tool, such as WordTracker, to see how much traffic you can get on those different spellings.

If there are indeed many people searching for misspellings, and you want to capture them, you have a few alternative ways to do that:

- Use them right there in your web site copy. Many people don't like it, as this makes their web copy unprofessional.

- Create another section on your web site (or a whole new web site), that will have the misspellings, and than funnel the traffic to your clip art. This may be a good alternative if you don't want to change the copy on your main web site.

You should also get my Step by Step Search Engine Optimization Special Report, that discusses how to drive more traffic from search engines to your web site.

Biana Babinsky
Learn How to Get More Traffic to Your Web Site from Search Engines, get the Step by Step Search Engine Optimization Special Report

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Nov 19, 2005 10:52 pmre: Gali: SEO Advice#

Anita Cohen-Williams
Here is one of my favorite tools, the Keyword Typo Generator:


Anita Cohen-Williams

Private Reply to Anita Cohen-Williams

Nov 26, 2005 6:45 pmre: re: Gali: SEO Advice#

R. Nelson Fernandes
Some of the most popular tools have already being mentioned here and i do hope that you make use of them for finding the right kind of keywords. However, also do remember that most searchers use a two-word or three-word phrases for search terms and you should try have a good combination of them for listing.

Also, check your inbox for my PM. I will be glad to send across relevant SEO articles for your reference if interested.

Nelson Fernandes
SEO Consultant
Mindstar Netcorp, India

Private Reply to R. Nelson Fernandes

Dec 01, 2005 5:36 pmre: re: I need advice in CEO#

Jeffrey Henderson
Word tracker is a service you have to pay to use, unless you go to our website and use our keyowrd suggestion tool. We pay for a live feed from wordtracker so you don't have to. This is just one example of how ViPSEM is willing to go the extra mile for you.


Jeffrey Henderson
Director of Marketing
ViP Search Engine Marketing
(877) 484-7736 ext.209
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