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Something tells me I'm into something goodViews: 1025
Dec 03, 2005 5:57 amSomething tells me I'm into something good#

Warren Contreras
Hi everyone,

The Doors are OPEN.

I have been pondering what to launch this new network in support of and finally hit on something this morning. I put together the name, intro and posting comment, but had to leave to do some outside work.

Upon my return, I popped open the site and behold, we have signups already! I like that.

So let's see if I can get the ball rolling a little more.

I have been working online a little over five years now and only recently honed in on my latest target. For the sake of this network it doesn't matter what that is, only what tools I have found to make it work.

I recently read some copy that explained how easy it is to make money online and it made perfect sense.

  • Find what people are looking for.
  • Show it to them.
  • Collect the money.

I realize that's an over-simplification, but doesn't it make perfect sense to you? Now all we need to do is define the individual steps to make all that happen.

The area I am focusing on is 'Show it to them'. In my opinion it comes down to building a website and bringing qualified visitors to it in the right frame-of-mind so they are prepared to at least consider your offer.

Since this is still my hobby and not a full blown business, if I can do it on a limited budget it adds a lot to my enthusiasm. In fact, if I can do it free I get really excited.

That's why finding TrueViewTraffic was such a boon. Having been a Traffic Exchange fan for many years, a brand new concept like this still felt like finding an old sweater, very familiar and warm.

I not only set up a few pages to promote, but got into the contests they offered, won the referral contest my first month and came in second the next. It's the first Exchange that allows interaction between all members I have found. They encourage you to leave comments about the pages you visit and the reciepient can even reward you with points if they like what you say. You can PM them back, or for that matter anyone else in the system as long as you know their username. I have not noticed this being abused if that worries you.

So how well does it work? From reading the comments left about my pages I made several changes for the better and responded with thanks to those who left them. Where else can you do that on a Traffic Exchange?

The interactivity and focus mean that my pages are getting much better results than when I run them on other Exchanges. I can understand that, since the visitors actually need to read them in order to interact, don't they?

Part of my success I attribute to learning early on that the questions we are allowed to ask about each page work better if you structure them to bring out positive benefits of your page and not just try to make everyone find the answer hidden somewhere. I even used the three wrong answers to point out concepts that were not in my page but found in many others, like 'small monthly payments' as a wrong answer on a free program page.

It's true that a Traffic Exchange is not right for everyone, but since I focus on tools and resources for online promoters, it is perfect for me. So I created a custom splash page to promote it in the other traffic exchanges. How else do you think I win referral contests? You can see it at: http://GetYoursFree.com/traffic

Finally, I think the challenge of using the concepts to leverage my presentation is like a game. I really find it a lot more interesting than playing maze games or trivia contests while I visit pages.

So what do you all think?

Is there enough information and experience in this post to be worth a referral link?

Does this concept appeal to you?

If it does, invite a few friends and let's have a party!


Private Reply to Warren Contreras

Dec 03, 2005 5:07 pmre: Something tells me I'm into something good#

Ronald Hunter
Hi Warren,
When I seen you started a new network. I knew I had to join. Congratulations on your start up.

Private Reply to Ronald Hunter

Dec 05, 2005 5:44 pmre: Something tells me I'm into something good#

T.E.A.M. Mom!
Hey Warren, I am so happy you are back!!!!! I sincerely have missed your input over on HTML. If it were not for you helping me, I would never have continued on to learn about HTML or want to further delve into this sort of field. I am seriously studying more than just this and hope one day to actually progress to the point I can make my own web page and images.

I will be looking forward to seeing this great new network grow and will do my best to participate where I can and share the great info I have compiled the past few years online and basically here (ryze) as a network leader. Anything you need, you know all you have to do is ask!

Thanks for coming back, you're biggest fan always, Patricia

Private Reply to T.E.A.M. Mom!

Dec 19, 2005 9:25 pmre: re: Something tells me I'm into something good#

Candy D Celik
Hello Warren,

Congratulations on your new network.. I wish you the very best. I also look forward to my networking experience here.


Private Reply to Candy D Celik

Jan 23, 2006 10:45 amre: Something tells me I'm into something good#

Virender Sehgal
Hi Warren,
I,m new to Ryze. you are right that something must catch the eye and the network title did. But i am not sure where you want to take it.
Keeping the title in mind focus on dood leadership and being good followers can help to start.
Maybe money can be made along the line as we keep meeting each other on the network and benefit from each other.
So maybe there can be invites to people wanting info and tie-up details, etc. But open ended at least to start. People can specify what they look for too, which need not clash with other sites but can supplement them and we onlookers can help the guy with inputs w emay have. Maybe that can help him lead and develop financially.
Just a few random thoughts, sir.
Regards and good luck,

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