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New List Mailer: confusedViews: 1503
Dec 15, 2005 8:29 pmre: New List Mailer: confused#

lisa micklin
Hi Allison,

I don't know anything about the app that you are speaking about, but, if your intention is to build one concise list to send your ezine to this is what I would suggest:

1) Set up a double opt-in subscription form on your new (ra ra ra!) website ;-) Use a reputable list hosting service to generate the form and to host your list. Naturally, I recommend http://EZezine.com

2) EMAIL your various lists in small batches via your regular email (Eudora) announcing your new site and inviting them to OPT-IN to your ezine list and direct them to the form you set up in step 1 above.
This will build you a squeeky clean, can-spam compliant database.

Don't just add people from your address books to your ezine list. This is not a courteous thing to do, and can even be illegal, ack!!

3) As far as deleting duplicate addresses, put all of the addresses into excel or access before you begin and there is a function to delete duplicates, but I don't remember the steps. Check the help menu in excel or access for info.

4) As far as getting tagged as spam there are a few preventative measures:
a) Make sure you are using a clean list hosting service. You can check the status of your chosen service provider at http://dnsstuff.com (you will need to know the IP address of your host's outgoing mail server- then paste that into the
"spam database lookup" form at this website.)
b) Practice all "best bulk email" sending practices. See previous threads on this.
c) Paste your ezine content into a spam checker such as the one at http://ezinecheck.com for commmon triggers.

Hope this helps,

Private Reply to lisa micklin

Dec 17, 2005 8:16 pmre: re: re: New List Mailer: confused#

Leeann Redman

Hi everyone:

I am new to the network, so hello everyone, come by and say hi if you like.

I am not that familar with address book amalgamation and all the ways to do that. One service I use, but I am not affilated with, is www.plaxo.com. It is a service that keeps your address book current. If others in your network use plaxo there contact information is updated as there information changes. I recently moved to Estevan Sask from Edmonton Alberta and in couple of key strokes I was able to send out my new contact information to my whole address book. Major easy and if any address updates failed the system alearts you. I do know the system has fuctions to merge double address's and such.I find it useful and you can post your picture with it which makes it much like a business card. I haven't had any problem with the service and my husband investegated it and didn't come up with anything negative.

I agree the way to go is a opt-in system because it eliminates the "spam area" entirely.

I am new to newsletter making but this is what I have found so far. One newsletter site that I like with has an opt in button and marketing and training library (Spam info, info on how to get your mail read... so on). www.constant contact (I am not affilated with them).

I request that if you use these services give me some feed back on what you think of it. I use them and would like a heads up if you find any problems with the services or if you find some gem of information that helps pass it back to me please. Thanks. I am looking for long term mutualy benifical relationships here on Ryze. We all get a head by helping each other out.

To your Success, Health & Happiness

((.* Light


Leeann Redman MLT

Abundant Living Services


Private Reply to Leeann Redman

Dec 17, 2005 8:51 pmre: re: re: New List Mailer: confused#

lisa micklin
> But hey, you look like you`re having a good time there :-)

Oh, was I ever! Despite the 3 mile vertical hike to get to the hotsprings where the picture was taken, I had a great time there. Only problem was the dang hike back out of there after soaking in the glorious springs on the river ;-)

Keep us posted on your project!

Private Reply to lisa micklin

Dec 17, 2005 8:55 pm re: New List Mailer: confused#

lisa micklin
Hi Leeann,

Welcome to the cafe!

>I request that if you use these services give me some feed back on what you think of it.

I'm not a fan of Plaxo. I find it annoying when I get update requests from people via Plaxo. This is not founded in any scientific facts that I know of, but I simply do not feel that my data is secure. That could just be me though. Plus, I find it rather impersonal. It's simply just not that hard to send a mailing to your personal address book with your new contact info if that is your goal.

Just my thoughts.

Keep us posted on your ezine progress!


Private Reply to lisa micklin

Dec 22, 2005 11:14 pmre: re: re: New List Mailer: confused#

lisa micklin
Hi Alison,

While I'm glad you're getting good feedback, this actually was NOT what I was suggesting in my post above. What I was suggesting in #2 was that you invite people to opt-IN to your list with this mailing, not opt-OUT.

Please re-read my original post. Can you see the difference?

Either way, glad it's working out for you, just know that as far as I know, you are in no way legally covered if someone files a spam complaint against you, ack!

Happy Holidays, Live and Learn, eh?,

Private Reply to lisa micklin

Dec 27, 2005 4:21 pmre: New List Mailer: confused#

lisa micklin
Different countries and different states w/in countries have different laws. However, almost universal is a publishers ability to prove "digital affirmative consent" of signup. Meaning that you as a publisher are liable for being able to prove where/when/how and from what IP address every single subscriber signed up to your ezine with.

I don't mean to be scaring you Alison, I just want to stress the importance of building your list from the ground up using methods that will protect both you and your subscribers.


Private Reply to lisa micklin

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