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The WE CARE FOR CHENNAI Network is not currently active and cannot accept new posts
Looking for friendViews: 958
Dec 19, 2005 3:15 pmLooking for friend#

Are you working towards a better life for you and your family? Are you in control of your future? Are you getting the rewards your hard work deserves? Friends I have the solution for all this.

I m theevaa,Currently i am looking for biz partners to expand worldwide....have a look n let me know....
Below is opportunity of changing our life style, i m into it...i just wanna share it with u..I am offering this to u......Nothing to loose ....

Let know if you have any questions and your feedbacks plz.

Best Regards,


Dec 20, 2005 10:19 amre: Looking for friend#

Roopa ....( my dil goes mmmmm..mm..mmm)
Govind are u there????

is this the forum for all this???

Private Reply to Roopa ....( my dil goes mmmmm..mm..mmm)

Dec 20, 2005 12:17 pmre: re: Looking for friend#

Govind Srinivasan

I am happy to see at least one vigilant eye at Chennai in this group. Yet another vigilant eye is at Mumbai. He is Soeb Fatehi.

Well, I don't know what all I am trying to do in WCFC. But at least, I do the job of censor board sincerely. The guy who made the posting is already banned and removed by me. I had removed one of his postings just some time back. Well, I purposefully kept the other one to find out if there is at least one vigilant person who would spot out the wayside postings. You did the spotting out. Thanks for that.

I am going to keep the posting for a little more time for a few other volunteers amidst us to see. Let me delete it after a day or two.

Govind Srinivasan

Private Reply to Govind Srinivasan

Dec 20, 2005 6:22 pmre: re: re: Looking for friend#

Roopa ....( my dil goes mmmmm..mm..mmm)
seriously Govind where do these guys pop up from.. the title of your group is self explanatory I feel and still they come up with all this!!anyways takes all kinds I guess to make this world..

I can help u censor if u please!!

Private Reply to Roopa ....( my dil goes mmmmm..mm..mmm)

Dec 21, 2005 7:10 amre: re: re: re: Looking for friend#

yaka michi
ha ha ha! that's a good one. but i guess ready marketeers do not have any such scruples... atleast, the people i met definitely belong to the other side of "all kinds to make this world".


Private Reply to yaka michi

Dec 24, 2005 5:31 pm Looking for friend#

Manikandan Natarajan
Hi Govind,
Is there any way to prevent the misuse of our forum as done by those two or three persons. If it is please do it.. Despite having clearly indicated the purpose of our network , I wonder why such things are tried out here...


Private Reply to Manikandan Natarajan

Dec 25, 2005 2:56 amre: Looking for friend#

Govind Srinivasan
I am taking care to block and ban anybody, who tries to abuse or misuse the WCFC online network. Well, we can't prevent anybody becoming an online member of this group. But a person who enters into this network with a dubious or even open intention to misuse this network explicitly or tacitly get banned or blocked by me at the very moment I notice the posting. So, he not only loses his chance to post the next msg, but also loses his presence in WCFC as well.

I am happy to see the vigilance shown by the WCFC enthusiasts. By the way, were you able to spread the msg across about WCFC and enlist a few more into the group?

I still strongly feel that we are yet to reach anywhere near the "critical mass" in numbers. Any activity that we may launch now may have no chance of even reasonable continuity.

Believe me, the theory that quality is more important than quantity, etc., etc. simply don't work, when we are trying to synergize our online presence with physical participation agenda. We have failed in the past and we are bound to face the same, if we don't have even 20 people huddling together, when we meet.


Govind Srinivasan

Private Reply to Govind Srinivasan

Dec 26, 2005 4:45 amre: re: Looking for friend#

Raghav MK
Dear GS,

Gimme time till Jan when I come back to Chennai - and will stay on for a long duration so as to do some justice to our group..

excuse my absence till then..

wishin all wcfc members and Chennai a very happy new year..


Private Reply to Raghav MK

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