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The WE CARE FOR CHENNAI Network is not currently active and cannot accept new posts
Dec 20, 2005 8:49 amIMPORTANT FOR OUR SAFETY#

Don't give up at halftime. Concentrate on winning the second half

With the incidents happening around us and the crime that is been reported we can SAFELY say that each day is getting worse in chennai. Under this situation we will always have a question in our conscious mind which asks us AM I SAFE ? No one can give you an accurate answer to this .... crime is like an accident which we can meet up with at anytime.The best way not to meet with it is to follow the doctors proverb "PRECAUTION IS BETTER THAN CURE" . Crime happens
only if there is opportunity given to it or when there is chance for it.

A few tips that can definitely help everyone,

1) Avoid speaking to people whom you don't know (auto rickshaw driver,

taxi drivers ....)

2) Avoid late night parties.

3) Do not mix drinking with your wonderful ability to drive.

4) Avoid taking ladies to the late night parties, if you cannot avoid then try going in groups.

7) Avoid taking short cuts when going out in the nights.

8) Avoid restaurant/dhabas in the outskirts of the city as these are places where anti social elements usually hang out.

9) Report incidents to the police if you feel it is the correct information that you are providing to them.

10) Make sure you inform any one before you visit them late at night and also specify time frames.

10) Couples in love please please avoid meeting up in lonely places.

11) Avoid arguing with auto rickshaw drivers and also when you find people who are fighting on roads(it could be a trap)

12) Avoid having personal and friendly conversation with taxi drivers,auto rickshaw drivers , Cab drivers (Specially women)

13) If the driver behaves suspiciously/ rudely try to divert the vehicle to some public place and then immediately get off. Inform the transport department and your manager.

14) Women make sure that you are carrying something to protect yourselves such as a bottle of pepper spray and also make sure that you are wearing a jacket or a shawl if you are not escorted by a man whom you know.

I am attaching the list of phone numbers of police stations ( including Women Helpline Units - chennai) and press nos for emergency purposes of your respective areas in Chennai. Please keep them handy so that it will be of some use to you some day... As the famous Theory of Charles Darwin goes " Survival of the fittest" . When there is no mercy from the assailant why then should be the same from you.


Commr.of Police : 8554242
Joint Commr. (Traffic) : 581076
Dy. Commr. Traffic (South) : 5233293
Dy. Commr. Traffic (North) : 583399
Joint Commr. (South) : 8555046
Joint Commr. (Centerl) : 8555075
Joint Commr. (North) : 8555253
Dy. Commr. (Adyar) : 4420553
Dy. Commr. (Guindy) : 2334993
Dy. Commr. (Anna Nagar) : 6215135
Dy. Commr. (Triplicane) : 8555043
Dy. Commr. (Flower Bazaar) : 5359200
Dy. Commr. (Washermenpet) : 5233293
Asst. Commr. L&O (Malapore) : 4980838
Asst. Commr. L&O (Guindy) : 2341539
Asst. Commr. L&O (A.Nagar) : 6267641
Asst. Commr. L&O (Triplicane) : 567100
Asst. Commr. L&O (Harbour) : 5352315
Asst. Commr. L&O (Adyar) : 4915901
Asst. Commr. L&O (Saidapet) : 4330227
Asst. Commr. L&O (Sembium) : 6423753
Asst. Commr. L&O (Egmore) : 8528432
Asst. Commr. L&O (F.Baazer) : 5226545
Asst. Commr. L&O (Royapuram) : 5955347
Asst. Commr. L&O (T.Nagar) : 4838428
Asst. Commr. L&O (Kilpauk) : 6421162
Asst. Commr. L&O (Pulianthop) : 5515494
Asst. Commr. L&O (Royapettah Hospital) : 8532909
Asst. Commr. L&O (Thirumangalam) : 6287124
Asst. Commr. L&O (Washermenpet) : 5244040
Asst. Commr. L&O (Port Marine) : 564189
Asst. Commr. L&O (Govt. Hospital) : 563131
Asst. Commr. L&O (Stanley Hospital) : 515136


Harbour PS : 515130
Norht Beach PS : 5340598
Esplanade PS : 5340967
Fort PS : 560965
Elephant Gate PS : 5221274
Seven Wells PS : 515131
Pulianthope PS : 5322937
Otteri PS : 6423700
Vyasarpadi PS : 5515302
Basin Bridge PS : 5322948
MKB Nagar PS : 5514888
Old Washermenpet PS : 5231442
Stanly PS : 515136
Thondiarpet PS : 5951648
Korukupet PS : 5951567
New Washermenpet PS : 5953621
Radhakrishnan Nagar PS : 5952931
Royapuram PS : 5951984
Kasimedu PS : 5954863
Muthialpet PS : 5247473
Kothawalchavade : 519633
A.W.P.S. North : 5225873
Pulianthope : 5322937
Thiruvottiyur : 5951512
Fishing Harbour : 5951014
Port Marine : 564189
Govt. Hospital : 563131
Stanley Hospital : 515136
Flower Bazaar : 5353628
Kodungaiyur : 5376241
Port Marine : 564189


Aminjikarai PS : 6261276
Anna Nagar PS : 6266296
T.P. Chatram PS : 6449122
Arumbakkam PS : 4836220
Choolaimedu PS : 4836226
Triplicane PS : 565610
Annasalai PS : 8521720
Zambazaar PS : 8532225
Zembium PS : 5571298
Ayanavaram PS : 6440649
I.C.F. PS : 6263919
Villivakkam PS : 6264798
Chintadripet PS : 8535680
Egmore PS : 8250952
Nungambakkam PS : 8272032
Thousand Lights PS : 8261134
Vepery PS : 5325191
Periamet PS : 562964
Kilpauk PS : 8255307
Chepet PS : 8260246
Peravallur : 5370656
Sectt. Colony : 6424752
Mental Hospital : 8251982
Rajamangalam : 6253897
Kolathur : 5370142
P.T.J. Nagar : 6258981
Thirumangalam : 6265126
Thiru Vi Ka Nagar : 5585500
Zam Bazaar : 832225
Anna Square : 562327
Govt. Estate : 560209
A.W.P.S. (C) : 8279958


Mylapore PS : 4980100
Royapettah PS : 8264955
Foreshore Estate PS : 4941479
Ice House PS : 8524870
Guindy PS : 2341539
Kotturpuram PS : 4913472
Velachery PS : 2450608
Abhiramapuram PS : 4995905
Adyar PS : 4913552
Shastri Nagar PS : 4903121
Triuvanmiyur PS : 4911350
Saidapet PS : 4330571
Ashok Nagar PS : 4838350
K.K. Nagar PS : 4838763
Teynampet PS : 4349795
Mambalam PS : 4344845
Kodambakkam PS : 4838902
PondyBazzer PS : 8283870
Vrigambakkam PS : 4835107
Marina : 4985602
A.W.P.S. : 4415732
Royapettah Hospital : 8532909
G.R.H. : 8532909
T. Nagar : 4838428


Daily Thanthi : 587731
Deccan Chronicle : 8267192
Deccan Herald : 8254438
Dinakaran : 4941006
Dinamalar : 8523695
Dinamami : 8524089
Eenadu Daily : 8270434
Indian Express : 8520751
Malai Malar : 5321184
Makkal Kural : 4835588
Malai Murasu : 8520266
Mathrubhumi Daily : 8275176
Mueosoli : 8270044
Statesman : 8279984
Sunday Mail : 8277886
The Hindu : 8535067
The Hindusthan Times : 8521405
The Telegraph : 8521613
Times of India Group : 8274081
Trinity Mirror : 4846960

Women Helpline Units - chennai


1 CHENNAI CITY Women police station, Thousand lights 044-28295151

2 Women Police Station, Adayar 044-24415732
3 Women Police Station, Kothavalchavadi 044-25225873
4 Women Police Station, Guindy 044-24700011
5 Women Police Station, Anna Nagar 044-26204141
6 Women Police Station, Washermenpet 044-25982488
7 Women police station, T.Nagar 044-24346961
8 Women police station, Sembium 044-26481988
9 Women police station, Pulianthope 044-25523377
10 Women police station, Ashok Nagar 044-24700011
11 Women police station, Royapuram 044-23452509
12 Women police station, Thirumangalam 044-26150126
13 Women police station, Triplicane 044-25360209
14 Women police station, Kilpauk 044-26424752
15 Women police station, Mylapore 044-24980100
16 Women police station, Saidapet 044-24330571
17 Women police station, Harbour 044-25340598
18 Women police station, M.K.B Nagar 044-25514888
19 Women police station, Villivakkam 044-26181213
20 Women police station, Thiruvotriyur 044-25991512
21 Women Police Station, Tambaram 044-22264726
22 Women Police Station, Neelankarai 044-24493663
23 Women Police Station, Avadi 044-26553767
24 Women Police Station, Ennore 044-25750600
25 Women Police Station, Poonamallee 044-22649221
26 Women Police Station, Ambattur 044-26248100
27 Women Police Station, Madhavaram -
28 Women Police Station, Egmore 044-24957688
29 Women Police Station, Veppery -
30 Women Police Station, Ayanavaram 044-26440649
31 Women Police Station, Vadapalani 044-24803738
32 Women Police Station, Royapettah 044-28132523
33 Women Police Station, Teynampet 044-24349795
34 Women Police Station, High Court 044-25340410

Private Reply to Don't give up at halftime. Concentrate on winning the second half

Dec 20, 2005 10:20 amre: IMPORTANT FOR OUR SAFETY#

Roopa ....( my dil goes mmmmm..mm..mmm)
That was some amazing piece of info.. thanks!!!!

Private Reply to Roopa ....( my dil goes mmmmm..mm..mmm)

Dec 20, 2005 10:36 amre: re: IMPORTANT FOR OUR SAFETY#

Raghav MK
Exhaustive info from Gokul - another useful tip to add is to store an emergency number in our cell phones that can be called when required. This is infact not just for womenfolk but for all of us as well..


Private Reply to Raghav MK

Dec 20, 2005 10:53 amre: re: re: IMPORTANT FOR OUR SAFETY#

Don't give up at halftime. Concentrate on winning the second half
as per my friend in an other network, wud like to also add:
1. don't open the main door of the house immediately, especially when there is no response from the visitor

2. keep a club/bat/rod/stick at home, for safety reasons

3. carry a small dagger/knife/pen-knife with you ALL the time (24/7).

4. if possible, join karate/kungfu/self defense classes, (only if ur busy schedule permits you). its nice to be physically strong to give the opposition a good fight.

moreover, use ur common sense, be brave, NEVER panic, have faith in the Almighty!

the above might sound petty but you never know how important they can prove to be in peril!


Private Reply to Don't give up at halftime. Concentrate on winning the second half

Dec 20, 2005 6:24 pmre: re: re: re: IMPORTANT FOR OUR SAFETY#

Roopa ....( my dil goes mmmmm..mm..mmm)
yeah Raghav thats right and it has to be stored under the head emergency I think.. that is supposed to help the rescuer to contact the right person!! got this in a mail once.

Private Reply to Roopa ....( my dil goes mmmmm..mm..mmm)

Dec 21, 2005 6:20 am IMPORTANT FOR OUR SAFETY#

Good to see you back Gokul. You are a treat to have around.
Thanks for all this information.

LK(g) will suggest (if i don't do it first) that everyone should carry a single number - Gokul's number - once you inform him he will inform all the numbers he has listed!
we can call Gokul the "friendly neighborhood numberman" . . . . .

Private Reply to SOEB FATEHI

Dec 21, 2005 9:20 amre: IMPORTANT FOR OUR SAFETY#

Don't give up at halftime. Concentrate on winning the second half
I wish I could do atleast that SOEBji.
With all the initial shoutings and planning, nothing kicked off in WCFC. I am responsible for that too.
Now moved out of chennai, my heart cries for its well being .. Whats the use!
I hope and wish someone takes the leadership and carries the torch.
I planned to hold hands with Harish and contribute something but with our personal commitments we could'nt.
Iam not sure where Harish is?? Wake up man!!

Private Reply to Don't give up at halftime. Concentrate on winning the second half

Dec 21, 2005 9:44 amre: re: re: IMPORTANT FOR OUR SAFETY#

Here is another tip about numbers in cell phones:

Dont, repeat dont, store your residence no. using words such as as 'home' or 'residence'. Similarly dont store spouse's name as 'wife' / 'husband'/ etc. and so on....

Use the name of the person / locality of yr residence etc.

I understand recently a lady lost her mobile, someone found it, browsed and saw a no. listed as 'husband', sent an sms asking for no. to operate ATM and got it when the husband sent a text reply. No prozes for guessing the rest.


Private Reply to Prasad

Dec 21, 2005 12:35 pmIMPORTANT FOR OUR SAFETY#

No Prasad -

instead educate the spouse, children and siblings in how to communicate and maybe set a code or a identification procedure internal to tha circle.

i say do save the residence and other kith n kin numbers with obvious words like WIFE, BROTHER, MOTHER, etc. in the event of a medical emergency, or an accident, your helpful samaritan can contact your family.

for every story of a stupid spouse you can circulate i can lay out ten of rescue or help by kind souls who found an identity card in the pocket or a cell phone with numbers!

now lets get back to the subject of what we can together do for Chennai!

Private Reply to SOEB FATEHI

Dec 21, 2005 5:46 pmre: IMPORTANT FOR OUR SAFETY#

Roopa ....( my dil goes mmmmm..mm..mmm)
by the way soeb always wanted to know why the special interest in chennai??? u lived here eh? just curious:)

Private Reply to Roopa ....( my dil goes mmmmm..mm..mmm)

Dec 22, 2005 2:06 amre: re: IMPORTANT FOR OUR SAFETY#

I live where hope exists.
I thrive where scope exists.
when I jive dopes exit.

(I am here in Chennai on a special mission on invitation by a very dear friend and I have been assigned a task. I must plod on - stampedes or no stampedes . . . . . . . . )

Private Reply to SOEB FATEHI

Dec 22, 2005 10:31 amre: re: re: IMPORTANT FOR OUR SAFETY#

Roopa ....( my dil goes mmmmm..mm..mmm)
uh???? duh??? u speak english????

Private Reply to Roopa ....( my dil goes mmmmm..mm..mmm)

Dec 24, 2005 2:13 pmre: IMPORTANT FOR OUR SAFETY#

Where The MIND is Without FEAR
HI Folks,
How r u all,
am here after a long time,
hi Gokul, that was a great posting , with the ph nos of all stations,
I wud jus like to add a small tip to the foks,
jus in case you dont find any weapon for safegaurding,
jus use your key/pen, its a grt weapon, go for the face , near the eye,
and another weapon, which you dont have to search for anywhere is...
your courage,
take charge,
hey by the way, wish you all a merry christmass!!!!!

Private Reply to Where The MIND is Without FEAR

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