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Jan 28, 2006 4:02 pmAutoresponders#

Keith Hillier . . .
My name is Keith. I'm looking for a reliable, competitively priced autoresponder system to help grow my internet marketing businesses further. I would consider both those you buy outright and those you rent by the month.

All suggestions and your own experiences greatly appreciated.


Private Reply to Keith Hillier . . .

Jan 28, 2006 5:04 pmre: Autoresponders#

Tom Beal
Hi Keith!

Great question! I work with many millionaire Internet Marketers and most of them use (can only think of 1 who doesn't off hand - because he has his own product) and refer the same solution.

For a point of reference here's who I know and work with:

Here's what most of them use and refer (including me):

I use this tool currently and enjoy it's simplicity in creating capture forms to be placed on websites and how easy it is to create autoreponders and broadcast messages.

My one friend Mike Filsaime (another point of reference: www.tombeal.com/refers/mikefilsaime) has an email list over 250,000 and he told me that this is the only way he would go if he was starting over, because of the deliverability rate (99%).

Hope that helps!
Tom Beal

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Jan 28, 2006 5:54 pmre: re: Autoresponders - Thanks Tom#

Keith Hillier . . .
Thanks Tom,

I had not given Awebber a good look because I did not like the idea of paying extra for more than the basic 10,000 leads. But ease of use and deliverablility are major considerations so I'll have a look. Thanks.

As a total novice to autoresponders I need something that is easy to get set up in - ease of uploading leads, ease of handling (automaticallyh) bounced leads, bad email addresses, remove requests, etc.; ease of setting up response messages for people requesting info one either of my business interests.

Thanks again. I look forward to hearing more from this network.

In Success!!!

Private Reply to Keith Hillier . . .

Jan 28, 2006 6:13 pmre: Autoresponders#

D Kai Wilson
I've got a script that lets you run your own autoresponder. I won't post the details, cause I don't want to seem like a walking ad - but if you're interested, feel free to PM me :)

What I WILL say is that its a multi responder, easy to install and use, fully functional, SIMPLE script. Its not complex, it doesn't run off a database, and most of all, its quite good to use, once you get used to it.

No affiliate link - I own the script ;) (though we do also offer affiliate link systems...lol).

DK Wilson

Private Reply to D Kai Wilson

Jan 28, 2006 6:45 pmre: Autoresponders#

German Chale
Hi Keith,

I have an autoresponder service you may want to look at.

You can even create a free account to see if it will work for you.


It is easy to use and and you can upload 1500 leads per day. If you have any questions, please let me know.

German Chale

Private Reply to German Chale

Jan 28, 2006 10:18 pmre: Autoresponders#

bill edwards
If you are looking for a autoresponder I have not one, but three.
One of them is a powerful PHP driven script.
Along with them you will get over a years worth of Private Label email courses,
follow-up letters, and marketing tips for your clients.
Also ezine content for a year if you publish once a week.
Go to http://www.yahoo-business.com and see for your self.

Bill Edwards
Autoresponder Letters

Private Reply to bill edwards

Jan 30, 2006 3:19 amre: Autoresponders#

Cat Lewis
responders.com has free ones you can use until you have enough money to get a more expensive one. They work pretty good. I have one of the free ones I still use on one of my websites because I like it.
To see the one I have, go to http://trilliondollarmarket.com
Hope this helps!

Private Reply to Cat Lewis

Jan 30, 2006 7:21 amre: re: Autoresponders#

Jayant Patil
Hello Mr.Wilson,
If you have no problem, can you lease send me the script.I would love to use it.

Best regards,


project at cwind dot net

Private Reply to Jayant Patil

Jan 30, 2006 2:40 pmre: re: re: Autoresponders#

LaTara Ham-Ying
Email Aces is very reasonable and fast becoming a popular inexpensive autoresponder.


Hope this helps.

LaTara V. Ham-Ying
Heznme Christian Network
Women Discovering, Growing, and Enhancing in order to live life on purpose with Purpose.

Private Reply to LaTara Ham-Ying

Jan 30, 2006 11:21 pmre: re: re: Autoresponders#

D Kai Wilson
Hello Mr.Wilson,
If you have no problem, can you lease send me the script.I would love to use it.

LOL...I'm female not male :D

I'll email you all the details however :)


Private Reply to D Kai Wilson

Jan 31, 2006 3:53 amre: re: re: re: Autoresponders#

Jayant Patil
Hi Wilson,
Sorry for that.My face is red. Thanks for your help.


Private Reply to Jayant Patil

Feb 11, 2006 9:11 pmre: Autoresponders#

Angela Smith, FreeFuelNationwide.com

If you are still around and have not made a decision yet, let me through in my 3-cents for Aweber. No affiliate links or anything like that. Just the thoughts of one happy customer to someone that sounds like they are in the same boat I was.

I've used MANY different companies and softwares to host my lists over the past 9 years and honestly Aweber is probably the easiest to use AND the most consistent to get my message through.


- the onset of world wide blacklists
- ISP's adding spam killer software to their servers so a business email with your free offer in it may never get to your prospect or customer because you use the word “free” in the subject line
- AOL coming up with their wonderful AOL 8 SPAM button and
- individuals using Spam Arrest, Spam Assassin, Spam Cop and masses of other software to keep out unwanted junk mail

it's a wonder that any email flows down the long tube of the Internet pipe line at all.

With Aweber you get a liaison between you and all the major (and I would expect minor) ISP's to keep their name off of the blacklists which gives you a fighting chance of getting your email through. This is SO IMPORTANT, especially when it comes to AOL, Earthlink, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN and other major companies like that.

I used to believe that hosting the list on my own server was the best idea, not to mention, least expensive choice. That was until I almost had my domain shut down because one PAYING member of one of my sites forgot they were a PAYING member and complained to their host, who in-turn complained to MY host. Luckily, for me, I had been a customer for many years and my host contacted me to get my side of the story BEFORE they turned off my domain.

Unfortunately, for many people, that is not the case. When it comes to spam complaints you are usually guilty and are NEVER given the chance to prove your innocence.

So, from that day on I decided to host my list elsewhere. Yes, the possibility does exist that I could still be shut down, but it's a whole lot slimmer now than it was.

The second reason I love this company is that everything is so darned easy to do. I didn't have to install anything, I don't have to worry about hiring anyone to fix it if a problem arises and I don't have to worry about upgrading to add more features. When they added the RSS Broadcast capability and all the new HTML templates recently, those were free for me to start using right away.

Yes, they do charge per subscriber. (I'd never pay per email sent or by Kb used per month again.) But I think it's affordable, even when you have 100,000 subscribers it's just $120 per month - $29.95 for the first 10,000 and $9.95 for each additional 10,000 subscribers.) To me that is affordable. I was paying nearly $500 a month when I was with another company.

Anyway, you know where I stand. As I said, I am just one happy customer and don't mind speaking up for a wonderful company... something that is a pretty hard to find now a days.

Good luck in your autoresponder quest.

If you have any questions that I can answer, please feel free to contact me via Ryze Private Message. I'll be very happy to help you any way I can.

To your success,

Private Reply to Angela Smith, FreeFuelNationwide.com

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