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Any suggestion for marketing this website?Views: 2168
Jan 30, 2006 12:55 amAny suggestion for marketing this website?#

Parveen Panwar(ppanwar@gmail.com)

We run a freelance and services outsourcing marketplace. I am thinking of different techniques to market it. We have already started search engine optimization with a seo firm.

Now, I was wondering if I can get more suggestions on how to promote it. In few days live version of the website will be launched. Currently, it is in Beta version.

Your comments are highly appreciated.

Parveen Panwar

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Feb 13, 2006 9:12 pmAny suggestion for marketing this website?#

Casper Stockham - Success Leaves Clue$
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Feb 13, 2006 9:31 pmre: Any suggestion for marketing this website?#

Robert Montgomery

I would suggest starting off at:


openBC is very versatile, easy to relate with your key market, direct contact behind the scences without being seen by everyone.

You will open many doors as to where your market is and who are your potential clients.

Plan your clientel, clientel your plan!
Plan your work, Work your plan!

If you want to draw business then search out who your business is best suited for.


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Feb 13, 2006 10:17 pmre: Any suggestion for marketing this website?#

Roger Abraham
Hi Parveen
Just read your post. This might be of some help to you as you are already doing the optimization for the major search engines. This is a link to a video that will show you a different approach to accessing all the major search engines, in a slightly different way. I am a member and I use it. I highly recommend the free option. Here's the link: http://rog.url123.com/sev3

All the best,
Roger Abraham
Tillsonburg, ON
MSN: rogera1@hotmail.com
Video Conference room: http://execumeet.com/rogersroom.zip

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Feb 14, 2006 6:04 amre: re: Any suggestion for marketing this website?#

Robert Attieh
Hi Parveen,

Here is a link that you can use for FREE to post an ad to 12 million places:

I hope that can help.

Robert Attieh

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Feb 14, 2006 6:28 amre: Any suggestion for marketing this website?#

Jayant Patil
Marketing of web site through cheap and free resource gives you cheap results and not QUALITY results.If you are serious about promoting your site, you should consider SEO , which you are already on.

But just by doing seo, you can not really promote. The other important crieteria is backlinking to your web site. More the links you have, more popular your web site will be.

I would advise you to invest in this best SEO software with automatic backlinking feature. This is created by the SEO expert Brad Callen and you can not fail with this.

If you are serious about your online business, you can visit this link, and make a conscious decision.



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Jan 16, 2007 1:55 pmre: Any suggestion for marketing this website?#

Amit Sanglikar
Hi Praveen

you always go for those seo packgs who gives money bak gurantee u can read my article regarding same



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Jan 16, 2007 2:41 pmRe: Any suggestion for marketing this website?#

Keith Hillier . . .

I see you have already got a variety of good suggestions on marketing yourwebsite.

The first thing this should tell you is that you should utilize a variety of techniques. Just as you favorite breakfast cereal maker likely uses TV, radio, website, magazine, newspaper, etc. advertising its product so you should utilize a variety of techniques to attract attention to your website.

General Rule: Anything (legal) that brings traffic to your website is worth trying as long as it does not cost you a small fortune or take up too much of your time.

We all want traffic to our sites. Most businesses are about numbers. A percentage of visitors will buy, subscribe, join or whatever. If your traffic is high that percentage will translate into a significant number.

So keep doing what you're doing and test various possibilities to see what works for you.

One new method I'm checking out is SmackPro. Check it out if you want at http://tinyurl.com/ykyru9 It should be officially launching this month. One of the features I like best is a "keyword" feature. You can buy a keyword like I did and any searchs of their system and search engine for that key word will end up directed to my primary business at http://keithh.iLoveSuccess.net where people can learn one way to work from home.

An extra feature of this I like is that I can rent it out or use it myself to direct traffic to another site with a simple change in the back office. Or I can sell my keyword if I decide I no longer want it.

(For anyone going this route check the net for sites that rank search terms. According to one site I checked out my keyword is searched on the net over 8 million times per month so when the new system is fully operational I should enjoy a nice piece of that traffic. Even I got just a tenth of 1 % that could be 8000 new visitors per month.)

But do try a variety of things and keep plugging. It is only those who give up that are destined to fail.

Best wishes,

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Jan 16, 2007 3:26 pmre: Re: Any suggestion for marketing this website?#

Kumuda Gururao
You can promote your website through blog and submit the blog to various blog directories. Also create tags for your blog and submit the RSS to RSS submission sites. This should improve the traffic to some extent.


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Jan 16, 2007 6:32 pmre: Any suggestion for marketing this website?#

Susanne Runion
Hi Parveen,

I think you should offer some type of free report or newsletter. It is really important to have some way of capturing the visitor's contact information. If they don't buy from you on their first visit, many will after having repeated contact with you, like receiving a monthly newsletter. Good luck with your site and congratulations.


Do you need more clients for your alternative health business?
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Feb 03, 2007 9:10 pmre: Any suggestion for marketing this website?#

Maria Marsala
I'm going to take Suzanne suggestion, which is great, and say taht the problem most business owners have in hiring is hiring! Write articles on HR issues. They can't be all sales-y now. Post them on article banks. Here are two resources:

http://www.ArticleBanks.com contains links to articles on writing and submitting articles

http://www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com/blog I just updated an article about driving pre-qualified business to your site. I'm sure that of the 40 ways you can find the best for your business.

Maria Marsala
What's your next step?

Private Reply to Maria Marsala

Feb 21, 2007 7:04 pmre: Any suggestion for marketing this website?#

T.E.A.M. Mom!
Hi Parveen, I am not really sure how much you have already researched into this topic on marketing your new website, but thought I would pass on what I have compiled in my own efforts. These are links to helpful articles, tips that I have read thru and have passed on to other's on this subject. Here is to your success, Patricia

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How to Eat, Sleep, and Breathe like an Internet Marketing Genius

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