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A Storey Shared Should Also Be Remembered!Views: 1178
Feb 05, 2006 7:36 amA Storey Shared Should Also Be Remembered!#

Larry Arnone

I have a little dog, he's a great dog, and his name is Beau. Beau weighs about 8 pounds and has the confidence of a Great Dane! He's an exceptional little guy and simply refuses to accept the word "Can't" into his doggy-vocabulary. That's why Beau is the Alpha dog in our home, and he rules over the other dogs regardless of their size. He has determination and a "can't stop me attitude" that almost anyone would envy.

Let me Tell You A Story of Three Dogs, Beau, Hunter and Max.

Hunter and Max belong to my son's family. Beau is the father of Hunter and the grandfather of Max, so they possess his genetic code. Hunter and Max live in Washington and they stay on the front porch of my son's home. The porch is enclosed with a three and a half foot wall. On one of my visits to his home I put Beau on the front porch with Hunter and Max. Beau heard my voice coming from the other side of the yard but couldn't see me, and Beau is happiest when he's right next to me...I guess he thinks he is my little protector. I heard Beau bark and as I rounded the corner I saw Beau jump up on top of the wall, ready to escape to find me. Fortunately, I caught him in mid-air. No wall was going to keep Beau from getting to his goal, the place where he most wanted to be, next to the person he loves most in this world. Hunter and Max saw Beau scale that wall and yet they didn't even try to get over the wall. Hunter and Max, incidentally, are bigger than Beau, and when I come to visit they are happy to see me and bounce on the porch, their heads bobbing up and down over above the wall, often hooking their feet on the top edge of the wall, and could easily propel themselves over, but they don't. You see, Hunter and Max never saw anything that they wanted badly enough to try to scale that wall, and, over time, even if they DID see something that they wanted on the other side of the wall, they had conditioned themselves into believing that they couldn't scale that wall.

How many Hunters and Maxes do you know? Sometimes these are People who never dare to dream, and if they do dare to dream, they often leave those dreams tucked under their pillows and never consider making those dreams a reality. Maybe they never really wanted their dreams badly enough to take action. These are also people we refer to as "being IN the Box." They have created limitations that they have placed upon themselves. Maybe they heard "you CAN"T" too many times, and at some point in their lives they began to believe that they "couldn't." The fact is that most people have been Hunters and Maxes at some time in their lives; they just needed to have someone to encourage them to climb over that wall, and out of that box. With a little encouragement, many WILL become a Beau! They need encouragement to do something a little differently in their lives so that they know that changes can and do happen and that changes are good. Take them to meetings and encourage them to speak to other Distributors that are there, and to people who have been in similar "boxes" who have stepped out courageously and reaped wonderful rewards. Expose them to change. Expose them to the wonderful variety of individuals who have chosen to become Entrepreneurs.

Then there are the natural-born Beaus. They see what they want and simply deal with the obstacles when presented with them in a confident manner. They aren't discouraged by walls they encounter, they just look for a way to scale the wall, and they learn that if they jump just a little higher each time that eventually they can propel themselves to freedom and to reach that thing that is important to them. They don't count the times that they fell back and didn't get over the wall, they just kept trying a little harder and jump a little higher. The natural-born Beaus are few and far between, these are who we identify as Leaders. Hunter and Max can also become Leaders once they have learned to scale the wall and taste out-of-the-box Freedom!

FREEDOME. That's a great word and paints a host of wonderful pictures - Financial Freedom, Freedom to work with Whomever you Want to work with, Freedom from being in a dead-end box, Freedom to spend more time with your family, Freedom to travel and enjoy new experiences, Freedom to spread your wings as wide as you can and fly as high as you want.

Best Wishes,

Larry Arnone

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