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The WE CARE FOR CHENNAI Network is not currently active and cannot accept new posts
WCFC Msg Board is on a SHUT-DOWN modeViews: 1693
Feb 13, 2006 3:45 amWCFC Msg Board is on a SHUT-DOWN mode#

Govind Srinivasan
Hello friends,

It has really been a good learning experience for me to understand the limitations and potential of internet in tapping resources for service-oriented or community-oriented tasks. THE ORIGINAL IDEA WAS NOT TO MAINTAIN THIS MSG-BOARD AS AN END-ACTIVITY, BUT AS A MEANS TO ACHIEVE THE END OBJECTIVE OF "MAKING CHENNAI A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE IN".

It is my considered opinion that public conciousness among net-savvy Chennaiites is limited mostly to sharing ideas, suggestions, hopes and frustrations. In the Internet scene in India, the urge to share news and views is more pronounced than the urge to join hands, be change agents and make personal contribution of time and work. Ironically, there is a peculiar "feel-good-factor" that the internet oozes out that makes people post msgs just to derive a "communication-pleasure". The urge to post a msg (that is very relevant, meaningful and requiring urgent attention) and get responses from the rest of group overtakes the urge to respond to the issue.

Given this scenario, I think I may not be able to run this msg board any more in the same fashion how it is being run all these days. But I am very happy that I met some of the best service-minded people. I would like to continue to keep in touch with people, who would like to engage themselves PERSONALLY in service-oriented tasks to "make Chennai a better place to live in".

Some of you have sent your msgs or mails to me personally and I am responding to them separately.

YES, WE CARE FOR CHENNAI MSG BOARD IS ON A SHUT-DOWN MODE. I really don't have the time and patience to carry on a 100% virtual activity. I will post a thanks msg in a few days from now to everybody who contributed for the good of this Msg Board.


Govind Srinivasan

Private Reply to Govind Srinivasan

Feb 13, 2006 5:49 pmre: WCFC Msg Board is on a SHUT-DOWN mode#

Kanchana Ravichandran
This is rather unfortunate. What we really need to do is analyse why this forum is not able to get even a lukewarm respose. The same people seem more active in other forums than here.
Am somehow not convinced that forums which are more service oriented does not get good participation. India One or IDL has a healthy participation. I cannot even blame it on the Chennaiites as I see them posting quite regurarly in the Chennai forum. I am a typical example myself posting more there than here. Lets do an introspection and take out the best in each one and also understand our shortcomings and try and get over it. Take care all

Private Reply to Kanchana Ravichandran

Feb 14, 2006 3:34 amWCFC Msg Board is on a SHUT-DOWN mode#

Kanchana -


My observations (in no particular sequence and without being politically correct):

Misunderstood concepts of democracy.
The urge to be noticed - leading to posting commitments and not following through with action.
The urge to nitpick - leading to fault finding with executive office(r)s without introspection of one's own misdeeds.
The urge to throw tantrums - leading to complaints and rants (eg CAS issue last year) without examining the facts and real issues and unwillingness to walk the talk.
Unwillingness to acknowledge the lack of actual hands on experience in public works and public life - feeling that half knowledge from the media and internet is the end all on every subject.
Delusions of grandeur - talking about kicking off multi crore projects when one in reality lacks the commitment to meet the convener or moderator for just one hour on a holiday morning.
Cynicism - habit of complaining sarcastically about the government (and employees therein) - forgetting that your own sons/fathers/mothers/neighbors/inlaws/friends are in there too - forgetting also that you elect the government!
Unwillingness to get elbow grease - palms and feet in the mud - and perform physical labor.

additional comment :
- Kanchana - the issue Govind has rightly raised is that posting on an inernet board is not the 'end' it is a means to an an 'end' - the 'end' is getting together to actually perform an act of labor (shramdaan) to make Chennai a better place to live and work in - so please do not feel apologetic in posting less here and more elsewhere - if at all an apology is due it is from anybody who posts suggestions and plans/ideas and then coolly vanishes instead of meeting Govind with a concrete time bound budgeted action plan and thereafter actually set out time and resource to implement.
- You Kanchana have walked the talk on many public fora and your contribution to Chennai can not be ignored.

Private Reply to SOEB FATEHI

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