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The simplest thing about internet marketingViews: 1007
Feb 13, 2006 7:26 pmThe simplest thing about internet marketing#

hafiz illuebey lecky

From: The Desk of Sebastian Foss
Date: Wednesday, february 13, 2006
Subject: Have you been promised the moon but
nobody gave you the ticket to get there ?

Hi, my name is Sebastian Foss.

Let's be honest - I'm hearing it every day from people - "I've tried so many systems -
most do not work and others were just a scam.".


Think you tried everything ? . . . maybe not!
It's so easy to get discouraged. You've been promised the moon,
but nobody gave you the ticket to get there. I'm releasing exactly
the same method I'm using to make $900 - $1500 per day!
(Click here for proof: http://elecky.imoneybank.hop.clickbank.net)

Like you I tried many - many systems and was disappointed by the
lack of kept promises again and again.
Therefore I developed a system that really works.
This method has never been released to the public before - it's brand new
for January 2006 and very hot!

The MoneyBank.com System is not only working for me
(proof http://elecky.imoneybank.hop.clickbank.net) -
the feedback I receive every day is so positive that I'm absolutely sure this works
for everyone and is ready to be released to the public!

I back this up and I can honestly say:

I promise, that if you do not make at least $100 per day with my personal
assistance, I will refund every single dime of your order!

Thought you'd tried everything and no results?
Then take a few minutes and see what you think
about this.


The MoneyBank.com System creates multiple exhaustible, effortlessly generating,
streams of cash flow which donít require your presence.

The key to success is called "Multiple Streams of Income" - and that's exactly what
MoneyBank.com will create for you.

The MoneyBank.com System makes earning money on the Internet as easy
as harvesting money trees!

Need Proof ? Below is an actual Screenshot of my ClickBank account.

And I will show you exactly how I'm doing it - Although I can not guarantee you
will be making $1500 every day when you start using my System,
I can promise you will at least make $100 with my personal assistance
or I'll refund every single dime of your order. You see, you can't loose!

From all my income systems this is by far the easiest!



It is NOT a NOT A Get-Rich Quick Scheme!
It is NOT a Face To Face Selling program of Any Kind!
It is NOT a Trial Offer to sign up for!
It is NOT some garbage product that refers you to purchase other garbage products.
It is NOT a MLM, a Pyramid Scheme, Gifting or anything else like that.
It is NOT like anything you have ever seen.

But the MoneyBank - System has even more advantages:

YOU DO NOT need to own a website!
YOU DO NOT need to have your own product!
YOU DO NOT sell anything in person or by phone!
YOU DO NOT have to talk to anyone on the phone!
YOU DO NOT email people!

Ok, Sebastian - but what IS the MoneyBank.com System ?

Well, without revealing too much - The MoneyBank.com System
is a brand new strategy that creates multiple income streams -
once these are set up it's an 99.9% automated System.
It combines using a Software and my personal instructions.
Such a System has never been released before.

It's simple and takes just 15 minutes to complete.

Using my automated program I have developed, just insert your Name and your ClickBank Nickname.
...click just 1 button...
...your are only minutes away from making a steady flow of money every week.

The MoneyBank.com System will create and set up your online Businesses 99.% automatically for you!
This is definitely the easiest way to make money with no products and no start up capital!


Private Reply to hafiz illuebey lecky

Dec 29, 2006 8:27 pmre: The simplest thing about internet marketing#

Britt Estep
I would just like to comment on some software that I purchased from Sebastian Foss and e-trinity Internetmarketing ltd. awhile back. One was Blog Blaster and the other was Feed Blaster and neither of them delivered any traffic to my websites. I was also promised that I would receive a refund if I did not get results. None of my email requests for a refund have been answered and the phone number is in Germany. I am not the only one that considers Sebastian Foss and his company to be a scam. So please be very careful about anything you purchase from him or e-trinity Internetmarketing ltd. I learned the hard way.


TPSU....accelerate your business and personal growth

Private Reply to Britt Estep

Dec 30, 2006 6:02 pmre: The simplest thing about internet marketing#

Craig Kiessling

Copying and Pasting a scammy spammy piece of email into a post and giving it a misleading title...First line saying "My name is..." and it is not your name.

The REAL simple thing about internet marketing is to avoid people and methods such as this...

Private Reply to Craig Kiessling

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