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Get More Sales With A Story In Your CopyViews: 375
Feb 24, 2006 2:26 amGet More Sales With A Story In Your Copy#

Steven Boaze

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing
people need your products and services more than
ever, yet any. efforts at "traditional" marketing
work worse than ever. You sometimes wonder, "What
good is all this sales training, without people
to sell to?"

Sales people have to face a fact that makes most
of them sick. Without any question, the most
important knowledge a salesperson needs is not
about your product or service... IT IS ABOUT
MARKETING! Having great products or services is
worthless without lots and lots of qualified
prospects, customers and clients.

The reality that all salespeople must face is
that people are not forced to seek you out.
Therefore, getting interested prospects, clients
and customers is the most frustrating aspect in
your life. That's why, being a marketing expert
is significantly more important than being an
expert in your products and services.

As a salesperson, you can never delude yourself
into thinking that being good...is good enough.
The streets are littered with the remains of
smart, ethical and clever salespeople who never
figured out how to get a constant stream of
qualified, interested prospects in front of them
every day.

Your greatest frustration is the fact you know
that you can close most anyone you meet with, but
you seldom see more than a handful of really
interested, motivated and qualified prospects
each month. You truly hate prospecting, and wish
there was some way to get qualified prospects and
customers without the nauseating thought of cold
calling or wasting more money on ads or "approach
letters" that don't work.

Let me share with you a little story...

Several years ago a bright, young salesperson
with all the right credentials and degrees,
working with the biggest company, and the best
products and services. . . was a total failure.

She was sent to the most popular sales training,
negotiating, and motivational seminars. She
learned 157 closing techniques. She studied cold
calling systems. She schmoozed at functions until
her hand was bleeding from all those "firm

She looked everyone square in the eye, and bought
a collection of power ties and leased an
expensive car. She had the most expensive, four
color brochures ever printed. Nothing was

There was only one, small, teeny little problem.
None of the prospects got qualified, or anyone
interested to even call. It got to the point that
she got physically ill at the thought of walking
around introducing herself, or sitting around,
waiting for someone to call.

One day she woke up with a forbidden thought in
her brain. What if, dare I even think this,
everything they've taught me is WRONG? What if, I
do the exact opposite of what I've been taught?
Since I know this garbage doesn't work, why not
try things...even if they are "outside the box?"

So, she began to study marketing, but not from
textbooks, or from traditional advertising
people. Since she saw that everyone did the same
things as she did, why bother studying what she
would do to a solution - knew to be a colossal

Her research led her to a solution: Emotional
Marketing. She discovered this form of direct
response marketing that:

1. Gets interested, qualified prospects to call
her first, and, 2. Allowed her the luxury of
never talking to, or follow up with anyone who
hasn't called. Imagine the weight that lifts off
of her soul when she came into work each day with
appointments and calls from interested buyers.

Imagine the stress melting away like a snowball
in the desert, when she had a constant stream of
qualified, interested prospects calling. Her life
was never the same. She picked who she did
business with. She became the rejecter, and never
again become the rejectee.

This once struggling salesperson went from the
verge of bankruptcy, to making over $450,000 in
less than one year. Same lady. Same company. Same
products and services. Only one thing changed.
Her marketing went from pathetic... to super

And, the rest of this story should be making
sense to you. It hits home. It took enough time
to accomplish its intended objective. These same
principles apply when getting customers to
respond to you. Tell a story in your copy, no
matter how long it ends up being. That is a big
decision. In fact, it's a huge decision. It may
be the biggest decision you've ever made in your
entire life.

Steven Boaze

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