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How To Make An Irresistible AdViews: 429
Feb 26, 2006 5:11 pmHow To Make An Irresistible Ad#

Cathy Qazalbash

Advertising can take on many different forms and sizes. They range from the blazing billboards that take your message to the world to the humblest classified ad. However you choose to say it your ad must announce your product and service and demand to be read and acted upon. Your ad will do one of 2 things, create curiosity for the potential customer to want more information or close the sale.

In order to be truly effective your ad must be irresistible. The most important part of closing the sale is the call for action. You can make a straight link-“buy now”-“click here,” or use a subtler approach. Don’t just ask people for the sale make it an irresistible offer.

Everyone loves a bargain and can rarely resist the urge to save a little with a discount. Here are two ways to make your ad different using a discount coupon:

· A discount coupon attached to your ad with a special link or code will make your ad irresistible and help you close the sale. Special links are used all the time but make yours stand out by putting it at the bottom of your ad in the form of a coupon.

· You can use a code for a mystery discount or a special link. Everyone likes a mystery and will be curious to go and see what you are offering them.

· You can use your coupon for a free bonus gift just for trying our product or even just for visiting your site.

Discount coupons are a perfect way to invite your potential customer to ”come on in and save a bundle.” Now who can resist that! So don’t just pitch your sales make it worthwhile with an irresistible offer.

How do you present your ad to make an offer your reader can’t refuse? You make a conventional solo or expanded classified ad with benefits and then add a small coupon at the bottom.

You can use this technique for either products or services. Uses can include

· Grand opening-just launched (website or program)
· New service
· New product
· Subscriber special-A special thank you for your loyal readership

As always remember the golden rules: track test and record
If you are not tracking your ads you are loosing money and your valuable time. Why? Because if you do not know which ad is pulling and which have produced little or no response you could be repeating costly mistakes, and missing out on valuable resources. When you know which ads are pulling you can repeat the ad. Keep a log of where your successful ads are running, for example, which particular ezine, note it down for future or repeat advertising. If you have a similar offer that appeals to the same market you can use that particular ezine again. However on the other hand if an ad has had little or no response make a note of this ezine too so you do not advertise similar offers to this list again. Tracking ads can be automated and easy to set up. There are several programs out there to help you do this.

However you use this discount coupon it will appeal to all your potential customers and can be used as a special coupon for established customers as well Advertising is a highly competitive field and anything you do to make your ad irresistible and noteworthy will increase your sales and allow you to get ahead of your competition.

Cathy Qazalbash (c)

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