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Mar 06, 2006 11:06 pmWrite A Personal Letter#

Steven Boaze
If you're operating a business, you must develop
personal relationships with your clients. It will give
you an unfair advantage over your competition. And
when you have personal relationships with your
clients, rather than just business type of
relationships, it helps you close more sales.

Your clients are not just looking for the cheapest
price when they're deciding to buy, no matter what
they say. There are other factors that must be taken
into consideration, such as "how well do they like
you." For example, If you were competing for business
at your best friend's place of business and a complete
stranger were competing against you, who do you think
would win?

Well, unless you were running a second-rate business
and your best friend knew it you would probably win.
Why? Because your friend has a personal relationship
with you.

There's more at stake here than just getting the job.
If you lost out on making the sale, your friend may
not be your best friend any more. You would feel that
your personal relationship should've been more
important than any price advantages someone else may
have offered. What's more, your best friend would have
the same pressure on him/her. They would buy from you
because your personal relationship is more important
to them.

So the question here is, how do you develop this
personal business relationship? Simple. You use
marketing tools. You're a busy person. You don't have
time to develop a personal relationship with all your
clients. So, you must use marketing tools to help you.

One tool you should be using is personal letters. A
personal letter is the perfect way to establish a
personal relationship with someone. A personal letter
allows you to have a conversation with the reader,
even if it is one sided. It allows you to communicate
what's going on in your life and to update the reader
with any new information you want them to have.

Have you ever seen one of those war movies? The
soldiers have been off to war and they haven't been
home in a long time. They're all sitting around and
then here comes the mail person. All the guys are
excited and they start to crowd around. Each guy
stands excitedly waiting to see if he got a letter
from home.

Once he gets his letter, he immediately tears it open,
finds a comfortable spot and reads each and every
word. He may even share a paragraph or two with a
fellow solider.

People love getting personal letters. People love
reading about other people's lives and learning what's
going on in their lives. Should you send personal
letters and notes? Yes, you should. When should you
send them? Every chance you get.

You can send a personal "Thank You" note after each
business transaction along with your bill or invoice.
You can send a personal note along with a birthday
card or an anniversary card.

These little personal notes will do wonders for
establishing your relationship with your clients. It
makes you a real person and gives you a "personal

Most of your competition will not be giving a personal
touch. They'll send their bill, get their money and be
on their way. There's no emotional contact, no feeling
involved. It's just another printing job.

By using personal notes, you're going to set yourself
apart from others in your market. You're going to
touch your client's emotional heart strings. And when
your clients are ready to buy again, they'll call you.
You'll stand out from the crowd as an individual,
someone who really cares -- a friend.

Steven Boaze

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