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New Member with burning questions:)Views: 1695
Mar 20, 2006 12:17 pmNew Member with burning questions:)#

Hi all, I am just beginning a journey into EZines:)
The burning question I have for all of you is what exactly is an EZine and how does it differ from a Newsletter or a EBook.

I am serious, is it just a fancier name for a newsletter?

I will have to read all the posts and see if "I get it".
according to my daughter in a few things I just don't get it.

Thanks so much!
Terri Weston

Private Reply to Luv2organize

Mar 20, 2006 12:59 pmre: New Member with burning questions:)#

Denise O'Berry
Hi Terri --

An Ezine is the same thing as a newsletter. The terms are interchangeable. An ebook is an electronic book.

Best regards,

Denise O'Berry

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Private Reply to Denise O'Berry

Mar 21, 2006 7:33 pmre: New Member with burning questions:)#

Martha Jette
Hi Luv:

To be just a little clearer on this, an E-zine is the same as a magazine, but on line. It tends to have much more information, plus photos, unlike a newsletter.

All the Best,

Private Reply to Martha Jette

Mar 24, 2006 8:02 pmre: New Member with burning questions:)#

lisa micklin
Hi Terri,

It's interesting to see the responses here so far. Everyone is going to have a different definition of an ezine.

To me, an ezine is an electronic magazine. It can have a lot or a little content. In can include images or be plain text. It can be published on a strict schedule or erratically. There really are no rules in these regards.

My first ezine was simply a piece of my digital art and a tiny piece of commentary. I've seen other ezines that are virtually journals of content. It's really up to you.

I'm personally an advocate of strong and valuable content, but it really depends on your intentions for your ezine.


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Private Reply to lisa micklin

Mar 25, 2006 2:09 amre: re: New Member with burning questions:)#

Thanks everyone.
I now have the courage to start designing one myself. I may get some advice from a ghost writer tho.


Private Reply to Luv2organize

May 28, 2006 6:06 pmre: re: re: New Member with burning questions:)#

Cathy Goodwin
I'd stay away from ghost writers for ezines! Instead, consider investing in a copywriting boot camp (such as Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero's)

Or some copywriters will work with you as a coach, helping you learn the ropes and get started.

I'd also suggest reading 2 or 3 ebooks related to ezines and pick up some free info via articles. I have listed some of my favorite resources

Although some gurus encourage ghost writers, you can get into lots of trouble with them. You have to be very, very careful and make sure they're actually writing and not plagiarizing others' work.

And, unlike copy in a sales letter or on a home page, your ezine should reflect your personality.

Cathy Goodwin, PhD
"Turn your lazy, good-for-nothing website into a powerhouse profit center that keeps working 24/7."

Private Reply to Cathy Goodwin

Jun 16, 2006 10:45 pmre: re: re: New Member with burning questions:)#

E.D. Easley
Why a ghost? I've always had problems with them... I guess it's back to the newspaper days where editors didn't (and still) don't give the writers or photographers their name by their work. I used to call it a "blame line" jokingly with my own work.

Hey, if you can get a couple, or a few, people working on a blog, e-zine- or little paper, that looks like a staff to me. If you're trying to build up crebibility for the publication, the quality of its staff -your team - is everything.

But hey, if you're just going to be an egotistical rag to blow up someone who can't even take the time to put his or her own words into print, that's why God gave us ghosts.

--Ed Easley

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