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Ease on down the roadViews: 2488
Apr 06, 2006 9:33 pmEase on down the road#

Terri Cummings

Here is a question that came up for me today.

Along with many other things that are on my prosperity plate, one of them is a Chrysler Crossfire. It’s a hot little sports car that I envision myself driving. I have gone to the dealership and taken one for a test drive. Many times I will simply sit and feel what it would be like putting the key in the ignition, turning on my car putting her in drive and taking off down the road happy as a lark to be driving the car of my dreams.
Today while talking to a friend she said Terri, you can get that car. You have great credit all you have to do is go out and buy it. I could not believe what happened next, those three dreaded little words came spilling out of my mouth. I said, NO “I can’t afford” then my hand flew up to my mouth and my eyes got big in disbelief and I said man, do I have work to do.
The point is, I DO have enough credit to go out and buy the car. I would then have a car and be deep into my prosperity work asking the universe each month to bring me the payment. Do I take a leap of faith and just go buy the car? ( I also think this must tie into the fact that as long as I have been studying these principles deep down my belief system still needs work as evidenced by what I spontaneously said to my friend)

In reality I have my mind fixed on how things should happen, in regards to prosperity.

On my list is:

I am successfully in business for myself
I own two homes
I own a crossfire
I own a sailboat

Now as often as I can I let myself see only these things as if they already exist for me, focusing on the end result. In my mind however, I won’t be going out to buy these things until I have the actual money coming in to make the payments each month. I must say that one of my character defects is that I sometimes can only see one way of doing things. Possibly this is blocking me to see other opportunities that the Universe is trying to show me, or I may not be allowing the Universe to take care of the how’s

If I really want the car then why don’t I go buy it and simply move to the next prosperity issue?



Private Reply to Terri Cummings

Apr 07, 2006 12:28 amre: Ease on down the road#

Kathy Browning
Hey Terri,

Why do you want that particular car? What kind of feelings come up when you think about it? If you absolutely, positively knew for sure that you would easily and effortlessly have the monthly payments, would you still hesitate to purchase it?

I know that you are already succesfully in business for youself and I'm thinking you own at least one home, right? So what ya waitin' for sistah?? And Girl, you look fabulous in that car. What color are you getting -- that deep maroon? Can't wait to see the photo of you standing next to it :o)

Abundantly Yours,

Kathy Browning
"Live Like a Diva!"

Private Reply to Kathy Browning

Apr 07, 2006 1:16 amre: Ease on down the road#

Marilyn Jenett


Your post reminds me of what Dr. Joseph Murphy, one of my earliest and greatest teachers, often wrote: "People win cars all the time."

Aside from the literal sense, what he meant was that if you will own that car in your consciousness, feel yourself driving it, really accept it as yours, you just never know how the Universe will respond. But respond it must. If you truly accept the car as yours, your subconscious and the Universe will be compelled to bring it to you. And yes, people do win cars. Around these parts (West Los Angeles/Beverly Hills), it's often a Mercedes that entices people to enter drawings :-)

So, let's say you want instant gratification and don't wish to wait for the right contest - or more likely, don't have your faith at the level where you believe you can receive your car for free.

Then you must do a little soul searching and ask yourself where your level of faith really is? Those words that popped out of your mouth spontaneously? Well, knowing you, I'm not overly concerned about them. Yes, you should pay attention, but you have been a great student of these principles and that was probably just the old habit rearing its head like a reflex. Remember, we can never "delete" anything from the subconscious mind. We can only create a new dominant thought. So those old error thoughts just take up space and may show up on occasion, especially when triggered out of habit. But you don't have to let that discourage you. Recognize it for what it really is and say "adios"...

Now, buying the car is the opportunity to stretch yourself, your faith and your consciousness. If you do it, you do it with joy and excitement, knowing what you are doing, why you are doing it, and with complete certainty that the feeling of prosperity that car ownership will give you, will take you to a new level financially.

You don't have to "ask the Universe each month to bring you a payment". THAT'S limited thinking. You just need to know your car is paid for and that's that. You just need to know you are prosperous, and that's that. Then you won't even be concerned about "monthly" or "payments". It will all be taken care of.

Another from Dr. Murphy:

"The feeling of wealth produces wealth".

You do NOT make that purchase out of fear or worry that you won't have the payments. You make the purchase with an inner knowing that you are on an open road to unlimited possibilities. And that the Universe will support you every step - or should I say - mile of the way.

Now, the answer as to whether you should take the leap...

That answer is within you, Terri, and only you can know what is right. I have often told my students that I believe that the right decision always feels peaceful. There may be nervous excitement, but it's a good kind. Somehow inside you know. You know that you know.

My suggestion is that you ask the Universe for guidance with this decision and listen for an answer. Was your friend's comment a message from the Universe?

I have read numerous accounts of people who bought something to create the aura of success for themselves. One man bought an expensive coat he couldn't "afford" and wore it all the time. He told his wife it would bring them success. It did. A struggling divorced woman with several children bought an expensive designer suit (I remember in the story it was $300 - expensive for that past era) and she wore it everywhere over and over again. She married into wealth.

Certainly a car is a much bigger purchase with ongoing payments. And I don't endorse anyone going into debt. A prosperity consciousness means overcoming a "debt" consciousness.

So will this purchase be a "debt" or will it be an "investment" in your financial future? That's the key. People invest in real estate and have mortgages (practically speaking, a debt). But a few years later when their property has greatly increased in value, their mortgage now becomes an investment, doesn't it? An investment with which they prospered. (Oh, the stories about real estate appreciation here in Southern California are amazing).

The car can be a debt. Or it can be an investment in your prosperity consciousness. And the most important component of this purchase is your faith factor.

Terri, I am not saying that the following post is Universal guidance for you - only you can decide that. But here is the account of an early student of mine who posted back in December of '03 about the purchase of his new car. It's worth noting his state of mind and feeling at the time. I think you will enjoy this...



P.S. A few items on the "practical side": For many years, I leased my car and was able to write the entire payment and all expenses off to my business. I purchased my current car and enter all payments and expenses above the line as "deductible", then my accountant takes care of the rest.
You may want to look into lease or purchase options that could be beneficial with regard to your business and taxes. I have considered paying off my car in full, however I am told that those regular monthly payments (paid on time) keep increasing your credit score - which is a good thing!

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Apr 07, 2006 12:24 pmre: re: Ease on down the road#

Mandy Minor
Hello all,

I understand how you can do exercises to visualize yourself meeting your goals, and how this is a good practice. But what I don't understand (or agree with) is that the universe or overall life force of God or whoever you identify as your supreme power really cares about your desire for a car, boots, etc. These are just things, not elements critical to your survival or the betterment of life in general.

I'm not saying I think it's bad to want "things" - we all do. I'm not saying I think it's bad to set goals to obtain them and mentally work to get what we want. But I think bringing the universe in all of its enormity and complexity into it is kinda egotistical. I mean, the universe is looking after bilions of people and millions of planets and who knows what else. I just don't think it really cares - or should care - about my desire for a bike. That's my job.


Private Reply to Mandy Minor

Apr 07, 2006 1:21 pmre: re: re: Ease on down the road#

Rasheed Hooda

Thanks for expressing your thoughts and disagreeing with what you believe to be contrary to what is professed here. Bravo!

I have to, however, disagree with you. When you look at the whole picture, the billions of people and millions of planets and what not, it becomes even more important to pay attention to the minor details from the perspective of a Designer, Engineer, Maintainer. One small slip up can mess up the whole SYSTEM.

I used to think like you. God doesn't have time for petty stuff that we humans give so much importance to, but then I realized that EVERY human being is a unique being and has unique needs and NOTHING is petty stuff if it contributes to the happiness of even one human being.

Saying that God cares so much that he sets the wheels in motion to fulfill my desire is egotistical ONLY if I am not willing to extend the same attention from the Divine to EVERY individual, but that is not the belief espoused here on this network. Every desire we have is a devine will seeking expression through us and it is only natural for the divine intervention for its fulfillment.

You wrote: "I just don't think it really cares - or should care - about my desire for a bike. That's my job."

Now that's a statement coming from an EGO. --- I don't NEED God to help me, I WANT to do it myself.

Surrender is, oh so sweet!

Rasheed Hooda aka Mister Weirdo
Manifesting with Effortless Ease Network

Private Reply to Rasheed Hooda

Apr 07, 2006 5:27 pmre: re: re: re: Ease on down the road#

Alison Wilcox
Thanks for posting what you wrote - and thanks to Rasheed for your answer. That really cleared up some things for me. I'm working on Lesson 1 right now and I'm realizing how many past beliefs I have held that desiring good in my life (especially money or things) would make me a bad or superficial person.
I'm really starting to let that go and I'm feeling the sweet surrender.
This has been a good discussion topic Terri. Good luck with your decision making about the car. I say if it feels right, go for it!
Take care, Alison

Private Reply to Alison Wilcox

Apr 08, 2006 12:24 amre: Ease on down the road#

Mandy Minor
Thanks for your input and kind, metered responses. I'll admit I am not just new to this, I haven't even really begun. But I regularly read this network's posts and will be ready soon. Thanks for the forum and letting me participate.


Private Reply to Mandy Minor

Apr 08, 2006 1:04 amre: re: re: Ease on down the road#

Marilyn Jenett

Hi Mandy,

Thank you for contributing to this board and for your provocative post.

We could say that the "Law" (call it God, Universe, Lord, Spirit, Quantum Field, Formless Substance, whatever) does not care what you want. You are correct. The law is impersonal.

To best explain this, I would like to offer excerpts below from the work of one of my teachers and his late wife. This may shed light and give answers to your question...

One of my own personal teachers, Champion K. Teutsch, PhD, together with his late wife, Joel Marie Teutsch, became famous when they authored, "From Here to Greater Happiness or How to Change Your Life for Good", which permanently changed for good the lives of hundreds of thousands of grateful readers all over the world.

Later, Joel Marie Teutsch’s masterful presentation entitled "Your Right to Perfect Health: Mental and Spiritual Healing Principles and Champion K. Teutsch’s Non-Medical Answers to Cancer, Heart Disease and Other Conditions", included professional secrets of this pioneer couple and outstanding success stories.

When I was sought him out, Champion had his practice here in Los Angeles, in the same highrise where my office was located (interesting "coincidence"). At the time, he was chair of the International Human Research Center "Sunray" in Moscow (a renowned psychology professor at Moscow State University was president and a physicist formerly with the Soviet space program was vice-president). Champion was also chair of a similar organization in Tel Aviv, Israel and was also honored by our government and many others. He was certifying professionals and qualified lay persons in the US, Russia, Isreal and other countries as practitioners of his methodology.

After a lecture and demonstration, he was appointed visiting professor of medicine by the former dean of the University of Florida’s College of Medicine. The dean resigned shortly after meeting Champion to devote his energies to alternative or complementary medicine.

I just discovered that Champion made his transition a few months ago, and understand there have been memorial services held in many countries.

Here are excerpts from the writings of his wife, Joel Marie, in the second book they co-authored, mentioned above:


Universal Intelligence

"When we understand that this universal mind fills the universe, we can then picture it as a great surrounding ocean of mind in which we are submerged and upon which we draw. This mind is subjective or subconscious. That is, it has no power of choice but must be directed into action. It is highly intelligent and has all the knowledge of the universe within it, but it is not reasoning mind. It knows one thing, that is to move where it is directed, much the same as the mathematical principle. We use it, we direct it, and we get the answers according to what type of math we have put together into directing certain answers to be received.

Law as Servant

"Music vehicles reproduce music. Light vehicles reproduce light. Heat vehicles reproduce heat and so on. So in like manner does the law of mind respond to the intelligent use of its power. Its creative force is thrown in any direction one wishes, the only requirement being that the laws of its action be observed. We shall learn what these laws are in a later chapter, but is it sufficient to say at this time that the individual must keep in mind that there is at this very moment of flood of universal power dedicated to his use awaiting his choice, his words and his actions, and it is entirely subservient to his wishes. Moreover, he does not have to pray to it. He does not have to ask it, plead with it, agonize over it.

"He has merely to recognize it and to know within himself (herself) that it is his for the enlarging of his life, his health, his happiness, and his prosperity as long as the laws of mind are obeyed.

"Now I wish to stop for a moment and call your attention to this statement: the laws of the particular mind in which you choose to reproduce a state of life or living for yourself. Having said that this law need not be approached with fear or awe, since it is a natural law, not a person, we can go on to say that while it is impersonal, it also has intelligence. It has no wishes of its own. It is entirely neutral. It is ready at man's behest to grant his creative power whatsoever he asks, and yet it has no more self consciousness than the law of electricity.

"No one knows how to put the fragrance in a single flower. Yet this mind is touching a billion flowers daily with its magic wand and distilling their subtle essences into perfume from the soil, water, air and sunlight. Man boasts of the discoveries he makes. This law of mind knows them all before he gropes his faltering way towards them. This law of mind knows how every successful business is built. It knows in exact detail just what is needed to turn ideas into cash. It knows how to take a sick business and make it well. Or how to take a defeated life and turn it into a masterpiece. It does not have to reason. It knows.

"Already it has the knowledge man needs to lift him out of every limiting circumstance and flood his life with good. But it never offers or forces its service. It awaits recognition and use of its laws. This is the reason for one of the tragedies of life. For man has to discover for himself that he has a powerful ally ready and able to take him to the place where he wants to be. Yet for all practical purposes, it is not there until he discovers it and uses it. Man is on a journey of self-discovery. The old theory that God takes pity on man, steps in and reveals himself when man is at the end of his resources is no longer acceptable or tenable.

"There is no limit set by infinite mind. Man can go as far as he wishes or stay where he is. The only limiting factor is man himself. If he continues to shiver in the cold, whimpering and complaining, that is his right as a free agent. But he can pick himself up and make his way to the warm glow of the eternal fire and enter into a life that contains all the elements of happiness.

Man's Responsibility

"No one else will or can do it for him. Even God will not do it for him. It is his job, and his alone. On his voyage of self-discovery he is the captain of his ship and, therefore, solely responsible for making harbor. Man's responsibility is to choose his destination. The motor power to bring him there is furnished by impersonal law. Only when he grasps this fundamental thought will he be prepared to relinquish his own unaided efforts and to rely upon this cosmic mind to keep the engines running while he steers the ship. Just as impersonally as a ship's engineer responds to proper direction, so does the universal law of mind respond to man's conscious direction.

[End of excerpts]

So, Mandy, I hope this explains why I agree that the Universe does not care about what you want. What you want is indeed YOUR choice. It is the job of the Universe to respond to your direction and bring you what you want.

Now in and of itself, a pair of boots means very little in the cosmic scheme of things, doesn't it? But the law, the formula that brings that pair of boots is the very same law that brings the car, the house, the job, the money, the business, the relationship, the healing, the creative expression, the scientific discovery, the invention, the ideas that change the world.

I tell my students that when one learns to use the law correctly (meaning to use is to manifest what you want, instead of unconsciously using it to manifest what you don't want, as most people do), the size of the manifestation does not matter. What matters is that you have learned how to use the law. What matters is that the law is working! And once you learn to use it, you can apply it to anything in life that you want - for your personal benefit or for the benefit of mankind. The more you use it, the more you get results, the more confident you become in applying it to larger and larger demonstrations.

Manifesting boots may seem to you and others a very insignificant demonstration. I can understand if one feels that way, as you probably have been able to fit into shoes normally which has not been my experience. But you are missing the whole point of my post. My post was not really about boots. Truly, boots are the least important item on the agenda of my life at this moment. My post was about the use of the law in order to create, to manifest something we want. The post was about the responsiveness of universal mind to my direction and my request. The post was about moving with the flow of direction once we have a set intention. THAT is what the post is about.

If one person can draw from that post the nuances that help them to manifest something in their life they desire and set them on the path to change their life through the proper use of their mind, then those boots have served a great purpose indeed. And I have done my job as a teacher.


Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Apr 08, 2006 2:31 amre: re: Ease on down the road#

Terri Cummings

Thanks everyone for your valued feedback!

I’ve had my prosperity consciousness further enlightened by this post, no matter what the Universe and I determine is ultimately right for me.

M, you always give so much more than enough. Thank you


Private Reply to Terri Cummings

Apr 08, 2006 2:49 amre: re: re: re: Ease on down the road: Tribute to Brilliance#

Marilyn Jenett

As I mentioned above, I have just learned of Champion Teutsch's passing (he was in his 80s). I had a dream about him the other night, called his home, and found out.

As a tribute to this brilliant man (and his late wife), I would like to post the editorial comments and bio that appear on amazon.com.

I spent many years studying Universal laws and I want to give credit for my knowledge and ability in this area to the profound influence of the great souls, both living and dead, who crossed my path and in fact, pulled me back on the path whenever I fell by the wayside.

Thank you, Champion, you taught me much. And Joel Marie, you passed on before I entered the picture. I never met you in person, but have met you in spirit and you continue to teach me.

From amazon.com:

Norman Monath, President, Cornerstone Library, Inc. New York, NY. 10020

"I must say that I never remember seeing such exuberant praise from readers in all my years of publishing."

M.S., Combined Insurance Co. of America, Chicago, IL. 60640

"I had the wonderful privilege of reading your great book. For one exposed to so many books in this field as I am in my work with Mr. (Clement) Stone, I can honestly say it is one of the best."

J.D., Golden Grove, S.A. 5125, Australia

"Your writings inspired me to form this organization to help bring your message to as many people as possible. It is a beacon of light in a dark world."

Dr. Kelly Guma, Psychologist, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I am fascinated by all the possibilities your book offers. Although I have read more than a hundred books on all this, only in your book I have found feasible explanations. I love your work. I love you two, and I think you are great."

Book Description

This book has permanently changed for good the lives of hundreds of thousands of grateful readers all over the world. It can do the same for you, your family, your friends and acquaintances. Besides, it started the Consciousness Revolution, Assertiveness Training, Behavior Mod, Holistic Medicine and the Human Potentials Movement and of course the Teutsch IDEAL (individualized-directive-explanatory-action-log) Method.

Study the 14 steps that have propelled thousands of grateful readers to maximum achievement. Crack through the genetic barrier erected by your well-meaning but ignorant ancestors. Use the incredible force of Dr. Teutsch's proprietary B.I.D. (basic inner desire) to reach and surpass your goals and launch yourself and your children into an unprecedent success orbit. Praised by enthusiastic readers in the U.S.A., Japan, South America, Holland and Russia as the book that opened their eyes to their true potential. Become a new you in 162-action-packed pages, chuck-full with simple and clear illustrations.

Learn why presidential assassinations are predictable and therefore preventable. Understand why government officials, business leaders and university professors secretly use this book as reference. See for yourself why Kaiser Permanente ordered 500 copies from the first printing of this volume. Discover why this book was repressed by the Human Factors people at Ramo Wooldridge Laboratories, Canoga Park, California and by envious ministers. A physician called this the most stolen book from his waiting room! Available in English, Spanish and Japanese.

About the Author

Champion K. Teutsch (pronounced toy-ch), a Ph.D. in psychology, in conjunction with his late-wife Joel Marie Teutsch developed a unique scientific approach to the solution for every kind of problem. Thanks to her mastery of the code underlying the Bible, Joel was a remarkable healer and conceptual innovator. Among her grateful students were psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, educators and ministers. Teutsch has triumphed in many cases that did not respond to traditional medical, psychiatric and psychological techniques. The Teutsch IDEAL Method combines the rigor of physics, genetics and spiritual law. It has been effective in such diversified fields as:

A. Marriage and Relationships
B. Job, Business and Career
C. Health

Teutsch's intensive research proved that the same genetic code that determines man's physical appearance prenatally also decrees his outlook on life, behavior and experience. Most important, he discovered a unique and effective way to modify undesirable hereditary predispositions. In contrast to traditional techniques, he gets quick and lasting results. Once Teutsch helps his client break his genetic code, the sky is the limit.

For the past 39 years, Teutsch has been in private practice as a psycho-geneticist, gene-physicist or simply a success coach. In this capacity, he has handled over 100,000 men, women, and children from every age group, background and field of endeavor in person or by long-distance telephone.

Teutsch's clients include U.S. presidents and congressmen, Emmy and Oscar winners like Louis Gossett Jr. and Jack Palance, as well as physicians, attorneys and realtors plus insurance and engineering firms.

Teutsch was a popular guest on many radio shows and such TV shows as The Tonight Show and Donahue. He is listed in Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare and Who's Who in Science and Engineering.

After demonstrating his expertise on a complex case, Teutsch was named visiting professor of medicine by the dean at the University of Florida's medical college. He has discussed his method at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, where he enabled a 35-year old TV personality to embark upon a successful teaching career after her case had baffled, for two futile years, a team of eight physicians and two clinical psychologists who labeled her, falsely, according to Teutsch, as a catatonic schizophrenic.

In 1993, Teutsch was named chairman of the International Human Research Center "SunRay" in Moscow-Russia, where he gave seminars and private consultations. He also lectured at Moscow State University. Teutsch conducted seminars and private consultations in Tokyo-Japan, Tel Aviv-Israel and Munich-Germany.

On April 21, 1999, the Russian Federation's Ministry of Justice officially endorsed the Teutsch's psychogenetics for human improvement. In order to save lives, heartaches and expense, Teutsch is prepared to share his research results and expertise with physicians, public health officials, educators and concerned parents.

Excerpted from From Here to Greater Happiness: Or, How to Change Your Life--For Good! by Joel Marie Teutsch, Champion K. Teutsch. Copyright © 1975. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

"One does not have to know anything about gravity to be subject to the law governing this important force. By the same token, no man has ever seen electricity, but we all are using it in different ways. The same goes for the laws of mind. Although we may be unaware of their existence, we are nevertheless affected by them every second of our lives.

Mind, as we call or know it, cannot be seen. But it does not require much reflection to realize that it is a potent, ever-present reality. For a long time, the brain was considered to be the seat of the our mind, essential for our survival as an intelligent being. Recent evidence has destroyed this belief. The reasoning and acting ability of a few war victims deprived of one or both cerebral hemispheres was found to be unimpaired. As a result, we are forced to conclude that the mind is our invisible control center, with the brain merely acting as its physical agent and symbol.

This is by no means intended to imply that the brain is unnecessary. What it does prove, however, is that the brain is controlled by mind. Mind, being greater than the brain, can under certain conditions take over and perform the functions of the brain, in addition to its own."

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Apr 08, 2006 12:52 pmre: re: re: re: re: Ease on down the road: Tribute to Brilliance#

Alison Wilcox
Wow - Marilyn thank you for those two posts. I'm going to re-read those over many times I'm sure.
By the way, I'm loving the New Year Audio program! I feel lighter and lighter each day.
Have a great weekend everyone,

Private Reply to Alison Wilcox

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