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Apr 11, 2006 2:00 pmRyze Help > Lesson 2: Opening Up Your Guestbooks#

T.E.A.M. Mom!

=> This information is being forwarded to you via the "Networkers First Stop Training!" Network, moderated by Althea Garner to help assist you in navigating about your ryze membership and it's features. Best of Successs! Patricia Garrison, Your Bd Leader


Lesson 2: Opening Up Your Guestbooks

When you first join Ryze, you are afforded a Profile page which contains a Guest Book. This is where others can sign your Guest Book and you will have a way back to their Profile page to see if there is any synergy.

By default, all Guest Books are closed when you join and you will want to change this setting so that other Ryze members (those with more experience and as a result, more contacts on Ryze) may connect with you.

Let's get your Guest Book opened:

Choose Preferences (left hand side of your screen) and under Guest Book, select "Open to all". Don't forget to save the settings.

When you are at someone else's Guest Book, read through some of their entries and explore the Guest Books of THOSE people - you never know who you'll find.

If they look interesting to you (or have a large circle of influence (friends or a high hit counter), check which networks they belong to and join them. Very often, their connections will have come from their network activity.

When signing Guest Books, try to make your entry unique to that person or their field. I see many entries from people who have obviously copied and pasted standard (or vanilla) entries that say the same thing to everyone. This has to tell you something... what does it tell me? That the person posting the entry is not sincere and that this is a 'Hit and run' attempt to sell to ME!

Don't forget that you are already identified in the Guest Book, so why not make it friendly by just pacing a short introductory comment and signing your first name?

I was cruising through Ryze (or "was at Joe Blows page") and saw your Profile page. I went to your web site and found XXXXXXX and thought that we could discuss YYYYYY"


"I noticed that you are a member of XYZ network. Since that is an interest of mine, I think I'll join - see you on the ABC board!"

Placing your whole signature block and URL is overkill in the Guest Book entry and frowned upon in this community - there are better places to be drawing attention to your business. Remember, Guest Books are not about you... they are about the owner of the Guest Book. What you say here, can either draw that person to you or repel them forever.

Above all, remember that Ryze is a place to draw attention to your business - not sell it! Hard selling will only drive people away.

Althea Garner
B2B Connection
Business Networking for Global $UCCE$$!


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