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Ryze Help > Lesson 4: Friends and your Sphere of InfluenceViews: 837
Apr 25, 2006 4:49 pmRyze Help > Lesson 4: Friends and your Sphere of Influence#

T.E.A.M. Mom!

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Lesson 4 - Friends and your Sphere of Influence
Thanks to Joy, one of our newest members, I am going to address the Friends feature of Ryze and how this can affect your Sphere of Influence!

The Friends feature is a very good one because this list is posted right there on the right hand side of your Guest Book for all to see.

By selecting the Add as Friend option at the top of a fellow members Guest Book, an e-mail request is sent to them asking for confirmation (you must have their e-mail address before you can use this feature, so this is usually coupled with a PM request first).

You can tell who the active or 'seasoned' members are because they have a TON of Friends!

But don't let this fool you! Some active and established Ryze members are a little discerning in their selection of Friends - who to accept the invitation from etc. I do agree with this because accepting everyone's invitation waters down the value of a feature such as this - what is the point of knowing everyone, if you don't know anything about them?

Here's what I do:
If I come across someone whose profile suggests that there might be synergy, I check to see which networks they belong to and I read their posts, responding where I can. This builds rapport. If things are going well and there is still the possibility of synergy, I would PM them, perhaps as an extension of their topic. Again, all being well, I might set up a time convenient to them, to call them and we would chat further.

Understand that I DON'T respond to one post, send one PM and then call them! No! This takes time and the longer it takes, the deeper and more meaningful, the relationship will be. There are people on Ryze whom I have interacted with for 18 months and we are still not 'Friends' in the Ryze sense, partially because there was no synergy or because we just haven't reached that point yet.

I am very wary of 'Hit & Run' members and I think that you'll find many of the long standing members will be this way. By this, I am speaking of those members that contact you to find out if there is a possibility of a sale, and when you indicate that there isn't or that you would like to get to know them or their company first, they direct you to their web site and then you never hear from them again. These are not the people that you want to add as 'Friends'!

In the real world, I classify a friend as someone I could give the front door key of my home to! In the Ryze sense, a 'Friend' is someone who you know well enough, to refer to others KNOWING that YOUR professional reputation depends on THEIR performance. Before you ask for or accept a 'Friend' invitation, ask yourself if you are ready to lose your business if that person lets you down. If that person is a 'flake' or involved in a scam or does shady business, you could lose more than just your business!

So, carefully and consciously aligning yourself with reputable business people here on Ryze, the building of your Sphere of Influence may be slow, but it will have a solid foundation that won't be rocked at the first bump in the road - and there ARE bumps in the Ryze road, believe me!

Don't forget that just you have come to Ryze to meet new contacts, you can bring your own Sphere of Influence TO Ryze. When ever I come across a new member or guest at our Chamber, I always invite them to join Ryze, because they will bring THEIR Sphere of Influence and this benefits everyone.

Be prepared to GIVE to others, before you can expect to take from Ryze ~ it is, and always has been, the givers who benefit.


Althea Garner
First Team Real Estate
Huntington Beach South

(Remember, I am NEVER too busy for your referrals!)______________________________________________________

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