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Ryze Help > Lesson 5: What You Say On Public Boards!Views: 828
Apr 25, 2006 4:53 pmRyze Help > Lesson 5: What You Say On Public Boards!#

T.E.A.M. Mom!

=> This information is being forwarded to you via the "Networkers First Stop Training!" Network, moderated by Althea Garner to help assist you in navigating about your ryze membership and it's features. Best of Successs! Patricia Garrison, Your Bd Leader

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Lesson 5 - What You Can... and Cannot Say On Public Boards!
The first thing to remember is that everything that you post to the network boards IS PUBLIC!

Imagine that every client and every prospect, your children and your mother are all reading what you post! Would you be happy with what you have typed? If so, go ahead and hit that 'Submit' button..... otherwise, cool off and think about it for a while!

There will be many times, during your Ryze experiences that someone will push your buttons to the point where you'd like to stick your finger up their nose just far enough to change their mind (great visual, huh?), but STOP! It is better to back off, cool off and just walk away! You will be better off for doing so.


Above all, remember to respect everyone, even though it may seem as though they don't respect you at times. Respect is something best given, than received and if you do this, you will receive a ton of respect in return.

Leesa Barnes once said that we should treat every business card as though it were a $100 bill ~ isn't every contact on Ryze like a business card? Then treat every contact on Ryze as though they were a $100 bill!

It is as well to remember that Ryze members come from all over the world and in some cases your country might be at war with the countries of other Ryze members. It is imperative that you put politics aside and show yourself to be the better person, by rising to a higher level... to the level of living on Planet Earth. Let the politicians do what they want but you should concern yourself with doing business in a neutral area that has no specific country.

As an American, I sometimes come across as brash and self promoting ~ I can't help that, because it is the way I am and the way people do business in my circle and in my area. BUT, when I am in contact with people of other countries, I need to be mindful of their customs and what I find natural might be offensive to them (I try, but I don't always succeed!)

Here on Ryze, we are a melting pot of different flavors. Try to get along with others without expecting them to believe in your beliefs or buy the products that you are so passionate for.

Read the rules of the networks that you join, so that you don't step on the toes of members and the network leader. Some network leaders are not as charitable as others and will ban you, if you break the rules or offend members. If you offend enough members, someone will 'Flag' you for Admin, and Ryze management will investigate all your posts, PM's etc and you might well be suspended. Don't leave yourself open for this. Make it your policy to agree to disagree...... allow others to have their opinions and beliefs and try to look at these posts as a different angle or viewpoint. I have learned a lot by looking at topics from someone else's point of view and in some cases have experienced a major paradigm shift.

Please remember that Ryze members talk to each other! What you put into a Private Message, may not stay so private... it might be forwarded to another member and then another, until all of Ryze knows what you typed!

Also, be mindful of what you ask other members to do for you. Would you feel comfortable doing that for someone else?

Scott Allen says that we should always ask ourselves "What if everyone did this?" and he is correct! Ask yourself that with everything that you do on Ryze.

Ryze is an amazing place to learn about diversity and you will gain so much more if you just show respect and ask polite questions.

I hope that this has helped!

Althea Garner
First Team Real Estate
Huntington Beach South
We don't sell houses - we fulfill dreams!
(Remember, I am NEVER too busy for your referrals!)

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