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Entrepreneurs with ADD
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Apr 30, 2006 10:39 pmReply to Denise - message Help!`#

Stephanie Frank

Tried to reply and it wasn't working.

Anyway, regarding the buddy system - here's the thing. If you're not doing something, it's either:

a. Too hard
b. The wrong kind of system
c. You haven't developed the habit yet.

Planners can be overwhelming just by themselves. Are you a person who likes to write on paper or prefer electronic systems? Do you need to have something with you at all time? What do you naturally reach for when you need to remember something?

For example, I write everything on sticky notes. Then I put them all into a single place in my book so i can keep them organized.

If you are trying to use something that is inherently difficult for you, no amount of trying will make the habit easier...start there and let us know what happens.


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May 01, 2006 3:24 amre: Reply to Denise - message Help!`#

Danielle Bailey
Denise - I think your 'reply' button has been hijacked by squidoo or whatever. What a pain in the patootey.

I don't have a buddy system and most people I know aren't helpful in the least because they shake their heads and sigh too darned much. I have become a sticky note person myself. My computer becomes surrounded by them until the end of the week when I type the important things onto a permanent cheat sheet I keep at my desk (case referral numbers, names, urls that I need to keep up with, email addresses, federal ID numbers, etc.) That keeps it neat and the stickies under control. I also have a white board at my desk that I'll mind map on when I need to and there is no way I can ever stress the importance of my outlook weekly recurring task list. I love that thing.

My cell phone has an alarm timer and calendar built in and I use those too for things that I can't forget that are way down the road. Like my son's eye appt that was scheduled 4 months ago. Who the heck keeps up with those things for 4 flipping months?? But, my cell phone will ring me throughout the day before until I answer the darned thing and it will move that into my short term memory requirements.

So, if you don't have a buddy who is good at keeping you on track (oh how I'd love an admin) then try to find easy ways to keep yourself reminded. Stickies, cell phones, emails, fridge dry erase boards, taped notes on your front door (to see as you're walking out), mini digi recorders to put your thoughts on while driving, whatever works.

Good luck :)

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