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Experiments with violence in GujaratViews: 276
May 01, 2006 9:28 amExperiments with violence in Gujarat#

Hagar The Horrible

Please see the mail below.Please forward to as many people as you can.

The big lie that governments cant be fought is just that...a BIG LIE!

If a few people decide to take on the government and if those few people have truth and right on their side....then it is inevitable that an unjust government should lose and come down from its stance.

History is proof of that-Justice MUST and WILL prevail....There simply is no other way!


From: "Smita Vasudevan "
Subject: Experiments with violence in Gujarat
Date: Mon, 01 May 2006 00:00:54 -0500

Last week I read the book 'Scarred Experiments with violence in Gujarat' by Dionne Bunsha. I read about a pregnant woman whose womb was cut open, the unborn child pulled out and thrown into the fire before her eyes. She was then burnt alive. Her crime? Only that she prayed to a different God (or the same God by another name?).
Ahsan Jafri was sitting in his house when the mob entered. They stripped him and cut off his fingers. Half dead, he was paraded around the neighborhood and asked to say 'Jai Shri Ram'. After which his hands and legs were cut off and he was thrown in the fire to roast alive.

Jafri had called up the Police Chief Pande, asking for help much before the mob got there.
Pande knew what was happening. But he just let innocent people die. Why? Perhaps he believed that they deserved to die because they were Muslims, perhaps it's because the little children being burnt alive were not his own or just maybe it was because he knew he'd be rewarded for this one day. And that day has finally come. On the April 28 2006, Modi promoted Mr. Pande to the position of DSP.

The only people fighting this injustice are a bunch of social workers and the families of those killed. In all probability this man will go scot-free.

But it doesn't have to be that way.... Not if each of us takes a 5 minutes off to write to anyone who can do something. Just pick up your phone and SMS NDTV at 6388. Go to their website www.ndtv.com and pen down a note of protest in the 'Feedback' section. Make them cover the issue in-depth so that more people raise a noise. Take 5 minutes off to pen down a note and send it to letters@thehindu.co.in

Please forward this mail to everyone that you know. The more people protest, the more they will be heard.

Today it was someone else's mother that was raped, someone else's sister who was burnt alive, and someone else's child that was hacked to pieces. What if it had been your own?
Over a 1000 people died in Gujarat. Help their families get justice.

Private Reply to Hagar The Horrible

May 01, 2006 11:57 amre: Experiments with violence in Gujarat#

Ashish Gorde
Frankly, what else can we expect from a man ... ooops, I mean, 'thing'... called Narendra Modi. One heartless tyrant will only recognise and reward another creature who shares his same murderous desires.

I support your campaign wholeheartedly, and am pleased to join in this protest to prevent 'Police' 'Chief' Pande from being promoted as a DSP. People like him - and Modi as well - must be tried in a court of law so that we do not have high government officials behaving like terrorists again.

Is it ok if I blog this letter? Anything to spread the message.

Here's hoping we have more people like Mahatma Gandhi in India

Here's hoping we have more Mother Theresas

Here's hoping peace and social justice prevails

Ashish Gorde

Private Reply to Ashish Gorde

May 01, 2006 1:07 pmre: re: Experiments with violence in Gujarat#

Hagar The Horrible
Hi Ashish,

Go right ahead!Let the message spread around!


Private Reply to Hagar The Horrible

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