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Finding Your NicheViews: 365
May 07, 2006 6:17 pmFinding Your Niche#

LaTease Rikard

When I first started seeing the term niche, I kept thinking, geez, here we go again, another new thing for me to master. I already felt swamped mastering search engine terminology and techniques. Here was something else to make my journey interesting.

As I added more and more to the research pile, I began to appreciate the power of a well structured niche. My strength lies in researching and explaining my findings; my niche became more apparent, as I equated my success with the magnetism of my niche.

I was in awe. Something so simple had the power to increase my list, which would increase my income, which would make me very happy!

I studied further, and to my delight, a niche is not an affiliate program, but something I can control without worrying about making money for someone else.

What is your specialty? It is the one thing you are good at that no one can do it like you can.

Search deep within yourself and uncover a gem that you can use to power your marketing efforts. It may sound dorky the way I worded it, but the theory is the same, grab it and work with it!

I used this Private Invitation to rocket my list building and profits.

Once you have your niche, surround it with good, quality informational products. Create articles that provide useful information to generate benefit and value for your prospects. Give these out freely to your mailing list and watch your customer base multiply!

Your articles must have a resource box that provides your contact information and your link. The more your articles appear, the more of a readership you will have. Your ranking as an expert in the field will continue to rise.

In addition, you will have begun a tornado of networking for your website. Having a link back box at the end of your content rich expert article serves as a boomerang for traffic.

So think about it, with all your knowledge and expertise, what are you really good at? How do you make your living today?

Let that budding digital photographer out, and share your knowledge with other newbies who are curious about their 2005 Christmas gift. These contacts may become future business allies.

There are many sites that provide free article content with full reprint rights. Contact me and Iíll send them to you.

Any webmaster can make good use of a niche. Your customers are searching for specific things online, a niche allows your business to stand out and be searched more with a greater chance of generating hits for you.

Get this and other techniques to generate a firestorm of traffic to your website today.

For more traffic generating tips, email me at info@photosbylatease.com and I will send to you show you how to use the phenomenal website marketing secrets used only by todayís internet gurus.
You may reprint this article in its entirety without changing the resource box. Feel free to distribute this article.

Private Reply to LaTease Rikard

May 08, 2006 4:36 amre: Finding Your Niche#

Saniya Kirpalani
Well articulated! Finding a niche is imperative and backing it up with credible content a certainty if one wants to seriously go beyond blogging.
Additionally cross convergence of technology has played an incredible role in our evolution. We went from being just the Websmiths to being the wordsmiths.
We started as an online entity in a doubt.com world and had the commitment to pull thru all the times that taxed our resources. As the dot.commers are now visible and the litmus test has been blotted we now have the ability to ensure that our content is used by the leading magazines of the region. And yes we get paid for it...as well as a link for 'more information go to www.thenameofourwebsite.com.
It has given us a great valuation at the market but also made us instantly credible. To truly outlive the parameters of formats. To be able to leverage yourself across all mediums seems to be a key cornerstone in sites like first view / net-a-porter/ aesthetics to name a few.
We are now working on new frontiers of the same technology as we use our systems to create interactive downloadable information -on mobile and on internationally acclaimed TV Networks.
Its a small dream we endeavor to live... no one knows the equations but we all seek the less traversed path. Its pioneers like you who put benchmarks and set up milestones for others too share. Thank you for being my inspiration today.

Private Reply to Saniya Kirpalani

May 08, 2006 5:55 amre: re: Finding Your Niche#

LaTease Rikard
wonderfully worded!

LaTease Rikard

Private Reply to LaTease Rikard

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