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Ryze Help > Lesson 6: Requesting 'Friends' status!Views: 854
May 09, 2006 11:32 amRyze Help > Lesson 6: Requesting 'Friends' status!#

T.E.A.M. Mom!

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Lesson 6 - Requesting 'Friends' status.......

One of the purposes of the Friend status, is to connect people. For example, if you go to a members Ryze page and see a string of friends, you can click on their link for easy access to their page without having to use the Search function. It suggests that these two people have something in common and have engaged in some form of dialog or discussion.

I believe that this also affects your ability to Private Message and whether that message comes off your monthly allocation (I stand to correction here, because I am a Platinum Member and things work slighty differently for us).

Let's take a look at the pro's and cons of the 'Friends' feature:

When you see a lot of names under the 'Friends' heading, one's immediate reaction is "Wow... they are well connected", but realistically, how well does this person actually KNOW those people? Has it been a matter of sending a 'Friends' request - an acceptance and neither of them have any further contact? If so, that would be meaningless.

Or was the 'Friendship' borne of a relationship built on the solid ground of doing business and being able to refer that person to others?

I am very skeptical of people who request my 'friendship', when they have not signed my Guest Book and I have not had any contact with them on any of the network boards. One might argue that they may have been lurking and have grown to know me, but I would simply argue that a friendship - any friendship, is a two way street.... it takes two and if I have had no contact with the other person, should I accept their friendship?

If you choose your friends on Ryze carefully, each one will be elevated in status. It's the whole 'scarcity' thing, you know? That which is hard to come by, becomes more valuable.

Remember that when you nominate someone as a 'Friend' others associate you with that person. Now consider what happens if that person behaves unethically.... what happens to your reputation?

In addition to which, before you can be 'Friends', you need to know that persons e-mail address - the address that they gave to Ryze in their registration. How do you know that your e-mail address will not be sold or used for Spam? Do you KNOW that person well enough to trust them with your e-mail address?

These are all decisions that you must make - no-one can make them for you, but understand that what seems so simple and innocent today, could turn nasty tomorrow.... and they have your e-mail address!

Choose your 'Friends' well.

Althea Garner, Realtor
First Team Real Estate
Huntington Beach South
We don't sell houses - we fulfill dreams!
(Remember, I am NEVER too busy for your referrals!)

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Aug 09, 2006 7:49 pmCorrected Link (re: Ryze Help > Lesson 6)#

T.E.A.M. Mom!

Sorry for this inconvience, here is the correct main reference site link

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