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Joe Sugarman Copywriting and Blu-blocker LegendViews: 454
Jun 02, 2006 4:13 pmJoe Sugarman Copywriting and Blu-blocker Legend#

Denise Michaels
Right now I'm sitting in at the Internet Marketing Superconference here in Las Vegas (I live here) where Joe Sugarman, advertising and copywriting legend and the guy responsible for the sales of over 20 million pairs of Blu-Blocker sunglasses is speaking - less than 20 feet away from where I'm sitting and typing this to you.

So far he's talking quite a bit about how he got into advertising and marketing. Fascinating stuff. I'm looking forward to sharing some notes with you when he finishes his talk - about an hour from now.

Y'know he literally started copywriting and selling in grade school. Wow! How cool.

All the best,

Denise Michaels
"The Bride-to-Be" June 10th
Author, "Testosterone-Free Marketing"

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Jun 02, 2006 4:35 pmre: Joe Sugarman Copywriting and Blu-blocker Legend#

Wot's... Uh The Deal (Vijai)
This is interesting reporting. Technology put to good use.
I hope to check this thread when I return from my weekend vacation.
Thanks Denise!

Plus ça change,
Plus c'est la même chose.

Private Reply to Wot's... Uh The Deal (Vijai)

Jun 02, 2006 6:02 pmre: re: Joe Sugarman Copywriting and Blu-blocker Legend#

Denise Michaels
Well - because I'm on staff at this event I had to get up to take care of something in the lobby and missed the rest of Mr. Sugarman's talk. That happens sometimes when you staff a seminar.

I did hear him talk about the importance of addressing possible objections or obstacles before they come up - deal with it rather than let it be a lingering concern in the back of their mind.

He also talked about the importance of being honest.

Oh yes, one more thing I thought was interesting - he spoke about how you should emphasize through your words that the VALUE of your product or service will FAR outlast the time frame of the guarantee. What I mean by that is - if you have a guarantee of one year for example - you stress that the benefits though will continue for years. Of course you can only say that if it's true.

I've always found that the best marketers truly love their product or service and will happily talk about it at the drop of a hat. Even if they aren't in "selling mode" they are still in selling mode.

His appeal is that he has had these huge successes - he also shared with us a couple of his huge failures - but along with that story he instructed us on what he LEARNED from that failure so he could turn it around into success the next time. Like every multi-millionaire guy I've met (quite a few actually) I'm sure he has an ego but it sure didn't come across in his talk. He was just sort of a regular joe with a warm and engaging sense of humor.

One interesting side note: A couple years ago I told one of the speakers at a seminar I was at that I started writing down his jokes because he sold more than any other speaker (Over $300k in products after a two hour talk in front of about 1,200 people) and I know that the minute people laugh they open up to new ideas - buying something included.

He said with a wink and a smile, "No, don't take my jokes!"

I said, "I can't - they're you're style and personality - not mine. I'll look for ways to come up with my own jokes."

His smile got broader as he leaned in and whispered to me, "Denise, the more you make people laugh - the more they buy from you."

All the best,

Denise Michaels
"The Bride to Be" - June 10th
Author, "Testosterone-Free Marketing"

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