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Why no agitation in Tamil Nadu?Views: 707
Jun 04, 2006 10:49 amWhy no agitation in Tamil Nadu?#

Only God Will Judge Me! Secret Guy! S.V.N

Reasons for why not even a whimper against the reservations in Tamil Nadu......apparently 87 % of Tamil Nadu is backward....

Source - http://thenathans.blogspot.com/2006/05/reservations-agitations-tamilnadu.html

Reservations – agitations – Tamilnadu

Why does TamilNadu behave differently than the rest of the country? Asked one of my friends.

There are no anti-reservation agitations going on, there are people who cannot and do not want to differentiate anti-reservation and oppression of the under privileged, no voice against reservations in private sectors. These observations led to the aforesaid question.

Well I had to explain a lot on this, and let me try to share that.

Going back in time, the caste based politics started in TamilNadu started much before it happened in rest of India. To evoke sentiments of the people and to capture power, politicians had to identify a social enemy to fight with. The minority Brahmins were the unlucky choice.

All the backwardness of the state and the people were attributed to the Brahmins, similar to what Hitler did in Germany against Jews.[though really the Brahmins were only poor in government servants whereas the wealthy land lords who wielded power were all from non-Brahminical castes].

Sentiments were raised, Power was captured and 40 years have rolled over since then. Over the last 40 years, the only affirmative action towards implementing the policy of social equality has been reservation. Now, go through the following statistics

87.05% of the population gets benefited by Reservations. The rest 12.95 will have to compete only for the remaining 31% of the seats, in educational institutions, state government jobs et al.

Tamil Nadu Population (Projected)
Category Population(2001) % of Total Population % of Reservation
BC 2,87,93,980 46.14% 30%
MBC 1,08,77,310 17.43% 20%
DC 21,46,755 3.44%
SC 1,18,57,504 19.00% 18%
ST 6,51,321 1.04% 1%
Others 80,78,809 12.95% -
Total 6,24,05,679 100% 69%
Source: http://www.tn.gov.in/policynotes/bc_mbc_welfare.htm

This means that, if there are 100 seats, 69 are taken up Communities-Benefiting-From-Reservation [I cant call them backward, since most of those who enjoy reservation are already forward and in the creamy layer.]. The rest 31 seats are in Open Category, where the CBFR and CNotBFR have to fight it out. Now practically the CBFR folks competing for the 31 seats are 87% of the population and are creamy. So they tend to take up 28 of the 31 seats.
So, at the end, out of hundred seats, 97 seats go to the CBFR and 3 go to CNBFR.

Please find the article in The Hindu, which analyses the Medical admission in TamilNadu colleges for year 2005. Out of 1445 seats, 40 seats have been taken by CNBFR [so called ‘Forward’ communities], rest 1405 seats have gone to folks who get benefited by reservation.
source: http://www.hindu.com/2005/07/20/stories/2005072011970100.htm

The conclusions are

1. There can never be a protest from students in Tamilnadu. A classroom consists of about 90% of students who get benefited from reservations.
2. Since 87% of the population gets enjoys reservations, no government in the future dare to reduce the percentage from 69%. Once a majority has been given undue privilege in a democracy, it cannot be scraped at all.
3. On the contrary, even if a TN government says that, 100% seats are reserved and all the forward community students have to be kicked out of the state, and passes an Act in the assembly to this effect, the 12% of the folks in the state do not command any power to react. They will have to accept it and live with it. The 12% in the state is just at the mercy of any opportunities that are provided by the rest.
4. This is a lesson for the people from rest of the states. If you let more than 50% of seats to be reserved, then there is no looking back. Even for making a protest demonstration in the future, the anti-reservation junta will be in a minority in the classrooms. So this is the last chance to fight against undue advantage to the already much-forward, creamy folks. There will be more folks to for ‘Pro-Reservation’ agitations.
5. Regarding reservations in Private sector, it is already there. What I mean is, if 95% of the students graduating are from the backward and below, how come an organization can staff itself without at least 50% of its employees from the 95% of the pass outs. In fact on taking number, it must be astonishing that 97% of the employees from the state would have been from the reserved categories, because even the few folks who get to be educated in TamilNadu, force their way out of the state/country for better prospects, for self and future generations. Thus there is no voice against reservation in private enterprise from Tamil Nadu.

Private Reply to Only God Will Judge Me! Secret Guy! S.V.N

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