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Bankers Extended WWI By Three YearsViews: 1139
Jun 19, 2006 4:57 pmBankers Extended WWI By Three Years#

Rollo Tomassi
Bankers Extended WWI By Three Years

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
June 17, 2006

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

On Oct 12, 1915, Edith Cavell, 50, a British nurse and head of a teaching hospital in Belgium, was shot by a German firing squad. Her death inflamed anti-German feeling in the US and caused enlistment in England to double.

She had helped some British POW's escape. Normally her crime was punished by three months imprisonment. Why was she killed?

According to Eustace Mullins, Edith Cavell had stumbled upon some damaging information. On April 15, 1915, The Nursing Mirror in London published her letter revealing that the Allied "Belgian Relief Commission" (charged with feeding Belgium) was in fact channeling thousands of tons of supplies to Germany.

Sir William Wiseman, head of British Intelligence and a partner in the bankers Kuhn Loeb, demanded the Germans arrest and execute Cavell as a spy. Wiseman believed that "the continuance of the war was at stake." The Germans reluctantly agreed, thus creating "one of the principal martyrs of the First World War." (The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, pp. 72-73)

Pretty cynical you say? No more cynical than demolishing the World Trade Center, murdering over 3000 Americans to start a "War on Terror."

This example of cooperation between belligerents was accomplished because Wiseman worked closely with the head of the US Federal Reserve, Paul Warburg . Warburg's brother Max was Chief of German Intelligence and a close friend of Kaiser Wilhelm.

The central bankers, based in London, use wars to advance their plan to colonize the world (incl. UK, US Israel etc.). Their difficulty executing WWI was that they had already bankrupted European nations by selling them battleships and armaments. Europe couldn't afford a war!

The introduction of the US Federal Reserve and the Income Tax Act in 1913 solved this problem. US government loans helped financed World War One. The American people were on the hook for both sides of the conflict.

This is how it works: The banksters created money from thin air based on the credit of the US government. Every dollar they "loaned" the US government was a new dollar in their pocket.

No nation is free if it cannot control its own credit, i.e. print its own currency at will. We are not free. The central banking cartel controls us by threatening to withdraw our credit i.e. currency, thus causing economic turmoil.


Another obstacle to war was that Germany and her allies did not have resources to fight for more than a year.

As Edith Cavell's discovery suggests, the banksters solved this problem by trading with "neutral" states: Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The banksters allowed essential resources from England, the US and the British Empire to reach Germany indirectly.

The whole thing is documented in a book entitled, "The Triumph of Unarmed Forces 1914-1918" (1923) by Rear Admiral M.W.W.P. Consett, who was British Naval Attache in Scandinavia. His job was to keep track of the movement of supplies ("unarmed forces") necessary for the continuation of the conflict.

For example, Scandinavia was completely dependent on British coal. So the Swedish iron ore that became German submarines that sank Allied shipping reached Germany on vessels powered by British coal.

Germany needed glycerin (animal fat) for the manufacture of explosives. England had no trouble securing this substance because it controlled the seas. After the war began, the demand for these products from neutral countries "exploded." The British continued to fill these orders.

The same applies to copper, zinc, nickel, tin, and many other essential products. Consett believes that if they had been embargoed, the war would have been over by 1915.

The trade of tea, coffee and cocoa to neutral countries also increased dramatically but these products often weren't available there. They all went to Germany for huge profit.

Consett's protests fell on deaf ears. The Minister of Blockade was Robert Cecil, a member of the Round Table (i.e. central banker) cabal.

Similarly, the central bankers financed the German side through their Scandinavian banks to the tune of 45 million pound sterling. (p. 146.)

The Allied nations became the banksters' debt slaves: "Despite the huge revenues raised from taxation, the British national debt rose tenfold. The government failed to use its bargaining power as the only really massive borrower in wartime to get money at low rates of interest. The French national debt rose from 28 billion to 151 billion francs ..." (Davies, The History of Money )

According to "The Merchants of Death" World War I was waged by 27 nations; it mobilized 66,103,164 men of whom 37,494,186 became casualties (about 7 million dead.) Its direct costs are estimated at $208,000,000,000, its indirect costs at $151,000,000,000. And these figures do not include the additional billions in interest payments, veterans' care and pensions, and similar expenses..."


As mysteriously as it began, the war ended. In Dec. 1918, the German Empire suddenly "collapsed." You can guess what happened. The banksters had achieved their aims and shut off the spigot. (Hence, the natural sense of betrayal felt in Germany, exacerbated by the onerous reparations dictated by the banksters at Versailles.)

What were the banksters' aims? The Old Order was destroyed. Four empires (Russian, German, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman) lay in ruins.

The banksters had set up their Bolshevik go-fers in Russia. (They sponsor many "revolutionary" movements as a way to eventually control all property themselves.) They ensured that Palestine would become a "Jewish" state under their control. Israel would be a perennial source of new conflict.

But more important, thanks to bloodbaths such as Verdun (800,000 dead), the optimistic spirit of Christian Western Civilization, Faith in Man and God, were dealt a mortal blow. The flower of the new generation was slaughtered. (See "The Testament of Youth" by Vera Brittain for a moving first-hand account.)

After a grueling economic deflation and another World War, mankind was sufficiently demoralized to accept the banker-run "world government" dictatorship. Can anyone question that the bankster philosophy is satanic?

The broad sweep of history reveals the pattern. The murder of the Austrian heir Arch Duke Ferdinand by the masonic "Black Hand" group (which began WWI) was a staged event, an "excuse" i.e. the equivalent of Sept. 11, 2001.

The banksters also supported the Nazis in World War Two as Charles Higham documents in his remarkable book, "Trading with the Enemy" (1983). For example, Rockefeller's Standard Oil supplied petroleum to the Nazis.


Modern history is in reality the account of how the central banking cartel converts its monopoly of credit into a monopoly of power. This entails destroying our connection with nation, religion, race and family. It means substituting objective truth (God, nature) with their Dictat (political correctness, modernism, diversity, globalization, feminism, cultural studies etc.)

It takes courage and clarity to understand we are on the receiving end of a diabolical long-term conspiracy to enslave humanity. We have been sold out by our "leaders", dumbed down by our media and education.We have been spoiled stupid by the welfare state. (Everyone can be bought.) We can't even recognize what is happening, let alone act.

For now, we have prosperity and think we are free. As Aldous Huxley said:

"A really effi­cient totalitarian state would be one in which the all powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves WHO DO NOT HAVE TO BE COERCED, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers." [Brave New World, Bantam Books, 1967, p. xii. Caps added.]

On the bright side, there is a spiritual and mental escape by understanding our true situation. "The truth does make you free!"

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Jun 19, 2006 5:37 pmre: Bankers Extended WWI By Three Years#

greg cryns

Not too many months ago I would consider a story like this to be poppycock.

Not now.

I've been getting an education from my Uncle Franz. Though I think his bias is a too strong against the Jews and other sundry items, he is old enough to have experienced some of the needless pain inflicted by the West on Germany before and after WWII.

He also is quite astute about how business is really done. The whale travesty is just one of many. This banking conspiracy may be another.


Private Reply to greg cryns

Jun 19, 2006 7:06 pmre: Bankers Extended WWI By Three Years#

James Booth

Private Reply to James Booth

Jun 19, 2006 7:46 pmre: re: Bankers Extended WWI By Three Years#

Rollo Tomassi

You probably already know that I'm in a similar position.

One of the problems of what is often called 'conspiracy theory' is the level of anti-semitic content. This is deliberate, I think, in order to quickly persuade people to dismiss it. They say there's no smoke without fire, and these days in the world of political correctness, we won't even give the search for fire a chance, because we've already been conditioned to identify a bias that we don't like, and assume falsehood or deception. As I've said before, at the highest levels, elite finance, law, media and such are predominantly controlled by Jewish people. This is not to say that 'the conspiracy' is Jewish, nor that Jewish people are 'conspirators.' Put another way, if you want to see how such a reverse psychology cover story works... the people conducting Islamic terrorism are typically Arabs and Muslims... Their financiers are Arabs and Muslims... This is an Arab Muslim plot, right? Not ALL Arab Muslims, but some. But if you indoctrinate people to switch off as soon as they hear 'Muslim' or 'Arab' and you prosecute a few for defamation, before long the only people who actually speak the truth are those who want to break down the bounds of political correctness to delve into free speech, and these are often most loudly represented by neo-fascists, the far-right, and as soon as they speak, the people are trained to dismiss what they say as fabrication for the sake of defamation. And yes, there's an element in there... But there's no smoke without fire.

The 'Protocols' were a fine example. A two hundred year old, well documented conspiracy that many prominent people believe still exists was reproduced with embellishments of fiction under a heavily anti-Jewish slant (the original conspiracy was dominated by Jewish financiers too) as 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion', a nearly untraceable manuscript which was pieced together, it seems, from various other pieces of literature that had equally reported Adam Weishaupt's Illuminist Manifesto. Post WWI the manuscript was denounced in a British 'establishment' newspaper, the ownership of which was held IN the Jewish dominated financial elite and their cabalesque relationship with the Crown, and little attention was paid. Once World War 2 was done, the emphatic use of the Holocaust (which was pre-approved and even sponsored and funded by Western Leaders and Jewish-elite financiers in London and New York) as a condemnation of anything remotely considered anti-semitic, the promotion of latter day Zionism, and the establishment of the ACLU and the ADL (predominantly Jewish organisations financed by these same bankers) effectively prohibits, wherever possible, us from even discussing the possibility that Jewish financiers are involved in a wicked conspiracy, because such comments are now compared with the Holocaust, the very suspicious and compromised 'Stalinist Purges', the circulation of the 'Protocols', and of course, nowadays, the 'Protocols' are still in circulation - by Islamic fundamentalists. So anything even resembling the manifesto of the Illuminati and a hint at a New World Order is dismissed as being an adaption of Protocols and equated with Islamic Terror and neo-Nazi anti-semitism. No mention of the fact that the evidence supports it, that the concept predates the Protocols and is verified, or that everything that the original Manifesto called for and predicted is, indeed, happening.

We are a heavily politicised people, both US and UK. We've been trained, through education, social manipulation, and the media, to respond to ideas by pigeonholing them into political categories and using indoctrinated political correctness to consign those ideas to an absolute fate, positive or negative, based on an inexplicable allegiance to what we believe is a political ideology. This is a clear hallmark of indoctrinative manipulation, because humanity, by nature, doesn't give a rat's ass about politics, and is psychologically designed to respond to issues on an objective or subjective basis, not on the basis of externally formed political allegiances. This propagandised politicisation establishes what are called 'slides' in the psychology of the individual, which in turn affects open-mindedness, and believability.

For example...

If you were to say 'Bill Clinton was a knowing agent of the New World Order' liberals have just instantly dismissed, without seeing evidence to support or refute, the claims as being conservative propaganda. If you were to say 'George Bush is a knowing agent of the New World Order' republicans just instantly dismissed the claims as being liberal propaganda. Only a very few have said 'I believe that, because my analysis of the events and my understanding of the nature of power and politics transcends fallacious notions of blind political partisanship. I can accept that anyone in high level politics must inevitably be approving of, and therefore approved by the agendas that are bigger than them, and accept that democratic process is an illusion.'

The genuine study of alternative explanations of current events and history (conspiracy theory) cannot have political partisanship, because it is based on a very startling reality, that for certainly the last 130 years, it has simply been prevalent that both sides of the political coin are as corrupt and complicit as each other and inevitably locked into a course that they have no control over, and in which attempts to derail the carriage have resulted in the mysterious deaths, debilitating scandals, and economic ruin that has dogged Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, and the whole spectrum of political figures, and indeed any other insiders (media industry and such) that happen to get in the way, and then change their minds.

There is a compelling case to be made that the destiny of American politics and the future of the American constitutional system was decided at Jekyll Island. Predominantly conservative critics of this theory regularly argue (as one did not so long ago on 500 Citizens) that this is a modern revisionist theory propagated by communists and anti-capitalists.

The earliest record of exhaustive and material-packed expose of this very thing, the makings of what we now call 'New World Order', a near-totalitarian system run on greed and utter corruption, is, strangely, all emanating from that same era, around 130 years ago, as far as the USA is concerned. In that era newspaper editors were decrying the censorship, agendism, and propagandism imposed on leading newspapers by the rich tycoon media owners (who borrowed their money from the elite bankers), congressmen and senators were issuing the same warnings, economists were condemning the advent of the Federal Reserve, and even Presidents made statements warning an uninterested electorate what was on the cards. Of course, with congress and the senate, not to mention the WHite House, packed to the brim with suitably compliant agents of this covert systemic reform, no amount of loudhailing on the streets of New York and Washington would have been able to stir the electorate to reverse the process. In short, the Federal Reserve was the final nail in the coffin.

America became both exemplary of the Novus Ordo Seclorum, and the propagator of it. With the New World Order purposely and deliberately established in a 'new' nation as the modus operandi of the financial elite opportunists, backed by European money men, set to be established as the American agents of that European money in exchange for a share in power and wealth that the NWO would bring, the model was set for the rest of the world to be revised at will, and rebuilt in the new mould. It was inconceiveable that America would be so developed, so quickly, to come from raw land to greatest nation on earth, not on the basis of the grand old American entrepreneurial spirit (the West was wild and the common man was foundering for much of America's history) but rather on the will, investment, and land-grabbing opportunism of the elite in a race for supremacy that has only been seen in Israel since then, the will to dominate, the rush to effectively consolidate the ownership of a nation, it's assets, it's means of communication and transport, it's establishment, it's finance, by a cabal of rich predominantly overseas elitists. Corporate control of a democratic nation, with 'free enterprise' as a cynically exploited facet of the illusion of democracy.

And by the same means, America, the New World Order would be exported worldwide. War was agitated twice in Europe in order to shake to pieces the old Europe, and rebuild the foundations of a new Europe which could be corporately controlled, with the former of the two wars coincident with a Revolution (spawned and operated in accordance with the Illuminist Manifesto, it seems) in the last remaining massive Imperial aristocratic power in the Northern Hemisphere, Russia, and with the latter fomenting the demolition of the last remaining massive Imperial aristocratic power in the Far East. Communism was used in between these wars as the antithesis to both monarchy and to unite kingdoms and independent states into macro territories which gradually replaced territorial autonomies with increasingly centralised government.

And even today we see this continued expansion of propaganda and conflict agitating constantly toward an even more powerful globalist system than the UN. Without doubt we cannot ignore some of the issues upon which these conflicts are founded. No one would dispute that the Taliban should be removed, and terrorism should be ended, and Iran should not be a threat, and Saddam should not be loose and so on. The tragedy is that the conspiracy is now so complete that even to do 'right', we are only serving to do the bidding of the New World Order, who established the 'wrong' that has had to be corrected in order to manipulate world events in an inevitable conclusion, equally predicted by Rand, Huxley and Orwell, and others.

We see this on a local level too. The most fundamental enemy of a totalitarian regime is the people of a nation. So how do you neuter them? You make them addicted to your drug, you involve them in thinking that they're making a difference, and glue them into the fallacious 'political process.' You disarm them so they can't be a threat to you. To do this you spin like crazy - perhaps even agitate a few random killings here and there (we KNOW the CIA can do it, else MK-ULTRA would have had no reason to exist) and then make sure the media over exposes it and makes everyone scared, and has the PEOPLE begging irrationally for their own disarmament. It happened in the UK. TWO incidents of very enigmatic individuals (who's backgrounds are rather suspicious too, and the events surrounding the incidents were covered up most curiously) going berserk with guns prompted the almost entire ban on firearms in the UK. An armed but regulated British population behaved mostly like the armed Swiss population - next to no violent incidents which would warrant a ban on gun ownership. Once the guns in the UK were gone, rather bizarrely, a British caveat of law still existed which allowed us to defend ourselves and our property with our swords. So now our 'swords' are under attack too.

I reported a few weeks back that a new propaganda machine was kicking into gear in the UK... while there are hundreds of knife incidents every week in the UK, some of which are reported on local news, they rarely make national news unless they are the most brutal killings. Indeed, even national-news knife attacks never laboured upon the weapon of choice. But in the last month, the British media suddenly began a knife frenzy, and started reporting as many knife attacks as it could, for a period of about a fortnight, cleverly tied in with a police appeal for 'knife amnesty' (like an armed criminal is going to get a twinge of the conscience and hand his weapon in) in which successive days reported 'yet another' knife attack, and headlines on every news stand told a story of total social doom leaving the impression that the country had just decayed into a knife-spree which demanded immediate response. It wasn't true. It was a manipulation. But it worked, and the average British Joe Public is convinced that there are knife-attackers lurking on every street corner, while Parliament is inevitably considering a total ban on knife ownership, ranging from the ubiquitous and utilitarian Swiss Army Knife, right through to kitchen knives and combat knives. Bizarrely, while we are seeing in the news the implied association between attacks and combat knives, or specially designed hunting knives, the statistics show that these are rarely used compared to their domestic counterpart.

Meanwhile the justice system in the UK pumps more and more convicted criminals back into society, having not even served enough time to gain a consistent track record in the attendance of rehabilitative processes, and pre-meditated and malicious attacks are being given the same kind of justice as battered spouses ending their years of abuse, with the hardened criminals being dealt, instead, a cover story of a tragic life, and a deprived childhood, social outcasts, and continual advocates in the politically correct climate not for an armed public defending themselves, but for an utterly disarmed public, reliant upon increasingly ineffective police force, amidst adequately armed and dangerous criminals. The promotion of total social disorder and the making of a coming totalitarian state under 'Europe.'

Meanwhile we are enslaved like almost no other nation on earth to personal debt and an easy-access aspirational lifestyle-fuelled rampant consumerism. Statistics this year show that calls to debt despair helplines are up massively since Christmas. They also show that the 18-25 age bracket which was previously barely represented as being in debt-despair, is now significantly in trouble. We're even seeing 18 year olds get credit cards, and then run up massive debts in online gambling and the most corrupt system of teen-targeted selling - mobile phones and related 'software accessories' like ringtones and screensavers, not to mention on-phone computer games. Increasingly digital entertainment services are being set up to extract money from you easily and automatically with 'one click' ease, just by having your credit card details. No longer do you have to go in a shop, handle a product, wonder about it, have second thoughts, and then think again when you open your wallet... You can see it, want it, and click it, and not worry about a single thing... until the credit card bill becomes unpayable, and then you just transfer balances for 6 months interest free to another card, and max them both out... and repeat to bankruptcy.

Our youth is now addicted to online spending, particularly on the 'entertainment' products of multimedia and digital gadgetry. Music, film and games fuel a moronic addiction which, courtesy of the advent of digital piracy, is not built on consideration of tastes, art, genuine appreciation of media, but on the insatiable desire to get the latest product before everyone else, and we're seeing a system, with the dawn, for example, of digital subscription services, where potentially the average youth could easily spend $40 per month on a movie download service, $100 per month on a music download service, and the same, or even more, on a game download service, not to mention the $20 per month for the broadband to do it with. The cost overhead on just being a young person in a young person's culture has been so exponentially and unreasonably hiked, that it is little wonder that our 'generation of hope', now haplessly devoted to apoliticism for the sake of political correctness, and self-depracating multiculturalism for the sake of 'tolerance', is hopeless, helpless, unable to stand up for it's own values, and to top it all off, irrepairably subject to increasingly massive debts before they even get a chance to earn their first dollars.

Add to that the growing addictions to drink and drug binge-culture, and it's a clear sign of a problem, which seems to begin in a 'cultural age' of experiment which was sponsored by giant corporations, intelligence agencies, government powers, elite finance, and the media.

All in America.

Movie Stars and the Cinema fuelled the Marlboro Man. And mysterious defence contractors, amongst others, players in the high level game, set up research units that became the record studios we know now. The heady mix of beatnik culture literature, art, and a world of covert operatives bred not only the leading prophetic literature of our time pertaining to mass manipulation and the coming New World Order, seemingly in the guise of 'experiments' to see the effects of such messages (Welles' War of the Worlds, Huxley, Orwell, Warhol, Kerouac, Rand and others), all the while breeding something sinister in the experimental world of psychadelia, before exploding psychadelia in state and corporate sponsored marketing drives to give free drugs in the 'hippie' era, to blow the minds of the youth, to destroy traditional values, to commit a sexual revolution, all pushed by a soundtrack of 'new' music which obsessed over drugs, sex, and occultism, and the associated rise of media-promoted social anarchy. It was antithesis to something. Cary Grant sold cigarettes. The Beatles sold LSD. The Doors sold Shamanism. Led Zeppelin sold Alester Crowley. Andy Warhol and Brian Epstein sold homosexuality. And in the meanwhile, giant corporations made masses of cash. They hooked America on music, booze, drugs and moral decay, and could sit back and watch America slide into a valueless state of self-indulgence while hearing the coffers fill up. And they're still doing it.

And it has all been fuelled by spin and PR, advertising and media.

I don't know about 'Brave New World.' More like 'Strange New World.'

And I'll close (hoorah, I hear you cry) in the same manner in which I opened...

I'll point out that in the course of this article over 80% of the readers dismissed what was written because (i) they don't like my politics or moral standpoint and have a strange inbuilt opposition to 'far-right Christian fundamentalist pro-war, anti-abortion, anti-gay lunatics' as they are told to charactarise me; (ii) they think this conspiracy is devised by conservatives to take over the world; (iii) they think this conspiracy is devised by liberals to take over the world; (iv) they don't believe George Bush has the power to do all this on behalf of Halliburton; (v) they don't believe George Bush would let this ever happen; (vi) they think that something so big couldn't be conspired without 'someone' spilling the beans; (vii) they think that humanity is intelligent and powerful enough to kick this into touch should such a conspiracy ever reach the ears of the public; (viii) they just can't believe something so vast is even possible, and can't understand why anyone would devise such a plan in order for generations of their offspring to benefit in the long term.

About 20% are either nodding in agreement, or are saying 'weird bastard, but there's some smoke there, boy... there's some smoke...'

Indoctrination, and we don't even know it.

As for Uncle Franz, he's right... needless pain. WWII wasn't even supposed to happen the way it did. Britain was never a target. Hitler's greatest approval and friendly support was in Britain, a nation of nazi-sympathising aristocrats, and conveniently profiteering amoral and apolitical financial elite (many of them Jewish). Even Winnie was born, bred and sold into the New World Order elite. And things were going swimmingly. It is speculated that Hitler's fatal mistake was not even the 'intolerable' invasion of a meaningless little country... it was the fact that he had been raised up by the New World Order to foment the destabilisation and restructuring of Europe and the increased movement of reluctant Jewish traffic from Europe to Israel, where a cabal-controlled corporate nation was ultimately planned, but he became a little too nationalistic. And also, it's tough to control an occultic little sexual pervert who is suffering from syphilitic brain-rot. The elite wanted an elite-controlled banking system, like the Federal Reserve. Rockefeller and Rothschild controlled interests were funding places like Auschwitz, and companies like I.G.Farben amongst others, and bizarre Eugenics experiments under Joseph Mengele... but it wasn't enough... They wanted to control industry, and economy alike, and Hitler was too wrapped up in his increasingly successful volksreich. The autobahns, the VW, state industry, all exploded and Hitler happily borrowed the money, but never handed over the power to the bankers, and refused an externally owned currency, opting instead for the value of people's money... So something had to be done. There would be no corporate Europe while ever Hitler was in power. So the little corporal they had raised up as their golden child, had to be put down like the junkers, sorry, junkyard dog. And a war of information and rhetoric began. Hitler didn't want to split his army and march on Britain - he didn't want Britain. But the hype in Britain prompted record recruitment, and a war was expensive and profitable. So we crushed his spending by causing a military race, we profiteered from continuing to do business with Him unofficially, we played mind games, and traded information to make sure we appeared to be conveniently getting hit for hit, and then we started to make like we were really serious and started firebombing all that German infrastructure and industry. So he bombed London, at not even a fraction of the damage and casualty count as we were inflicting against Germany... and we used Russia as an ally to crush both sides of Europe, knowing that we could recover communist ground through capitalism more quickly than we could ever negotiate our way back into National Socialism. By 1945, we'd changed the world forever. We made sure that Germany could not regain a Europe-free independence, and while no one was looking, we wrapped the rubble up in unilateral treaties which formed the basis for the most recent incarnation of globalism, the EU and the UN and even established the forerunner of a globalist military with no sovereign allegiance... NATO.

A politician once said 'there are no coincidences in politics... politics are so well planned, and so dominated by power play, that if it happens, someone, somewhere planned it happening.'

A two centuries old manifesto, that became the blueprint for revolution, the foundation of modern nations, and the moulding of modern society in the direction of the globalism that we now face... A perfect plan, coming to perfect fruition. All it took was means, and patience. Those are, literally, billions of coincidences, and expediencies that made a leading power elite even more powerful, and ever so much more wealthy. Banking systems that trade virtual numbers for cash value AND interest. Corporate control that dominates and saturates everything, as well as a corporate controlled media that pushes propaganda 24-7. Man WISHES he could be so lucky. But it seems ironic that on the basis of sheer luck, the families and groups that prescribed this agenda to New World Order are, two centuries one, the same ones that will see it come to fruition. THAT is conspiracy in itself, not coincidence. If something comes to pass that was planned, then it is acheived, not randomly bestowed.

Private Reply to Rollo Tomassi

Jun 19, 2006 8:10 pmre: re: Bankers Extended WWI By Three Years#

Rollo Tomassi
Thanks for that James.

I downloaded and saved it for later viewing having watched about five minutes of it.

The information, so far, is good. It's all externally corroborated and represents coherent theory which is reported in a variety of sources and by a variety of authors.

The research is sound, it seems.

I would caution, however, that the organisation (and website) behind this video is not especially sound. They have an obsession with tying in the New Age with their ideas, and, frankly, reprinting David Icke is hardly a standard of quality journalism and rational approach to history.

This is an example of a frequently occurring phenomena, where sound theories and good arguments (which can be gained by anyone with research and attention to detail) can be easily discredited by the questionability of the 'theorists' and the 'agenda' behind the publication of the expose.

To prove the point, even David Icke has been able to piece together very good research, but which has also been concluded by other, more plausible and credible researchers who do NOT then delve off into a grand theory about how the elite bankers are really reptilian aliens from the Sirius system, and how the British royal family have two sets of eyelids, being reptilian, and they didn't see fit to call themselves the incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

The whackos create the impression that the sound material is unsound by their embellishments.

For the record, though, the video in question, on it's own right, is very interesting material, and good, if not original, observations.

Russo seems to be a coherent and informed, and relatively credible commentator, and I'm looking forward to seeing the film.

One thing I would just throw in for those who watch it...

Listen to this man describe a coming commerce system based on RFID chips. Listen to him talk about this as an infringement of civil liberties. Listen to him describe how it will end up being a biological implant. Listen to him explain that dissenters who disapprove of the system will have the chip automattically disabled by the 'system' so that they cannot trade and cannot be 'legit' or 'authorised'...

Does this sound close to a 2000 year old prophecy in which it was predicted that a one-world-government system would unite under one leader, with one religious and economic system, and that 'no man would be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast in his hand or in his forehead' and that this 'mark of the beast' would be a pledge of allegiance to a totalitarian system.

This prophecy has never been pertinent and relevent until now. That's got to be compelling at least... this was an age in which central banks were not even a vision, let alone digital technology and universal accounting, and global governance, and global commerce.

Private Reply to Rollo Tomassi

Jun 19, 2006 9:47 pmre: re: re: Bankers Extended WWI By Three Years#

greg cryns

Thanks for the video, but I think Steven's caveat is right.

According to Aaron Russo, for example, feminism was "allowed" by the government so they could grab hold of the minds of children. That is simply absurd. It makes him sound like a neo-Christian.


Private Reply to greg cryns

Jun 20, 2006 1:10 amre: re: re: re: Bankers Extended WWI By Three Years#

James Booth
Dear Lovers of Liberty,

Here is the announcement we have all been waiting for...the release of AARON RUSSO'S AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM is set for JULY 28th in the following cities/theatres.

CBS’ Todd David Schwartz said of the film, “Makes (Michael Moore’s) Fahrenheit 9/11 look like ‘Bambi’”. Please send this information out far and wide. LET'S "WAKE UP" AMERICA!

We have also updated the website with the most current listings, feel free to check back often as new dates and locations are added (don't forget to clear your cache to be sure you are getting the most current information!).
Opening July 28th!
New York
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Private Reply to James Booth

Jun 20, 2006 1:14 amre: re: re: re: Bankers Extended WWI By Three Years#

James Booth
Greg and Steven

I am not going to disagree with you.

What I am going to say is simply that Russo is putting it all - himself, his life - on the line for a VERY good reason.

I would rather promote the cause and at least allow people to see the film and decide for themselves, and so I am.


Private Reply to James Booth

Jun 20, 2006 2:29 amre: re: re: re: re: Bankers Extended WWI By Three Years#

greg cryns

You have my curiosity piqued. I will see the movie.

I am hearing a lot about Al Gore's movie too. Has anyone see it?


Private Reply to greg cryns

Jun 21, 2006 4:00 pmre: re: re: re: Bankers Extended WWI By Three Years#

Rollo Tomassi

Don't be too quick to rush into committing to how innocent or organised feminism was, or wasn't.

The people we're talking about in these discussions, over 250 years ago discussed and agreed a manifesto by which they could take over the nations of the world invisibly, and invert the system of values to promote their own ends, and to destroy national identity, sovereignty, autonomy, and to disintegrate resistance.

Part of this prescribed course involved not merely the diminishment, but the inversion of traditional values, particularly judeo-Christian values.

Now, for plausibility's sake, it would seem logical to ask this question... for thousands of years humanity has produced just, equalitarian, effective, and profitable social systems as ours... why did the 'feminist movement' only take hold a hundred years ago? What changed? Why did a new social agenda suddenly raise it's head, and why, as an intellectual movement, was it so heavily associated with an inversion of traditional values; the resentment of men, the belittling of the role of wife and mother, the rejection of traditional marital values, an increased obsession with recreational as opposed to procreational sex, lesbianism. Even today, increasing numbers of women are noting that the feminist movement, far from creating a scenario beneficial to all, continues to look down on any women who see their role as 'traditional', and continues to blaze a kind of 'intellectual' trail which is proving to have unreasonable and irrational demands, is proving to be detrimental to women, is proving to be the opposite of objective and rational thinking, and is, frankly, getting women a bad name. Where did it come from, so spontaneously. How did thousands of years of human instinct and acceptance, tradition and biologically founded truist distinction (practicality) suddenly become anathema and become a cause for the most vigorous attack, and bring with it such inverted values and irrationality?

I'll tell you how...

It's because the same families that devised this long term plan make extensive use of institutes and think tanks to explore the possibilities by which society can be manipulated, postured, and taken advantage of, and the research showed them an ineffable truth: firstly, under feminism, men would be emasculated and lose their identity, no longer the breadwinner, or the protectorate of a family, losing his sense of duty to fight for wife and kids, and instead to live for a life of entertainment and pleasure which the 'new woman' is only too keen to supply, no-strings-attatched. Less marriage and less families mean greater economic transience, a mobile population that does not exist in terms of nationalism or patriotism. Take away the role that man has had genetically encoded for millenia, and you end up with exactly what we've got now: successive generations of feckless, and shiftless namby-pamby men (girliemen, as Ahnold says) who live for pleasure, take no responsibility, and are happy to let the decisionmaking and responsibility pass to women. Second, under feminism, humanity takes pause in order to replace traditional values that appear to be outdated... so they invert the values and live life as a celebration of the liberty to cast caution aside and live wildly, but also those values can be replaced with pleasure pursuits, including the increased love of consumerism, shopping, entertainments, travel and so on, and make society a true slave to internationalist commercialism. Third, with feminism in place as the first and foremost form of 'equalitarian liberation', and with women (some women) making it to power positions, politics, policy making, media, and societal change become increasingly the domain of women, meaning that typically the issues pushed on society are pushed from a more feminine than masculine standpoint, and the typical objectivity of the male is replaced with the typical empathetic subjectivity and emotionalism of the female. This in turn has affected society extensively in the last decades, and we no longer have a population that can stomach war and thus that would think, while under threat, that conflict is the answer. If you're going to take over a country and subvert sovereignty and demolish the constitution, you don't want a fight on your hands, you want to be able to move in and take over without a battle - so you work to manipulate that nation to welcome everything you're going to bring it... you don't need any nationalist men with a sense of duty picking up arms, so through political correctness (increasingly predominantly influenced by women) you make that nationalist maleness with the sense of duty an outlawed and outdated relic of a traditionalist system, then you persuade the society around him to surrender their only means of removing a government from power which is not functioning according to the constitution or democratic will. You might even create such a bad turn of events in that country, that your occupation would be like a breath of fresh air. You want to control the economy, so you want to encourage working for corporations, and discourage self-employment, and you want to take advantage of the psychology of women, who have become vastly more devoted to career than anyone else. In the meanwhile the breakdown of moral order, and traditional values promotes the kind of chaos in which multiculturalism and subversion go unnoticed, just another part of the 'noise' pestering society...

So where DID feminism come from, exactly...

It seems to be yet another thing that started as a good idea and then leapt to extremes, and which has cleverly made some rich elitists exponentially more rich, by appealing to 'new markets' to sell the trappings of 'feminism' and the 'modern women' to countless millions of females, from children to adulthood...

Bloody awesome coincidence.

Incidentally, MANY of the foremost researchers on conspiracy theories have identified feminism as one of the forced changes in social trends which have had a New World Order root. If you think the decrying of feminism is a terrible thing, then never look up the author of the original article that started this thread off. In fact, ignore most New World Order theorists... And you end up with one of two conclusions... either they're right and it is only political correctness ( a manufactured process of 'screening' human thought) which forms an objection to the acceptance of the general theorem, or they're wrong, and there is no conspiracy, no smoke, and no fire.

Which seems more plausible, knowing what we know about these insidious powers and their plans? At which point are we going to say 'given the track record of what humanity can, and will do, when it has leadership power and vested interest, I can believe absolutely anything that might seem apparrent in discussing these people and their plans.' I would suggest that since there is plausible evidence of social manipulation in altering our culture and our society at every juncture, it would not be preposterous to consider that feminism is by no means an exception to a well established rule. If true power exists, then nothing rises and falls on the whims of the people, if true power exists then nothing is coincidence... if the people aren't thinking what you want them to think, you make them think it.

Private Reply to Rollo Tomassi

Jun 21, 2006 6:15 pmre: re: re: re: re: Bankers Extended WWI By Three Years#

greg cryns
Really, does it matter except on an intellectual basis, a forum for debate as it were?

Steven, did you have any Jesuit training?


Private Reply to greg cryns

Jun 21, 2006 7:08 pmre: re: re: re: re: re: Bankers Extended WWI By Three Years#

Rollo Tomassi

Jesuit, no. I'm not a Catholic.

Does it matter? Absolutely. If an agenda is being pushed which is intended to drive us to a place that naturally we would not want to go, nor would we choose to go, then knowing and understanding that agenda, exposing it, is no more arbitrary than an obsession with why Bush went to war in Iraq, and what we should do about it.

Private Reply to Rollo Tomassi

Jun 21, 2006 7:48 pmre: re: re: re: re: re: re: Bankers Extended WWI By Three Years#

James Booth
"If an agenda is being pushed which is intended to drive us to a place that naturally
we would not want to go, nor would we choose to go, then knowing and understanding
that agenda, exposing it, is no more arbitrary than ... "

Some of the changes in lifestyle I lived through as "good for all" or so I thought, did not work out the way I expected or thought they might, and more recently I have begun to see why they went awry as they did.

A term I used to hear often, but not much lately - "coopted" - seems still very appropriate today.

... helps me personally define ( for my own benefit mostly ) how and why I have mostly been an "outsider" ...

Many answers falling into place lately.

... for which I am SO thankful !

Naturally yours


Private Reply to James Booth

Jun 21, 2006 10:26 pmre: re: re: re: re: re: re: Bankers Extended WWI By Three Years#

greg cryns

I was not relating my Jesuit comment to posts.

The Jebbies are famous for their elocution abilities and training, that's all.


Private Reply to greg cryns

Jun 22, 2006 2:32 pmre: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: Bankers Extended WWI By Three Years#

Rollo Tomassi
Must confess, I've wondered how I'd look in a black monk's cowl, but I suspect I'd just frighten myself.

Private Reply to Rollo Tomassi

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