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The 6 Traits of an EntrepreneurViews: 332
Jul 18, 2006 6:38 pmThe 6 Traits of an Entrepreneur#

T.E.A.M. Mom!

Provided by Morebusiness.com

The 6 Traits of an Entrepreneur
by Khera Communcations, Inc.

You can analyze all the external aspects of your business a dozen times – that’s good planning – but you should also spend a moment thinking about the traits common among many entrepreneurs. Do a quick “gut check” or ask a trusted friend or business partner if they think you possess these qualities.

1. Are you a self starter?
An entrepreneur needs to be able to take an idea and run with it. All entrepreneurs are really in the business of turning dreams into reality. Even if you have not started a business yet, it will be quickly apparent by looking at other aspects of your life whether or not you are a self starter. Are you easily motivated to do things just for the thrill of accomplishing them? Do you need a lot of direction and information before you begin a project or are you able to grasp what needs to be done and figure out a way to make it happen?

2. Dedication.
Self direction is the “oomph” that gets something off the ground, dedication is the “nose to the grindstone” attitude that can stick with something during the good times and the bad. It’s easy to start something up if it runs smoothly and successfully right from the beginning, it’s quite another thing to start something and stick with it during a rocky start because you are dedicated to the project.

3. Vision.
Related to dedication, you need to be able to work at something because you can see a future in the project that no one else can immediately see. Often, this is what motivates your dedication. There may be times when this vision is the only thing that is keeping you going. With your vision, you also possess an innate ability to find a way to make it happen.

4. Risk taker.
It’s no secret that owning a business involves risk. Those risks can be minimized through careful planning but they will always be there. If you embrace risk as a part of life and know that you can weather the storms and manage risks that come your way, you may possess this quality.

5. Boundless energy Starting a business is a lot of work. In the early days and months, you’ll probably be the first person there in the morning and the last one mopping the floor at night after everyone goes home. You may not get a lot of sleep but you still have to be alert to solve problems and deal with customers on a continuous basis.

6. A quick study.
Do you learn quickly? Are you a problem solver? Business plans help you to create proactive strategies to succeed in your business but the reality is that you’ll still be making decisions on the fly and reacting to situations that arise throughout the day. Can you look at a situation quickly and determine what you know, what you need to learn, and how you can solve the problem?

Hopefully, you’ve looked at this list and discovered that you possess – to some degree – many of these traits. But don’t worry if you read through the list and think “I don’t have that trait” or “this doesn’t sound like me at all!” You don’t have to give up the dream!

That’s what strategic business partnerships are there for… because we can’t do everything on our own. Perhaps you find that you lack one particular area. Consider a mentor or business coach who can help you develop in that area. Or, consider finding someone who possesses the abilities you lack and striking up a business relationship with them. Or, if necessary, hire a consultant and outsource some of the areas of your business that require that trait.

Owning a business is so rewarding and many people dream of doing it. Know yourself first and that will help you plan your business and improve the likelihood of success!


Copyright 2006 by Khera Communcations, Inc., publishers of http://www.morebusiness.com. All Rights Reserved. Republishing this article without written permission is prohibited.

INFORMATION FOUND HERE http://www.morebusiness.com/running_your_business/management/ah_traits_entrepreneur.brc

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