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Howdy folks!Views: 668
Aug 01, 2006 4:09 pmHowdy folks!#

Rohith Sundararaman
Whew, quite a place you've got here. It's niche but posts seem to take their own sweet time to come. Busy at work, people? Good! Like they say, an idle mind is the Devil's workshop. He's got a whole agency in mine...

As for me, I got done with college last year. Then I started blogging a little seriously along with some studying for B-school examinations. I didn't do too well with them exams but I have found a calling of sorts with writing. I've now decided to explore the depths and crevices of copywriting and immerse myself in this enjoyable den of iniquity.

But being a FNG, I need pointers. How does a person like me approach agencies? I haven't had formal education in Advertising and I've a very amateurish folio. What I do have is a little dictionary plugged in my mind (half the words have fallen off since). I also have a few publishing credits, motly poetry with a couple of short stories thrown in for good measure. Will being able to spin a good yarn count as any good? Do I have to do recitals of Shakespeare and mouth Ogilvy with a pledge by my heart?

Shine ye beacons, learned ones, for I sturggle in the morass of ignorance.

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Aug 04, 2006 3:12 amre: Howdy folks!#


I would say that the best you could do would be to offer to do assignments on spec as you build your portfolio. It's perfectly alright to be a 'newbie' in the business--but you should not pretend to be something that you are not. So, put your inexperience right out there for potential employers to know but balance it with your enthusiasm. They'll respect you for it and perhaps try you out.

Best of luck to you!

Kristin Andrews

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Aug 04, 2006 1:54 pm Howdy folks!#

Sreejith Nair
Rohith , you have to understand, that the very word "copywriting" is inadequate. A copywriter does very less writing. He is essentially an ideator. I am not sure whether quoting shakespeare will work. Advertising in India is demographically challenged. You have to sometimes suppress a good idea, to accomodate another subjectively lesser creative one. It happens 40% of the time. If you want to exercise your linguistic eloquence and urge, copywriting may leave you starving. So start idea-hunting, and you could be the next .........

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Aug 04, 2006 6:12 pmre: Howdy folks!#

Rohith Sundararaman
Oh yes, I understand how the system works. In the agency, the copy writer is an ideator who works with the Art Director and his team to make his ideas happen. Whereas copy writers in the field of direct marketing, brochure writing etc. might have more to write than the former.

As far as communication skills go, it should be good. That's the bare minimum. So, if I have read the classics or not won't really make or break any interview. However, it might help when there is a product which targets those folks.

I've been working on a 'folio', though translating my ideas into the picture I finally want has been near impossible as of now. I'll keep trying; it doesn't cost much to do that!

Thanks for the replies, guys.

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