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This is what's been happening with me since the class:Views: 912
Aug 20, 2006 7:41 pmThis is what's been happening with me since the class:#

Since our last prosperity class two weeks ago, I am receiving a 3% raise on September 1st.

Also, I just won a gorgeous black wrought iron gazebo with off white cover. It was interesting, because when I went to our local sidewalk jamboree and filled out the form for the gazebo contest, I "saw" that exact gazebo sitting right on our lawn overlooking the field with our pond.
And now we have it. So tomorrow after work I get to go pick it up and have my picture taken with the oil company rep for the official hand-over of my gazebo! I always wanted a gazebo. But the funny thing is, that the whole reason I went over to the oil company booth in the first place was to check them out to see if I might want to work for them in the future. So when the rep called me and asked me if I would like my gazebo delivered I said I would love to pick it up (because then he had to give me their office location which I had not been able to find in the phone book or online). So all this is very exciting!!

Oh, another thing happened. I just started tithing to the source of my spiritual inspiration. I was so inspired by the events that transpired, that I had to put pen to paper and tell the story: http://www.telequestlink.com/cafeangels.htm

Ulrika :-)

Private Reply to GodSpark

Aug 21, 2006 6:07 amre: This is what's been happening with me since the class:#

Marilyn Jenett

Did you catch that, everyone? Ulrika "saw" the gazebo on her lawn as she entered the contest. There was no doubt or question in her mind. She "won" it in her mind before winning it in real time. That image dropped right into her subconscious.

I read your cafe story, Ulrika. The Universe made sure you were completely cared for.

Congratulations on these great happenings.

~ M

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Aug 21, 2006 1:56 pmre: re: This is what's been happening with me since the class:#

Afzal Huda
Hi Ulrika,

Awesome story! And Jasper, I miss home now. Soon I'll be there to enjoy the beauty. Well, for now I am enjoying the beautiful mountains and beaches of Korea. Congratulations on the manifestations!!!


Private Reply to Afzal Huda

Aug 22, 2006 5:21 amre: re: This is what's been happening with me since the class:#

Hi! We just finished putting up our gazebo an hour ago and then we had our kerosene oil lamp in there along with a few drinks with the in-laws. We had a grand ole time :)

When I got to the oil company headquarters, the rep told me that the night before they took down the gazebo display at the jamboree, some kids had knifed all the screens and they had had to go back to the store to buy another one but the gazebo they had bought was out of stock, so I ended up with an even nicer one. It's 9.8 by 13 feet with see through mesh screens all around to keep out the bugs (of which we have many) and it looks like one of those shaded places royalty would sit and relax to enjoy sporting events and the like. And I do feel like royalty when I sit in it!!

On top of that, the oil company reps threw in 3 foldable camping chairs for me as well!

I'm still grinning from ear to ear over here.

Untold moments of enjoyment will be had in our new gazebo. Hours of reading, writing and pondering in the cool breezy shade. Life is grand ;)

Thank you thank you thank you (Marilyn).

PS Afzal - Jasper is as breathtaking as it ever was. Clean air, clean water, ice caps, mountain goats and bears and moose and elk and deer and wolves and foxes and coyotes and gorgeous vistas. I go there as often as I can since I am only an hour and a half away. People come from all over the world to visit Jasper and I am truly blessed to live so near the mountains.

Private Reply to GodSpark

Aug 22, 2006 7:04 amre: re: re: This is what's been happening with me since the class:#

Marilyn Jenett

Hmmm...I wonder what the Universe has in store for those kids...

Or were they part of the Divine "better gazebo" Plan?


~ M

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Aug 23, 2006 4:27 pmSean and his parents' generous offer#

That was kind of my thought as well. So I am grateful to the kids that slashed my other gazebo. (But I hope they got it out of their system and moved on to more fruitful things like learning the universal laws of manifesting, for example).

I do have more news, but I am still weirded out by it. It is something that happened last night when we were sitting around watching tv with our visiting in-laws (Sean's parents). We started talking about finances and I told them I had had $40,000 sitting in my one bank account for a year now since I sold my house and how proud I was of myself for not frittering it away like the old me would have possibly done. Then Sean's dad turned to me and Sean and said that if we wanted to get a nicer place, he would match our $40,000 for a new mortgage!!!

My reaction was one of complete gratitude because all I could say was 'WOW.' But Sean's reaction was radically different from mine. I swear he was almost offended. He thanked them for their offer and said that we'd discuss it. I can see now that there are some issues there with his father and him, and I believe that that is where his resistance comes in.

I did have a feeling that they would offer something like this. My intuition was putting me on notice. I think this is grand, but it takes both of us to think that it is for it to manifest. I am still thanking the universe for the good it gave me. Now I suppose the rest is up to Sean.

This has showed me that when I manifest, my partner has to be on the same wavelength as myself when I am manifesting for the both of us.

But still, this is extremely cool!

Private Reply to GodSpark

Aug 24, 2006 7:30 pmThe $40,000 offer has been accepted by Sean,,,#

,,,and I couldn't be happier.

That night I had a heart to heart with him about his childhood, and him leaving home and joining the navy when he was 17, and holding onto resentments. I helped him let go of those resentments, and in the morning he "apologized" to his parents when I was at work. (Apologizing, for Sean, is huge). I am proud of him.

His parents took me out for lunch that afternoon, and his mom actually cried because she was so happy with the change she was seeing in Sean. So I got her a little ladybug pin that said Mom on it because I feel so close to her - and then she cried even more :) I feel close to his dad, too, but he's not a "pin" kind of guy ;)

They left this morning in their RV and apparently they are buying a house in B.C. which is the next province over.
So we are having "relationship prosperity" over here.

Ulrika =)

Private Reply to GodSpark

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