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How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and GuidanceViews: 118594
Sep 10, 2006 7:44 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

How Did Marilyn Start Her Business?

A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance (a Long One!)

Over the years, people have come to me and asked how I got into the special events industry or how I started my special events location and production company and became an "expert" so quickly. I thought that one day I would put the story in writing for those who are curious and I decided that day is now. It seems rather timely, as this past month I made the decision to completely release my corporate business in order to devote myself exclusively to teaching my Feel Free to Prosper program and to business endeavors related to my mentoring.

As many of you know, the sole client I maintained this past couple of years has been Campbell Soup, which spent over $450 million dollars (yes, that's $450,000,000 and that was even before the last three promotions we did this year!) to create promotions targeted at children. That client came to me literally "out of the blue" just after I began teaching my program. I had a key role in these promotions, securing spectacular locations - the Hollywood mansions, English castle and private Caribbean island that lucky children would win for a week's stay with their friends and family as the Grand Prize. This August was the fulfillment month for promotions # 4, 5 and 6 that were booked earlier in the year. I became aware this past month that it was time to "cut the cord" after two decades of owning a business that serviced the worlds largest corporations.

So how did this career of two decades begin? What was my background and experience? How did I get started? Did I have any material or financial advantage? Were prosperity principles involved?

The answers...

How did this career begin? Out of the blue

What was my experience? None

How did I get started? Pure synchronicity and intuitive guidance

Did I have any material or financial advantage? Absolutely not

Were prosperity principles involved? Absolutely yes

The story...

Be prepared for a long detailed account of synchronicity and Universal guidance borne out of my application of prosperity principles - this will be a free flowing tale as I remember the details. I may not be inspired again to tell it, so I will offer it in full. But I will submit it in sections, so that it is not overwhelming and so that you may absorb the full impact of the synchronicity and prosperity lessons learned along the way. You will discover how the beginning of this story flows into the subsequent connected experiences and weaves itself into the creation of my company and the business that lasted over 20 years, despite some very intense times.

It begins in the early 80s and at a point in my life when I was in limbo and in debt. I had made my first attempt at a free lance business that gave me some experience but didn't go very far. I was at a crossroads and in debt and didn't know what direction to take. I was in various stages of the study of metaphysics and learning about the mind and mental and spiritual laws. I knew I had to do something about my situation and do it quickly. I was always intrigued with the metaphysical and psychic world, parapsychology and the whole idea of being "guided" by our intuition. So I made the decision that my immediate "job" would be to seriously apply what I had been learning from the prosperity teachers and literature. And I did just that. I took what I was learning and put my heart into applying it.

Part I: Brancusi Who?

It was a very, very hot summer day in Los Angeles - a heat wave. The last thing I would have thought to do was to go shopping for clothes or run around town in the heat. Hey, I loved fashion but there were certainly no funds for new wardrobe items. I had to find a way out of thousands of dollars of debt I had somehow managed to incur while "free lancing" in business.

Suddenly I had a spontaneous urge to go to the very exclusive department store, Bonwit Teller, on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills. I didn't know why. Well, I reasoned, at least it would be well air-conditioned. I drove to the store and went to the designer department.

There I immediately ran into a saleswoman whom I had not seen since she worked at Neiman Marcus and had sold me a few items maybe a year or two before. Imagine my surprise when she said she had been thinking of me just that morning and said to herself, I'll bet Marilyn would know what to do with this situation. She knew about a woman who lived in Palm Springs who was trying to sell a sculpture by the sculptor Brancusi and the owner was offering a finder's fee to someone who could find a buyer for her.

Brancusi? Never heard of him. I actually knew nothing about the art business and certainly wouldn't know how to find a buyer for any kind of art or sculpture. But I was intrigued. Why, out of 14 million people in this city, was I intuitively drawn to this opportunity and why was this saleswoman thinking of me for the task that morning even though she hadn't seen me in well over a year and didn't know much about my business ability? Why did I feel prompted to go to the store? My intuition told me that this was a response from my prosperity work and that I should follow through even though I had no idea what to do at the time.

I obtained photos of the sculpture from the owner and did some research by calling galleries and such. I discovered that the owner had already been shopping it around for a couple of years. Furthermore, Constantin Brancusi is a famous sculptor whose modern abstract works sell for as much as millions, but this was an extremely early piece of his - a plaster head of a boy, not his abstract style at all and not even a bronze and it apparently had no value in the art world. The sculpture had been a wedding present to this woman many decades earlier in Romania. When the Nazis came in and confiscated valuables, she managed to smuggle the piece out through Italy and brought it to America with her years later. Now as an older woman, she had no more attachment to the work and preferred the income instead. Wherever I called or visited, gallery owners and art professionals said to forget it, no one would want it. The piece is too early, it's not Brancusi's distinct style, it's only plaster, not even a completed sculpture. (I will say though, from the photos I had, it was a sensitive and lovely version of this young boy's head).

But all I could feel inside was that this was MY prosperity demonstration and it was given to me for a reason. I would not give up...

Around that time I was attending a Wednesday night healing class conducted by Janet Levy, a metaphysical teacher who called her class Expect a Miracle. In fact, she would give us all small affirmation cards. On one side was printed "Expect a Miracle" and on the blank side we were to write our own affirmation or what we wanted to "demonstrate", another metaphysical term for manifest.

After several months of getting nowhere with calls regarding a source to buy this Brancusi, I made a decision. I sat down quietly and very simply said to Infinite Intelligence, the Universe..."Find me a buyer for the Brancusi." That was it. Simple. Clear. Effortless. There would be no more outer action on my part. I had done whatever I could do myself with no result.

I intuitively must have known it was time to let go and let the Universe take over. As you will see, this was one of my greatest lessons in spiritual law, as I learned from this experience that we do not have to exhaust ourselves trying to force things to happen and THEN decide to go to our Source. We can go to our Source at the very beginning and save lots of time and hassle. As the saying goes, we can go direct and cut out the middle man. :-)

I continued to sit quietly and suddenly I heard an inaudible whisper coming from somewhere in my consciousness. My inner voice whispered "Guggenheim Museum". That's all. Guggenheim Museum. I had lived in Manhattan a couple of times so I knew the Guggenheim Museum was there, but I had never been there because I wasn't a modern art fan. (I had often visited the Metropolitan Museum). But the voice said Guggenheim Museum. It was clear.

I picked up the phone and called the Guggenheim in New York and spoke with the curator. She knew the sculpture because she said the owner had stored it with them years before when she first came to America and while she was settling in Palm Springs in the West. But she said they would have no interest in it. She could, however, give me the name of an art dealer who might be able to direct me somewhere. I made the call to the art dealer, Harold Diamond.

The art dealer did not refer me to anyone. Instead, he told me that if I was willing to bring the plaster head to New York, HE would buy it himself! He offered $50,000.

Now, imagine this scenario...

I had been living in Los Angeles for about 8 years. I had come to LA after spending a year in New York City. I was no longer accustomed to the cold climate (except for an occasional trip to the snow here at Lake Arrowhead). I gathered warm clothing while the owner of the Brancusi, having accepted the dealer's offer, paid for my plane ticket and prepared me for my trip to make the sale. This was the first time I actually saw the real plaster head, as it had been stored in a vault in Palm Springs. It was now in a canvas bag with small wheels on the bottom and it was exclusively my responsibility to get it safely to its destination.

It was January 5th. There was a mass exodus in both airports - LAX and JFK - with people returning after their holiday travels. And here I was rolling this plaster head in a canvas bag among throngs of travelers, taking utmost care not to let anyone or anything come in contact with that bag (remember, the sculpture was only plaster). If anything had happened to this piece of art on the way to its intended new home, I would have had to leave the country and go into hiding :-)

On the plane, when all carry ons had to be placed under the seat for takeoff, I refused to let go of the Brancusi. I held it like a live baby. I argued with the attendant until she realized how important this was to me. I was not about to have a plaster head selling for $50,000 go rolling down an airplane aisle! I held it close to my heart for much of the trip.

To be continued...

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 10, 2006 8:30 amre: how did marilyn start her business? a true tale of synchronicity and guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

For you curious modern art lovers...

Constantin Brancusi's "Bird in Space" (1927)
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Constantin Brancusi (1876-1957)

A Brancusi Sells at Record Price
"Bird in Space" Fetches $27.45 Million at Christie's

NEW YORK, May 6, 2005 — Christie's conducted the most successful art auction so far this year in any field, setting a record Wednesday (May 4) night with the sale of a Brancusi. Within two hours, 52 Impressionist and Modern works of art sold for a huge $142.9 million. (~ The Seoul Times)

Certain puts that humble plaster head in perspective, doesn't it? :-)

~ M

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Sep 10, 2006 8:59 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Afzal Huda
WOW! And then what happened...

Private Reply to Afzal Huda

Sep 10, 2006 12:32 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part II: Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun(ds)

Upon my arrival in New York, Harold Diamond had instructed me to come directly to his Park Avenue residence/gallery to meet him and his wife and to deliver the Brancusi, after which he was to see that I was transported to the Westside hotel he recommended for my stay.

I loved the feeling of the cold weather again after all those years in Los Angeles – it was very invigorating and I didn’t realize how I had missed the stimulation of New York’s energy and “vibrations” until I got off the plane. I left the airport to meet Harold with my luggage and precious cargo.

I was wearing a regulation Navy pea coat – the real thing – that I had bought brand new at a Navy supply store and had beautifully tailored to fit my shoulders and sleeve length. I wore the jacket over a sweater with an ankle length slim wool skirt and boots. The contrasting wool scarf and gloves completed the picture and for the first time in 8 years I felt cosmopolitan and “eastern”. Los Angeles is so warm and relaxed and we rarely get to bundle up in real winter clothes. I loved looking the part. Even Harold’s wife remarked how this California gal looked “put together” for this rare New York trip. :-)

Harold took me up to the gallery section of the penthouse and he had me unzip the canvas bag on top of a table. He had a really strange look on his face when I opened the bag. He looked at the sculpture and said, “It’s the wrong one.” I know my heart skipped a beat in that moment of deafening silence, but then he quickly blurted out, “That’s all right, I’ll take it anyway.” You see, there was a series of four of these boys’ heads that Brancusi had sculpted in those early days in Romania and somehow Harold had gotten the impression that he was buying a different one, even though I had sent photos. After a three-thousand mile trip and gingerly negotiating my way through two of the world’s busiest airports at the busiest time of year, my relief at his words was indescribable.

But what I heard next was the real manifestation and you will soon see why. Harold said that because I had traveled all that way to deliver the Brancusi, he was also going to pay me 10% commission on the sale although we never had any such agreement. It was always understood that my agreement was with the seller for the commission. His offer was one of pure generosity but he probably did not realize that he was in reality playing out his perfect role at the direction of the Universal Director that had already planned the payment of all my debts according to the script that I had written in my subconscious mind with my prosperity work.

For you see, the total amount of commissions that I made from both seller and buyer was the amount of money that was required to pay off my debts in full!! And with some left over just for me! And it was the part that was “just for me” that turned out to be the door opener to the career that I would never have imagined was waiting for me…but you’ll have to wait for the next section for that part of the story. One mysterious hint: “Calvin Klein” was also a major player in the Divine plan.

I will leave you here by letting you know that I ended up staying in New York City a whole month before returning to Los Angeles. Harold had introduced me to a friend of his, an attractive divorced art expert who added an entire social aspect to my trip. :-).

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 10, 2006 5:09 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Terry Hernon MacDonald
This is so intriguing, Marilyn. Please tell us more!


The world is full of wonderful men.

Private Reply to Terry Hernon MacDonald

Sep 10, 2006 5:48 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda Bohrnerud
What Terry said ;)

Yes, please do tell more.

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Private Reply to Linda Bohrnerud

Sep 10, 2006 7:55 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net


As an old saying goes, [paraphrased]: "It's a wonderful story, & you tell it so well!"

It really is an amazing story . . . there IS, as we spoke one time, a book in you. . . .

Blessings -- Linda

Linda J. Alexander, Books For The Thinking Reader
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/

Private Reply to Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Sep 10, 2006 8:28 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Alison Wilcox
Wow, I can't wait to hear more either - great story. I love how you describe "cutting out the middle man" - that makes life so much easier!

Private Reply to Alison Wilcox

Sep 11, 2006 6:39 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part III: These Shoes Weren’t Meant for Walking

I know I promised in Part II that I would walk you through that next synchronistic door to my waiting career. But I remembered a story from this New York experience that I have shared with my students in the past and I feel that the prosperity lesson it teaches is too important not to include here. So let's stay in New York a bit longer before returning to the West Coast...

During my stay in Manhattan, I planned to have dinner with a former acquaintance that I hadn’t seen in years - not since I had lived in that city eight years earlier.

Now, I have to share a personal detail here about myself in order to relate this story and its lesson…

It’s not easy for me to find fashionable (high heeled) dressy shoes that fit me comfortably, but I had a pair of dress heels custom-altered by a shoemaker to fit me and took them on my trip. They were precious to me and I took them to New York to wear with suits for dressy occasions. When packing for my trip, I really didn't know if there would be any dressy occasions, but even back then I believed in "stepping out in faith" (pun intended), so I packed an outfit and the shoes just in case.

Well, I was meeting this former friend in a restaurant that evening and carried the shoes in a tote bag so that I could change into them when I got to the restaurant. I wore my evening outfit because I was invited to meet someone else at a very high-class art auction later on that night, so I would be wearing the dress shoes at that time, also. Please recall that this was New York in January and the streets were covered with snow, sleet and ice, so I was wearing good solid rubber soled rain boots while traveling to my destinations (and also while taking invigorating walks around the city).

I arrived at the restaurant by taxi and as soon as the taxi took off, I realized I had left the tote bag with the shoes on the back seat. You have to understand how important those shoes were to me at the time. I can’t go into a store and buy dressy shoes at any given moment like most people. Those shoes were the only pair I had brought that could be worn to the dressy functions. Well, of course, fear set in and the first thing I did was go running like a crazy person down the icy street after the taxi, yelling for anyone to “Stop that taxi!”– just like in the movies. What a picture that must have been! Well, it was New York City – like, who cares? And of course the taxi sped away. The chances of ever seeing that taxi again were – well, I don’t need to tell you that.

I returned and found my friend in the restaurant and after hugs and greetings and getting seated, I excused myself to go to the restroom where I was hoping I could be alone to meditate for a few moments. The first thing I did was to say to myself, to my conscious mind, something I had heard over the years: “There is no loss in Divine Mind”. I was still quite shaken about the shoes being gone, but I kept repeating “There is no loss in Divine Mind” until I relaxed and released the fear of the loss. This is called a “denial thought” and many of the New Thought teachings use these denial thoughts in order to counteract the negative situation before using the positive affirmations. We use a denial thought to initially claim that the appearance just isn’t so. You are reasoning with your own conscious mind – claiming that the appearance is not so and denying that it is the truth about you. This technique allows you to remove (dissolve) the initial fear so that you can then start using your positive affirmations to influence the subconscious to accept and create what you want. It also allows you to quiet your mind so that you may listen for inner guidance.

Once I settled down and became quiet, I began saying positive affirmations about the shoes, something like “Those shoes are mine…they belong to me…they were specially made for me as a gift from the Universe, and they are here in my possession right now. They are mine.” I then released the matter and went back to dine with my friend.

About an hour into our dinner, as we were talking, suddenly a young black man showed up at our table (he must have looked around until he found us in the busy restaurant) and reached out to me with the tote, saying, “You left these in my taxi.” He apologized that it took so long to get them to me, but he had made a trip to Brooklyn before he discovered them in the cab. This young man came all the way back to Manhattan to bring me those shoes.

Although I have studied the laws for so many years and believe that miracles are very natural, not supernatural, the impact of that moment had an incredibly profound effect on me and I actually had to fight back tears (as I am doing again as I tell this story). The tears were for a combination of things:

(1) For yet another realization of the law and the confirmation of how it works when we work IT.

(2) For the fact that this young driver, although playing his appropriate role in my manifestation, was tuned in enough to his own guidance and kind enough to be a part of this manifestation. Why did I happen to have that particular taxi driver? Everyone knows the reputation of New York taxi drivers. They don’t do what he did. How the Universe made sure I was protected!

(3) I was so happy to see those shoes, which were irreplaceable at that moment in time, in the heart of winter in New York City. I realized so clearly at that moment that what belongs to us is truly ours and when we accept it as ours, it cannot be separated from us. There is truly no loss in Divine Mind.

The lesson again in this story…

By initially stating, “There is no loss in Divine Mind”, yes, I was using the word “loss” which may seem like a negative, but I was using it to counteract the outer appearance and my fearful flustered feelings. I was putting up an argument with my own mind to deny my loss thoughts. Understand? I was having a conversation with myself to reason with myself about my beliefs. Then when I became relaxed and released fear by reasoning this way, I used my positive affirmations to accept what I wanted my reality to be.

Oh, by the way, I almost forgot…The young taxi driver got a VERY generous reward from me for his actions. When he handed me the tote bag, he started to walk away and I had to call him back. He didn’t even have the thought of a reward in mind!! He brought me back the shoes because he was a good person but he was also playing the role that the Universe had for him in this instance – the role that was determined by the producer of the play – me.

God moves in mysterious ways,
His wonders to perform;
He plants his footsteps in the sea,
And rides upon the storm.

~ William Cowper, English poet

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 11, 2006 12:01 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Walter Paul Bebirian
Yes the next step in the adventure of everyone's life is always there to look forward to with positive anticipation -


Private Reply to Walter Paul Bebirian

Sep 11, 2006 1:10 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part IV: You Were Looking for Me?

I returned home to Los Angeles with a great sense of accomplishment. My debts were paid. I was free. Thank you, Universe.

Yes, I was relieved and free. But I still had no idea what I would be doing for a living or what my next step would be to create some kind of business and to maintain my freedom. I was deeply driven to be on my own and not work for anyone else. I couldn’t stand the thought of structured “employment” (I’d had jobs before but it just wasn’t ME). Yet I knew I had to think about creating a sense of security for myself and a foundation for a life. I was not trained or skilled for anything professional but I seemed to communicate well with people. I just knew that I wanted to be on my own. I had enough of a taste of it to know that was at the top of the list.

As stated, I had no sense of direction about what I would do next, but I do recall contemplating the qualities that I would want in a business and career. To the best of my memory, those qualities included:

Freedom. I wanted my own hours. I was always a night person and I didn’t want to live by anyone else’s time clock. I wanted to live by my own schedule and come and go as I please.

Self Expression. I knew I had a creative side and although I didn’t know the channel through which it would express itself, I just knew that I wanted to express myself in some way that was unique and interesting.

Social. I wanted to meet and deal with new and different people. I wanted to be in a field that had a social as well as business side.

But all of this was temporarily pushed to the back of my mind because…

First things first…

I had accomplished something very important in my growth toward a prosperity consciousness. I had applied the principles that I learned and overcame the “impossible” challenge. They said it couldn’t be done and I did it! Selling the Brancusi was indeed a major milestone in my life and my growth. It increased my confidence in the laws and in my ability to apply them to create what I wanted in life. It gave me even more of a drive to remain independent in the business world. There was only one thing to do at that moment. The only thing…

Celebrate and reward myself! :-)

I mentioned earlier that I loved fashionable clothes. Well, I had seen a beautiful outfit in a magazine some time before. It was a Calvin Klein ensemble: A wool hip-length open jacket with soft but structured shoulders, long rolled lapels and rolled cuffs – it reminded me of a modernized 40s movie star look. It was beautiful. The rest of the outfit included a wrap sweater and slim gabardine skirt. The fabrics looked gorgeous and even though it was wool, I wanted it. I couldn’t resist. True, we have very little “winter” here in Los Angeles, but I could just “feel” myself in that ensemble. I drooled over it. I had to have it.

So I decided to treat myself with some of my well-earned commission money. I called the upscale stores that carried Calvin Klein in search of the outfit and no one had it. It was long gone if they had carried it at all. After all, the magazines show fashions that may not be available in all parts of the country. Also, I had temporarily forgotten about the timing of the fashion industry and how specifically seasonal it is with regard to retail. By the time the season rolls around when you would actually wear those clothes, those lines are considered “last season” and have sold out long before to make room for the new season’s lines being sent to stores. In other words, if you want specific fashion in winter clothes, you better start shopping in summer and fall or hope you get lucky if you hit sales racks early enough. You find fall and winter clothes on the racks when it’s 100º out and summer clothes on the racks when it’s snowing outside (well, we don’t have snow in Los Angeles, but you know what I mean).

Well, that was a longwinded way of stating that the outfit I wanted was apparently no longer on this planet. I even called the department stores back East to search. Finally, I called Calvin Klein in New York. Not Calvin himself, but his company. They knew the outfit I was referring to and the magazine layout. They told me it was way too late. They did not believe I would find it anywhere. Definitely last season. I understood. It was the beginning of February – and winter by most accounts in North America – and how could I even think that a winter outfit would be available? Ridiculous. What was I thinking? (Note sarcasm).

But the person I spoke with did give me a faint glimmer of hope. She looked up the stores in Los Angeles that had purchased that particular outfit. And she mentioned one store that I had not called – The Broadway in Century City (Century City is the highrise business community adjacent to Beverly Hills which includes a large shopping center). That was the only store in the chain that purchased it and she said she would doubt there would be any pieces left because they would have been put on sale long ago. I hadn’t called the Broadway because although it carried good “bridge” lines, it didn’t have much of a “designer” department and wouldn’t be in the same league as the upscale stores where you would expect to find the top Calvin Klein fashion lines (Saks, Neiman’s, etc).

I called The Broadway in Century City. I asked for the right department and a woman answered the phone. Her name was Cira. She told me that she was not the regular saleswoman in that department and the person in charge was off that evening and there was no one filling in. She said she worked in the adjacent fur department and just happened to picked up the phone. She said she would help me if she could.

She told me she would do her best to check the sales racks to see if they had any of the pieces I was looking for. The woman at Calvin Klein in New York had given me the style numbers of the items, so I gave them to Cira along with the description of each piece. We agreed that she would call me back if she found anything. Even if I just found the beautiful jacket, I could wear it with other things.

A short time later, Cira called me to tell me that she found three of the Calvin Klein pieces on the sales rack. Those three items were the EXACT three pieces I was searching for. Those three pieces were all MY SIZE! Those three pieces were all at THIRD MARKDOWN! Third markdown! They had been reduced in price three times and were sitting in the Broadway in Century City waiting for me to find them. No one could buy those items because they belonged to me in consciousness from the moment I saw them in the magazine. The Universe had them on hold just for me and the Universe made sure that they were within MY budget, not Calvin Klein’s budget. :-)

I told Cira to hold and protect those pieces until I got there. And I went to pick them up. By the time I got to the store and met Cira, she had found another of the same jacket, one size larger and a different color. (The price was right, they both fit, so I took them both).

As I was trying on the outfits, Cira asked me what I did. I told her that I was a free lance business woman looking for my next project. I told her that I had just sold a piece of art for someone and was looking for another opportunity. She said…

“I have been looking for you for two and a half years.”

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 11, 2006 1:13 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Thank you all for your comments and your appreciation of my stream of consciousness story.

It is rare that I offer details about my own life and history, but I feel prompted to revisit and share the past as it relates to the learning of the laws that I teach today.

I was hoping that you would find it interesting and better understand the lessons from the various segments so you can apply them in your own life and circumstances.

Note that I said "apply" because it is not just about the knowledge itself - it is the application of the knowledge that transforms it from a philosophy to a manual for living.

My story really isn't about jobs, business, shoes and Calvin Klein outfits. Those were merely the channels through which I was brought to understand the Universal laws and the mental principles that aligned me with them.

My story is about giving to you my best version of that manual by relating it to real life experiences.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the story...

~ M

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 11, 2006 2:12 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Afzal Huda
This is so perfect for me. Thank you so much Marilyn for sharing these stories. I am so pumped!!!

You can't stop now :) Please continue...


Private Reply to Afzal Huda

Sep 11, 2006 2:45 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Terri Gibbons
Marilyn, thank you for sharing your story. It's amazing! I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, leaning forward, smiling and laughing as I read it. As Linda state, there is definitely a book in you.

I love how in every situation you bring forward (manifest) exactly what's necessary for the perfect outcome.

As you've stated many times..."I have the Universe on speed dial". As a result you truly are the screenwriter, director and actress of your own life.

How exciting! Life truly is an ADVENTURE when you're a student of prosperity.

Can't wait to hear...the rest of the story :)


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Private Reply to Terri Gibbons

Sep 11, 2006 3:11 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda Bohrnerud
Marilyn, thank you so much for posting this. It's a great, entertaining story. But, much more, it gives great examples. And, examples, often make lessons clearer.


TaxDragon, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor - I'll help you use QuickBooks better
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Private Reply to Linda Bohrnerud

Sep 11, 2006 7:22 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Lesley Johnston

Your story is amazing and I've often wondered how you got started on your prosperity path. I'm still learning patience but cant we have a wee bit more of your story please????

Lesley x

Awaken to the magnificance in your design.

Private Reply to Lesley Johnston

Sep 11, 2006 8:05 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Susan Lerner
Yes, Marilyn,

Please tell us more. I am reading with baited breath.

Susan (Susiebell)

Private Reply to Susan Lerner

Sep 11, 2006 11:31 pmre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Amy Derr

I am so greatly enjoying reading your story. What a fascinating and enjoyable story it is, too! I can't wait to read the next segment...


Private Reply to Amy Derr

Sep 12, 2006 5:01 amre: re: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Barb Desmarais

Marilyn - I LOVE your story! You're a gifted story teller apart from being a scholar of these Laws.

When you described your reasons for going into business for yourself, I was noddding my head. My reasons are EXACTLY the same.

Ok....carry on. Let's hear more.



Host of "The Parenting Coach Show"

Private Reply to Barb Desmarais

Sep 12, 2006 8:02 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part V: Que´ Sera´ Cira

There was something special about Cira. I didn’t know what it was at first. She wasn’t your typical department store sales associate. Something in her aura, her quick smile, the way she carried herself. You knew there was a lot more going on in her life than selling furs at The Broadway. She had a unique quality. Maybe it related to something her husband later said. He said that if Cira began walking from downtown Los Angeles and walked all the way to the ocean (the other end of the city), by the time she got there, she would be completely covered with green bills. :-). Looking back, I think Cira did have a prosperity consciousness. More importantly, she had a good heart.

Cira was married to a Beverly Hills international caterer, who specialized in high caliber social events. She saw something in me that day and said she wanted me to meet her husband.

Giovanni Bolla was a true Italian and began his catering career on cruise ships. Cira was so funny at times, like when she told me how she met him while he was working a cruise. She said in those days he was an “Adonis” and she couldn’t take her eyes off of him. Well, it was funny because here they were - married with a young daughter - and Giovanni was still only in his 30s (Cira was older). But “those days” seemed so ancient. She really was funny. Or maybe marriage to an Italian does that to you. :-)

I met with Cira, Giovanni and their daughter and I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse (no, not THAT kind of Italian offer). The couple wanted me to represent Giovanni to bring in more business to their catering company. This association included…

Freedom. I had complete freedom and my time was my own. Complete autonomy, working when and where I pleased. And I never had to get up early.

Self Expression. I had never before thought of the party and events industry and never imagined the creative and unique components that go into first class and quality events. I was exposed to the most highly creative elements, which are required by discerning Beverly Hills and Los Angeles clients.

Social. I did say I wanted to be in a field that had a social as well as business side, didn’t I? Well, let’s just say that this was a field that had a business as well as social side. :-) I attended many of the sophisticated receptions and parties in town – both social and business oriented - and certainly wouldn’t run out of places to wear that Calvin Klein. Speaking of which…

Wardrobe. Giovanni would introduce me to people as his “PR” and even said that I was Vice President of the company. Well, anyone in that position must look wonderful at social events, yes? Cira was constantly telling me to come into The Broadway to try on this outfit or that outfit that she put aside for me. And she would buy me these beautiful clothes. I recall two Grecian style gowns she bought for me to wear to formal events. And one day she even surprised me with a real fur jacket – I don’t remember what kind of fur it was – it was rather unusual. Definitely… furry. I told you Cira had a good heart.

Money. Giovanni offered me a percentage of all business that came as a result of my efforts. I don’t even remember having to call on people to get business. I would just go to the receptions and parties that Giovanni catered and talk to people and give them my card when appropriate. A dirty job but someone had to do it.

Yes, it was a commission arrangement but it gave me freedom and I was fine with that. I was never one to run from a challenge anyway. What on earth could be more difficult than selling a Brancusi that no one was supposed to want?

But there was more to it than that – that Giovanni didn’t know about. He never knew that Cira would give me money on the side. She told me to keep it our secret. Cira wanted to make sure that I had what I needed. Cira and I may not have related to the term “prosperity consciousness” back then, but I realize now that she had one. And I was certainly growing one to attract this.

Challenge. So my challenge was to book parties for the Bollas. And how did I do? I ended up bringing Giovanni the largest corporate event that I believe he had ever booked. And I ended up coordinating aspects of it myself (clue). It was a six-figure formal holiday party with 400 guests at a rented Beverly Hills mansion (clue). The party photos ended up as the centerfold section of Celebrity Society Magazine (thanks to Cira’s own pr and social skills).

The centerfold photos also included an historical moment: There I was with my son David (he was living with me at that time) – I in my Grecian gown and David with the first tuxedo that he had ever worn as an "adult". (He did wear one at age thirteen but that was another lifetime.)

He looked so relaxed and handsome in the photo. What didn’t show up in the photo was the ridiculous brouhaha he created when he refused to walk out the door at home because he was wearing a ruffled shirt! He thought he looked like a “sissy”. Thank God I was allowed to invite my good friend Heidi and her husband to this grand affair. It was only after Heidi’s husband spoke with David on the telephone and assured him that he also was wearing a ruffled tuxedo shirt, that David agreed to leave for the party. But it wasn’t over. He then made it quite clear that I was not to hold his arm as we entered the party. He did not want anyone to think I was his girlfriend.

Teenage son. Sheeesh…. Talk about a challenge.

P.S. I think I will get that photo scanned and post it.

Preparation. I didn’t realize while representing the Bollas that the Universe was giving me the exposure, knowledge and awareness to carve a distinctive niche for myself in the business world that would last two decades (big clue).

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 12, 2006 8:20 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Vera Regelbrugge, MVA, GVA
Wow Marilyn, I can't wait to read the rest of your story. It certainly is very inspiring.

Vera Regelbrugge MVA/GVA

Private Reply to Vera Regelbrugge, MVA, GVA

Sep 12, 2006 3:51 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Very intersting reading indeed. I love the providence and synchronicities!

Ulrika ;)

Private Reply to GodSpark

Sep 12, 2006 4:15 pmre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Paula Miles
Marilyn thank you for the update.
You are clearly show us how the universe works to support us if we would only listen, use the prosperity principles, and follow the promptings of our heart.
When is the next update.
And what about that book! When will we see it on the selves.

Love Paula

Private Reply to Paula Miles

Sep 12, 2006 4:56 pmre: re: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Martin Thomas
Indeed, I have kept my silence long enough...

When will we see that book that the venerable Ms. Marilyn Jenett has had in her head now for many years, and declined to share with us up to this point?

I see more than a book. I see a movie!! It is quite intriguing and suspenseful in it's own unique way, and like "The Secret" and "What the Bleep" I feel that this is a theme that could translate easily onto the big screen...

Then it is fun to think...who will play Marilyn? Nicole? Dianne Lane?...

But for now, Marilyn, please just give us the next, exciting instalment...


Private Reply to Martin Thomas

Sep 13, 2006 1:51 amre: re: re: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Kevin Higgins
Martin I was thinking the same thing last night as I red Marilyn's posts.

I expect to see Marilyn's book(s) for sale soon.

Private Reply to Kevin Higgins

Sep 13, 2006 9:28 am re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

I'm sitting here laughing. This is getting funny. Cosmic Relief, the critically acclaimed blockbuster, starring…appearing at a theatre near you along with the critically acclaimed blockbuster, Slice of Heaven starring…Call 1-800-PROSPERITY for show times.

At the same time you are all deeply inspiring. More than you know.

I had recently told one of you here - a published author and one of many who have often encouraged me to write a book - that I didn't know why anyone would want to hear my story, that it should be all about the teaching and not about me. I honestly didn't think that others would be interested in the details of my life. In the past couple of years, I had thought about a format for a book but it just did not come clearly to me. There are so many books on the subject out there. And as I have said often, if I ever do write one, I don't want it to be "just another book". It would have to be important enough to change lives. Now that thought is overwhelming and the whole idea very easy to cast aside. I call it the "Scarlett O'Hara approach". If you recall in Gone with the Wind, Scarlett's motto and method of coping with an overwhelming aspect of life was: "I'll worry about that tomorrow". Of course, as prosperity students, we don't want to use such a phrase. But her method is clear and probably not foreign to any of us :-)

When I began this thread, I truthfully had no conscious idea relating to a book. Since I had decided to focused this month's Private Community calls on the members' businesses, I had business on the mind and thought maybe a post about how I was led to start my business would be of interest, since one of the themes in our calls is finding a direction and our true place. I never did put down in writing the path that led me to my business. I only wrote about the use of the laws while I had my business.

As a lifelong prosperity student myself, I choose to release the past and live in the now in order to create the future I want. You must understand that the past does not only include those positive and enlightening life-changing moments; it also includes the sad times on our journey that we must learn to bless and release. And who wants to revisit those?

I then thought perhaps my decision this past month to completely release my corporate business in consciousness in favor of teaching had something to do with the prompting to post something.

But after all this reflection, that is apparently not the situation, as there is a story within the story that is unfolding here, and will only prove my contention that "synchronicity rules" when we are tuned into our connection with that All Knowing, Omniscient Power that knows how to do everything and wants to be our Guide. And I have found that often the reason that I am being guided in a certain way does not reveal itself until much later.

There is news.

I recently found a wonderful entertainment attorney/literary agent (synchroncity: unique and important combination) here in Los Angeles for the purpose of introducing Martin's book, Slice of Heaven, to the film industry and obtaining international publishing/distribution for his book. I am Martin's private mentor and also have business interests in his projects, as you probably know. I met Martin when I booked his island for my corporate client, Campbell, last year (major synchronicity). Martin, by the way, has also been "demanding" that I write a book. :-)

Martin will be in Los Angeles next week and we have set up our meeting with Paul. Paul did not know anything about Feel Free to Prosper or what I did.

I admit I was a bit stunned after reading all of your touching and inspiring comments about my posts. I had not intended at all to tell a long story. But once I began, it just seemed to spill out spontaneously. All of those details that have been buried in the back of my mind for many years suddenly surfaced and the story seems to just write itself.

Along with your wonderful replies and comments, I received a PM from the author member mentioned earlier, encouraging me to put all of these installments down for a book project. She feels that my writing style and the way I "interweave personal details"..."brings home the message." She wrote, "People want to hear about real people and be inspired by that reality," and she elaborated based on her knowledge and experience as a successful author of several books.

What is most interesting and enlightening about this whole situation is that I was hesitant to post my detailed story in the first place because I thought it would be considered "self indulgent" to focus on myself. I didn't think the public would care about my own details.

So now within a time frame of about 48 hours, the concept of "book" is bombarding me.

Prior to receiving the private message of encouragement above, I had sent an email to Paul, the attorney/agent, confirming the meeting time and giving him Martin's website and TV clip, as he requested. In that message, I asked if he would do me a favor. I sent him the url to this thread and asked if he would mind taking a few minutes and reading a couple of my story posts (there were only about three segments posted at the time). I asked if he, as a professional, would tell me if he thought I had the "goods" to write a book.

You see, although all of your comments are very meaningful to me, I also realize that all of you who are reading my story know me already, are familiar with my personality and intentions, and are very tuned into the prosperity environment. You are not meeting me for the very first time in a book. In a sense, you are like "family" and let's face it, are the opinions of your family ever really objective? :-)

So I felt guided to get the opinion of this person who just "happened" to be at hand, who was successful in the publishing industry and who did not know anything about me or my teachings.

I could stop here and it would make a wonderful cliff hangar, don't you think? (it's that budding author coming through again!).

But I won't. I will tell you what happened.

(Deep breath)

It was after I wrote to Paul that I received the private message above. And then very shortly after reading that message, I found a voice mail message from Paul asking me to call him. I wasn't sure what it was about, as we had already firmed up our plans for the meeting.

I called and the first thing he wanted to know is what I actually DID. He only read the posts in this thread - he had not seen my website (I never gave it to him as the focus was on Martin) and most likely didn’t look at the network except for this thread. I explained briefly about the program that I have been teaching for the past few years.

I had thought I might get a cursory opinion on whether my writing had even an ounce of potential for a book. That's not what I got.

He instead told me to go buy a specific book which will show me how to write a book proposal. He said he did not need to have a finished book from me, that non-fiction books are sold to publishers from book proposals.

He then said that I was to write the proposal and get it to him. He said that based on what he read here, he is going to represent me and he will sell my book to a major publishing house.

(Stunned silence)

(Regaining composure). MAJOR publishing house? He said, yes, not a small house, but a major like Random House. I have a book? “Yes,” he said, “you have a book.”

Even though I have only had a few conversations with Paul, I can tell you this. He is honest, he is professional, and he is no-nonsense. He will not waste time. As he put it, what’s 15% of 0? He said that he does not waste time taking on clients unless he knows he can sell their books. And on his website, along with his many credentials, is a long list of recent books he has gotten published for his clients – at Random House, St. Martin’s Press and comparable houses. This man knows what he’s doing.

Now what I have not revealed to you yet in this ‘”story within the story” is this…

For the past year, whenever I have given any thought to writing a book, or when others have mentioned it to me, I had adopted a certain unofficial “requirement” for myself and had even mentioned it to others on occasion. I said that the only thing that would REALLY encourage me to write a book is if I had a good agent or recognized publisher who believed in me and my ability. That would give me more confidence that the book would get published and promoted. Even better, if I was given an advance to write the book, it would prove that someone did believe the book would sell.

I may have complete confidence and conviction in the workings of spiritual laws. I have written lessons, articles and other material about prosperity laws. I know I can “communicate” in words. But a book? That’s a whole different story. I never set out to be or considered myself a writer. And the idea of even LOOKING for an agent or publisher? What was that, Scarlett?

After speaking with Paul, I realized that I had my Private Community call at 4pm and another call regarding possible private mentoring following that. I knew that I could not indulge in a good, healthy faint until later that night…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 13, 2006 11:21 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Mary Beth Cameron
Wow ... an incredible journey, Marilyn. I agree with Martin .. once the book is out .. the movie wants to come next .. easy, naturally and organically.

How about Rhonda Byrne to be at the helm of this? She sure has done well with "The Secret" and is looking for more juicy projects.

Here's a little about her:

Under the direction and guidance of Rhonda Byrne, Prime Time Production's focus is to continue to create film and television projects which will reach out through all forms of technology to touch, inspire, uplift and bring joy to millions around the world.

big blessings,
Mary Beth "mb"

Private Reply to Mary Beth Cameron

Sep 13, 2006 1:43 pmre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Well then, Mary Beth, you have mentioned this twice and I believe that you may be an instrument of synchronicity and a part of this prosperity.

I am going to let you can find a way to make the introduction to Rhonda. As we discussed, I saw on "The Secret" website that they are not accepting any outside proposals or projects. But as prosperity thinkers, that does not deter us. The Universe is welcome everywhere.

And we welcome you to the network, Mary Beth...

~ M

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 14, 2006 2:15 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net


"I may have complete confidence and conviction in the workings of spiritual laws. I have written lessons, articles and other material about prosperity laws. I know I can “communicate” in words. But a book? That’s a whole different story. I never set out to be or considered myself a writer. And the idea of even LOOKING for an agent or publisher? What was that, Scarlett?"

Go for it. You're being led & as it was when you started your events business, just because it's not a field in which you've previously waded, that really means very little, doesn't it? Especially if it's heading towards a place where you know, inside, that you're supposed to be going.

Just before we hung up the phone the other day, you said something to the effect of, "I want to make sure I really have something, or if you guys are saying these things just because you love me."

Yep, we love you. [big serious smile here!!] It's a good family . . . but as I hung up the phone, I was mumbling to myself, "I see that you really have something, Marilyn."

The ball is rolling. I hope your running shoes are on!

Blessings -- Linda

Linda J. Alexander, Books For The Thinking Reader
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/

Private Reply to Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Sep 14, 2006 7:52 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part VI: The Set of the Sail

It wasn’t long after that huge holiday party that I became restless and felt the increasing desire to be on my own. I had freedom representing Bolla, but it wasn’t MY business, MY company. The need for independence was growing in me and I had a strong drive to make my own statement in the world. A feature newspaper article later stated that I had moved here from New York 10 years earlier, where I had worked in a series of what I called inconsequential jobs, determined to “become another L.A. entrepreneur. I want to be my own woman.” They got that right.

I didn’t know yet that the Universe was preparing me to have a baby – a “business” baby - and to give birth to a new creative concept that was uniquely my own.

I had been exposed to a new industry and the various vendors that comprised that industry. My continuing prosperity work was developing my faith in the laws and the courage to risk. I had learned to thrive on challenge and the unknown. I decided to become an independent event coordinator. The prosperity work had taught me well to listen and trust my intuition.

I don’t recall the duration of time I spent coordinating parties after leaving my association with Bolla, during what we will call my “transition” period, but I don’t think it was very long. This is a city filled with party and event professionals and top notch ones at that and it wasn’t that easy to find clients and parties to coordinate. I did attract some clients (I highlight a couple below), but to be honest, that transition time becomes a bit of a blur in light of the striking events that were soon to follow.

During that period, there was something brewing beneath my conscious awareness that had not yet worked its way to the surface.

There was a common thread among the events that I had been exposed to and was now coordinating. The large corporate party I booked for Bolla – do you recall where it was held? We booked a Beverly Hills mansion for the event.

The common thread was becoming more obvious to me now. I became increasingly aware of clients’ requests for unique and unusual locations for their parties and events. They wanted creative alternatives to the standard hotel and restaurant settings. Excitement instead of the norm. Catering companies and other event coordinators sought out these special venues as well, as they could lose parties to hotels (or their competition) if they didn’t present desirable locations.

Some business receptions were held in the client’s own venue – such as a bank lobby or a retail store. But there were many types of client requests: the corporation that didn’t want to have that same holiday party in a hotel (as you have already seen); the production company that wanted a private location for their wrap party; the bride whose fantasy was to marry in a mansion; the bar mitzvah that had to be unlike any other.

So clients and event professionals began asking me if I knew of unique locations they could book. The Universe was placing signposts directly on my path.

I recall a few notable events around this time. Dr. Howard Murad is a renowned Beverly Hills dermatologist (his television infomercials have been airing for years). His wife called me in desperation to find a place for their daughter’s bat mitzvah party with only a week to plan (I don’t remember why). And they wanted something wonderful.

Why settle for wonderful? How about spectacular? What about a bat mitzvah party amid Ice Age fossils and the skeletal remains of extinct mammals, including giant mammoths, ancient bison and saber-toothed cats that roamed the Los Angeles Basin 40,000 years ago? The bat mitzvah girl became the main attraction in the hauntingly beautiful Page Museum.

Then there was Orion Pictures. They also waited ‘til the last minute to find a location for the company’s Christmas party. What you must realize is that holiday parties are usually booked very early in the year. There are only so many days in a month and the best locations are gone well in advance. What could possibly be available at the last minute to accommodate 300 celebrating film industry employees? Why, a National Guard armory, of course, where Orion’s set decorators transformed the drill floor into a desert scene and a Western theme. Hooray for Hollywood – and Marilyn :-)

I had assembled an ever-growing portfolio of mansions, castles, ranches, museums, film studios, Art Deco theatre lobbies, gardens, galleries and jail cells. Yep, jail cells, too (actually these are movie sets with replicas of prison cells, courtrooms and police stations that are used for films and TV shows).

Now, Universe, what am I supposed to do with all of this? And where will I find the clients? I’m ready to “make it”. I’m ready to be that L.A. entrepreneur. I’m ready to be my own woman. Tell me what to do.

It was time for some no nonsense prosperity work…

You don't have to be a seasoned seaman to understand a fundamental law of a successful voyage: It's the set of the sail, not the force of the gale that determines the way you go.

~ Unknown

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 15, 2006 9:10 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part VII: Do the Homework

Toward the end of that year, I knew I was ready to make a giant leap forward and go for the elusive prize that was beckoning.

I yearned for a success like I had never known. I wanted to accomplish something noteworthy and be recognized for that accomplishment. I had been chipping away at a lack consciousness for years and had, through my studies of Universal laws, made headway. I was grateful for the lessons and the opportunities I had manifested, but I missed a sense of security, the sense of a foundation, and the feeling of that “true place” in life to which metaphysical teachers refer.

I remembered something Dr. Joseph Murphy had said to me regarding the application of the mental and spiritual principles. He would say, “Do the homework and you’ll get the results.” Do the homework…

Many people hunger for the knowledge to create the lives they want, and many seek out this knowledge through teachers and literature. Knowledge and understanding is important but it is not enough. It is the application of the knowledge that makes the difference between a philosophy and a manual for living.

I am not certain of the exact timing, but I do recall that it was around this period that I decided to do the homework more specifically. I was vigilant in creating the right kinds of affirmations and using them several times a day and as I dropped off to sleep. I gathered techniques that I had learned from various sources and applied them. I was determined that this would not be a half-hearted attempt to have another prosperity “demonstration”. This would be a whole-hearted attempt to dramatically change a life.

I then had an experience and revelation that I consider one of the most important on my journey as a student of the laws…

One day I heard that inaudible voice from within whisper a single word to me. That word was "survivor". I didn’t know what it meant. I just recall the word floating in my consciousness. But a short while later, my intuition kicked in and I knew exactly what it meant. I realized that the prosperity homework I was doing was opening up channels to my subconscious and connecting me to my inner guide – the Universal therapist within each us that knows exactly what needs to be revealed to ensure success.

I suddenly realized that I had often referred to myself as a survivor. I was strong willed and proud of my ability to overcome and survive the challenges in life. Yes, I was a survivor. I was being clearly shown that this was my subconscious mindset – my core belief. My subconscious mind had accepted and accommodated my belief in the literal sense, and that is, in fact, exactly what I was doing in life – surviving.

I knew exactly what I must do about this…

I bought some poster board and cut it into large signs that I attached to the walls of my apartment. On these signs were written, in thick black marker – I AM A WINNER. I would no longer be a survivor in life. I would now become a winner. I would remove the word "survivor" from my vocabulary entirely.

I continued applying my homework techniques. A feeling of delight would go through me whenever I passed my “Winner” signs.

And six weeks later I was on the cover of the Los Angeles Times with a business that no one had ever created before!

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 15, 2006 10:45 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Alison Wilcox
This has to be a book! It's a page turner, and it's already causing me so much suspense in between your entries...
Oh wait, that would be a terrific addition to your radio show - each segment you could read a new excerpt of your story.. like the old radio shows.
Anyway, I love this - I'm looking so forward to hearing more.

Private Reply to Alison Wilcox

Sep 15, 2006 2:28 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part VIII: Masterpiece Musings

It was now the end of that year – 1983. The year’s efforts ended with a young client asking me to coordinate a New Year party for her large circle of friends at a unique location.

I was able to secure one of my favorite locations of all – the Ennis-Brown House, the spectacular masterpiece creation of architect Frank Lloyd Wright that sits atop the hills of Los Angeles and resembles a Mayan temple. The famous “block” home had been the setting for numerous films, music videos and fashion layouts. Although privately purchased many years before and owned by the “caretaker”, it was legally owned by a Trust, and all funds from its rentals were used for its restoration and maintenance. I had booked the home several times.

My event planning career was giving me exposure to the most distinctive venues in the city and I was developing a great respect and appreciation for the design, architecture and historical significance of the city’s treasures.

The New Year's party was great fun for the guests - well, at least for those who remembered it the next day. :-) Augustus Brown (“Gus”), the owner/caretaker, was an older gentleman who always acted as the charming informative host and docent for the events booked at the home. In his normally quiet manner, he would guide the guests through a tour of the home, highlighting special features, such as the glass library door designed by Wright that was valued at a million dollars. Gus had bought the home 25 years before from Mr. Ennis for a paltry $100,000 and it was now worth millions.

This New Year’s Eve was the only time I had ever seen Gus become inebriated. As my catering staff was cleaning up and I was anxious to return home, Guss waddled in my direction and with a slur asked if I would like to stay. I knew he had no idea what he was doing. I laughed and said, “Gus…it’s me…Marilyn”. I am sure he had no recollection the next day and would have been embarrassed if he did. :-)

I realized that I didn’t enjoy booking parties on New Year’s Eve. I found guests to be particularly unrefined at this time and I eventually turned down requests to do them, even though I could have my staff handle everything and I didn’t need to attend. I didn’t want to be associated with celebrations where guests could potentially put themselves in harm’s way on the road. From that time on, I considered the New Year a time of renewal and spiritual introspection and preferred to devote it to my personal life.

I returned home after the New Year’s party. I was tired and weary. I’m sure my feet hurt. I’ll admit that at that moment in time, I said to myself (as I have done other times after a particularly tiring event) that I didn’t want to be an event planner any more.

But what I WAS guided to do after I returned home would change the course of my life…

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 15, 2006 8:21 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Terri Cummings
(I listened to the recording) from this Mondays Membership call, it was a great one. I want to give you a great big congratulations on your fabulous book manifestation. Amazing how powerfully the Universe speaks to us at times. I’m tickled just giddy for you, I can hear the joy in your voice on the call, and I hope you finally got a chance to faint!

It is from people who can tell their stories, who not only talk the talk but do and have walked the walk, that we learn from, we trust, we believe in ourselves, and we build our faith and courage to go for it. You tell a great story Marilyn. I remember some 3 years ago when I heard you on a phone call with another network leader, she was asking for YOUR help in answering some questions on HER call. From the moment I heard you speak I knew I wanted what you had. I didn’t even know what it was that you had, but I knew I wanted to find out, and finding out is what lead me to find your network and to quickly become your student.
My very own prompting from the Universe, led me to the teacher I was ready for. So many people get valuable insight from your teachings. The very fact that your network gets more hits than any on Ryze is a testament; people want to read what you have to say. I am extremely excited to see so many great teachers of prosperity work becoming internationally known today. The more people that learn these laws the greater we can all become for ourselves and for all of those we love. People are waking up one by one to the greatness that lies within.

I will be sending you and Martin loving vibrations as you meet on the 19th with your literary agent Paul.

Terri C.

PS… Mary Beth has a great idea, Rhonda Byrne seems perfect! She put together a fabulous Movie, the only time I watch TV is when I pop in my copy of “the Secret” this is no outside project…this is an Inside job.

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Sep 15, 2006 8:38 pmre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Barb Desmarais

Marilyn - did we just hear that a book is definately in the works?? Tell us more! Are we reading the installments on this post? You've written them in such a way that they could easily be part of a manuscipt.

Tell us more!



Host of "The Parenting Coach Show"

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Sep 15, 2006 9:00 pmre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Anne Taylor
There are so many of my thoughts there in your post Terri.People are waking up and it is so wonderful to meet them on and offline. I feel blessed to belong to this group, to listen to people grow and develop and feel ones own growth happening as well. We can then go out and be a power for good in the world.
Blessings to all

Private Reply to Anne Taylor

Sep 16, 2006 7:56 amre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Thank you all again for your encouragement and loving appreciation.

Welcome to the network, Murli...(an author of books on consciousness).

Barb, you can read the details in one of my posts about how the book situation evolved.

All I know is that I felt prompted to write about my early experiences and it just spilled out. I didn't intend for the segments to be a book. And the next thing I know I am being represented for presentation to a major publisher. The Universe made me do it. I still have to wrap my mind around the idea of my story being a book.

I can't seem to resist cliffhanging. :-) But we're getting close to the big day.

~ M

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Sep 17, 2006 12:24 pmre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Infinitely Abundant Rajkaur , Divine light of Joy
Dear Marilyn

Thank you for sharing your story. It is a WOW !!!


With Gratitude

Raj Kaur

Private Reply to Infinitely Abundant Rajkaur , Divine light of Joy

Sep 17, 2006 5:52 pmre: re: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett


I received your private message also. I am deeply touched that you are sharing my story with your family and especially your 8-1/2 year old son.

It is so exciting to think of a young mind absorbing the Universal laws.

Thank you for letting me know.

~ Marilyn

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Sep 19, 2006 3:39 amre: re: re: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Sara Glover
Marilyn, what a wonderful way you have with words I am new here but was drawn to read this posting... and I'm so glad I did... I hope to learn much being apart of this network.

Sara G
Glover Graphics

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Sep 21, 2006 8:19 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part IX: …and You’ll Get the Results

I came home that New Years Eve. Logic would have me go right to sleep after such an event. But instead I proceeded to sit down at my typewriter and write a letter.

Now please keep in mind that I had no idea that I would ever be teaching Universal laws or writing of this experience so many years later. Had I realized the possibility at that time, that letter as well as hundreds, perhaps thousands of other details would have been organized and filed away for future reference. So at this time, I am relying only on those details that surface from my memory.

The only sentence that I remember from the letter was something like “I seem to have become THE source for party and event locations in Los Angeles.”

Yes, I had thought of the idea of a location company for parties and events. It was a brand new idea and concept. My event planning efforts may have seemed insignificant in the marketplace compared to the numerous large and established event companies in the city. And yet in writing, in present tense, I was CLAIMING myself to be an expert and top source in the city. And in fact, I was not being untruthful. No one else was operating as a source for party locations, therefore in my mind, I WAS “the” source. I was the only source so that made me “the” source. Wonderful logic, don’t you think?

But let’s put logic and rationalization aside. From the standpoint of pure spiritual law, I was accepting in my consciousness at that moment that I, in the “now” moment, was the expert and exclusive source for locations for parties and events. I was claiming my good and stamping my claim indelibly in my subconscious mind and in Universal Mind. I truly was, at that very moment, in thought and feeling, THE source for party and event locations in Los Angeles. I wasn’t pretending that I was. I wasn’t wishing that I was. I felt it in my heart. I had become it and accepted it in consciousness. In my mind, I found a need and was filling it. At the same time, I was creating a niche that would distinguish me in the industry.

There was no computer, only a small typewriter.

There was no professional looking stationery. My letterhead was actually quite airy fairy. I had found some full-color metaphysical type stationery with a mother Pegasus and its baby that filled about a third of the top of the page and the rest of the page was blue sky, It was very pretty and unusual stationary, but was definitely more creative than businesslike. The Pegasus was sheltering its baby under its wings in flight. I remember that the artwork symbolized “security” to my mind. It symbolized the security that I was seeking from the Universe. I had previously contacted the company that distributed the stationery and asked if I could buy it in volume, as it was only sold over the counter in small packages. They agreed. Since event planning was relatively creative, I had been using this as my stationery. It was different. I liked being different.

I don’t believe I even had a business name picked out at the time – I’ll explain in the next segment why it appears that I created the name months later.

There was no publicist. No PR person. No marketing professional. No media contacts. No education on how to get media attention.

I don’t think I even knew back then what a press release or marketing letter looked like.

So this letter served as none of those. It was just a simple letter with a few paragraphs stating what I was doing. The words flowed from within me onto the paper. There was no hesitation, no second guessing. No fear. No wondering if it would work.

There was only faith in the promptings that were “instructing” me to write the letter.

Now I am sure you are wondering, to whom was I sending such an assertive, inspired – and rather audacious – letter?

That simple letter was signed, stamped and mailed to the Los Angeles Times, the city’s major paper and one of the two largest newspapers in America. I don’t recall addressing it to any specific department; perhaps it was to editorial, or maybe “To Whom It May Concern”. But off it went.

Who was I to make such a claim to one of the largest newspapers in the world? I was a child of the Universe, that’s who. I don’t know if I fully realized it at that moment, but I was snuggled securely under the Universal wings.

And THAT, dear readers, is what I was guided to do at 3:00 am, New Year’s morning, 1984.

An idea had been born in my consciousness. It slowly surfaced to conscious awareness and a new business concept was created. I had subliminally “tuned in” to the pulse of the event industry and noticed the signposts the Universe placed along my path. There was no doubt in my mind that I was to do this.

There was no doubt in my mind that I was to mail that letter to the Los Angeles Times, although a “rational mind” could have easily discounted the possibility that it would ever be seen by an editor’s eyes.

At the same time, there was no conscious awareness in my mind of the Universe’s ultimate plan and the striking results of my action that would soon arrive.

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 24, 2006 5:19 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

The next segment of the story will be posted soon...

I did want to share first that I manifested a special blessing today.

I am still rather amazed by the continuing interest in the story and am very touched by private messages I have received expressing appreciation.

One message today carried the additional blessing.

In Segment VI, I wrote:

You don't have to be a seasoned seaman to understand a fundamental law of a successful voyage: It's the set of the sail, not the force of the gale that determines the way you go.

~ Unknown

Ryze member Lennart Palme was kind enough to include in his message, the poem to which the quote refers. I had copied the quote from a website some time ago and it had no author credit. But now that I read the following, it definitely seems familiar.

Lennart wrote:

"P.S. The poem you referred to was written by Ella Wheeler Wilcox...

One ship sails east and another sails west with the selfsame winds that blow.
'Tis the set of the sails
And not the gales
Which determine the way they go.

Like the winds of the seas are the ways of fate, As we voyage along through life;
'Tis the set of the soul
That determines the goal,
and not the calm or the strife."

~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I love that poem, Lennart! Thank you so much for writing to me so that I am able to share it with everyone. You have much to contribute here.

~ Marilyn

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 24, 2006 6:35 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

" . . . 'Tis the set of the soul/That determines the goal/. . . ."

THAT is powerful!

Blessings -- Linda

Linda J. Alexander, Books For The Thinking Reader
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/

Private Reply to Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Sep 24, 2006 8:38 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Cathie Lee

I'm glad that I just found your story,
so that I wouldn't have to endure the
anticipation of a week or more to get
this far!

I would like to also put forward that
a book is a great idea and just
what the universe needs.

Thank you for sharing!

Cathie Lee
Travel At Wholesale

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Sep 25, 2006 1:36 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part X: …and the RESULTS!

The New Year

The first quarter of the year, after the holidays, is usually rather slow in the event industry, as far as the actual parties and events are concerned. However, this is when clients may start planning their events for the coming year.

The letter sent to the Times was forgotten – or rather pushed to the back of my mind and it was time to cultivate new business. (I realized later on that I had used the prosperity principle of release without knowing it.) I continued with my prosperity work.

A few clients that I attracted during that time...

A film editor and a screenwriter became engaged on Valentine’s Day, and I went about coordinating their wedding reception for June. The young couple loved the location I presented – a gorgeous turn-of-the-century Victorian home that had been used in many films.

A real estate agent wanted a totally unusual and unique location to throw a birthday party for his wife. I secured the Frank Lloyd Wright house for him.

A public relations firm also booked the Wright house for a combination retirement and promotion cocktail party for the firm.

I don’t remember much more from that time period and then…

The Call

…then there was the phone call sometime in late February or early March, I believe. THE phone call.

A woman named Betty Goodwin called me and said she was a writer for the Los Angeles Times. She said that my letter had floated around to various departments at the paper for awhile and finally landed in her hands. Her editor had told her to check it out.

We spoke on the phone for awhile and I don’t recall the conversation except that she said she would speak with her editor and get back to me if there was any interest. A few days later she called again and said her editor liked the idea. Could we meet for an interview? We set a place and time. I met Betty at Michel Richard Patisserie, a small French café in Beverly Hills. I think that Betty chose the spot.

The Interview

Across from the table sat a petite but feisty young writer who proceeded to ask me questions about my business and my background. We discussed how I discovered an apparent “missing link” in the party business and decided to provide the link by opening my own “location service” in December. At one point, Betty said that she wanted to speak with my clients and I agreed to provide her with some contacts. And then she asked me to give her a list of some of my locations.

I was startled and a bit confused. I told her that if I were to expose the names of the venues to the public, then people wouldn’t need to use my services. They could book the locations directly.

Well, I told you that Betty was feisty. She was also direct and knew how to get what she wanted. I remember vividly how she leaned toward me, looked me right in the eye and said if I didn’t name the locations, there would be no article. But then in a softer, but still direct tone, she said, “Do it. It will be great publicity for you.” I knew that she meant this sincerely and wasn’t just trying to get her way.

The Times later called to set up an appointment for a staff photographer to take photographs of me at one of my locations. I selected one of the most spectacular venues in my portfolio (and in the whole city) where I had booked events – the Dutch Castle in Beverly Hills. The castle was a private residence, designed and built by the owner for his partner, who was a Dutch consul. The authentic blue and white castle was situated at the top of the hill with a view of the entire city, a pool area that extended over the mountain and a full-size tennis court. Did I mention “spectacular”?

Fitzgerald ("Fitz") was the Times photographer who took my photos. The wind was blowing at the top of the hill and I couldn’t keep my hair in place, but I was flying. :-)

Some time later I was told when the article would appear.

Friday the 13th

On the day that the article was to appear, Friday, April 13th, 1984, I couldn’t wait. I had researched when newsstands received the early edition papers, and in the wee hours I drove to a local stand that was open to find the paper and my article. As you know, newspapers are normally folded so that the main news section is on top. But what I found instead was that day’s Los Angeles Times with the View section on the top. The newspapers that day had been arranged incorrectly by “mistake” - and there I was in full glory on the cover of View on the cover of the paper.

When I opened my door later to find my delivered paper, it was the same. I was right there on the top again. I was later told by others that they opened their door and there I was staring up at them. No one could miss it.

And this was only the beginning. What happened next deserves an entire segment to itself…

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 25, 2006 2:02 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

I have to smile each time I read a new installment of this amazing story. You have got "it." Truly. And you tell your story so very well. The book will be fantabulous.

Blessings -- Linda

Linda J. Alexander, Books For The Thinking Reader
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/

Private Reply to Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Sep 27, 2006 5:35 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XI: The Universe is My Publicist…

Friday the 13th, 1984, and the newspaper hit the stands and doorsteps. What I recall the most – besides the thrill of it all, of course - is the absolute inundation of phone calls. I had never seen anything like it.

One call right after the other… I think I only had one telephone line. The minute I hung up, the phone would ring again without skipping a beat. It was unbelievable. I was glued to the phone for days. You heard me - days. I don’t remember how many days but it was a lot of days. My friend, Heidi, came over to help me take calls so I could take breaks. It was certainly exciting.

Calls, calls and more calls. Some were buying. Some were selling. Some stood out or made an impression and I remember them now as I write, so many years later. A law firm administrator called and in conversation told me that “everyone in the city now knows what you’re doing.” I don’t think I was aware of the extent of the exposure I was getting until she said that. Do you know how large the city of Los Angeles is and how many doorsteps I graced that day?

Companies called me for their corporate parties or holiday parties later in the year. I remember one was Chicago Title Company. Brides and grooms called for wedding locations. A department store called and asked if I would speak at a seminar as a role model for female entrepreneurs. I recall that I decided not to do it – I think I was just too overwhelmed at the time and wanted to get my bearings. I think I was also shy because I had never done anything like that before. I wish now I had done the seminar. But you know, being a media darling does take its toll. :-)

Oh, and I remember the man who called and asked who my publicist was. I told him I didn’t have a publicist. He said nobody can get publicity like that without a publicist. He said you have to pay for that kind of coverage. I remember distinctly telling him that, yes, I paid for it - with 40 years of my life. I told him I attracted the publicity with my mind. I’m sure that went over big. He probably thought I was lying…or nuts.

Then there was the guy with the sexy voice who called to …

Truthfully speaking, I wasn’t very pleased with the photograph. It was too dark, the castle didn’t show well, my hair had been blowing all over the place, and I just didn’t think the photo was flattering. But I was smiling in that photo and I was too busy reaping the fruits of my metaphysical labors to care at the time. The caller with the sexy voice thought I looked pretty good. :-) There has to be one in every crowd.

The rest of the calls were a blur but you have to believe me when I tell that there may have been thousands of them because although the frequency tapered off, the calls went on for more than two years. Not all of them turned into business of course, but enough business was booked to put me on the map. I discovered that many people had clipped and saved the article for future reference. Others remembered the concept if not the name…which brings up a point I recall that seemed truly amazing at the time...

During the years following the appearance of the article, I would get phone calls and the caller would often express astonishment at one particular aspect which they always told me about it. The caller would tell me that they had remembered the article from the past and had called the Times to research and find “the woman who rented locations for parties.” And instead of being transferred to a research department, the Times operators would rattle off my telephone number, just like he or she had memorized it. So many phone calls had come into the newspaper to find me over time that they had my telephone number taped to the switchboard!! Some of the operators had indeed memorized it. I even remember the number myself after all these years: 213-852-1651. (Back then area code 213 was the area code for Beverly Hills; it has since become 310).

Remember that I said I wanted to make a “statement?” I’d say I made one. :-)

But if you think THAT was the statement, then just wait ‘til you see what else the Universe had in store...

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 28, 2006 3:48 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XII: The Universe is My Publicist (Continued)

The Los Angeles Times article was the beginning of the ride of my life (ultimately a cosmic rollercoaster ride, but definitely a ride). I don't think I could have imagined in the past coming out of ‘nowhere’ to gain the exposure and the recognition like this for an idea. A simple idea. No, I wasn’t a movie star or celebrity. I had a simple idea and that idea was worthy of such public and media attention. How utterly amazing it seemed!

No Respecter of Persons

I’ll admit there were also misgivings relating to my sudden “media darling” status…

Just a couple of weeks after my article appeared on the cover of the View section, there was another article in the same spot that grabbed my attention. It was a feature story about Cynthia, a young, educated woman, who was one of the first heart transplant patients. In the story it mentioned that she was not able to work because the government would cut off her life sustaining medication if she received any income. I couldn’t believe it. She desperately wanted to return to some kind of work. I called, met with her and we arranged for her to help me with my business part time in some way and I would pay her “under the table” (sometimes there are truly good reasons to skirt the law just a little bit, don’t you think?) As it turned out, she couldn’t go through with it – her mother told me she was just too weary from her ordeal. I read somewhere years later that she became a spokeswoman for organ transplants. I was happy she found her place.

Now, the reason I bring this up is that after reading Cindy’s story, I couldn’t understand why I deserved to have a cover story in a major newspaper when there were so many more significant things in the world that warranted that kind of coverage. I was renting locations for parties, for God’s sake! How meaningful was that in the total scheme of things? (I vaguely recall someone telling me that people needed recreation in life too.)

I had to come to terms with the fact that I deserved it – for God’s sake. God, Infinite Intelligence, the Law, is no “respecter” of persons. We are all equal in the eyes of the Universe. We are all children of a loving Universe and we are all deserving of the gifts it wants to give us.

And this only served to teach me how powerful our thoughts and words are and how very precise and dependable the Universal laws and prosperity principles are.

At the beginning of this adventure, when I was guided to sell the Brancusi, I felt connected to my intuition and to Universal Mind, but when I was showered with opportunities for media attention, one right after the other, I think I felt loved – not by the public or media, not a typical form of love, but loved by my Universal parent who wanted me to succeed and prosper. I felt the gentle hug of the Universal arms.

Staking My Claim - the Right Name

Do you recall that when the article appeared in the Times, I didn't even have a business name? That's true. But I soon realized that I needed one. There were so many event companies and party planners in Los Angeles and I knew I didn't want the typical type of name that you find in the industry. I wanted clients to know that there was an owner of this business who cared about personal service and was accessible. I wondered about using my own name in the business name. Someone told me that you should never use your own name in a company name, that they are not successful. Hmmm. Let's see. There was Sara Lee, Manny, Mo & Jack, Smith Brothers (cough drops), Famous Amos, MacDonald's. Yeah, I see what they mean. But I couldn't come up with a name that sounded as comfortable as...

Marilyn Jenett Locations

And why just "Locations" and not "Event Production" as part of the name? Because, I reasoned that the first thing that a client thinks about when planning an event is the location. That's the very first item. Find a location. So I figured they would call me first before calling all of the other party and event companies. I wanted to stand out and be unique (I think you know that by now!). And it worked so well. When the clients called me for a location, they asked ME if I could coordinate their events as well as providing the location. A bit of reverse business psychology. Thank you, Universe. :-)

So this business name also eliminated a sense of 'competition' with other event companies...it would invite other event companies to use my location services as well. As my business grew, however, I decided not to book locations alone and only took on clients for which I could coordinate the entire event. At some point much later on, I added "Special Event Locations and Production" under the name. But the name remained the same (the logo shown below was designed many years later).

Done. Marilyn Jenett Locations it was.

Back to All the Media Attention…

Here is what snowballed that year from that Times article:

The Los Angeles Herald Examiner, the city’s second largest newspaper, called and did a feature photo story.

The Santa Monica Outlook and other Southern California papers followed with the same.

Okay, get ready for this…I then starting receiving calls from various newspapers around the country asking for more photographs! It turns out that Associated Press had picked up the story and wired it internationally. So our nation’s largest newspapers wanted to print their versions of the story with photographs – San Francisco Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Sacramento Bee, New Orleans, New York, and on and on. All were full page feature photo articles.

I also got telephone calls from some publications in Europe requesting interviews.

Radio stations called to interview me. I recently found in storage the tape of one show, Executive Report.

I suppose the Universe didn’t think I was getting enough exposure, so the next thing that happened?


Some of the most notable shows…

June, 1984 – PM Magazine and PM Magazine National Edition

July 1984 – ABC Newscope

October, 1984 – Two on the Town

PM Magazine was the top national magazine show at the time and was the forerunner to Entertainment Tonight. All of the shows gave me substantial segments, at least half an hour. Two on the Town was the most popular prime time show of its kind in Los Angeles and they interviewed me at the Victorian mansion and the Frank Lloyd Wright homes mentioned earlier.

The ABC News show was really funny. When interviewing me on location, at the "Gone with the Wind" home in Glendale, the reporter asked me how far I could see this business going. Well, it just so happened that the night before, a friend of mine and I were talking and she jokingly said that maybe I could book the White House for parties. I mentioned that to the reporter – you know, to be cute. Well, when the actual news broadcast aired, there was the narration and the edited segments of my interview. It ended with my comment about the White House and then cut to the White House with the National Anthem playing. You had to be there – but it was really funny!

I realized then that the Universe also has a great sense of humor.

As the media articles appeared, I asked for copies of the originals. I eventually had the first few laminated onto plaques to hang on walls. But the articles kept coming and I kept gathering. How many times can you look at yourself on a wall? So I had another good idea. Instead of laminated plaques, I had each newspaper and magazine article laminated onto a thin presentation piece, just like they use in the advertising industry. The originals were set against a black background and all of the final products were the same size. I then bought two large portfolios to hold my growing “collection”. Now all of these publicity memoirs would be preserved and neatly contained.

I had a professional service tape all of the television shows right from the broadcasts, so I had them all on 3/4" (professional) or 1/2" video. Just recently, I had all of the videos transferred to DVDs.

So 1984 was the big media year. The publicity continued in subsequent years but as my business consciousness grew along with the type of lucrative business client I wanted to attract, the publicity took a decided businesslike turn in place of the public one.

There was the cover and centerfold story in the Century City News a couple of years later. Century City is the highrise business community adjacent to Beverly Hills. That’s where I knew I wanted my office to be and where I eventually landed in an executive suite for 16 years. The article appeared in the “Business Serving Business" issue.

There were articles in business magazines, such as the magazine that Union Bank sent to its customers. Trade publications like Meeting News gave me coverage. A few other television appearances came along.

There was a different kind of publicity that came about years later as a result of my continuing prosperity work that again showed how striking unexpected results can be. It hinted at hidden talents as well as bringing a new level of credibility to my maturing business. More later...

I think you have gotten a pretty good idea of the ability of Infinite Intelligence to respond to our desires when we know how to “ask” in the right way and just as importantly, to “accept” in the right way.

I didn’t beg this Intelligence to give me recognition. I didn’t wish that I could have it. I didn’t read or study or learn how to get media coverage. I didn’t hire or consult with anyone. I did read and study and learn how to get a prosperity consciousness. I then wrote one letter in a moment of inner guidance on New Year’s Eve that reached out into Universal Mind. The All Knowing Wisdom of that Mind caused all of the elements to come together to bring the fulfillment of my heartfelt desire.

I used my prosperity techniques –the same ones I teach today - to instill in my subconscious mind that I already had success and recognition. I accepted success and recognition as a fact of life – mental life - before it happened in physical life. I gently planted the seeds in my subconscious soil and persistently watered these seeds with faith and expectancy. I waited patiently and quietly for the response to bloom.

Fast forward for just a moment…many, many years later I wrote a note to someone…

“In skimming, I can only say one thing with certainty. Our spiritual connection to God/the Universe/Divine Mind/Infinite Intelligence (whatever you choose to call it) cannot be recognized through the intellect. It can be known about through the intellect, but it can't be known. It can only be experienced through intuition and feeling. And once it is recognized, once you become aware of that Presence and its responsiveness to you, you can never be the same. Once you learn to align yourself with the laws and that Presence, you have achieved Spiritual Intelligence - true intelligence."

In 1984, I think for the first time in my life, I felt spiritually intelligent.

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 29, 2006 3:44 pmre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Afzal Huda
Wow! I love this, it's so inspiring...

Private Reply to Afzal Huda

Sep 30, 2006 10:45 pmre: re: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Vera Regelbrugge, MVA, GVA
It is 12:34 am in the morning here in Belgium. I was tired and intended to go to bed early when something told me to have a look at the Feel Free to Prosper site. I admit, I had not been there for a couple of days because of being so tired lately. Therefore, I had a lot of reading to do. Reading your story revitalized me.
Marilyn, what a wonderful life, what a great person you are.
Thank you for sharing this with us. When I look at the reactions, I think I may say that you are inspiring a lot of people. Again, thank you Marilyn.

Vera Regelbrugge MVA/GVA

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Oct 01, 2006 2:07 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XIII: There Is a Season

The publicity manifestations came speedily but settling into my new “entrepreneurship” role came slowly. I still have a letter in my files that was addressed to me personally at my residence and not to Marilyn Jenett Locations. It was dated August of 1984, so I know that even months after the articles came out in the newspapers, I still hadn’t chosen my business name. Eventually I did, however, and eventually I knew that I did not want to continue working from home. It was time to get an office – the first office I would ever have of my own for my own business. If I were going to own a business, I would go all the way.

I used to drive down Olympic Boulevard through Beverly Hills and the view of the Twin Towers as I approached Century City was a site to behold (yes, we call them the Twin Towers here, but they are formally the Century Plaza Towers). It would be late afternoon and the sun would be at a certain angle and ahead would be these tall slick angular triangles glistening with the reflection from the sun’s rays. The towers appeared flat and two dimensional from a distance and for some reason they reminded of those flat square disks that were hurled into space containing the “bad guys” in the first Superman film. I vividly recall one day marveling at these architectural wonders while driving, and suddenly the tiniest plane appeared to be flying right in between the two skyscrapers - it was an amazing illusion. I loved it. I said at that moment, “That’s where I want my office to be.”

As I write this, I ask you not to relate the airplane and the towers to the deeply profound event that would take place 15 years later in New York City. There was no connection at all. At that time I was just mesmerized by the beauty of the scene before me and awakened to an appreciation of the beauty and lines of modern architecture.

I meant what I said. I wanted my office in those Towers. The Century Plaza Towers is one of the most prestigious addresses in the entire world. The towers were occupied by the attorneys of the TV show, LA Law, as well as that elegant hunk of a private detective, Remington Steele (who later reincarnated as James Bond). From a website about the show:

"The tall buildings used for the establishing outdoor views of the Steele offices are the Century Plaza Towers located at 2029 & 2049 Century Park East, Century City, California."

Yes, I wanted the most prestigious office I could find. I wanted Remington Steele to be my neighbor :-). I wanted that famous Century Park East address. And I wanted it all on a sane and reasonable budding entrepreneur’s budget. Do you hear me, Universe?

I was heard. I found out that a large executive suite landlord occupied three full floors in the two towers. Executive suites are a perfect situation for entrepreneurs, sole practitioners, small firms and satellite offices of large companies. Each tenant company has its own office(s) but everyone shares the common amenities – reception area, switchboard, conference rooms, kitchen, copy room, etc. In an executive suite, it costs a fraction of what it would cost to set up your own offices, equipment, staff, etc. What a gift from the Universe for the sole entrepreneur.

I selected an office on the 12th floor of 2049. I moved from one side of the suite to the other a few years later, but Barrister Executive Suites in that 44-story highrise in Century City – the prestigious business community next door to Beverly Hills - was the home of Marilyn Jenett Locations for the next 16 years. I dreamt of having an office in the Twin Towers and I found one. I wanted this credibility for my corporate clientele and it was great for my business ego. I liked dressing well, going to the tower and enjoying the camaraderie with neighboring tenants in the suite.

So how many clients do you think came to my office in 16 years? Take a guess. Well, I remember two clients who did. When the clients flew in from out of state, I or my sraff would pick them up for a “site inspection”. Since I was the vendor, I was the one who visited the offices of local clients if needed or we would meet on location. So the office wasn’t for my clients. It was for me and for my credibility. Image was important to me and I wanted to be regarded as a professional. I wanted to attract the biggest corporate clients and I created the image to attract them. I may have been small but I didn’t look home grown. Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered to clients if I had a home office, but it mattered to me. It mattered in my thoughts and feelings. And that is the secret to manifestation – thought and feeling.

I was there until just a few years ago, when Barrister’s master lease with the building expired and was not renewed. The other entrepreneurs and the attorneys all looked for alternate space. I had really not been using the office that much in the later years. As time went by, I spent less and less time there. I decided to bring everything home and give it a try. Little did I know that my life would again undergo a very dramatic change. But that’s a story for another time.

Over the years, I never did bump into Remington Steele. :-) But I did pass John Travolta, Richard Dreyfuss and many other stars who were probably in the tower to see their attorneys or financial advisors.

I’m aware that I have probably given you the impression of this perfectly manifesting entrepreneur who by that time was in complete control of her dreams and destiny.

Well, in a cosmic sense, I believe I was. For the growth of my soul, for the life lessons that needed to be learned, I was writing the script and producing the play.

I had come so far. I had with my heart and soul and undaunted determination applied myself to peel away layers of fear and conditioned lack thinking to create something from nothing – to connect with my source, find a place for myself and make sense of my existence. I had accomplished results that seemed remarkable to me at the time, and yet so natural at the same time.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that with all the seemingly glorious accomplishments and my obvious ability to tap into my source of supply to manifest my desires, there were times when I was knocked down with great intensity. Several times in fact.

I could not understand how, with my ever evolving faith in the laws and my ability to apply them, how I could be so profoundly affected by the winds of “fate”. I was a metaphysician, I knew spiritual law, I understood. How could I falter and be caught up in appearances and mass mind thinking? What was I doing wrong?

It seemed that as I was becoming “seasoned” as a businesswoman, I was also being seasoned on another level when every disaster that could possibly happen and affect a business such as mine – well…happened. There were the Los Angeles riots, the major Northridge Earthquake, a recession or two. And much later on, the tide changed from local to global with 9/11 and anthrax. And of all the industries in the world, the hospitality industry and the special event industry are probably among the hardest to be impacted from these events.

I won’t get into more detail just now, but I do need to tell you that there was much more than meets the eye, there were times when all I could do was cry to the Universe and ask “why?” I didn’t understand but I knew that no matter what happened, no matter how difficult things were at those times, that I would do whatever it took to save what I had created. And with even more determination, I threw myself into and sought refuge in the teachings, applied my knowledge and sought an even greater connection to my source.

Through the psychic pain of those situations, I did not realize what I have come to realize today...

That had I not gone through those intense experiences, I would not have been "forced" to learn the lessons, I would not have learned with complete conviction what works and what doesn’t work, and I would never be the teacher of these principles that I am today. I had no awareness of it back then, but I was being initiated, seasoned and refined for the purpose of my life

To be continued…

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Oct 01, 2006 3:17 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Martin Thomas

this just gets better and better. It is wonderful how you so artfully interweave the details of your life and the principles that were forming, assisting and, more and more, creating your new reality. Following this fascinating saga is like watching a scientific experiment being performed, as opposed to simply reading the rules of how it should be done. This really is a book in the making, and we are all drawn in by your literary elegance.

Success in contagious, in the best sense of that word, and it is inspiring to read of the challenges that you were able to overcome because of the sheer strength of your determination to succeed, and to fully realise your ideals.

Write on!!!, and Right on!!!

From a fellow Writer,


Private Reply to Martin Thomas

Oct 02, 2006 8:26 amre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Thank you, Martin.

It is important for my readers to understand that the growth of a prosperity consciousness may not be a continuous upward spiral. There may be many challenges to face and overcome along the way. It is indeed like peeling away the layers of conditioning that have previously held us back.

But...it is what we DO at those particular times that will determine the "set of our sail" for our lifetime. These challenges are the most fantastic opportunities for us to prove the workings of spiritual law and to apply the prosperity principles we have learned.

We can fall into the mass mind consciousness of fear, lack and defeat or we can respond to our soul's gentle push - or sometimes very adamant shove - to come up higher and learn how to play this game.

Just think about it, everyone. How meaningful would these laws become and how much faith would you have in them if they served as a cosmic lifejacket while you were in the middle of an ocean of negativity with no land in site? What if the Universe reached out directly to you and pulled you out of the ocean and delivered you safely to shore and provided all your needs at that moment. How would you feel?

Would this replace your doubts with a confidence and faith in a sustaining power that is connected to you and is always there for you?

Now, I am not saying that everyone who decides to learn and apply the laws must necessarily go through such intense challenges. Much will depend upon your background, conditioning and awareness. But if my personal experiences have brought me to an absolute state of faith and conviction in the laws, then as a teacher, I can serve as a bridge to that faith and conviction and take you to a place where you can access your own resources and prove it for yourself.

I believe that I needed to go through those experiences - I needed to hit bottom and feel the conditions that so many others have experienced in order to develop the compassion and empathy and the absolute faith in these laws to help others overcome the way I did. It was the only way I could become authentic in my teaching.

~ Marilyn

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Oct 05, 2006 1:37 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XIV: Synchronicity is My Game

I am recalling highlights of the first decade of Marilyn Jenett Locations…

As I continued applying my prosperity knowledge, many situations flowed very naturally toward me. Looking back now, I really appreciate just how much synchronicity was prevailing in my life. Once you commit to and become accustomed to a “prosperity” path in life, it just seems like this is the way it’s all supposed to be. It doesn’t appear to be anything unusual. But we humans have become so out of tune with this natural flow in our lives, that usually when we do experience synchronistic occurrences, we marvel at these “supernatural” experiences. But I like to say that the supernatural is really quite natural. We just need to acquire the knowledge to understand this and become “connected” to it.

Eye on the Doughnut

One of the first things that I “attracted” was a call from the Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau. One of their sales staff had seen an article about me and came by to sell me a membership. I had never belonged to an organization like that before and it required investment for yearly membership. I recall that the salesperson was quite pushy, and I thank my lucky prosperity stars that she was. I joined the Bureau and maintained my membership for 20 years. The greater majority of high paying convention clients and events that I attracted came from my listing in the Bureau’s meeting planning guide. I didn’t do any local networking with the Bureau or go to their events, but out of state clients would see my listing and call. Membership in the Bureau was the greatest investment in my business that I ever made (second to my prosperity studies, of course!). Clients didn’t just happen to find my listing and call. There were hundreds of event companies and suppliers listed in the planning guide. But I know that the clients who found me were supposed to find me and were the result of my continuing use of prosperity laws.

By the way, another pushy saleswoman saw my Times article and came by to sell me a Mercedes Benz. She was a very effective saleswoman and noted the virtues of driving a Benz with my new "image". I wasn't so easily influenced by this pitch and kept my feet planted firmly on the ground. :-)

There was one happening that stands out regarding my membership in the Convention & Visitors Bureau. One year the Super Bowl was coming to Los Angeles. I received a desperate call from Marge, the Director of Convention Services, telling me that they could not find a location for the huge Super Bowl party after the game (for about 5,000 guests). She had been calling other event industry members of the Bureau asking for help in locating a site. These members refused to help because she could not promise them that they would be involved with this large event. She told me the very same thing. She said that all she could do was recommend that the client (Super Bowl) use my services, but neither she nor the Bureau were in a position to guarantee that they would. She said that the client had already contracted the services of a major hotel chain who was handling all of the coordination. The budget for the event was about $1 million.

So what I was being told was that, if I suggested a site and helped the city resolve this major dilemma, it was likely that I would see no profit or business from it. As the host city for this event, Los Angeles was represented by the Bureau, and the situation was urgent. It was amazing that all of these professionals working on one of the nation’s largest events could not come up with a single location in Los Angeles that would accommodate the after-game celebration.

Enter Super Location Woman, Marilyn Jenett…In speaking with Marge, I had to make a decision whether to give away my information for no likely reward or follow the other members who wouldn’t let the Bureau “take advantage” of them for no reward.

The thing is, when you are a prosperity thinker and aligning yourself with the prosperity laws, you don’t think in the same way that others think. You don’t see the cup as half empty. You see the doughnut. You don’t see the hole. And as I said above, a prosperity thinker becomes accustomed to the synchronicity of events. You don’t analyze. You follow your intuitive feelings because those feelings are guidance from a place that doesn’t succumb to reason, rationale or practicality. I had come to consider anything that flowed in my direction as part of the divine plan that was the result of my prosperity work. And in this particular situation, I had the opportunity to stand out from all of those other vendors who could only see the “hole”.

With that attitude, I had to tell Marge yes, I know of a location (it flashed right into my mind). I told her I would call the location and find out if it was available on the date required and get back to her. I called the Los Angeles Equestrian Center and found out that the date was indeed available - which in reality was extremely unusual since there were polo matches and activities scheduled almost every day of the week. Unbelievably, that particular date was available. I called Marge and gave her the information. In my heart of hearts I knew I would not be involved in the $1 million Super Bowl party. But that was okay. I had followed my guidance. I didn’t question.

I had attracted many large corporate clients from my Bureau membership. If this situation was an opportunity to express my gratitude to the Bureau and to the Universe, then so be it. Even back then I understood the profound importance of gratitude in the growth of a prosperity consciousness. And I was beginning to understand the mysteries of synchronicity. So I didn’t question the situation that connected me to Marge. I didn’t know then how the city’s Super Bowl would plant a seed for my own Prosperity Bowl.

Marilyn Jenett Locations was the name. Synchronicity was my game.

That Mansion is How Much??!!

Some time later – I don’t recall how much time had elapsed - I received a call from Marge again. This time she said that a client was coming to Los Angeles and had contracted a destination company to handle their three days of meetings and events. However, the client was quoted an exorbitant price for the rental of a mansion for their final night dinner party. The client was trying to find out if this rental quote was legitimate. Marge again asked if I would help out and speak with the client to give her some advice. My intuition again prompted me to do it. I told Marge to have the client call me.

The client, Teresa, called. She said that the destination company had quoted her $36,000 for the mansion rental for that evening dinner party (that price was just for the residence rental alone - nothing else was included). I told Teresa that I knew the home and the rental price. I told her that the owner would want $20,000 for a party with that many guests (about 700). So it was likely that the destination company was adding the rest as profit. Teresa told me that the company had told her that they were not marking the home up – that the price was the owner’s price. The total billing with that company was $1.5 million dollars for three days. She felt that they were getting such a large amount of business that they should not be marking up the home to an unrealistic price.

As I also did business with the mansion, I called the owner and asked what he was charging. As I suspected, he was charging the destination company $20,000. Now Teresa had some strength to negotiate.

I told her to go back to that company and use the information I had given her as a bargaining point to negotiate the price down. She then asked if she owed me anything for my help. I told her no, she didn’t. I was glad I could help. I appreciated her asking, but I didn’t feel it was right to accept any payment under the circumstances, just to give some location advice. She was apparently already being gouged and my feeling was to keep a low profile. I felt it would still give me points with the Bureau and with the Universe. :-)

About three days later, Teresa called me back again. She said that the other company still told her the owner wanted $36,000 and they were not marking it up. She knew they were lying based on her “inside” info. She told me that she had signed the contracts with that company for the three days of meetings and events, but it had not included the final night dinner dance. And because the company had lied to her about the house, she was not going to let them have that final event. Teresa asked me if I would coordinate the dinner dance for her.

Oh, did I mention that Teresa’s employer was a company named Baker & McKenzie – the largest law firm in the world? That final dinner dance was budgeted at $142,000, billed by Marilyn Jenett Locations.

Marilyn Jenett Locations is the name. Synchronicity is my game. :-)

To be continued…

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Oct 05, 2006 9:55 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Surprise Guests

Teresa from Baker & McKenzie with "Clark" and "Mae"

Another "Marilyn" showed up and had eyes for this attorney

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Oct 05, 2006 10:01 pmre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Cathie Lee
You sure know how to throw a party!!!

Cathie Lee
Travel At Wholesale

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Oct 07, 2006 9:10 pmre: re: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Diana Hodge
I am new to this network. This was the first post that I have read here... WOW! So powerful and inspiring!
I couldn't stop reading... I agree this will be a GREAT book! Thanks so much for sharing!

Diana Hodge

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Oct 08, 2006 5:17 amre: re: re: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Cathy, thank you.

I will admit to a bit of a "dramatic" flair. :-) And here in LA, we get away with lots of drama.

I have actually been considering a party of our own here for FFTP - watch the message board.

And Diana, I very much appreciate your comments.

If this inspires others to fulfill their entrepreneurial missions by tapping into their own resources of guidance and wisdom, then it's a story worth telling.

I'm still scratching my head over the response, and the fact that I received representation to sell my story to a major publishing house. But I am not writing a book. I am telling a story - but only if others are listening. The book will be just a by-product.

Thanks to all for your appreciation.

~ Marilyn

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Oct 14, 2006 3:04 amre: re: re: re: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidan#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Okay, & then . . . what?!

Blessings -- Linda

Linda J. Alexander, Books For The Thinking Reader
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/

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Oct 14, 2006 3:44 amre: re: re: re: re: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Gu#

Marilyn Jenett


You'll have to ask my agent - the Universe.


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Oct 14, 2006 3:57 amre: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity an#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Okay . . . we'll just go ahead & do that! ; >

Blessings -- Linda

Linda J. Alexander, Books For The Thinking Reader
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/

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Oct 14, 2006 8:31 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XV: The Write Stuff

Dispelling Myths

I am delighted at the unexpected feedback and overwhelming appreciative response I have received as a result of my story so far. Someone had mentioned, however, that I might appear to others as a “superwoman” with all of these inspiring and predominantly positive experiences. It was suggested that perhaps I could share more about the not-so-wonderful experiences over the years, as this would allow readers to better relate to me. In relating to my negative experiences, they could more readily accept that they could overcome their own.

I contemplated this for some time, as this was a respected opinion. I then brought this up with a couple of my students while conversing. One stated that although my story is greatly inspiring, she can understand how some could get that impression. After all, she said, “I don’t know anyone else who books mansions and castles. I don’t know anyone else who has stood in the Cheers bar.” I will reserve the comment of the other student until later.

I figure that this provides a perfect opportunity to reveal that I am not faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound (original TV Adventures of Superman). Then again... :-)

So let’s do some myth dispelling here. First of all, the special events industry is a very large and specific industry relating to all aspects of personal, business and corporate entertaining, including hospitality and the meeting and convention markets. In almost every major city of the world, and even smaller cities, there are businesses that are created for this industry. Obviously, there are the hotels, but there are also caterers, party and event coordinators and production companies, destination management companies and special event professionals that service all aspects of the industry – food and beverage service, rental equipment, florals, design and décor, music and entertainment, transportation and parking - the list goes on.

Local clients as well as meeting planners and incoming convention clients who entertain are always seeking the perfect venue for their events. And the job of finding and securing that perfect venue has to be done by the client personally or by the local vendors – it was traditionally done by the caterers or event coordinators. In any case, it requires numerous telephone calls, researching locations, specs and availability, and is very time consuming, especially to find something less common and more unique.

But the point is, each city has a selection of event venues that are available for rental. These may be commercial and public facilities or they may be privately owned. And this would include private residences, mansions and castles. You have already become familiar with a couple of the residences I have mentioned. There are castles that can be booked in the world that are either privately owned or are public venues or museums that can be rented under certain conditions.

So the fact that I was able to rent “mansions and castles” certainly does not make me a superwoman – or any more glamorous than anyone else who had booked such sites. What did make me stand out is the fact that I learned to apply prosperity principles to connect with my Universal guidance to take what was ALREADY available and use it to create a viable business to provide that specific service on PURPOSE. It was “tuning in” to the pulse of the public and the industry to make a better mousetrap. And that is an area in which we can ALL become super. It has been said that all ideas are already created and existing in Divine Mind. We can learn to open our minds to tune in, become receptive, grasp an idea and make it our very own. Infinite Intelligence is waiting to give you your super idea. You must prepare to receive.

What about my signature photo…that interesting one with me standing in Cheers? Oh, that one is easy. If you had been to Los Angeles in the past 10 years, you could have visited the Hollywood Entertainment Museum and found yourself on the actual set of Cheers. Anyone could have taken a photo of you next to our wooden Indian friend. I use the past tense, because as of June of this year, 2006, the Museum closed in order to seek a new larger location to expand the Museum and its educational programs for the highest at-risk youth.

So I did not need to wear a cape to find myself in Cheers. :-) I merely needed to conduct my business – book the facility for my client’s event and grab the photographer a few minutes before the clients arrived.

The Write Stuff

Now allow me to address this idea regarding my negative experiences. This one took a lot of thought. My teachings are based on the power of our thoughts and words, and especially the power of the written word. I also teach about forgiving and releasing the past in order to shift our consciousness to the present in which we create our “future”. All of the master teachings involve a transforming, or “renewing” of the mind to manifest a new life. We are admonished not to entertain the negative, which means to dwell or keep our attention there.

How then can I teach others to transform their lives by transforming their words, and yet revisit and dwell myself on circumstances that have been released and put to rest? How can I relive events in writing that will only serve to take me back to a place where I don’t want to be and take you, dear readers, with me? How can I justify that? Is that really necessary in order for you to relate to what I have written and to accept the inspiration and embrace the messages?

Perhaps elaborating on my painful experiences would encourage a “bonding” process. I won’t disagree with that. It’s done all the time in books. But I also recall that it was not done in the books of those great masters of mental science and teachers of Universal laws who have influenced me the most and whose teachings have had the greatest impact on my life. In fact, one great teacher just recently wrote her autobiography for the first time in her 50-year career. On the other hand, the books of these great teachers were not unfolding personal stories such as mine is here, which certainly does have the positive slant. So I see both sides of the issue.

Will it suffice to relate that I have been through those undesirable experiences without describing them? Will you gain from my story if I assure you that wherever you have been, I have been also? Can I mention these things in passing without "entertaining" them? Is it enough to know that I have experienced the depths of despair and these were the greatest learning experiences of my life, because when you are in the depths, you have only two choices. You will drown in the depths or you can choose to go up. If you choose the latter, Life will support you, the Universe will guide you, and you will learn. And know that with all of my knowledge and advances, I am still learning.

I have come to the decision that this writing is not about relating to you on the level where you are now. It is intended to lift you to the place where you want to be. I don’t believe it is necessary for us to have a party to celebrate the depths. We can instead choose to travel up together. If I have learned lessons to be further along than you, than I can be a guide.

As that other student so poignantly said to me…

”You are not about taking them to the darkness. You are about bringing them to the light.”

Opinion eagerly accepted. For now.

To be continued…

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Oct 15, 2006 4:11 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XVI: More or Less

Born with Silver Spoons

Let’s move on…

Do you remember what I said to myself when I returned home from that rather tiring New Year’s Eve party – the night that I wrote that letter to The Times? I said that I didn’t want to be an event planner anymore. Yes, I said that. Well, at that time I meant it. However, now that I look back, perhaps my frustration was the impetus that pushed me into writing that letter and creating the idea for the new business. Perhaps at a subconscious level, I really meant that I didn’t want to be JUST an event planner anymore. I wanted to create my own special niche. And I did.

For a relatively short time, when I first created Marilyn Jenett Locations, I actually did only book locations for the parties and events. This enabled me to provide the service to other event professionals as well as directly to clients. It was a welcome reprieve at the time to book the sites and not have to be responsible for the entire event. When I secured sites for clients directly, I would refer them to other event vendors such as caterers, rental companies, etc. and receive commissions from the vendors for the referrals.

But I knew that the real profits were to be made in producing the events, hiring all of the vendors myself and billing the clients through my company. I could control the pricing – and the profits. And enhance my position in the marketplace. I established longstanding relationships with a wonderful “family” of event professionals and I was able to provide the finest service, build in substantial profits for myself, and still accommodate the clients’ budgets. So Marilyn Jenett Locations became a full service event production company that specialized in providing the most unique and exciting locations for events. Remember, the first thing the client thought about was the location for their event, so it was not unusual for them to find me and call me first.

I had a favorite caterer, who was to become my professional “right arm” for the next 20 years. The way we found each other was all a part of the divine plan.

Prior to creating Marilyn Jenett Locations, when I had left Bolla and was coordinating events, a large catering company in Los Angeles had approached me about hiring them for my events. Polly Bergen, the actress, had just bought the company, and she had some high profile women on her team who were aggressively marketing the business. They took me to lunch to “wine and dine” me. I thought I would give the company a try and hired them for an event I coordinated. The manager of the catering staff that they sent to work my event was a young man named Scott Tessler. I watched how he handled the event and was very impressed with him.

Scott eventually opened his own company, Silver Spoons Catering, and became my primary caterer. Our association lasted through the years and the duration of my business – over 20 years.

There are several reasons I bring Scott to this story…

It wasn’t until eight years later that Scott told me that I was the reason he went into business. He reminded me of something that I had completely forgotten. I had said to him at that first event that he was too talented to be working for that company – I told him he should be on his own and have his own catering company.

He said that he went home that evening and told his wife, Faith, “We’re going into business.” And that was the beginning of Silver Spoons Catering. I never realized that I was the reason. It wasn’t until he mentioned it all those years later that I remembered saying that to him. So it appears that even back then, in the early days, I was mentoring and didn’t know it!

Scott was my caterer for that New Year’s Eve party on the “famous” night that changed the direction of my life. The event, as I mentioned previously, was stressful on several counts and we had an argument. I said I wouldn’t use him again. But Scott and I were a team and it was just like a family spat. I don’t believe I could have grown my business over the years without Scott. His chefs were wonderful, the food was outstanding and even clients would ask for his recipes or request that I use him for repeat events. Scott and his family were also very good people. And I now realize that I helped Scott grow his own prosperity consciousness (although it didn’t occur to me at the time that I was actually doing that). Here’s how…

When a client would call and ask for a proposal, I would call Scott, as I did all the vendors I would use for that event, and get estimated prices. Scott’s areas would include catering, service personnel, rental equipment, and on occasion, other elements. Scott would often hesitate when suggesting various menu suggestions and prices, out of fear that if we charged too much we would lose the event. I would tell him to include the upgraded menu items to make the proposal more appealing to the client and to charge accordingly. He would ask again if I was sure we wouldn’t “scare off the client” with those prices. I would always assure him that I would never let him lose a client over prices, and remind him that we hadn’t lost a client yet.

I would then gather all the prices from my vendors, build in a good profit for myself on top of that, and send the proposal to the client. The result? Invariably, the client would respond with something like. “We love the proposal and what great prices.” :-)

Scott finally stopped questioning it all and trusted that I knew what I was doing. Of course I knew what I was doing. I had complete trust that the Universe had brought me those clients and would guide me every step of the way to service them properly. I knew that if there was a budget consideration, we could adjust our prices to accommodate that. But my proposals were wonderful and so creative, that more often the clients ended up asking me to add more elements and they spent more for the event than originally intended. It’s all about service and value. When clients believe they are getting the best value for their money, they won’t hesitate to spend it (I'm referring here mainly to corporate clients but it may relate to others as well).

Now the point I want to emphasize here is that when we are on the prosperity path, we cannot help but affect others whom we touch. We don’t have to “teach” them or even speak about prosperity principles or laws. It becomes part of our essence. It just oozes out of us and finds a way to encourage others, enlighten them and raise their consciousness along with ours. I rarely, if ever, spoke about these laws to my business associates and vendors. In fact, had I done so at that time on my path, they probably would have rolled their eyes. I knew I couldn’t speak about what I was learning and applying to many others, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t influence them. I helped Scott overcome his fear of charging what he deserved or of “losing” a client by offering his best.

More and More…

This brings me to the subject in more detail…

It was notable that when I started my business, I came up with a certain "minimum" profit I wanted to make. Within a very short time I didn't feel that profit was enough and I gingerly started to charge more. Then more. I kept stretching and kept raising my profit requirement.

NOW THIS IS THE MOST INTERESTING PART: The more I raised my prices, the more I attracted higher paying clients. Each step forward helped me release the fear that I couldn't get more (or that maybe I wasn't worth more).

The caliber of client I attracted was directly related to the amount of profit I required for myself. The more I claimed for myself, the more the Universe brought to me the clients who had the ability to pay and to accommodate my elevated prosperity consciousness. And the more I continued applying the prosperity principles, the more I claimed for myself.

Over time I completely eliminated the type of events that required much more work for much less money. I realize now that I was creating that "vacuum" for new, higher paying clients to arrive. And they kept arriving. And new circumstances opened up to attract them.

The Universe will find a way to bring us the rewards that we claim for ourselves. But we must claim it - boldly - and know we deserve it. When we release the fear and doubt, the Universe will rush to support us.

We must make a decision. We are operating from integrity, we have a viable and valuable product or service to offer, there are plenty of clients or customers who will benefit from what we have to offer, and we deserve to be rewarded appropriately.

When Less Is More…

Okay, let's say you have reached a point where you know that you deserve to be rewarded fairly for your efforts and you charge accordingly. But there are certain times, if you let your intuition guide you, when you may feel prompted to give your services for much less than your usual value. At those times you are "tuned in" and you may not know why you feel it is the right decision, but you just know and feel that it is. You don't think twice about it. These are times when you are being guided by an unseen hand - your higher self is directing you because there is more to the story than meets the eye.

A client, Michelin North America, was referred to me years back, for a relatively small event. They were showcasing their new "designer" tires to the local auto industry with a reception at our automotive museum. They had invited only a few special guests, had already booked the museum so there was no profit for me there, and in short, there was a rather meager budget. The corporation, located in South Carolina (I'm in Los Angeles), didn't participate in conventions here, so there didn't seem to be much prospect for future business from them.

But my inner voice said "Do it!" I coordinated the small event and gave it my best, the client expressed appreciation and that was that.

A couple of months later I heard from the client again...they were planning to fly 250 of their best dealers from the East Coast to Los Angeles to celebrate New Year's Eve in grand style at the auto museum and to attend the Rose Parade, in which Michelin had a float. The celebration was commemorating the 100th Anniverary of Bibendum, the Michelin Man.

That New Year's Eve gala was a six figure billing from Marilyn Jenett Lcoations. And “Bib” was a big hit at his birthday party and on his float in the parade.

In the years following that event I coordinated two other events here in Los Angeles for Michelin, including a huge media event that showcased 90 environmental cars, for which Edouard Michelin himself flew in from France. This is especially notable in that the event took place in October 2001, a month after 9/11!

It was generally known that following 9/11, the world turned upside down and special events were cancelled far and wide. People were not flying. Anthrax was major news. The hospitality and events industries were impacted greatly.

But the Michelin event I coordinated above, which was actually a part of a three-day itinerary in three cities, went on as planned.

When we boldly claim our good, all of the forces of the Universe will come into play to fulfill our expectations, sometimes in the disguise of "little packages". When you listen to that inner voice…it will tell you when the little packages contain diamonds.

Oh, one more thing…Scott and Silver Spoons Catering were booked for all of the Michelin events. Our client demanded it…by order of the Divine planner.

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Oct 17, 2006 12:14 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XVII: Human Resources: The Universe, Third Level

So there I was, early in my business, with an office in Century City, some welcome publicity here and there, and clients that seemed to arrive when they were supposed to.

In the beginning, I would generally meet my clients on location – at the venues that I recommended for their event. If there was more than one location, I could either drive them around or they would follow in a car, especially if there were several associates coming to see the locations. If clients flew in from out of state, they would have to be picked up at their hotel and escorted for the site inspection.

There came a time when I really felt that I needed a helper. I was a one-woman operation – a sole proprietor with a growing business and reputation. My administrative needs were provided by local staff in the executive suite or elsewhere in the building where my office was located. The vendors that I contracted for the events were all independent companies and as mentioned, I developed relationships with these event professionals and when required, I could easily find new services.

But finding personal helpers was another matter. And it was a matter that was handled beautifully by my cosmic human resources department.

Demand and Supply

I was sitting in my office one day and I had been thinking about finding someone to help take my clients around to see the locations. I really didn’t like driving around Los Angeles in traffic and I just knew there was a better way to do this. I also knew that I didn’t need a full-time employee.

Suddenly the telephone rang and the switchboard attendant put the call through to me. A young woman said, "Hi Marilyn, my name is Mona..." and without skipping a beat, I said, "and you’re looking for a job." Needless to say, she was stunned (well, I probably was also), but I hadn’t even thought about my response. It just came out. Somehow I just knew why she was calling.

Mona was absolutely perfect. She was going to school getting her psychology degree. I recall that she also had plans to visit El Salvador as a missionary. She needed some flexible, part-time work for income. And she even had some business smarts. Mona told me that I shouldn’t be driving my clients around to the locations. After all, she said, I was the head of the company, the "queen bee". She said the clients would respect my position and expertise much more and consider me more successful if I had my worker bees doing those duties. She suggested that she drive the clients to all the locations and that I meet them when she brought them to the final location, where we could be introduced and discuss the options. It was the perfect scenario. I didn’t have to deal with traffic for hours and entertain clients while escorting them. And then I, the queen bee, could meet them – calm, cool and collected. :-) The added bonus was that while Mona was escorting them, she would sing my praises and build their confidence in my expertise. And wow, was she good at that.

The most endearing memory I have of Mona is that she was the first person in my life to ever call me "Boss". She always called me "Boss". We ran into each other in a restaurant many years later, after she had gone on to bigger and better things. She came to the table where I was sitting with my companion, threw her arms around me in a big hug and said, "Hi, Boss!" I didn’t see her coming and it was an unexpected surprise.

The time came when Mona had to leave, and in perfect synchronicity, Steven showed up. He was working for Scott, the caterer, at the time, and wanted some extra work. He remained my site inspection person for awhile until he moved to Hawaii to start his own catering company.

Then Michelle arrived. She also worked in the event industry and wanted part-time work while going to chef’s school. She was another one who just spontaneously started calling me "Boss". I guess I’m just naturally bossy. :-) Michelle later moved to Northern California to attend a culinary institute.

Time went on. The business evolved. I moved in with a personal manager in the entertainment industry. Ron was independent and on his own in business and nurtured the careers of his actor clients. He also became a natural helper for Marilyn Jenett Locations. He would take my clients out for site inspections and they really loved him. He had a great sense of humor and was really good with people. He would also sometimes help out at the events – I think more for moral support than anything.

One day Ron and I had a spat (yes, they do show up once in awhile in this story). He was half asleep and I said to him, "I don't want to argue." He replied, "Then don't be so bossy." I said (jokingly), "But I am the boss." To which he replied, "Then don't let me know it." Smart man.

Lyndia called out of the blue one day looking for employment. She had moved here from the east coast, and after being married for many years, was starting a new life on her own. She was doing temporary work while searching for the right employment opportunity. Lyndia took my clients around and helped me run events for several years when she was available, until she was fully settled in a career.

Mike is one of my best friends. In the more recent years, he has been there for me whenever I needed him. That included taking my clients for site inspections or helping out at an event if needed. He is my self-proclaimed "Go To Guy" :-) And in more ways than I could ever thank him for, he has been there for me through thick and thin. I have been there for him also – we’ve helped each other. But I will always be grateful for his great heart and his support.

What was this all about? Well, the fact is that over a span of two decades, I never had to look for helpers for my business. Not once. I was perfectly provided for at every turn.

What was especially gratifying was that I was able to help a few people along the way while they were following their own dreams. It was the perfect synchronicity for them also. The flexible position served as a stepping stone on the way to their entrepreneurial endeavors or careers.

I am such a free spirit, I felt like I was allowing them to be also. Even if they did call me "Boss".

Marilyn and Ron – Glam Shot :-)

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Oct 17, 2006 2:07 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Afzal Huda
This is very interesting. It shows you never really relied on an individual for any sort of help because you knew that the universe was taking care of everything. Everyone was coming and going at the right time. This is a good example of Let Go Let God!

Well, well, well, you need to tell us more about Mike and Ron. Especially how you met Ron and...

I want to know more about the "Romantic Marilyn" :)


Private Reply to Afzal Huda

Oct 17, 2006 2:44 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Sam Elliot
I'm loving the story as it unfolds Marilyn, if it were a book, it would be the kind I would devour in one sitting :))

Please keep going :)


Private Reply to Sam Elliot

Oct 17, 2006 3:02 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Dawn Khan
Oh Marilyn, Okay NOW you have me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next installment. I was amused at the "gift of image" that came through Mona, but even more pleased to note the "relationship" side of Marilyn...

I will have to tell you about my little "empath" gift. Because now it is starting for prosperity, it has happened for love, it has happened for unresolved relationships, but it has never happened for prosperity before!

Synchronicity abounds, and your story inspires!


Telework: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Telecommuter_Professionals/

Ryze Winning Career Strategies: http://hfcnwinningcareers-network.ryze.com/
Dawn Mular, http://linkedin.com/in/dmular

Private Reply to Dawn Khan

Oct 17, 2006 3:44 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Kathleen Jaap, CPA, MA

All of your chapters have been inspirational and have reminded me how my own life and career so very often unfolded in the same synchrnistic manner.... Seemingly without effort... We are always attracting that which already exists!

Kathleen Jaap

Private Reply to Kathleen Jaap, CPA, MA

Oct 17, 2006 4:18 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

I don't think you could take anything BUT a "glam shot!" ; >

The way you're unfolding this story, bit by bit, is a great tool in showing how prosperity steps work, one along w/another w/another. While they work in tandem subconsciously, it's good to see, consciously, how the process is definitely ongoing.

Your "agent" does great work!

Blessings -- Linda

Linda J. Alexander, Books For The Thinking Reader
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Private Reply to Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Oct 18, 2006 9:19 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

"I don't think you could take anything BUT a "glam shot!" ; >"

That's true...I couldn't take anything but a glam shot. I didn't take the other ones. I let the trash man take them.


Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Oct 20, 2006 11:27 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Yet another "synchronistic" moment? My longstanding "philosophy" in life is exactly that: "Why Be Normal?" I have probably the same bumper sticker as Ron, & I've had it many, many years. It's gone with me wherever I've gone, usually ending up in my work space. Right now, it's under the plastic of my desk cover.

In fact, I had a button w/the same phrase. I think I lost it (have to find another!). When I wore it, it was always, always upside down because, of course, to wear it right-side-up would be, well, it would be normal. Imagine the looks I got when wearing that on my dressy suit lapel! I absotively love that lil' bit of fun shock value.

My desk-esconced bumper sticker is also placed upside down right in the middle of my desk. A daily reminder.

And I was serious. I doubt you CAN take anything but a glam shot! I'm enjoying the peek at the romantic Marilyn, also. Thx for sharing a bit of those things while continuing to impart the lesson behind it all. ; >

Blessings -- Linda

Linda J. Alexander, Books For The Thinking Reader
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/

Private Reply to Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Oct 26, 2006 8:46 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Martin Stillwell
Hi Marilyn
It's been a while :-)
A quick visit to Ryze and Feel Free to Prosper turned in to a long visit, and a wonderful read.
I'm so pleased you've written all this, and I agree with comments that a book would be right.
By the way, I had another nudge from elsewhere about Martin Thomas's wonderful book Slice of Heaven so I bought it, read it in days and have already passed it on to someone else.
A lovely tale, and an inspiring one.
Thanks for everything.
All the best

Private Reply to Martin Stillwell

Oct 28, 2006 12:48 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Afzal Huda

Your story is very inspirational. I think the reason some of us got really excited to know about those details is because we love you. You are a very private person and will never talk about these things, I know this.

When I was making a documentary about my life, my mentor said that I need to put more personal details. I wasn't comfortable with that because it was like revealing everything about me, my past, which no one knew, etc. She told me that people need to see that to relate to your story. At one point I told her that I don't want to make this film and she said to me that it's very inspirational and that I should think about it. Even though I wasn't sure, I am glad that I finished that short film. At every screening, there were few people who came up to me, cried, and said that this film has touched their hearts, they can totally relate to that. While, most of my friends were flying to conferences to get their films commissioned, I was aproached by one the executive producers of the biggest national television network in Canada, who said that he can relate to this story and thinks that a lot of people will benefit from this short film. He bought my film for the World Premiere Broadcast!

Now I know that you don't have any intentions of making a film out of it, you're not even sure about the book but I think that this story has tounched a lot of people's heart. It has touched mine, given me more confidence and inspired me to create whatever I want in this magical world.

If you think that the relationship post is taking away from the story or inspiration, please delete them and continue with your story. This is how I feel but at the end it's upto you as it's your story...


Private Reply to Afzal Huda

Oct 28, 2006 7:59 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Martin Thomas
Hello All,

I agree with Afzal on this, and I am sure that all our "readers" feel the same.

This is an authentic tale of success, which involves someone we know, which makes it even more interesting, just because we know you.

I have not had a film made about me [yet!] or my family, but I have written my book, which contains a lot of private information which serves to explain and clarify the content in the book.

The severity of the shooting of my father and brother would lack substance if I had not included in the preface and first chapter much personal detail relating to our wonderfully close family times spent prior to the incident.

People who read my book come up to me and say..." I feel like I know everything about you", and "I feel like one of your family"

This seems to establish a level of trust that enables the reader to be drawn in to the story, and therefore experience it fully, and be more inspired by the story than they might otherwise be.

Marilyn, you are not a superficial person, so you cannot tell a superficial story. You are authentic [I love that word] and your story is in the same likeness. We all want authenticity, and that is why we love your story. It is also why we want to know the rest of the story...because we all love a happy ending, whenever that may come.

Or whenever you choose to share it with us...

From one of your many fans,


Private Reply to Martin Thomas

Oct 28, 2006 8:02 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Dawn Khan
Afzal speaks my opinion beautifully.

Marilyn, there IS an interest and a market for the business approach to your story. Why would people not be interested in someone who encourages people to summon the personal strength to live and grow and dream big?

You get to control how much or little they learn about your personal life-- and if you stick to the business results-- you know what-- THAT is compelling! People spend over 1/2 of their time in the week at work trying to get the business results you gather.. Believe me, that is enough.. Abundance of inspiration, that is in your story.. Dreaming big, and staying connected to that infinite source of possibility.. That too is in your story.

There are way too many "How To" books that are written as yet another recipe for success-- whether tested and true or not.

What appeals to many about your story is it wraps the laws of abundance principles into a story about how you DID apply them to gain results. When people hear those stories, it becomes a spring board to their imagination, that they can apply in their own living.

You own the privacy, you made the life, you own the rights..

Your success IS compelling, it would be compelling if it was written by you or as a fictional character, inspired by you, because it talks about how to achieve results-- not to make a unachieveable goal, but how to transform your ordinary life for extraordinary results.. There is nobility, pride, and creativity to the path you have chosen-- others are interested in how they do that for themselves and that is the appeal!

I just watched an interview with Arianna Huffington, and her new book is also a personal story on fearlessness-- this willingness to say and do and be your best genuine self regardless of judgement.. That is what I aspire to do and be.. AND I am inspired by others who embody the boldness to live and be their personal best.

I am in good company here. With you. and others.

Ryze Winning Career Strategies: http://hfcnwinningcareers-network.ryze.com/

Dawn Mular, http://dawnmularprofiles.bravehost.com/

Private Reply to Dawn Khan

Oct 28, 2006 9:40 pmre: re: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Anne Taylor
Marilyn , there is a saying "Comparisons are odious". We can't compare your story to Martins or mine or Joe Bloggs because your story is unique.Everybody has a story and your story is so relevant to the world today.There is a changing consciousness out there and stories like yours can be instrumental in hastening that change. For me it has ,along with the Community group,helped me enormously in developing and strengthening my own prosperity consciousness.So, if you feel ready to tell us more , I for one will be delighted and helped. I do not believe that we love it so much because we know you. That is just the icing on the cake. Think how many people you can reach with that story!Wow!

Private Reply to Anne Taylor

Oct 30, 2006 4:39 pmre: re: re: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Paula Miles

I second every thing that every one has been saying.
Your story is an inspirition to all, including me.
I wonder why you protest so much, maybe because you are protesting, maybe that is why the universe wants you to do your story. It becomes your gift to yourself and the universe.

May the blessing be.


Private Reply to Paula Miles

Nov 02, 2006 7:04 amre: re: re: re: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidanc#

Mary Beth Cameron
This is really lovely, Martin .. and so true about Marilyn! I couldn't have said it better myself .. so I am simply "borrowing" your words as underscore to the importance of what you are saying. There is a book waiting to be born .. and more.

"Marilyn, you are not a superficial person, so you cannot tell a superficial story. You are authentic [I love that word] and your story is in the same likeness. We all want authenticity, and that is why we love your story. It is also why we want to know the rest of the story...because we all love a happy ending, whenever that may come.

Or whenever you choose to share it with us... "

Private Reply to Mary Beth Cameron

Nov 05, 2006 1:44 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XX: A Holiday Story

Against the Odds

Taking Care of Business

My prosperity teachings and spiritual philosophy champion the use of positive words and ideas only. However, in an apparently negative situation usually lies the seed of a valuable lesson and I decided to share this story with you, hoping that you, also, will appreciate the lesson.

I previously mentioned that I had been contracted by my client, Michelin North America, to produce a gala New Year’s Eve event in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Bibendum, the Michelin Man.

The event was to be held at the spectacular Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles and the client was flying in 250 of their best dealers from the East Coast to celebrate the New Year with this formal event and a float in the Rose Parade the following day. I started preparation many months before. We received the deposit payment at that time and the balance was due about two weeks before the holiday. Well, not unusual for that time of year, the check had not been put through their accounting department on schedule and the client had to Fed Ex it to me, so that I would be able to pay all of my vendors before the event.

The overnight package arrived at my office the day before Christmas. I was concerned about getting payment to my vendors in time, so I decided that early on Christmas morning I would drive to my office, pick up the check, prepare and drop the vendors’ checks in the mail, then deposit Michelin’s check in my bank the day after Christmas. Michelin’s check for the balance was $60,000. At around 7:00 am Christmas morning I carried out these plans, and pulled the car over to mail the vendors’ checks in a mailbox, as our office building and its mail service would be closed the following day (Friday) and through the weekend.

Uh, Oh!

As mentioned earlier, my office was in Century City, the business community bordering Beverly Hills, a very good area, and the streets were empty that holiday morning. I pulled over to a local mailbox and while sorting the payment envelopes in my car, I noticed that a rather trashy looking automobile passed and continued down the street and out of sight. I didn’t pay heed and went back to my sorting until a few minutes later I was distracted by that same car blocking mine and a young man was pointing an automatic weapon at me through my car’s closed window. My first reaction was to lock the door and then realizing that that certainly wouldn’t do any good, I unlocked it and opened the car door to get out as he beckoned. I could see that the male passenger in his car was lying back looking very drugged. I remember being amazingly calm through this whole ordeal. The robber said only one thing to me: “Give me your wallet or I’ll shoot your a-s”.

Now follow me on this...I happened to be in a rental car that day while my car was being serviced, so I had placed all of my belongings in the back seat in a large tote bag, so I wouldn’t have them scattered and wouldn’t forget anything when I picked up my own car the following day. The tote bag contents included my purse with wallet, credit cards, etc., the $60,000 Michelin check and some other business papers.

The man nervously repeated the sentence above and his eyes were darting around the car looking for my purse, not knowing it was in the tote. So as I started to reach in the tote to get my purse, he leaned forward and quickly grabbed the whole tote bag.

I believe you will find the next part interesting…or bizarre! This was the test of a true entrepreneur. Here was this young tortured looking man aiming an automatic weapon straight at me, grabbing my tote bag, and the only thing I could instinctively do was say, "Please don’t take the business items." I was negotiating with my gunman for the return of my business items! And I was cool as a cucumber, as they say (or so I thought)…

No sooner had I asked that question than an SUV with a couple of guys came speeding down Olympic Boulevard and what did I do then? I ran away from the car and the gun and stood in the middle of the street waving my arms like a madwoman for the driver to stop. The men in the SUV sped past me while looking stunned, then slowed down, made a u-turn and stayed at a distance with their motor running watching the scene. In the meantime, the robber sped away, tote bag and all. And of course, I never did get his answer to my plea. The men in the SUV approached, asked if I was all right and I asked them to stick around until I started my car. At that point, after it was all over, my hands were shaking so violently that I couldn’t get the key in the ignition. Cool? Sure. Delayed reaction.

The Show Must Go On…

I drove to the Beverly Hills Police Department and was told that the witnesses I the SUV had already called in from their cell phone and the police were already searching for the car. I spent the next couple of hours at the police station.

I remember two things very distinctly: First, the officer in charge explained how lucky I was. I asked him if I did the right thing by running away from the gunman. He said that everything I did was right because I was standing there telling him about it. Made sense. However, he then told me that many times a person on drugs will do crazy things when they get nervous and that when you make a move like that, they could “lose it” and shoot you in the back. He also said that I was very fortunate because many times they will hit you with the gun and cause bodily damage. The second thing that was important was what he said about the Michelin check. I told him I needed the check for the corporate event to take place and didn’t know if I could get it replaced in time. The officer told me I would never see the check or my belongings again – he said the robbers would take the money and trash everything else in a dumpster.

Now here was the major issue: Michelin North America’s offices were closed until after the first of the year – there was no possibility of getting a replacement check in time for the New Year’s gala. I didn’t have a line of credit for my business because I never required one. I was always paid in advance for events, so I just maintained my regular business account. Most of my vendors had worked for me for many years and many of them could have waited until after the first of the year to get paid, but some of these vendors could not carry the larger costs until after the event – the balance on the catering food costs alone were about $35,000.

So I was shaken but alive and unhurt, and in a major dilemma.


I was exhausted. I needed rest. I drove home and couldn’t wait to just crawl into bed and rest. I left a message for friends I was to see later that day to cancel and said I would tell them why after the holiday. I told them that I could guarantee my holiday was more exciting than theirs. And then something came over me…

Almost like being on automatic pilot, I had a compelling feeling to just sit quietly. I gave in to this intuitive feeling. I closed my eyes and all I could see was the young gunman’s face.

A tremendous feeling of compassion came over me and at the same time heartfelt gratitude. All I could think of was to thank him. I thanked him for not hurting me. He certainly shook me up, but he didn’t hurt me. He never touched me. He made me realize instead how precious life is. How it could all be gone in an instant.

I realized how much he must be hurting. Here it was Christmas morning and he could have made a move that could have ruined him for life, all for the sake of a little drug money. That’s pain. I thanked him over and over again until I knew I had to get some sleep…

Lost and Found Department – The Universe, Upper Level

I awakened hours later with a very strong feeling to call my office and check the voice mail. Remember this was Christmas Day, offices were closed, no one would be calling. But I called and there was a message on the voice mail.

A woman in Hawthorne, a city some distance from Los Angeles, said in the voice mail message that she thought she had my belongings. I called her immediately. She said she found the phone number on either a card or business letterhead that was with the items. She said she had nine children and she had driven to the mall with a couple of her kids and the 13-year old saw the large envelope lying in the parking lot. When she found the phone number she called.

We discussed what was in the envelope, which was one of my large presentation package envelopes that I had put all my paperwork in.

Everything was there except for my casual purse, wallet and the $25 or so that I had carried. Everything! My credit cards (which I had cancelled, of course, after the robbery), my license, all of the vendor checks that were to be taken to the event that weren’t mailed, the business papers and THE $60,000 MICHELIN CHECK!! What relief!

I asked her if she would be available the next day and she said she was going Christmas shopping (the day after Christmas) because of the sales. I asked her not to go until I came down and saw her (I intended to give her a reward). I called the Beverly Hills Police Department and told them what happened and they warned me not to go. What? They said it could be a setup – to let the Hawthorne Police handle it and get my things. No way. I was picking up my Michelin check that next day and giving the woman her reward. I did, however, call the Hawthorne Police and they said they should escort me to her home. Fine.

When I arrived in Hawthorne the next day, the police asked quite a few questions. They told me that the automatic weapon used in my robbery was real, as there were a lot of them floating around that area, so the robber was most likely from that area. They said what didn’t make sense was that the Hawthorne Mall was closed on Christmas Day, so there was no reason for the woman to be there to find my things. She didn’t have a record, but they suggested that she might know the young robber and perhaps he gave her my things for the purpose of getting a reward. They agreed with me that she had earned her reward anyway just for getting that important check back to me.

They escorted me to the woman’s home. She was very nervous when she saw the police car, but I explained to her that I was advised to have them escort me. She calmed down, gave me my belongings and thanked me profusely for the reward.

Now, What Do You Think?

I want to believe that at some soul level, the young robber, even in his agitated state, had heard my plea to return my business items and couldn’t trash them. I believe that when I had later meditated on his face and expressed compassion and gratitude to him for not having harmed me, that he had felt the connection, as we are all one in Spirit, and had found a way to get my things back to me.

The original police officer in Beverly Hills who said I would never see my things again, had a colder view of things (I called to let them know I had retrieved my things). He said the gunman didn’t care, that he just figured he could get something more out of it. When someone is on drugs, robbing at gunpoint, do they really have the presence of mind to calculate and think about these things? Wouldn’t the instinct be to take the money and trash the evidence as quickly as possible in case you were caught, stopped by the police, etc? Trust me, that car was a police magnet.

One thing I do know for sure…the Universe protected me and the Universe returned my items to me because of my faith and because I blessed and looked for the good in the situation. This was spiritual law in action regardless of whether the young man planned this or not. He was under the law of right action and was acting under divine guidance responding to my call, whether conscious of it or not.

What was the lesson for me? At that moment in time, we were the only two entities on one of the most traveled streets in all of Los Angeles. Why did that happen? Perhaps for me to learn more compassion, forgiveness, gratitude? Or to increase my faith that all things are possible, even in the face of opposing odds? To appreciate the gift of life more? To increase my conviction in the universal laws I believed in?

Now, what do you think?


Later in the evening on Christmas Day, after speaking with the woman in Hawthorne on the phone, and since I had decided not to meet with friends, I went to the only supermarket that was open to pick up a few things. There was only one other person in the whole market at that time – a very attractive man who was “eyeing” me and who finally spoke. He had just come from visiting his father and had stopped to also get a few things on the way home. George became the man in my life for a while. Go figure. Held up in the morning. Picked up in the evening :-)

To be continued...

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Nov 08, 2006 8:09 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Martin Stillwell

Fabulous Marilyn!
I remember you telling me that tale during one of our phone conversations, and now there it is in black and white for many more to see, gain more understanding and learn from - oh and have a chuckle........
' Held up in the morning. Picked up in the evening :-) '
More please!
All the best,

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Nov 11, 2006 1:42 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXI: Destiny by Design

All doors now open for happy surprises and the Divine Plan of my life is speeded up under grace.

~ Florence Scovel Shinn

Designing Woman

In the 90s, I produced an exciting event for Home & Garden Television (HGTV) before anyone really knew about this cable network. I am proud to say that the Beverly Hills mansion party featuring Crosby, Stills & Nash for 400 cable industry guests was the major hit of the cable convention and it put the new network on the map.

More importantly, it reaffirmed my belief that we must learn to listen and pay close attention to that subtle intuitive nudging – I think you are learning here that God prefers to whisper.

How I attracted this client is a story in itself…

One day I received a phone call at my office from a woman who told me she was researching something for her boss. She said she was looking for a resource for a mansion for one of the boss’ contacts. It was a fleeting conversation. But two important words stuck in my mind: she mentioned the name Scripps Howard. The name was vaguely familiar so I knew it must be a big company. I gave her some information over the phone and the conversation ended. I never heard from her again.

I don’t know how much time had elapsed, maybe a couple of months, but that call came to mind one day and realized I had not heard back from the woman. I had kept her name and number which I always did when someone called regarding possible business.

Well, I called the company, spoke to the woman, and she brushed me off. She said nothing further was ever done, she had no more information, and her boss had nothing more to do with the original request. I asked her if she could give me any contact number, but it became very clear that she did not wanted to be bothered with this matter.

Following my previous experiences with synchronicity, do you think I could really let go of this matter so easily? I had reached the point in my faith where I believed that the mere fact that a client called me meant that the client was mine by “divine appointment” and I would book them. You might say that I had manifested this Scripps Howard organization as my client – but in this case, they just didn’t know it yet. :-)

Okay, so to secure this client, I might have to put forth a little effort. But as far as I was concerned, when that secretary mentioned their name, I assumed the Universe had whispered in my ear.

I went searching for Scripps Howard. And I found that they were a very large company indeed – actually a conglomerate of many companies – the Scripps parent includes cable networks, broadcast television, newspapers, news service, interactive media, united media (comic strips), and on. They were all over the place. Finding a starting point was an ominous task.

You are probably used to my saying that I don’t recall all the details (if I ever knew I would tell this story, I would have kept notes!). I just remember making calls until somewhere in the Scripps loop, someone told me that the only division they could think of that would have need of a mansion might be the new cable network, Home & Garden Television. I was given a telephone number for their headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Reaching the corporate offices, I was told by the operator that everyone was in Anaheim, California for the Western cable convention (Anaheim is just a hop, skip and jump from Los Angeles) and she transferred me to a woman’s voice mail so I could leave a message. I mentioned in my message that I was based in Los Angeles and had received a call months before inquiring about a mansion for a Scripps company. I said that I was following up to see if Home & Garden was the right company and if I could be of service. The woman’s name was Marianne.

I didn’t get a return call while the staff was in Anaheim. It wasn’t until they returned to Knoxville that I heard from Marianne.

World Class Design

Yes, they were thinking of planning a party for NTCA -National Cable Television Association, the convention coming up in April. They were a new network and wanted to make their presence known to the industry. Most of the major networks – HBO, Showtime, E! – hosted large parties to show off every year for this convention – and they hired headliner stars for entertainment.

But HGTV was a fledging network on a budget. It wouldn’t be easy to compete. A lot depended upon whether they could find the right location and do the event within their budget, but I think she told me that the company president had an entertainment contact in Los Angeles that already knew of something or was looking for something. We discussed my business and she said she would get back to me if there was something I could do for them.

Marianne did call me back and gave me the go ahead to find a mansion that would represent their image and be able to accommodate 400 guests as well as staging for entertainment. It had to be very special to introduce HGTV to the cable industry. I got the ‘message’. I set out to find the perfect place…

In my research, someone recommended a property known as Villa Bella at the top of Beverly Hills (Benedict Canyon) overlooking the city. This newly built home was already destined to join the ranks of the world’s great estates. It had a commanding Mediterranean presence and an incredible view of the city all the way to the ocean. And it had an enormous 16,000 square foot patio in the back extending from the cliff – the perfect space to build staging for entertainment and to accommodate seating for 400.

The most unusual factor, however, was this: the home was never finished! That’s right…it was a spectacular shell of a home that was completely raw inside. No electrical outlets, no finishing, no paint, nothing. It was basically a construction site with only the finished exterior. The owner told me that the house wasn’t completed because he wanted the eventual buyer to determine the décor and finishing touches according to their own taste. The home was on the market for $12 million (it had been reduced at one point from $18 million).

But the home didn’t sell. The home was the exact spot where actress Sharon Tate and her friends had been murdered by followers of Charles Manson in 1969, almost 30 years before. The original home had been torn down and this new estate built on the lot. The media couldn’t seem to leave that fact alone and always tied in the murders when the house was publicized. So I heard that was the reason the home didn’t sell.

The owner of course was delighted to bring in some money while the house was sitting there and agreed to let us book it for the party. Marianne and her associates from HGTV flew in to see it and loved it immediately. It was perfect…even in its unfinished state…no, I mean…because of its unfinished state…

Design in Progress

I hired an interior decorator who created for each empty room a concept display along with samples of materials, fabrics, and items that you would use to select the décor and designs for that room in your newly built home. So the home provided the perfect backdrop and theme of “design in progress” for the brand new Home & Garden Television Network, which has since become famous for its designs in progress and the HGTV Dream Home that is given away each year in their sweepstakes.

A generator was brought in for power as well as a portable “designer” restroom trailer, the front patio driveway smoothed, the huge back patio covered with Astroturf and the staging built to accommodate the entertainment. Shuttle vans were contracted to transport guests from the rented Beverly Hills Library parking lot up to the mansion.

The entertainment was the legendary Crosby, Stills & Nash, still in great form after all these years. We carried the theme further when I hired “flower children” to accompany guests on the shuttle vans and roam and dance around the party. It was interesting that the flower children I hired were actually dressed in authentic flower children clothing that they borrowed from their parents, who were once REAL flower children many years ago.

The catering was done by our favorite, Scott and Silver Spoons, and as usual, everyone raved about the food.

Divine Design

So, take an incomplete $12 million villa overlooking the city and provide the perfect design-in-progress theme. Construct a stage and provide seating and dance area for 400 guests. Hire Crosby, Stills & Nash to perform. Add a few “flower children”. You won’t find guests seated for long.

This first event I produced for HGTV was so significant that the president of the cable association was quoted in the trade media as stating it was “a historical standout.” He said that in his eleven years in the cable industry, it was the best party he had ever seen.”

Remember the entertainment contact that Marianne had mentioned to me when we first spoke on the phone? That was Rick Dees, the radio star, who was a college friend of the President of HGTV. Dees showed up at the party and was heard asking in awe, “How did you ever find this place?”

Did I mention that the party was a hit? :-)

That very same night, I had another party booked for the same convention in another mansion on the other side of the canyon. It was not for a cable network, it was for a cable related exhibitor at the convention. It was a more subdued and sophisticated reception style event with a classical trio. I left the HGTV party a couple of times and was shuttled over to the second event to make sure everything was going well (I also had staff handling it).

It was rather funny. On one trip to this second party, I found guests standing transfixed in front of the mansion and listening to the strains of Crosby, Stills & Nash resonating through the canyon in the distance. As soon as they found out I had something to do with the festivities and the other party, these guests tried to bribe me to take them in the shuttle to HGTV’s party. :-) Of course, each of these events were by private invitation only, so no way. But it was a good try.

Speaking of resonating through the canyon…

I had called the watch commander (police) prior to the event letting them know there would be a party and music but assuring them that the party and music would end at a reasonable time (10 p.m.) just in case anyone were to inquire or complain.

The interesting thing is that many of the mansions and estates that have Beverly Hills addresses are technically not even in Beverly Hills. According to the city plans, they are located in Los Angeles, but here in La La Land, if you own a big enough multimillion dollar home, you can pick your zip code. :-) Well, at least in certain areas of the city. So although the address for Villa Bella was Beverly Hills, it was in the jurisdiction of LAPD – the Los Angeles Police Department.

I have always hired off-duty policemen or detectives as security for my larger events. This is just good sense. If anyone were to complain for any reason and call police, then police know how to talk to police. And you just feel better with police on hand. I have always been told that if someone were to call the Beverly Hills police, they would arrive in minutes. But my officers told me that if someone were to call the Los Angeles police about a party, they would probably arrive after the party was over. :-)

Well, someone did call LAPD because of the music resonating through the canyon, even though it was still fairly early and even though it was the legendary Crosby, Stills & Nash (the nerve of some people!). And sure enough, it wasn’t until way after the party was over that two policemen showed up. The security officer at the bottom of the winding driveway called our security at the top to tell us police were coming up.

Two young policemen arrived while the staging was being taking down. They asked what had been going on. As it turned out, they were not happy – they were upset because they arrived too late and missed everything!

Divine Appointment

I went on to produce the next big party for HGTV in New Orleans the following year for NCTA, which gave me the special opportunity to hire Harry Connick, Jr. and his nine-piece funk band. Hiring Harry was a manifestation story in itself which deserves its own segment. Aside from these events for the national cable convention, I coordinated smaller but equally as important and exclusive HGTV events for the regional cable show in nearby Anaheim each year. Each event I created was held in a distinctive venue, such as beautiful Sherman Library & Gardens in Corona del Mar, a gorgeous plantation in Newport Beach and a private castle in Tustin. Eventually HGTV had merged with The Food Network, so let’s say that things were really cookin’ at these dinners with a presentation by a celebrity chef prior to the formal dinners.

Divine Whispers

German American architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe is credited with the quotations, Less is more and God is in the details. Do you suppose he understood that those details also include the subtle whispers of Spirit that blossom into magnificent results?

Do YOU understand now how important it is to learn to listen for them?

To be continued…

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Nov 11, 2006 7:40 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net
The stories just keep getting better, Marilyn. You tell them well -- even w/o notes! -- & they relate to the lesson you intricately weave into each "scene."

And I have to say "thank you," too . . . I LOVE HGTV!

In your cable experience, ever heard the name of Terence or Terry Taylor?

Blessings -- Linda

Linda J. Alexander, Books For The Thinking Reader
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/

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Nov 12, 2006 12:19 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Dawn Khan
Marilyn this chapter as I think I have mentioned, is particularly deep and a story of great and important message for many. Truly the forgiveness you worked on, and exercised played a role I am sure both in your return of the business detail and your not being harmed.

Fear and forgiveness are both powerful. Forgiveness is more powerful in that it has the ability to positively influence more than yourself-- imagine how your story becomes a gift for teaching others of gratitude, and more importantly forgiveness.

It has been my experience that forgiveness is liberating. I too survived and had forgiven a violent criminal. Mine was a little more violent. However curiously after surviving with my life, and learning how others allegedly had not, and learning how and perhaps why my attacker could never quite stop killing after he came home from Vietnam... The torture of his soul came to me after a period of recovery and perhaps a bit of time in wasted fear as I tried to navigate the reality of that experience.. It was time, and forgiveness that lead to what I know see as an immense gratitude, and appreciation --a feeling that if I have my life today, it is because of that gift of life I was given the night that I successfully negotiated for a "stay" and lived.

To quote a beautiful phrase from one of my favorite authors, Richard Bach, "Here's a test to tell if your mission on life is finished.. If you are still living, it isn't" Okay paraphrasing a bit, but I choose to live my life knowing that I have this life, this voice, and this experience for a reason and may I learn to use it to it's utmost.

Ryze Winning Career Strategies: http://hfcnwinningcareers-network.ryze.com/

Dawn Mular, http://dawnmularprofiles.bravehost.com/

Private Reply to Dawn Khan

Nov 12, 2006 8:41 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Thank you Martin, Linda, Dawn, and all of you who offer YOUR inspiration online and off...

It is your appreciation that keeps me coming back to this thread and digging into my subconscious for yet another schoolday in the history of my education.

That is exactly what my business represented all of these years. It was the schoolhouse where I received my education in the use of the laws.

~ M

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Nov 12, 2006 10:25 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXII: The Universe – My Talent Agent

Faith is to believe what you do not see and the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.

~ St. Augustine

Wild about Harry

The Beverly Hills mansion party for HGTV was quite an act to follow, and I was assigned to do just that when Marianne contracted me to produce another party the following year for the same convention being held in New Orleans. After a couple of trips to meet the client in The Big Easy, we looked at possible outdoor venues including a private estate, but settled on the historic and beautifully dramatic Saenger Theatre for the event, because of weather considerations. And then we brainstormed to come up with the right talent to hire at the right budget, and one name stood out that was synonymous with New Orleans, class and HGTV's image - Harry Connick, Jr.

Connick’s agency was Creative Artists in Beverly Hills and his personal agent would not budge from the price of $250,000 plus plus. Plus plus in industry language represents airfare and lodging and perks for Harry, his band and his entourage – easily another $50,000. Subsequent calls to the agent and attempts to negotiate made no difference – he would not consider letting us hire this star for anything less. No room for negotiation. I mean, at the time, Harry was also a movie star, with the lead in films like Independence Day and it would seem that our little ol’ corporate party wasn’t much to consider.

HGTV, although growing, was still a small, newer network and could not spend that much. Marianne and I discussed other options – good ones, like the Brian Setzer Orchestra (“Rock this Town”, “Stray Cat Strut”) and others, but they just wouldn’t do. Harry Connick, Jr. IS New Orleans.

We knew we wanted Harry.

Secret Agent Carole

In all my years in business, I rarely if ever spoke to my clients about my interest in metaphysics and prosperity laws. But when it came to getting the man of our party dreams, I could see no other way. :-) It was time for drastic measures. I was going to the top! That world famous Beverly Hills talent agency wouldn’t stop me. They haven’t met MY agent. My agent was bigger than Harry’s agent. :-)

Marianne was surprisingly open to my ideas about mental principles to create what we want and she agreed to visualize and feel that she was watching Harry perform on stage at the venue in New Orleans. I told her I would do the same. What I actually did was accept in my mind that I had already secured Harry Connick for the job. However, Marianne had made it clear that the very highest price they could spend for the talent was $135,000 including everything (everything – no “plus plus”) – a drastic drop from the agency requirements. I continued mentally accepting that this was a ‘done deal’ even though on the surface, the agent was completely unreceptive.

It was less than a week later when I got the urge to call the agent again and make another plea with our final offer. A woman answered the phone - another agent with Creative Artists – Carole - and she explained that everyone in the entire firm was out with the flu and that she was filling in as agent on duty for all the missing agents. I told her how much we wanted to hire Connick for this event and what my client was willing to pay. She seemed very busy and distracted but said she would get back to me when she could. I didn’t anticipate hearing from her very soon.

But that same afternoon she called me and said we could have Harry Connick, Jr. and his Funk Band at our New Orleans event for $135,000, inclusive! She said he had the date available and was looking forward to going home and seeing his family.

Why, as I look back upon this scenario, does this not surprise me in the least? :-)


So many interesting twists to this story:

I called Marianne immediately and gave her the great news and asked if she had been visualizing. She informed me that not only had she been visualizing, she had been doing it while playing his CD!

I found out that immediately after our New Orleans event, Harry disbanded his 9-piece New Orleans Funk Band and went back to crooning with a large orchestra. But while performing onstage at our event on that April night, he told us that we had the “Supersonic” Harry because he was “home” and performed at home like nowhere else. And on that night, let me tell you…that party rocked!

As it turned out, Harry wasn’t the only supersonic force at work on our behalf. What do you make of a force operating with such exquisite perfection, that it has the one right agent filling in for all of the others who were out? The one agent who was guided to make that call to "the man" and present our offer? And a force that got our answer at the speed of sound? That’s also what I call "supersonic".

Harry, my agent’s bigger than your agent. :-)

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Nov 12, 2006 3:10 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Dawn Khan
Fascinating! This tale even more inspired than the last..

It unravels the mysteries of that still soft voice of inspiration and a resolute faith that things happen for a reason and being the conduit for that reason DOES have it's rewards.

It also tells the morale lesson of patience as a virtue that allows the possibility to unravel with clarity. A road is never closed unless we close it. An opportunity never final unless we finish it. Proof that the universe has it's own timing.

I am a HGTV, CSNY, and Harry Connick Junior afficianado's too-- I was much more interested in trying to finish reading this than the "political" story my husband insisted I read about Iowa and political suicide to not living your values. While both are true, your story of Destiny by Design is more my choice of reading. :D

Ryze Winning Career Strategies: http://hfcnwinningcareers-network.ryze.com/

Dawn Mular, http://dawnmularprofiles.bravehost.com/

Private Reply to Dawn Khan

Nov 12, 2006 4:15 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net


"Harry, my agent’s bigger than your agent. :-) "

I love it! From my point of view, it's liberating to finally have the RIGHT agent . . . I know, I know, my agent was the right agent from the start, but I see it all now. ; >

Blessings --


Linda J. Alexander, Books For The Thinking Reader
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/

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Nov 15, 2006 12:31 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Michele Woodard
Thank you for continuing to share your story, Marilyn. It is so inspirational that it often moves me to the point of tears!

Private Reply to Michele Woodard

Nov 15, 2006 4:07 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXIII: A Suite Deal

Success is not to be measured by how much material wealth is possessed,
but whether you are able to create at will what you need.

~ Paramahansa Yogananda

The Universe - on Caller ID

One year, I had the opportunity to do a business project that I had not done before. Yes, I love a challenge, but more importantly, this was during one of those financial “dips” and I was focused on generating new income.

This project required a very special type of property. The client was a film production company seeking specific locations for their movie shoot. I had never booked locations for a film before. My niche was strictly special events. I had always turned away calls when people mistakenly thought I was a film location company.

But as soon as I received the call, I knew I had to live up to the challenge. The timing was right, and I needed to be open to all possibilities given the financial climate.

For this client, I needed to find commercial space – a slick, new office environment that would become the offices of the main character in the film. I felt that an executive suite situation would be perfect for three weeks of filming, since executive suites usually have available office space, have short term rental options, and many of them provide furnished spaces. The producers required a very specific ambience and they had a very specific budget – it was a small independent film.

I started looking up numbers to commercial real estate entities and executive suites listed in the phone book. I remember calling a couple of numbers and then dialing a wrong number. When I heard the voice mail message, it was obvious that I had misdialed and I hung up. I didn’t feel it was necessary to say anything.

Now you have probably discovered as I have that in recent times, you really can’t dial a wrong number – and remain off the hook (so to speak – pun intended). Don’t you find that someone will sooner or later call you back from their caller ID, especially if you reach a cell phone?

On this occasion, a woman did call me back to find out who had called her. After an initial bit of confusion, I explained that I had dialed a wrong number while calling real estate companies. I don’t even know why I mentioned what I was looking for, but I did. And after you hear the rest of the story, I think you will agree that the Universe made me do it. :-)

Somehow the conversation got started, she asked what I was searching for and I told her that I was looking for an executive suite. She then told me that she had just visited that type of property in a business center the day before and that I should check it out. She gave me the name of the suites and said they were brand new and very modern. I thanked her and said I would definitely check them out. I asked if I could have her name and telephone number to let her know what resulted (I would have even been happy to pay her a finder’s fee). She refused to give her information and just said she was glad to help. I thanked her again and we hung up.

The property she referred me to turned out to be the EXACT situation I was looking for, down to the last detail, budget, everything. The requirements were extremely specific, so this was truly the needle in the haystack and a one-of-a-kind office situation in Los Angeles. Although the executive suite management company was a national firm, I had no previous knowledge of their venues or their properties here in Los Angeles. I was familiar with other executive suites – after all, I was a tenant in one for many years – but none of the others had the décor and ambiance requested for this film.

I made arrangements for the client to see the offices and they loved them. The suite management wasn’t sure they would have availability during the time of the film shoot, but I knew it would work out. How could it not consummate, in light of the path that guided me there?

I negotiated the deal for the client. The fact that this deal consummated as a result of an incorrectly dialed telephone number was all the more delicious – and it impressed me even further with the unique and striking ways in which our guidance can appear.

Take Two

After negotiating between the production company and the VP of the suites in San Francisco, I received the contracts from him and I thought we were ready to go. However, the producer of the film stepped into the fold (I had been dealing with others at the production company). She was a very demanding person and not easy to deal with. She wanted the suites to include an additional space for the shoot but she didn’t want to pay any more. Well, I had already worked out the terms and budget with the suite management - with a good deal of finesse I might add – and I didn’t feel good about asking them to include more at that price. And I was not going to interfere with the profit I had built in – I had earned it.

My feelings were sound. On behalf of the client, I called my contact in San Francisco. He was nice but clearly stated that although he appreciated what I was doing to help my client, he no longer wished to be involved with this project. After all, he said, they were not in the film business. He was busy completing leasing contracts with large clients for hundreds of thousands of dollars and didn’t want to spend any more time over a minor film deal with a demanding producer. He asked me to please tell the production company that he decided to “kill this deal” right now. I was stunned. Stunned.

A “Wing” and a Prayer

During that time, I had been introduced to and became friendly with a very special woman. Marti Wing was 49 years old when she contracted the most life-threatening form of leukemia and almost died. She wrote her story - a book that remained in her computer but I told her needed to get published - about how she used mental and spiritual laws to attract everything she needed to get a complete healing. She was able to manifest the right medical treatment, the right marrow donor, the right spiritual insights - and I was fascinated by the fact that she refused to let a doctor or anyone else say anything negative to her during her illness. Whenever a doctor attempted to give her the facts, she would hold up her hand and tell them, “No!” She didn’t even know what her prognosis was until after she was completely cured (she had less than a 25% chance of living). That was five years before I met her.

Marti and I were having telephone conversations around that time. Later that evening, on the day that the VP had told me our deal had gone belly up, I spoke with Marti, expressed my frustration and told her that this producer just ruined MY deal - MY deal - the “done deal” that the Universe handed to me with such precision.

She listened to me vent for a bit, and then I will always remember the words that came from her. I have used them many times in my posts and they have become an integral part in my teachings. All Marti could say was…

“I can’t wait to see what good comes from this! Your trust fund is enormous.”

And so it was. I was put right back on track.

I also made a call that night to the World Ministry of Prayer – I have called them periodically over the years when I could not “get out of my own way” and wish to regain my center of peace. The prayer practitioners are highly trained and lift you to the realization of your answered prayer. The realization of the solution creates the solution. That is true prayer, scientific prayer.

I wasn’t taking any chances. I used whatever mental and spiritual means were at hand to regain my composure and claim my “done deal”.

I fell asleep that night feeling peaceful and enveloped in the Universal arms.

The following day when I felt centered and ready, I spoke to the production company and explained what had happened. I think they were somewhat humbled, having lost their prime venue. I then called San Francisco and asked the VP to reconsider, that the production company was willing to abide by the terms. He was receptive and the deal was consummated.

To Err is Divine

“I can’t wait to see what good comes from this!”

While we were signing the contracts for the three-week shoot in the executive suites, the production company told me that they needed to find an exterior location to represent the building where the character’s offices were located. So, not only did my deal remain very much alive – I also booked an additional location in the same business center. The entire project brought me a few thousand in profit – income that was very much needed at that time.

No one can tell me there is no such thing as intuitive or “divine” guidance.

What if we dialed a wrong number but instead of hanging up, we had a smidgen of faith that our Universal or subconscious guidance system might actually be directing us to our good – a referral, a client, an answer, a solution – a friend.

Perhaps we can turn an “error” into a prosperous connection. Or perhaps the error was really not an error at all. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

To be continued…

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Nov 15, 2006 5:25 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Mary Beth Cameron
Yes, it certainly does make me think. "Deals," as well as the terms and conditions of the deal come to "light" in all of the most intriguing combination of ways. That's part of the fun of the ride. If the intention and the attention are in place & pointed in the same direction the deal will get done .. no matter how it unfolds. Relax, be beautiful and enjoy the ride!

The theme song for today:

“I can’t wait to see what good comes from this! Your trust fund is enormous.”


Private Reply to Mary Beth Cameron

Nov 17, 2006 5:07 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

I forgot to tell you...

At the HGTV event...my client, Marianne, had been looking for me in the theatre and finally found me. They had been upstairs in a private area having personal and group photos taken with Harry. She wondered where I was because she thought I would want photos with him also.

I was in another area of the theatre probably dealing with the staff and didn't know they were having the photo session. The captain taking care of the ship...

The clients' photos came out great. Harry looked really cute but a bit weary (this was following his performance). He hadn't slept at all the night before - he flew in for our party and made jokes onstage about his pregnant wife back in Los Angeles expecting all kinds of goodies to be brought back home.

Can you believe I missed my chance to have a great publicity shot and Harry Connick, Jr.'s weary arm around me?


~ M

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Nov 19, 2006 9:06 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXIV: The Universe – My Marketing Department

Once it is recognized, once you become aware of that Presence
and its responsiveness to you, you can never be the same.
Once you learn to align yourself with the laws and that Presence,
you have achieved Spiritual Intelligence - true intelligence.

~ Marilyn Jenett

You already know that I used my prosperity studies and the principles I learned from them to attract the media exposure that put my business on the map. I ask you to recall that the publicity and media coverage that the Universe showered on me at the beginning was all about my company and about Marilyn, the entrepreneur. It certainly proved that publicity works, at least for that “15 minutes of fame.”

But I believe that if you want the media effects to last any longer than 15 minutes and to bring truly lasting reward, then the deciding factor becomes good service and the results you create for your customers or clients. So the media blitz may have put me on the map and opened the door to opportunity. But my desire to service my clients at the highest standard and my work ethic, along with my constant attention to maintaining a prosperity mindset, kept me on the map.

However, even with the best of our efforts and intentions, there will always be situations that emerge that are beyond our control. Being beyond our control and remaining beyond our control are two different scenarios as you will now discover…ultimately it comes down to where we will direct our focus. We have to choose whether we will align ourselves to mass mind thinking or take the path less traveled on our prosperity journey.

Out of Control

In 1992, the country was in recession and I experienced my first exposure to a disaster and its effects, not only from a personal perspective, but through the eyes of an entrepreneur and business owner.

The Los Angeles riots, also known as the Rodney King uprising or the Rodney King riots, were sparked when a mostly white jury acquitted four police officers accused in the videotaped beating of black motorist Rodney King, after he fled from police. Thousands of people in Los Angeles joined in what has often been characterized as a race riot, or a mini-civil war, involving acts of law-breaking compounded by existing racial tensions, including looting, arson and murder. In all, 52 people were killed during the riots.

In addition to the immediate trigger of the Rodney King verdict, one of the other reasons cited for the unrest included the extremely high unemployment among residents of South Los Angeles, which had been hit very hard by the nation-wide recession.

Continuous television coverage riveted the country and shocked viewers around the world as parts of the city went up in flames, stores were openly looted, innocent bystanders were beaten, and rioters shot at police. California National Guard troops and eventually federal troops were deployed.

Aside from the lives lost, as many as 2,000 were injured and estimates of material damage were between $800 million and $1 billion. Approximately 3,600 fires were set, destroying 1,100 buildings and about 10,000 people were arrested.

Obviously, many entertainment and sports events were postponed or cancelled.

After the riots, pressure mounted for a retrial of the officers and near the first anniversary of the acquittal, the city tensely awaited the decision of the federal jury. Two of the officers were found guilty, the media kept a lower profile, and there was no repeat violence.

You can imagine how the hospitality and special events industries are highly impacted by societal influences and the economic climate. Most of that time frame is clouded in my memory, but I do recall one large event that I coordinated that year that went on as planned – the Baker & McKenzie party referred to earlier. That law firm’s annual meetings were planned well in advance and was a standing (and expensive) tradition with their company.

But by 1993, I was definitely concentrating on the application of prosperity principles to create a surge of new business…

Cruise Control

During this time, one day, out of the blue and for the first time, an ad sales person from the Los Angeles Business Journal called to ask if I would advertise in their “Meetings & Conventions” Supplement – a supplement to the paper that would also be distributed to a couple of other major cities besides Los Angeles.

I told them that I never advertised (which was true), but my intuition prompted me to ask if they accepted articles from contributing writers. My own utterance surprised me. The truth is that I had NEVER written an article in my life. The woman’s name was Eva and she said that I could speak to the right department, get the details to submit an article, then send it to the appropriate editor to see if it would be accepted. I recall that she was nice but not too encouraging.

Well, I sat down to write an article relating to the wonderful event sites that Los Angeles has to offer the meeting planner. I painted word pictures of the various Los Angeles locations without actually revealing names and I did my best to add intrigue and wit to my descriptions. I realized psychologically that this article could potentially be a draw to clients needing my services IF it happened to be seen by those clients. I let my intuition guide me in the process. By now I was used to asking for guidance and opening myself to it. But the foundation of my trust in this siutation came from the fact that the phone call from Eva had arrived "out of the blue" as I was applying my prosperity techniques. I assumed that the Universe was responding to my need and I was "meant" to write this article.

I never mentioned my company name or myself in the article. But I did want to come across subliminally like I knew what I was talking about, so that the reader would assume that I really knew these venues. My name and company were only mentioned at the end in the by-line. In those days, we didn’t have links and websites, and the Journal didn’t allow any contact information. The by-line simply read:

Marilyn Jenett is the owner of Marilyn Jenett Locations,
a renowned special event location company with offices in Los Angeles.

I titled the article, Unique Venues for Off-Site Events.

The Journal published the supplement in September of ’93. I don’t remember all of the specific business that resulted from the exposure, but there is one striking memory. A meeting planner located in Lake Success, New York (yes, that is a village in Nassau County) called and told me that she had been traveling and when she arrived back at her office, the supplement and my article were waiting on her desk! She was searching for venues to entertain doctor members for the 10th World Congress of Gastroenterology to be held in Los Angeles the following year – their first convention to be held in this city in 45 years. I ultimately coordinated a large event for them at Universal Studios and a more intimate one in an art deco penthouse.

The business gained from that article – the first one I ever wrote – resulted in gross income to my company of $250,000!

The profit wasn’t bad either. :-)

Double Exposure

I then discovered that the Journal was planning to publish the “Meetings & Conventions” Supplement again in January. The editorial department loved my first article and told me that I could write another one for the January issue. Yes, they loved my first article, but not for the reason you would think. The content didn’t mean that much to them. They loved the fact that they didn’t have to edit my work! The article had to be submitted back then on a 3-1/4 inch floppy along with a double-spaced hard copy. I had a word processing service or secretary take the article which I typed on my IBM typewriter and transfer it to a computer and disk. They provided me with a hard copy which I proofed myself until I thought it was perfect. I then sent the package off to the newspaper.

Normally, the newspaper’s copy editors had to go through the writers’ submissions to proofread and make all the editorial corrections. I was a real “nitpicker” about proofing and submitting perfect copy, and the Journal’s editorial department loved it. I made their job easier. So they were happy to give me additional opportunities to submit articles.

For the January “Meetings & Conventions” issue, I continued my theme by writing a follow-up article entitled Creating the Perfect Off-Site Event. I submitted it to the paper.

At 4:30 am on January 17, 1994, Los Angeles was rudely awakened by the strong shaking of the 6.7 magnitude Northridge earthquake. The media, performing its usual and expected duty, made sure that the world at large believed that our city was a pile of rubble.

My article in the Los Angeles Business Journal appeared on January 31st.

There were no phone calls.

Cosmic Humor?

Wait...I take that back. There actually were two mild (but unproductive) inquiries relating to business – one from Japan and one from Mexico – two of the world’s most active earthquake centers. I suppose the plight of Los Angeles didn’t faze them much. :-)

To be continued…

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Nov 19, 2006 10:27 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXV: That First Article

Unique Venues for Off-Site Events

by Marilyn Jenett

Los Angeles Business Journal, September 20, 1993

Los Angeles is a meeting planner's dream when plans include a reception, theme party or event at an off-site location. Creative possibilities abound in the City of Angels given the diversity of its business and cultural community, the entertainment industry and architectural influences.

Spectacular mansions, unique museums, film studios and private entertainment industry facilities, theatre lobbies, historic landmarks, exclusive clubs and restaurants, ranches, yachts, and much more provide the creative alternatives you want to impress your guests.

Visualize a reception at a magnificent mansion at the top of Beverly Hills with a breathtaking city, ocean and mountain view, and furnished with antiques from around the globe. Or dining and dancing at a 17,000 square foot Italian Renaissance Villa featured in many art and architectural tours and used as a showcase for continuing art exhibitions. Perhaps you would prefer a $30 million private ranch in Malibu complete with emus and llamas, breathtaking scenery, spectacularly landscaped grounds and a full-size tennis court for dining under the stars.

Our city's film studios provide many options to accommodate different budgets for that requisite "Hollywood bash": soundstages, production lot theme locations, amphitheaters, even private studio restaurants that cater to stars and studio executives by day and cater to your guests at night in exclusive Hollywood style.

Private entertainment industry complexes with luxurious lobbies and outdoor plazas have adjacent film and video theatres should you desire a special "screening" and reception for your guests. Our city's landmark theatres and performing arts centers are breathtaking architectural gems and often exemplify the beauty and opulence of the Art Deco style. Their lobbies provide excellent ambience for entertaining.

Where else but in Los Angeles could you entertain at a sophisticated western heritage museum or on John Wayne's private yacht? Have Mrs. John Wayne host your event? Have the internationally known star of the film The Man with Bogart's Face emcee your event? Have the star of the television movie Marilyn and Me sing to your CEO and delight your guests? Or have "Cher" give a stunning performance and choose her "Sonny" for spicy repartee and a few bars of I Got You, Babe?

Have a large group to accommodate? How about a magnificent architectural landmark entertainment complex highlighted by a majestic 10,000 square-foot glass skylight and terraced wings and a grand atrium covered by a soaring 90-foot canopy of glass. Los Angeles' landmark train station suggests an early California mission. It's romantic and elegant, spacious and beautiful and its expansive main concourse can accommodate up to 900 guests. Or have our talented event professionals transform an airplane hangar into a fabulous party site for thousands.

Smaller, elegant group? Perhaps you would choose an exclusive Sunset Boulevard club displaying photos of the great stars by legendary photographer George Hurrell and dine on the terrace with a spectacular city view. Or choose one of Los Angeles' legendary restaurants - a Hollywood institution known for its warm and elegant ambiance and known also for the celebrities, sports personalities, big business CEOs and political luminaries who are its regulars (including Ronald Reagan). Another restaurant was originally built as a replica of a grand Japanese palace and overlooks the city. The Japanese feast and traditionally attired servers provide further evidence of the cross-cultural experience of Los Angeles.

Museums range from fine to contemporary art, the art of flying, the art of the West, the art and evolution of mankind and species, even the art of neon - all conducive settings to the art of partying.

Along with cultural and commercial environments, we have a world-class university that offers such distinctive options as a world-famous basketball arena and an internationally renowned concert hall in Spanish Italian architecture with elegant lobbies and terraces overlooking the hills of Bel Air.

Several sites offer video theatres, breakout and reception areas for regular meetings in an alternative setting. There is also a private conference center on the fashionable Westside with magnificent Northern Italian interiors and full-service amenities.

Many venues require the services of an independent catering company; others provide in-house catering only. Generally speaking, when the venue generates profit from in-house food and beverage, location fees are lower and rental equipment (tables, chairs, linen, china, etc.) are included, making the event less costly for the more conservative budget. The unique appeal and desirability of a particular location site for your company's event, however, will often justify a higher expenditure.

In conclusion, Los Angeles’ unique and exciting selection of special event venues is unequaled and our company is here to help you choose the one that's perfect for you and to package your event to perfection.

Marilyn Jenett is the owner of Marilyn Jenett Locations,
a renowned special event location company with offices in Los Angeles.

Copyright © 1993 CBJ, L.P.
Copyright © 2004 Gale Group

To be continued…

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Nov 22, 2006 2:15 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

I stop in here each & every time I get notification that you have added another post. The story is inspiring & written in an engaging style. Please continue w/your installments. This is yet another avenue of your teaching, & it's obviously reaching a large audience . . . an audience that needs to be reached!

Blessed Thanksgiving to all --


Linda J. Alexander, Books For The Thinking Reader
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/

Private Reply to Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Nov 25, 2006 8:42 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

After contemplating the matter, I made up my mind to post the second article referred to in my story - the "post-quake" article. :-)

Although it relates to the special events industry, like the first one, and not specifically to the story itself, I am including it for several reasons:

First, although the first article was the one with the impact and immediate result from my prosperity work, in this second article, I was beginning to get the feel for sharing knowledge via the written word to promote myself. I was developing the knack of writing as a sales tool and positioning myself as an "expert," something I had never done before. I believe there is a difference in style between the two articles.

Therefore, I was becoming aware of publicity of a different nature. Earlier, as mentioned, all of the publicity was about me and my company. Now the publicity was taking a turn and being generated from me. The former, although very valuable, was what we would consider “buzz” or “hype” and directed to the public, the latter was based on business knowledge and credibility, a more subtle approach directed to a target audience. The distinction is that one type of publicity was "getting," the other “giving.”

The final and primary reason I am posting the article is that I feel it just might encourage some readers to do the same thing in their own field of business, if they have not been inclined to do so. It doesn't take great writing talent to promote this way, just a focus on what would be of benefit to your market and readers. And if you are applying prosperity laws, you won't have to write the articles yourself - the Universe will guide you along the way. And don't forget about all those copy editors and proofreaders who will provide the final touches if you don't...

Part XXVI: The Second Article

Creating the Perfect Off-Site Event

by Marilyn Jenett

Los Angeles Business Journal, January 31, 1994

The City of Angels has a diverse and exciting selection of special event venues to offer the meeting planner/event coordinator.

When selecting your venue, there are six basic elements to keep in mind. The basic elements of an event are: Location Site; Catering and Beverage Service; Rental Equipment; Theme and Decor; Music and Entertainment; and Transportation.

Location Site

Considerations for selecting a venue are: distance and travel time, guest count, weather conditions, type of event, theme, and budget.

How much travel time is allotted to transport your guests? Will they be staying in hotels in one area or throughout the city? If guests are local, would a particular area of the city be preferable?

Is the event to be a reception, buffet or formal dinner and what is your maximum guest count? How much seating is required? Will guests need to be served in a common area or can several areas of the venue be utilized? Consider space required for dancing, entertainment or presentations. Keep in mind you may want to have a cocktail reception in one area followed by dinner and perhaps entertainment in another.

Will you consider having all or part of the event outdoors and is tenting an option in the event of weather changes? Of course, we know it never rains in Southern California, but space heaters work quite well for an unexpected chilly evening. Los Angeles boasts such a beautiful climate and there is a wonderful selection of indoor/outdoor venues.

You may already have determined whether you want your event to be elegant and sophisticated, casual and fun, reception style or formal. This will help in your site selection.

Your theme most likely will be determined by your choice of venue. Who can resist dinner at a Beverly Hills estate, a "Hollywood bash" at a movie studio, or a real California beach party? Venues are often selected that represent and characterize our city and its rich culture. Of course, you can always transform a particular location site into your theme of choice, but this will usually require a higher budget.

Budget may determine your selection of venue, but please don't make the mistake of isolating the location cost. The determining factor should be your budget for the entire event, not just location cost. Often there are creative ways of working within your budget even though the venue may be expensive. And in many instances location sites may be willing to negotiate rather than lose the event. If you are working with a local event professional, his/her longterm association with the location and vendors will help considerably.

You really want your reception, theme party or event to be at a creative off-site location but your budget is conservative? You will find the next category helpful...

Catering and Beverage Service

Although many venues require the services of an independent catering company, others provide in-house catering only. Generally speaking, when profits are generated from in-house food and beverage, location fees are lower or nonexistent and rental equipment is included, lowering the cost of the event considerably.

As for the independent catering companies, those in Los Angeles are among the finest and most creative in the world. Our reputable caterers have extensive experience working "on location" and are capable of creating the flair and excitement that will personalize your event and make it memorable. From nouvelle cuisine to international menus, off premise caterers have the ability to provide the finest culinary options offered in our city.

A full service catering company will lend expertise in designing themes, coordinating rentals, providing beverage service and could even assist in site selection.

Rental Equipment

Rental equipment includes tables, chairs, linen, china, glassware, stemware, silverware, professional catering and kitchen equipment, heaters, tenting, staging, dance floors, lighting, and electrical.

Our most professional rental companies have computer generated diagrams of the most often used venues to facilitate logistical planning.

A rental consultant will work closely with the caterer/coordinator through all stages of planning until execution of the event to assure success.

Theme and Décor

Decor can be as minimal as floral arrangements for buffet and guest tables or as elaborate and intricate as the imagination and budget will allow.

Your location site will often determine your theme and provide most of the backdrop and decor you need. Guests will have the opportunity to tour the magnificent mansion or the museum's exhibits. Film studio theme locations provide everything necessary for that Hollywood theme party. Breathtaking city, ocean and mountain views, historic architecture, and the sands of our Gold Coast beaches cannot be duplicated by any design company. Often, supplemental florals and lighting may be all that are necessary to complement existing decor. However, if your budget is not limited and your venue is perfect for creative transformation, our industry's outstanding event design companies have the creativity and vision to enhance your event. Venues such as warehouses, soundstages, airport hangars and parking structures provide a perfect canvas to create a corporate identity or product promotion, or any theme the imagination could consider.

Music and Entertainment

Your needs may be as simple as background music for your reception and dinner or a band or an orchestra for dancing, but the selection of the right talent is vitally important to the success of your event. Entertainment must complement the venue, the theme, even the "consciousness" of your guests.

Entertainment covers a broad range of possibilities. World-class celebrity look-alike/impersonators are popular in Los Angeles. Their presence and performances enhance a Hollywood theme and provide wonderful photo opportunities. Other popular options include comedy, illusion (magic), variety or specialty acts, vocalists, even headliners.

Reputable music and entertainment contractors can provide the most desirable options and will be familiar with the best available talent. They will also coordinate the various elements of production such as sound reinforcement, A/V, lighting and staging, which are often necessary to enhance ambiance. "Our years of experience and contacts in the entertainment industry saves our clients valuable time, energy and expense when coordinating an event," says Sal Kuenzler of City Connection Entertainment and Productions.


Transportation from hotels is usually provided by deluxe motor coach or shuttle van. Shuttle vans may be required in rare instances where access for large buses is limited at the location site. For very large receptions with high guest counts, motor coaches may be scheduled for several trips to pick up guests. A nice touch is to have local hostesses (often bilingual) load passengers at the hotels, provide a warm welcome on the ride to the event and provide assistance as needed throughout the evening.

For local guests, options would be self parking, valet parking or again, motor coach or shuttle van where parking restrictions prevail.

With a higher budget (and usually for smaller or medium-sized events) you may choose to transport your guests by superstretch limousine. Or limousines may be hired for senior executives.

The following are additional items to be considered for your event which need no elaboration here:

• Invitations

• Photography and videography (don't forget press style photographs for trade newsletters, promos, etc.)

• Gift items for guests

• Insurance (many location sites such as mansions and museums require a certificate of insurance from your company which may be obtained at little or no expense)

Many companies (often competitors) will be entertaining during your convention and every meeting planner wants to know that his/her efforts will result in an impressive event that will be remembered and talked about.

Please call and plan a site inspection as early as possible to select the venue of your choice (you may also make your decision from photographs, brochures and other promotional material). Of course, competing companies will not want to have events at the same venue even on different dates.

You now have all the basic information you need to coordinate your off-site event. If you are a seasoned meeting planner or event coordinator, most of this information will be familiar. However, we hope we have provided you with new insights and a bit more knowledge to help with your future efforts.

Marilyn Jenett is the owner of Marilyn Jenett Locations,
a renowned special event location company with offices in Los Angeles.

Copyright © 1993 CBJ, L.P.
Copyright © 2004 Gale Group

To be continued…

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Nov 25, 2006 10:07 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXVII – Compete or Complete?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

~ Unknown

When I founded my company, I was considered a pioneer in the industry - one who created the idea of a location company for events. My inspiration came from the film location companies which were extremely common in Los Angeles. But no one had ever had a location company for parties and events before. It was another industry entirely. So I was influenced and I guess you could say I "copied" the concept of booking locations from the established film location companies.

However, my business had a unique twist and didn't compete with them - and that uniqueness is what brought me worldwide publicity. I often mentioned in publicity that I got the idea from film location companies. Did I copy the idea? Yes, I believe so. It wasn't meant to flatter, of course, but I sensed an opportunity - a missing link that had not been addressed - and I hit gold. So I was guided to take an existing, established idea and make it different and better for another purpose.

On occasion I actually used the services of these film location companies. In fact, they provided all of the mansions I booked in Los Angeles for the Campbell Soup promotions in 2004 to 2006, since there were different requirements than those for a typical one day event.

If you can't say something nice...don't say anything at all.

~ Thumper in Bambi (1942)

At the time I created my business, there was a woman who owned a late film star’s home in Beverly Hills. Although the home had a celebrity connotation, it had “old Hollywood” décor and was really not the most appealing - there were so many more beautiful mansions to book. My clients didn't care for the home but I continued to show it along with the others because I wanted to help her.

The owner became upset because they wouldn't book it.

So just a few years after I started my business...she decided to become my only competitor and went for it full force. We even ended up in a feature story in theLos Angeles Times together, in which they depicted us as "rivals." Prior to that time, I was the only game in town - in the world, in fact :-)

So...there was now someone who copied my concept, went after the same venues (I didn't really want exclusives), some of the same clients and even created the name for her company that started with one letter before mine in the alphabet, so that she would be above my company in the trade publications.

This was truly one of the greatest business and spiritual lessons of my life. Although it ruffled me at first, when I "lifted" myself above the situation, I realized that the competition was the best thing that could have ever happened to me and that in reality there was no competition. Those clients who were right for me easily found me. She attracted those who were right for her. It inspired me to be an even better businesswoman than I was and propelled me to new professionalism. And it paid off. Her style of doing business was quite a bit different than mine. One of her specialties was weddings, which I stopped booking in favor of corporate clients. Corporate clients who met the two of us contracted my services. Sure it was sweet, but I wished her well and even sent her holiday cards on occasion. We occasionally spoke. I came to the realization that there is enough abundance for everyone in business and you can never lose what is rightfully yours except through fearful lack thinking and a negative consciousness. Lesson learned. It was a great growing experience toward my prosperity consciousness.

I don't believe in competition, at least in the traditional sense. Oh sure, it may appear to be there on the surface, but when we focus on giving the very best of ourselves and rely on the Universal source for our supply, we can trust that we will always be exactly where we are supposed to be with the right people and the right circumstances and we will be happy to afford others the same. If we feel threatened by competition, it only means one thing: we are operating from fear and lack and not from our true nature as children of a rich and abundant Universe.

We do not have to compete. We are complete. We are whole, complete and perfect. When we recognize our completion within, all outer circumstances will be consummated, perfected and completed to reflect our inner state.

What if someone copies us to the extent that there are violations or infringements? We have the right to protect our interests and take action if needed - that's good business sense. But I like what the great teacher Dr. Joseph Murphy said: When you steal from your brother, you steal from yourself. What you wish for your brother, you wish for yourself. So if someone does steal, the laws of their own mind and consciousness will take care of them.

The Universe doesn't miss a trick.

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Nov 25, 2006 8:58 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Sherry Sword
Great stuff, Marilyn, as always! As you know, I've been following your story with enthusiasm so I felt it time to say a public thank you, and hello to all your network friends.

Your words flow with such grace and ease they can only come from that perfect source we all share. That makes reading your story a delicious mix of the familiar unfolding in new exciting ways -- like my 'alter-ego' taking me on a ride and revealing things I didn't know I knew, or had done!

As you also know, I've written a rather unusual book, or should say, 'transcribed' that inner voice we share during some of my own journey, and one of the many intriguing things I 'heard' it say :

"Together we know. Separately we think."

It's because that Voice speaks for us all, all the time, in every circumstance that it's so endlessly fun, fascinating and familiar. We're family! And it's a joy to be able to come together like this to share our adventures. Thank you again!

Cheers and Happy Holidays to all of Us,
Sherry Sword
Author of "How To Be Perfect"

Private Reply to Sherry Sword

Dec 03, 2006 5:19 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXVIII – Banking on It

When everything seems to be going against you,
remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

~ Henry Ford

This story would not be complete without telling you about Jean and a special client relationship that lasted many years…

That’s Jean…pronounced “zhahn” – the French variety :-)

Opening Scene

The story began in 1994 when I received a call from the Los Angeles offices of the Citibank Private Bank – the arm of Citibank that serviced high net worth legal clients. They wanted to entertain these legal clients with an invitation to dinner and a theatre performance when Miss Saigon opened at the Los Angeles Music Center. I was hired to plan the dinner and arrange for the purchase of the theatre tickets. It was a smaller exclusive event and I handled everything easily, working out the details with the in-house caterer exclusive to the Music Center.

Sometime later the client called again and asked me to coordinate a large scale event. I discovered that Citibank Private Bank held annual lawyers’ dinners – very upscale affairs for their top legal clients - in several major cities. I would be responsible to put together the Los Angeles dinner that year. The event included a formal reception and sit-down dinner to be held in a unique location with a famous guest speaker from the area of business, local government or politics. The location we decided upon was the Natural History Museum near downtown – the rotunda was a strikingly beautiful setting for the event.

The museum did not have a resident caterer and the client asked me if I would accommodate them and work with the catering company that they had used in the past for their off-premise events. I wasn’t thrilled about this, as I was used to my own off-premise caterers and could be responsible for them, but I told the client I would agree to this if it was that important to them. I knew the reputation of their caterer – she was considered one of the city’s best upscale social caterers, but I also had a feeling that she would not be easy to work with. Let’s just say that on an intuitive level, I didn’t feel comfortable. As it turned out, her staff and the quality of service did not live up to the standard I was used to and there were flaws with timing and delays. Normally this would reflect on the event coordinator, but since the client was insistent on using her, I could not be held responsible for the caterer’s errors. I was not happy, however, that at one point, there was almost a 45-minute delay between courses for the guests. Not acceptable in my book. But my feeling was to let it go – she was the client’s caterer so I felt it best not to make waves. The matter was too “political.”

Sometime during the following year I began wondering about that year’s Annual Lawyers’ Dinner for Citibank. I put in a call to Citibank and was not given any information. I then called the caterer and asked if she had heard anything about the upcoming dinner. She assured me that she was already in charge of the situation with the client and was handling the event herself this time and that my services would not be needed. Yes, that’s exactly how she put it. I understood then about my earlier intuitive feelings and realized that this woman wanted complete control of her client with no interference. Okay, if the client didn’t mind having their multimillion dollar law firm guests wait 45 minutes for a dinner course, then more power to them. And that was some attitude she had, considering that I had agreed to work with her for the client’s sake and didn’t try to talk them out of it. Some attitude.

I released the matter entirely and actually felt a sense of relief that I didn’t have to work with that caterer again.

The Thick Plottens

I don’t know how much time had elapsed since that call, but at some point following it, I received a call from a secretary at Citibank Private Bank. She informed me that a Mr. Jean Tardy had requested a meeting with me. It was regarding the upcoming Lawyers’ Dinner. Hmmm…things were getting interesting now…as a well-known talk show host used to say, “The thick plottens.” :-)

I was told that Jean Tardy’s full name was Jean Tardy-Vallernaud, but for short they called him Jean Tardy. I was intrigued to say the least about this ‘out of the blue’ meeting.

We set the appointment and I met with Jean Tardy, a very refined Frenchman with an artistic soul, very creative with exquisite taste, certainly not the typical description of a financial professional.

Jean and I hit it off immediately and early in the conversation he told me that he wanted me to coordinate the Lawyers’ Dinner. He was obviously newly in charge of everything. I remember asking him how he would feel if I used one of my own caterers if we chose a location that didn’t have their own. He not only agreed, he insisted that I use my own caterer – he told me he did not want the former caterer involved. He told me that he had met with her and knew this. He was also aware of the timing flaws at the previous year’s dinner and said that it was not acceptable for the Citibank Private Bank image.

If anyone wanted a prime example of instant karma…I don’t think you can get much clearer than that. In other words, her services would not be needed. :-)

Did I gloat over this? Of course. But as you will see shortly, our paths were destined to cross once again in the next act to test my understanding of still another spiritual lesson…

Tres Bien.

To be continued…

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Dec 03, 2006 5:06 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXIX – Banking on It (Continued)

If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse;
however, if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming,
I help you become that.

~ Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

Act II

I now see in my records that it was 1995 when I coordinated that Sixth Annual Los Angeles Lawyers’ Dinner at the Natural History Museum with the caterer in question. And now a year later I was again in charge of producing that prestigious event for the Citibank Private Bank – the Seventh Annual Lawyers’ Dinner.

The client had always chosen a downtown Los Angeles venue for this event, as the guests would be arriving directly from their law firms on a business day and many of the major firms were downtown. I was able to secure the beautiful Grand Hall of the Music Center, the Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles County. As for the catering, the Music Center had their own in-house catering and restaurant operation, so an outside caterer could not be brought in. That was perfectly wonderful for me, as the Music Center housed the most prestigious theatres in the city, as well as the philharmonic and opera house. The catering staff was used to accommodating the most important clients and events and there service was impeccable. I was delighted that I was able to secure a rare open date at this location.

The caterer from my ‘Opening Scene’ called me to find out where the lawyers’ dinner would be, hoping that she still had a chance at the job, but the tables had certainly turned. She didn’t know that Jean was determined never to use her and she was now at my mercy. :-) Yes, the tables had turned. But there was something in me that would not let me treat her in the same way that she had brushed me off not long before. I gloated over the turn of events for a bit, but when it came to actually speaking with her and having to let her down, I knew I had to do it with grace and civility. After all, the Citibank Private Bank had been her client up until that time and now she had lost her client to me. I am sure this humbled her. My instincts told me to let her down easy and I did. I explained to her that we were able to secure a date at the Music Center and they obviously have their own caterer. So I let her believe that that was the only reason she would not be catering the event that year. I couldn’t tell her the truth. But I’m sure deep down she knew she was out of the picture. Looking back at the situation, I realize that I was refining my own spiritual qualities of forgiveness, compassion and humility and I would soon discover still another reason why my guidance led me to handle her so carefully.

The Lawyers’ Dinner in the Grand Hall was wonderful. During the reception and dinner, prior to the guest speaker, we had a trio of musicians who were the first tier members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The catering and service by the Music Center’s staff was excellent. Everything was first class.

For the client that year, in addition to the Lawyers’ Dinner, I also coordinated a Private Dinner Concert with the Philharmonic as well as the Showboat Dinner and Performance. Both events held at the Music Center were for the attorneys and their spouses.

Jean Tardy was such an incredible client. He was a creative thinker himself and we would put our heads together and come up with great ideas. But he also gave me full reign and let me express my creativity for these events, providing the budget for me to do so. The creativity wasn’t always expensive – for example, for the Showboat dinner, I ordered small painted wooden riverboats right from New Orleans and had them shipped here. I had the florist incorporate them into the gorgeous table arrangements. Other aspects of the events, especially for the Lawyers’ Dinners, were elaborate. For that annual three-hour dinner and an average guest count of 130-200, the billing was often over $100,000 (yes, you read that correctly). And that’s without spouses! More detail on this later…


You know that I was guided to deal with the former caterer delicately – with kindness instead of well, arrogance. I had by then been in business for about 12 years and had never crossed paths with her before this occurrence, although I was aware of her just like I was aware of all of the other top event professionals in the city, as they were aware of me. We all knew who we were, whether we worked together or not. But the chances that this caterer and I would cross paths twice in the same time frame and especially after what had transpired – that was definitely unusual and very synchronistic. This is what happened…

I received a phone call around that same time from a client in Denver. Remember during the cable convention, there was a second mansion party I produced across the canyon from the Home & Garden Television bash with Crosby, Stills & Nash? Well, the call from Denver was that client. They wanted me to book an estate and coordinate their event, but they asked me if I would consider using their chosen caterer – a caterer who apparently had ties to the owner of the company. And you know who that caterer was, don’t you?

Are you starting to recognize the 'Sub Plot' here? My experience with this caterer was coming full circle…

• There were major flaws in her service at the event we had worked on together…

• She thereafter lost her former client to me.

• She was decidedly rude to me when she thought she had the client secured this year and was happy to see me out of the picture.

And now the Universe was handing me the decision to hire her or not for a different client. Something was cookin’ here and I’m not referring to the caterer’s kitchen.

Now let’s consider my general perspective…

• I had the knowledge of locations that clients wanted – that was a primary aspect of their events.

• I had the ability to coordinate and produce all aspects of the events.

• I believe my reputation and expertise were strong enough to allow me to insist on using my own vendors without putting off the clients.

I had a decision to make.

What do YOU think that decision was?

To be continued…

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Dec 05, 2006 12:34 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXX – And Taking It All the Way to the Bank :-)

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

~ Albert Schweitzer

Legal Ease

Before I give you the answer to the question I previously posed, I thought I would share the sequence of events that Jean and I created for the legal clients.

Jean entrusted the Citibank Private Bank events to me from that year on. In 1997, we held the Eighth Annual Los Angeles Lawyers’ Dinner at the Petersen Automotive Museum during a Ferrari exhibit. The setting was spectacular. We always gave special gifts to the guests and that year we bought collector edition model cars from the museum and I contracted a laminating company to attach the cars to plaques that served as bases.This time it was cars instead of riverboats that were artistically attached to the floral arrangements. Scott from Silver Spoons, my favorite and trusted off premise caterer, was in charge of food and beverage.

The following year, 1998, we had another Theatre Dinner and took the lawyers to see the production of Chicago at the Music Center. Later that year it was the Ninth Annual Los Angeles Lawyers’ Dinner. Jean and I disregarded the New York home office policy and moved these events further west from downtown, which had never been done in years past. So the first move west was the Petersen Museum, and then in ’98 I booked LACMA – the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, with our dinner scheduled right in the midst of the Picasso Exhibit. After a reception and tour of the exhibit, there was an outdoor dinner in the museum courtyard. The gifts for the guests were beautiful museum coffee table books relating to the exhibit.

These annual dinners were attracting more guests each year and even the top Citibank Private Bank brass, who flew in from New York for the dinners, started to congratulate me on the success of these events. I was told they had never had this kind of turnout in the past, meaning the number of lawyers who RSVP'd to the invitations. And Jean told me that the New York executives never congratulated anyone, so I figured I could take that praise all the way to the bank - so to speak. :-) If you are not familiar with the slang phrase “…all the way to the bank,” I’m using it here to mean it was a sure thing, in other words, I could “bank on it” and count on profits from it.

In 1999, it was the Amadeus Dinner and Performance, followed months later by the Tenth Annual Los Angeles Lawyers’ Dinner, this time at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood. The existing corporate building set on Paramount's New York Street just "happened" to be a replica of the Citicorp Center in New York. We had the building dressed with signage and canopied and transformed to really be identifiable as the Citicorp Center in New York, which was the parent company of the Citibank Private Bank. Even the subway station set had the appropriate signage for that route. We had signage made for the older commerical "streets and shops" on the set to look like the buildings were Citibank earlier in the Century. It was the largest RSVP turnout yet and the dinner under the stars with the guest speaker was very dramatic, to say the least. Each guest received upon leaving, the complete gift set of Paramount’s latest Star Trek release. For that mid-week three-hour dinner that brought the attorneys from their offices at the end of the business day, I billed Citibank Private Bank about $125,000. Let’s just say that Jean Tardy-Vallernaud and Marilyn Jenett knew how to wine and dine clients in style. The New York office balked at the budget and we weren't concerned (although we did make a few adjustments as described below). Jean and I didn’t consider client entertaining a business, we considered it an art. :-)

An Officer and a Gentleman

Jean and I were a good team and we had a good run with these events, but he was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the corporate politics of his job and eventually left to go out on his own and became a financial consultant and wealth management specialist. To this day, we stay in touch. Citibank stopped doing client entertaining after that and it was a sign of the times. There seemed to be a shift in consciousness in general with regard to corporate spending in the entertaining area.

I will never forgot the client relationship I had with Jean Tardy – I was always impressed by his decency and kindness. I recall that final year with the Paramount event when the New York home office was on his back to bring down the budget. Hey, $125,000 was a heck of a lot of money for a dinner for a couple of hundred guests, even for a billion dollar corporation. Jean told me to pare down some of the expenses – for instance, hire one photographer instead of two or three. Get rid of some extras here and there. I offered to make less profit in order to accommodate New York’s request. And I will never forget what Jean said. He said, "Don’t you touch your profit. I won’t have you do that."

I was particularly honored when I was included in a select list of guests to be invited to Jean's wedding to Patricia (I was strictly a guest, having nothing to do with the coordination).

That’s the kind of client Jean Tardy Vallernaud was – an officer and a gentleman – that is, a bank officer and a gentleman. :-)

To be continued…

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Dec 06, 2006 12:47 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Sherry Sword
I'm still following your story, Marilyn, with rapt attention.

And I'm eager to hear how you handled the 'wayward' caterer. There's a 'wayward' figure from the past reentering my life right now, and I'm happy to have the chance to see how YOURS turned out! S~

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Dec 09, 2006 7:25 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Afzal Huda
Continue please...

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Dec 10, 2006 7:28 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXI – Unlikely Teachers

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.

~ Mark Twain


“But the chances that this caterer and I would cross paths twice in the same time frame and especially after what had transpired – that was definitely unusual and very synchronistic.”

“And now the Universe was handing me the decision to hire her or not for a different client.”

So, have you been wondering what my decision was with respect to the caterer in question?

I cannot tell you exactly what motivated my decision at that time, but looking back in retrospect, I believe there were several factors that were involved, even if I was not consciously aware of them all. I had already learned that the Universe will often dictate its guidance silently, with a subtle whisper. I made my decision, no doubt, based on that whisper, but I can now look back and see the larger vision and the lesson that I was to learn.

From a conscious standpoint, here are some thoughts that enter my mind now as I revisit the scenario:

My new client’s desire was for me to use that caterer. What was more important - my ego and previous experience and opinion of the caterer’s work or servicing the client by fulfilling their request?

There was the chance that the caterer could mess up again, that something could go wrong at the event. Of course, I still wouldn’t be responsible since it was the client’s choice. This particular event was not a formal dinner – with the more casual format of buffet stations, errors were less likely.

I didn’t feel it would be professional to criticize or complain about the caterer to the client – that never makes anyone look good in business. Trying to promote my own caterer would only seem self serving.

Ultimately, however, I keep going back to the fact that this caterer and I were thrown together twice and the synchronicity involved convinces me that there was a reason for this. On the one hand, this was an opportunity to even the score for the way she treated me. If she didn’t get this booking, she would learn a really good lesson on the proper way to treat her fellow industry professionals.

On the other hand, I now had the “upper hand” where she was concerned. By agreeing to work with her once again, despite the previous interaction, I would become “bigger” than the situation and could create goodwill all the way around. I could compensate this caterer for her loss with the previous client which was perhaps a great blow for her. So, as I look back, I see that there was an even larger lesson to be learned here – by me - a lesson in forgiveness and a lesson in taking the high road instead of the low one. Teachers arrive in unexpected ways.

I decided to take the high road.

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Dec 10, 2006 9:29 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Dawn Khan
ANY time someone elects to take the high road, the terrain gets more beautiful. However in this story, your closing image of YOUR high road is stunningly beautiful--- on that high road, you can surely see for miles and miles-- and yet touch the sky.

THANK YOU! Okay this is my beautiful image to close with for today..

A story of the teacher remaining a willing student.. of the sky, synchronicity, and the high road to the universe!

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Dec 14, 2006 9:00 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Dec 15, 2006 5:30 amre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Sherry Sword
Lovely, Marilyn -- your smile, and that other lady, too. Great photos.

Still waiting to hear about your 'high road' with the naughty caterer.......

Private Reply to Sherry Sword

Dec 27, 2006 9:47 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXII – How About an Academy Reward Party?

You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough.

~ Dr. Frank Crane


It was 1997 and it appeared that I was quite tuned into my intuitive promptings and certainly used to attracting the finest clients and events for my business. I had no reason to doubt the flow of synchronicity and ‘out of the blue’ opportunities that came my way. But following is an account that I’m sure will make you pause, as it did me. Was my radar on vacation, leaving me to rely solely on appearances and outer circumstances? Or was this occurrence actually a part of a greater picture and Universal guidance and destiny? I will let you decide…

Lyndia, the woman I mentioned previously who was working for me part time on a contract basis, was also working for the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation. She called to tell me that she had received a call from a company, Harbour Marketing Services, Inc. in Maryland. They were looking for a venue and someone to coordinate a promotion in Los Angeles relating to the Academy Awards that year. She knew I would be the perfect vendor for them and referred them to me.

I then heard from a representative of the company, Neil Zaslavsky, who flew to Los Angeles to meet with me. He showed me the brochures and advertisements for a Super Bowl event the company had done previously in Florida. I assured him I would be able to provide them with all of the elements for a perfect "Academy Award" promotion. Indeed I could – and did. I was contracted by Joe Perichak, the president of the company to coordinate the Los Angeles events relating to Harbour’s promotion, the Academy Awards Gala Weekend in March, 1997.

The promotion was to be held for the customers of various movie theatres and shopping malls throughout North America. These entities contracted Harbour Marketing to coordinate and present a patron-pleasing, glitzy marketing promotion, in which their customers could enter a drawing to win a trip to Los Angeles and attend an “Academy Award” party. It wouldn’t be an official Academy party – it would be a simulated one but very appealing to the average American or Canadian who would enter the drawing.

Enter Marilyn, the make-anything-happen event gal.

I created a top-notch promotion for Harbour. The events included a day at Universal Studios Hollywood and a private “Academy Awards” party the following night hosted by television stars Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso of Days of Our Lives (they were the two hottest soap stars on television at that time) and Pilar (Mrs. John) Wayne.

An indescribable amount of time, energy and negotiation were involved over a four-month period in planning the details, contacting the vendors and venues, and in securing the celebrity talent for this promotion. There were numerous phone calls to Harbour Marketing in Maryland and Vermont, negotiations with Universal Studios, Universal Studio Restaurant, agents for the celebrity hosts, overnight couriers, faxes, etc. Peter Reckell, the soap star, did national American and Canadian radio spots directly from NBC Studios. NBC, agents and management allowed both stars’ photos to be incorporated into Harbour Marketing’s graphics and promotional material for the movie theatres and shopping malls. I was able to secure the soap stars in the first place as a result of my longtime association with an entertainment contractor who provided music and entertainment for my corporate events.

I spoke with Neil and Joe on the telephone several times and they sent to me by courier, samples of the promotional material – full-sized posters with photos of the stars, t-shirts that were to be given to the public and various other items that were to be distributed to the theatres and shopping malls. Everything look great.

In one of our conversations, Joe Perichak asked me to start getting ideas for their next promotion, this time relating to the film release of Batman and Robin that year. I was thinking what great ideas this marketing expert came up with. But for some reason, I decided to wait to see how everything went with this first event before focusing on another.

Are you sensing a “but” making its way into this story? If so, then your own radar is in working order…

and Cons...

At the beginning, I had drawn up my contracts for the event and they were signed by the client and returned to me. A deposit of $25,000 was due on February 10th from Harbour, but Joe Perichak called and asked if I would instead accept payment in full on Wednesday, March 6th, to be wired into my business account upon his receipt of monies from his clients, the national threatre chains and shopping malls participating in this promotion. The total amount due to be paid to my company for the Los Angeles events was $71,916.25. I agreed in good faith because of our signed contracts, Perichak’s assurances and his submission of the promotional graphics to me.

In case you are curious about the costs of the components making up an event such as this, here is the actual breakdown (I will later reveal why I happen to still have these records):

The monies would have been distributed as follows:

Marilyn Jenett Locations $24,765.00

Universal Studios Hollywood $5,316.00

Universal Studio Restaurant $19,761.55

Celebrity Talent $17,750.00

“Oscar” Statuettes $1,014.84

Sound System $1,500.00

Photographers $1,808.86

Grand Total Invoiced: $71,916.25

Harbour had agreed to pay directly for hotel and transportation costs.

As you can see, my profit on the event was substantial enough for me to accommodate my client’s wishes regarding payment. This was an unusual situation, because I always received deposits from my clients upon the signing of contracts, but my vendors were willing to trust me for payment because of my reputation and history with them. However, it was not only my vendors involved. There were the two television stars and their agents, whom I did not know, and the stars had already had their photos distributed and done radio spots for the promotion without having been paid. But Sal, my entertainment contractor, trusted me implicitly and his contacts for the stars trusted him. The important thing was that payment be made in full to everyone prior to the event. Joe’s assurance of payment in full several weeks before would give us plenty of time.

Wednesday, March 6th. Bank of America - Marilyn Jenett Locations business account. No wired funds. The bank reminds me that wire transfers are not instant as is commonly assumed. They can take up to several days.

Thursday. No wire transfer.

I think it was that day that the phone rang and the switchboard put Neil Zaslavsky through. Neil was here in Los Angeles. I said, “Neil, I haven’t received the deposit.” He said…

“Are you sitting?” (Long silence) “We’ve been conned.”

Part Two of “How About an Academy Reward Party” coming up…

To be continued…

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Dec 29, 2006 1:16 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXIII: How About an Academy Reward Party? (Part 2)

Every cloud has a silver lining.

~ Proverb

Days of Our Lives - in the Slammer :-)

“Are you sitting?” (Long silence) “We’ve been conned.”

Neil's words rang in my head for a few moments and yet, I recall feeling no surprise. It was as if I really knew at some level of my being that something just wasn't right with this situation all along, and I was finally admitting to it. And yet I had gone through the motions of coordinating the event and doing all that was necessary to bring it to completion, even without an initial deposit. Why had I not heard the Universal "whispers" this time? Why had I not acknowledged doubtful feelings? Where was my radar? Where were the sign posts during these months? Perhaps the answer was being revealed...

Neil told me in that phone call that Harbour Marketing's "president", Joe Perishak, aka Joseph Gill, was picked up in Vermont that week. I think he told me that I would be hearing from the authorities. Neil claimed he had no previous knowledge of wrongdoing and was also a "victim" in the situation.

I heard from the authorities in Vermont shortly after. They not only gave me background on the situation, but wanted to gather all evidence from my side pertaining to my transaction with Gill. Here are the details as they were related to me...

Joseph Gill (aka Perichak) was a major con artist who was being hunted by the FBI for years. But he kept changing his name and as a truly talented and professional criminal, avoided capture. He and his girlfriend were involved in major scams involving millions of dollars. The Super Bowl events that were represented in the brochures and graphics that Neil had shown me when we first met? Gill had conned clients out of something like three million dollars for those Super Bowl events. The actual events never happened.

This was the same thing that he was doing for the "Academy Award" promotion for which I was contracted. He was taking the money from the clients - in this case, the movie theatre chains and shopping malls - with no intention of delivering the promotions or paying the vendors. He was using the vendors - like me - to produce the product in order to entice the clients to pay him.

The posters, graphics and other promotional items were all produced by a small business like mine, a graphics company in Vermont who was asked, as I was, to wait for "payment in full" until Gill received his payment from the clients. So we all delivered the goods, trusting that we would be paid as promised. In the meantime, Gill received the monies from the theatre chains and malls - and we are talking here about major chains and malls throughout North America - and disappeared with the funds.

Now, just at that time - what appeared to be at just the right time - a woman executive with a mall in the northeast took special notice of the promotion I had put together with the photos of the soap stars, etc. She thought it was a fantastic promotion. But for some reason it bothered her. It triggered her memory. The promotion reminded her of a past situation that involved a scam. She called the local authorities and that's when the FBI stepped in and found and picked up Gill and his girlfriend, who were still in Vermont. There was some suspicion that Neil Zaslavsky may have been involved in some way, but they had no evidence against him.

Gill was in prison and the authorities told me that with the long trail of evidence they had against him, he would remain there for many, many years.

We Can Expect Payback When?

I was told that I would be hearing from the Courts in Vermont with regard to a declaration of victim losses that I would be asked to provide. They also said that Gill would be required by law to pay restitution to all entities and businesses that had been victims of his scams over the years. Restitution? Now that's an interesting concept! I was curious about that. He would be sitting in prison for many years. Let's see. How could that be arranged? Would they be providing Gill with a telephone and fax machine (I wasn't thinking computers in 1997!)? Perhaps in his spare time (of which he would certainly have plenty) he could create new scams to produce the millions of dollars to return to his victims? In other words, where on earth would someone sitting in prison for years get the money to pay restitution - millions of dollars of restitution at that? Ah, the law can be ironic. :-)

I received a Declaration of Victim Losses from the United States District Court for the District of Vermont, in July of 1997. I provided a letter to the court, the itemized breakdown of monies (that I showed you above) and copies of the signed contracts with Harbour Marketing. I also enclosed a copy of the letter I sent to Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso, the soap stars, via their management.

I don't have a copy of that letter, but from memory I can give you the essence.

But first, I need to tell you that the situation was of grave importance and a very serious one for the television actors. I have never watched soap operas, but I discovered that the reputation of soap stars must remain pristine and flawless throughout their careers or else it could mean the end of their careers. And these were the two most popular soap stars on the air with a major fan base. NBC had to do major damage control.

Allow me to backtrack for a moment...

The authorities had provided me with the names and contacts for the theatre chains and malls that were involved in the promotion. I attempted damage control myself at this point. The promotions had been advertised and publicized already and the winners had been selected at all the theatres and malls. There were shock waves at the corporate level when the companies discovered that their monies were gone and there would be no promotion. I spoke with the corporate offices and offered to provide the events here in Los Angeles as planned, but to do so at a discounted price if they wanted to proceed. I was willing to make minimal profit if I could help them all "save face" with the public. I was not personally out of pocket any actual money - just my time and effort. And I would have preferred that it not be for naught. They expressed gratitude for the offer but said they were so upset by everything that they just wanted to let it all go, put the whole thing behind them, and write off the loss.

On the other hand, NBC and the soap stars could not just put the matter behind them. Something had to be done to preserve the stars' image and reputation. So NBC, at their own expense, flew in all of the winners from across the nation, set them up in nice hotels and brought them to the studios to watch the tapings of the shows. Cool move.

Now back to my letter to the stars...and my final conclusion with regard to this entire occurrence and why the events transpired as they did...

The Universe - Central Intelligence, Upper Level

In contemplating how I could have "missed" the cues and become involved in such a negative situation, especially since I had become so attuned to my guidance and intuition, a light suddenly came on and realization hit me. Was it a rationalization? I don't think so.

I came to the conclusion that the Universe wanted me to fulfill this mission and create a wonderful promotion that would be noticed in order to get Joseph Gill off the streets so that he would not continue to harm others and cause such great losses in the future. I explained in my letter to the soap stars that although it appeared initially to be very negative, in reality, we were all instruments in helping to correct a situation that needed correction. And that turned out to be a positive thing.

That is why I believed I forged ahead and didn't received any "cues."

Your thoughts?

P.S. There is one last note that I feel is interesting and worth mentioning about this. The fact is that Joseph Gill was, in my opinion, a brilliant marketer. He could have made a huge amount of money doing exactly what he did, only doing it honestly. I think he had real talent. I did mention this to the authorities when I spoke with them. They explained the psychological workings of a con artist's mind. They told me that it is the actual "con" that gives them the rush, that they are addicted to. That is why they do it. I found that very interesting.

To be continued...

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Dec 29, 2006 4:43 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net


This latest installation fascinated me. I appreciated learning about how you faced what would in many circles seem to be a business (& personal) fiasco, & managed to turn it all around. Indeed, I agree w/you. The Universe utilizes each of us, not only for our direct financial &/or personal benefit, but for the benefit of others we don't even know. That, to me, is some of the most exciting facets of the Laws. It all works so perfectly . . . if we just believe, even in the face of adversity. You brilliantly exhibited that w/this example. How many people, good businesses, reputations were spared because this con artist was taken off the streets? You'll probably never know, but the number is likely quite large.

As for soap stars -- I've done a considerable amount of writing about folks in that industry, interviewing them for feature pieces, as well as placing them in some smaller venue promotional events. They are, in my humble opinion, the most conscientious, hard-working (52 weeks/year, just like "regular" folk in many ways), & down-to-earth people I've ever met. Their careers live & die based on their publicity, & accessibliity to their public & any publicity put out in their name is serious stuff to them. I found that if I was honest & straightforward w/them, they were the same w/me.

I'm sure they appreciated well how you handled what could've been a horrible situation, & turned it around for the better.

Blessings -- Linda

Linda J. Alexander, Books For The Thinking Reader
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/

Private Reply to Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Dec 31, 2006 9:05 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett


I'm happy that someone else believes that there was a greater plan at work here...

I never met the soap stars and don't know if they ever saw my letter. My entertainment contractor, Sal, had given me the address of their manager. Who knows if the manager ever relayed the message to the stars or what their spiritual philosophies might be.

I just felt it was important to put the thought out there and relay my feelings that perhaps we weren't "victims" of circumstance after all, but in the wider vision, something good came of the situation. Thinking back, I believe I also wanted to make sure that the stars' reps understood that Sal, my vendor, and I had no reason to suspect anything - I wanted to protect Sal's image and make sure he wasn't held responsible for a lack of "due diligence".

You might say that we were under the spell of a brilliant "villian". It almost reminds one of a soap opera, doesn't it? Of course, the Universal writer of the script had quite a startling (and audience pleasing) ending in mind. :-)

~ M

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Jan 18, 2007 1:41 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXIV: Seeing Stars – Part I

Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.

~ Cowboy Proverb

Bars, Cars and a Chick from Mars

We have seen how exquisite timing is a key factor in the synchronicity that results in our desired life events, but what are we to think when exquisite timing is also involved in events that are not so desirable and are completely unexpected? Do we assume that we awoke on the wrong side of the bed that morning? Or based on what I have related so far, can we assume that there are always hidden blessings and life lessons to be learned in these strange occurrences? Only when they are played out completely can we look for the answers and lessons. One thing I believe for certain…somewhere related to the effect is a cause that is buried somewhere.

Here’s one such occurrence – or rather series of connected occurrences you might find amusing. It deviates somewhat from my entrepreneurial theme, but since it centers around my office building…

It involves a gym rat (moi), a club rat, a popular television court show, a celebrity who is famous for…well, being famous, and a fired up young attorney chomping at the bit for his first challenge. A very special cast of characters that you can only find…here in L.A - and in Marilyn’s true tale of synchronicity and guidance…

One evening in 1989, I decided to go to the gym – I usually worked out with weights in the evening. Only on that night I had taken my car keys, but had left my complete set of keys at home in a handbag. In other words, I did not have my resident key with me. I was living with someone at the time and he had gone to Orange County on business and wasn’t expected home until late. I decided I would just drive to my office (the suite in the Century City highrise) and find paperwork to do until Ron got home. I left a message and asked him to call me when he returned.

He finally called to tell me he was home. I was finishing up some work, so I stayed a bit later and it was well after midnight when I decided to leave the building. Now, the Century Plaza Towers, the highrise office towers, were adjacent to the ABC Entertainment Center, which housed the Shubert Theatre, a movie theatre, numerous shops and restaurants and a nightclub called “20/20”. Both the towers and entertainment center shared the same huge parking structure with their own entrance/exits, but that late at night, there was only one parking exit open in the underground facility.

When I reached the parking exit, all lanes were lined with cars with people who had left the nightclub. I was stuck in one lane and could only wait until the cars ahead paid. I had a “key card” which would give me automatic and quick exit from the monthly tenant lane, but my key card was at home in my handbag along with the keys and any cash. This in itself was very unusual, since I almost always kept the key card in my car. I don’t recall why I had put it in my purse.

So I patiently waited until the drivers ahead paid. Finally, I pulled up to the booth, told the attendant that I was a tenant in the building, gave him my name and suite number, told him that I did not have my key card with me, and asked him to open the gate. He then left the booth to go to the parking office to verify my tenancy. I couldn’t believe it. Cars were impatient to leave the garage and horns started honking, but the attendant had disappeared. I was sitting there in my car with the gate down in front of me, unable to do anything. I had been a tenant in the building for several years. I was dressed in gym attire with no make up on -certainly didn’t look like a night clubber. And people behind me were getting very upset from waiting. But the attendant was out of sight.

Suddenly, a young woman, a passenger with others in the car behind me, angrily approached my car, slammed her fist with great force on the roof of my car, spewed profanities and told me to move my *#!&! car. I told her the gate was down and there was nothing I could do (which was obvious). She then reached into my window, across my lap and attempted to grab my keys to start the car. She was going to try to crash it through the barricading gate. She was very young, with heavy makeup, trendy nightlife clothing and a hat. And she was very, very high or drunk. Needless to say, I was stunned.

I pushed her out of my window and closed the window. She went back to her car with her friends. I then got out of my car and yelled for security – security officers were always around in the building. Except at that moment. Suddenly I heard a voice from afar warning, “Get back in your car!” I did, and locked the door. Miss Club Rat was coming back for me.

I was shaken. I sat there until the attendant returned. He didn’t say a word…he just raised the gate so I could drive through.

I was too unnerved to drive at that point and I pulled over to the side of the curb, still in the parking garage. Oh, I forgot to tell you that the parking office was right there just a few yards from the booth where I was trapped. A few yards! They had security cameras and they could also see directly from their office what was going on in the parking garage. And yet during that whole episode, no one came out to intervene or to help. The only thing that happened was when that person yelled for me to get back in my car.

As I was parked there collecting myself, another young woman approached my car. She was one of the passengers in the car with Miss Club Rat. She looked very sweet and came up to the window and asked if I was all right. She was obviously concerned, had seen me pull over, and made the driver stop the car so she could see if I was okay. I thanked her and asked if she would give me her friend’s name.

She said she couldn’t do that, but she would give me her name and phone number. She didn’t want to rat on her friend, Miss Club Rat, but she did what she felt was right and gave me her own contact information (I think she knew that it would eventually lead to the trail).

I spent the next hour in the parking office speaking with the night manager and hearing every excuse in the book why they couldn’t come to my rescue during the altercation. The best excuse I remember was they told me had had guns pulled on them in the past, and they couldn’t take a chance in case the offender had a gun. P-l-e-a-s-e! The manager told me that he was the one who yelled for me to get back in my car.

They couldn’t intervene to help a tenant because THEY might have a problem? In the best area of town, in the most prestigious highrise office building in the city, with hundreds of people in the garage witnessing – they couldn’t even call security to come to the garage to help? All they could do was watch? Two security men did show up eventually – after it was all over.

I finally left, stopped at an emergency room to get my hand checked and to have proof of the assault. When Miss Club Rat had forced herself into my window, she had pushed my hand so hard to get to my keys that my hand was bruising and slightly swollen. It was nothing serious but I had a medical report to prove the incident.

The most amazing part though was that this somewhat slight person had hit the roof of my car with such force that she dented it! I had a large sturdy car – a Chrysler Fifth Avenue – and she managed to put a big fist dent right above the driver door.

The next day I filed a detailed police report in West Los Angeles and gave them the name and phone number of Miss Club Rat’s friend…

To be continued...

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Jan 19, 2007 1:57 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXV: Seeing Stars - Part 2

Time has convinced me of one thing. Television is for appearing on, not looking at.

~ Noel Coward, attributed

The Case of the Underground...

I received a call from the West Los Angeles police a short time later stating that they had set up a hearing for the matter. They had found Miss Club Rat through her friend who had given me the telephone number. On the day of the hearing, I arrived and saw Miss Club Rat only briefly and would never have recognized her as she had completely changed her appearance since the night in question. She looked petite, no make up, no hair style, a simple dress - like an innocent little girl - actually Miss Club Rat had transformed herself into Little Bo Peep. We were interviewed separately. I was then told that the court would take it under submission and be in touch with me.

I received a call from someone at the courthouse/police station later and was told that they would not be assigning it as a case because they didn't feel that a jury would believe that that frail looking young woman could put that dent in the roof of my car. They would just be wasting the taxpayers' money. So they told me that my best choice was to file a civil action against her.

Well, I think you have come to know me well enough by now to not expect me to give up on something I believed in. Perhaps it was because she was so young (they told me she was 21 years old) that I felt that Miss Club Rat aka Little Bo Peep needed to take responsibility for her actions and not go beating up on people unnecessarily in parking structures. Yes, she needed to be taught a lesson...

I filed in small claims court and hired an attorney's service or sheriff to serve her. But...they couldn't find her. She seemed to move around, from one address to another, and they couldn't find an address to serve the papers.

I don't recall what I was feeling at the time. Perhaps I was about ready to let it go. Or maybe I just released it enough from my consciousness to allow the Universe to take over investigative duty. :-) In any case, what happened next was really a surprise and completely out of the blue...

I got a phone call from People's Court. Yep, the original People's Court with that famous Judge Wapner presiding - a real character. Researchers for the show would examine small claims filings in Southern California and approach the plaintiff and defendant in interesting cases. The producers offered to have me appear on the show and have Judge Wapner mediate if I would drop the action and be bound by Wapner's decision. And if I won the case, I would be paid the amount of the judgment by the show immediately, not by the defendant. In fact, the losing party would also be paid to appear on the show. Therefore, I was assured of getting payment and not having to go through the hassle of collecting my judgment. You probably know that if you win a judgment in small claims court, that doesn't mean you'll ever see your money. I had filed in Small Claims for the estimate I received for my car - $1,000 - plus the medical bill which was modest and the expert witness (explained below). In order to fix the dent in the roof of my car, the entire roof had to be repainted and that was the major expense.

I told the producers it seemed like a great deal as far as I was concerned, but they would have to locate the defendant and she would have to agree to appear. They already had. She agreed. After all, she had everything to gain - she would never have to pay me if she lost and she would make a few bucks on top of that. I'd say that was a pretty darn good deal for someone in her position. Funny how she showed up when TV Land called. Those TV research guys are good. People's Court cases had witty, pun-related names and ours was no different. It was The Case of the Underground...(something or other - I can't recall). I have the videotape in a closet and would have to watch it to get the name.

I wasn't going to take any chances on losing this deal - not in front of millions of daytime viewers. :-) I promptly set out to find an expert witness to support my claim and found an accident reconstruction expert who could explain how Little Bo Peep caused the dent in the roof of my car. I think it cost me $100 to have him appear with me as a witness. Interestingly, I had never watched People's Court but everyone knew Judge Wapner's reputation as a television personality and how tough he could be. I was prepared.

The day came to show up at the People's Court studios. My expert witness was there and I parked my car in back of the studio as instructed so the Judge could look at it if he wanted to. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Miss Club Rat aka Little Bo Peep - she had again transformed her physical appearance for her television debut.. She was now Ms. Daytime Television Star...

To be continued...

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Jan 20, 2007 5:57 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXVI: Seeing Stars – Part 3

The first step to a prosperity consciousness is to take responsibility…for your thoughts, words and deeds.

~ Marilyn

If you're headed in the wrong direction, God allows U-turns.

~ Unknown


So there she was…Miss Defendant…ready for her close up. :-) Her hair was a new color and styled, face fully made up, high heels and outfit ready for a tv appearance. Perhaps she already knew she would lose the case and no longer needed to portray the innocent, the “ingénue.”

I greeted her and her witness. The witness was the kind young woman friend of hers who had provided me with contact information and who had later revealed the defendant’s identity to the police. It was obvious that the action had not jeopardized their friendship.

I will share a few highlights from our interaction with Judge Wapner. I have not viewed the videotape in all these years, so my comments here are solely from memory. I could easily put the tape in the VCR and view it (although I use only the DVD player these days) but I decided not to. So far, the meat of my story segments have been told from memory, so I think I will continue in that vein and let my subconscious guide me in the highlights. First, I was asked to tell my version of the event to the Judge. Then Judge Wapner turned to Miss Defendant and he was not easy on her. She explained that she was out clubbing with her friends that night and had a few drinks. Judge Wapner asked her how many drinks she had had. She started to reply, “I’d say I had…” He abruptly interrupted her and scolded, “I didn’t ask you what you’d say. I asked you how many drinks you had.” Whew. He was tough.

Then it was time for a commercial and the Judge said that he wanted to look at my car during the commercial break. We were directed to the back door of the studio so the Judge could look at the car and so that my witness could explain how Miss Defendant could easily have caused that dent. While we were waiting for the Judge to come to the back area, the producers had Miss Defendant stand right next to me. I could tell she was nervous. Suddenly she turned to me and said the words that I believe I was sent to the show to hear. She said, “I’m really sorry, Marilyn.” I recall smiling and thanking her and asking her if it was all right if I mentioned her apology on camera. And by the way, this part of the scenario – this conversation – would not be on the videotape. As mentioned, this was during the commercial break and we were not on camera.

As far as I was concerned, from that point on, the rest of the show didn’t really matter. I knew I would win – Miss Defendant never denied what she did – and I was happy to accept whatever the Judge gave me. But I was most happy to have seen Rhonda – she had now graduated in my mind to the status of a real person and I will reveal her name – I was most happy to see her own up to what she did that night in the garage. She took full responsibility for her action and got the nerve to offer an apology. That’s important. If she had been my daughter (and remember I had a son just a few years older than she at the time) I would have been proud of her.

When the cameras started rolling again, the Judge got tough with me. He thought the price of $1,000 was exorbitant to fix my car – but I gave him the actual written quote I got from a good quality body shop. He decided to award me $600.

I don’t know if the current People’s Court programs have the same format, as I have never seen them, but in the original, Doug Llewelyn was the court reporter, who would announce the matter of the dispute at the beginning of the show, then interview the plaintiff and defendant as they were leaving, to get their reactions from the verdict.

He asked me if I was upset about getting only $600 instead of the full amount I had requested. I could sense that he wanted complaints and gripes. But instead I told him that the defendant had apologized to me during the commercial break, took responsibility for what she did, and that’s what was important. I don’t think he knew how to react to that. I walked out very pleased.

I do believe the Universe brought Rhonda and me to People’s Court to play out our personal “karma”, so to speak. She had a lesson to learn in growing up. At some level of my being – the emotional or perhaps spiritual level - I needed an apology. And I wanted to get my car fixed but didn’t believe it should be my financial responsibility. Rhonda certainly didn’t have the money. The Universe knew exactly who did.

But this is not the end of the story. In fact, there is even bigger excitement and a bigger “star” entering the scene, and a large financial wallop about to be delivered by the Universe. Stay tuned…

To be continued...

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Jan 21, 2007 7:55 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Oops, I noticed a small error in my story. In my original Small Claims filing, I requested the $1,000 for the car repair and the small medical bill. There was no need for the "expert witness" at that time. He came later when I was preparing for People's Court.

Just wanted to keep the details clear.

Fun stuff coming up, dahlings :-) That was a hint.

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Jan 21, 2007 8:18 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Denis Gibbon

I am just loving your story. Just wanted to let you know.


Denis Gibbon, Dip. Couns. & Hyp.
Moderator 'Personal Sovereignty' network. http://ps-network.ryze.com
Company: http://cool.acnrep.com
Email: drpg@myway.com

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Jan 21, 2007 3:33 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXVII: Seeing Stars - Part 4

It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for law, so much as a respect for right.

~ Henry David Thoreau

What I am actually saying is that we need to be willing to let our intuition guide us,
and then be willing to follow that guidance directly and fearlessly.

~ Shakti Gawain

Are you ready, dear reader? You won't believe the synchronicity that followed to wrap up the "Case of the Underground...?" (Okay, one of these days, I'll check out the video and get the name of the show.) Yes, you will believe it. After all, I have titled this story "A True Tale..." and everything in it is true. Promise.

Simultaneous with my mission to teach Rhonda a lesson in responsibility, I knew that there was an issue to be resolved with the building. I wasn't sure what to do about it. I decided to compose a very detailed letter describing what happened that night and I sent it to the corporate office of the building. The building took no responsibility and said I would have to take it up with the garage parking company who was contracted by the building. I sent a letter to the parking company and they ignored me.

My landlord in the building at the time was an attorney who held the master lease with the building for our executive suites. Paul was very well known in the city and in fact had originated the idea of executive suites for attorneys in Los Angeles many years before. His suites were on the 6th, 11th, and 12th floors of the building. He happened to be my neighbor in the 12th floor suite, which consisted of about 50% attorney tenants and the rest businesses.

I asked him for an opinion. He explained that the building had a fiduciary duty to protect me as a tenant and that I should definitely pursue it legally. He said because he was a lessee of the building, he was not in a position to represent me, but that I should find an attorney to take legal action. He gave me a couple of attorneys' names.

Well, I must have spoken to more than a dozen attorneys and no one wanted to handle this case because it was just too small for them. There wasn't enough damage to warrant their time and effort. I understood this from a practical standpoint, but still, my intuition kept prompting me and telling me that Paul was right, that the building had a responsibility here. I especially didn't like the fact that they ignored the matter. As I said, I had been a tenant for several years. Where was the security staff that night? They were always roaming the building. Every floor had a security kiosk and they were all on radio. Why weren't they called and why did they arrive long after the incident?

But I could not find an attorney who would give me the time of day.

Fast forward to a short time later. I don't recall how much time - maybe a couple of weeks...

An Arresting Scene

I am driving down Olympic Boulevard to my office one day and suddenly I am startled at a scene on the side of the road. A white Rolls Royce was parked on the right hand side and a matronly looking well-dressed woman was hunched over the trunk of the car being handcuffed by a policeman. I was in moving traffic, but was able to view the scene clearly. There was something so striking and interesting about the scene that I couldn't get it out of my mind. The woman looked out toward traffic appearing very helpless and frightened. She was older, obviously wealthy and I couldn't compute in my mind why she would be treated like that. Something didn't click.

Later that evening when I got home, I told Ron what I saw. I asked him what he thought an older wealthy woman could have done to deserve to be treated like that. I asked him if he thought she had drugs in the car or something. Of course, Ron was clueless.

And then, that same night, a few hours later, Ron came running into the kitchen, yelling, "That was Zsa Zsa! That was Zsa Zsa!" He said it was all over the news and that they were looking for witnesses. Zsa Zsa Gabor had slapped a Beverly Hills cop and was arrested, in what was to become a very famous case involving a very famous woman who was famous for...being famous. :-)

And I happened to be driving down Olympic Boulevard at that exact moment when Zsa Zsa was being forcefully handcuffed by the policeman who had caught up with her several blocks from where she had slapped him. Oy Vey!

The news stations gave a telephone number to call, asking anyone who might have witnessed the altercation to please come forward. I called and they said someone would be contacting me. A day or so later I received a call from Zsa Zsa's defense attorney. And guess who he was? He was another neighboring tenant in my suite - I had seen Bill around for several years. Small world...really small world. Bill interviewed me and I told him what I saw. He said that the prosecution was claiming that Zsa Zsa had resisted arrest and that's why the policeman had to use such force to handcuff her. Well, I told him that she was NOT resisting arrest. She looked like a scared puppy. He asked if I would come to court as a defense witness and just tell what I saw. I agreed.

I ending up sitting in what's called the "green room" at the Beverly Hills Courthouse for several days. The green room is where witnesses are held until they are called to testify. There were several of us, for both sides, I think. We were isolated from the trial and had nothing to do but sit around and chat with each other. Well, on one of these days, a conversation started in which we all spoke about personal legal matters that we had been involved in or were experiencing. We were just passing time. At my turn, I told what had happened at my office parking garage. A young man was listening very intently and then started asking me questions. He seemed enthralled with my story...

Steven Lopez had just graduated from UCLA Law School and had just passed the Bar. He was just setting up his practice. He told me that he would like to represent me and my case.

I found my attorney! Brand new green attorney, right in the green room. :-) I couldn't have asked for a more passionate attorney who was ready for a challenge and intent on victory. His first meaty case.

Before moving on to the details of that victory, I want to share a couple of special highlights of this Zsa Zsa episode...

During one of the days in the green room, Zsa Zsa came in and sat across from me. She started complaining to everyone about the trial and the prosecution lawyers and describing them as Nazis - and right in the middle of a sentence, she looked over at me and asked, "What color hose do you have on , dahling?" It was all I could do to keep from cracking up. She was such a character.

I recall another moment when my friend Louise found out that I was a defense witness. She asked me how I could defend a woman like that. A woman like what? Louise told me that Zsa Zsa had a reputation - that she got herself in all kinds of trouble just for the publicity and that I shouldn't be supporting someone like her. Well, I was never one to follow the antics of celebrities and stars and I really didn't know anything about her reputation, except that she had lots of husbands and was the sister of Ava Gabor - I mean, didn't everyone know that?

The fact was that I was SUPPOSED to be a defense witness so that I would end up in that green room and meet Steven. The Universe in its exquisite orchestration knew exactly how to bring us together. It knew exactly who and where the attorney was who would go after the parking company and sink his teeth in like a pit bull, and not let go. And get a good launch to his new career.

Yes, I was supposed to be on Olympic Boulevard at that exact moment. And I was grateful to Zsa Zsa Gabor for being a channel, Hollywood style, to what was soon to become my prosperity manifestation and legal satisfaction...and all that it required was that I tell the truth on her behalf.

Oh, and I didn't remember the color of the hose I was wearing...

To be continued...

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Jan 23, 2007 4:59 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXVIII: Seeing Stars – Part 5

God’s promises are like the stars; the darker the night the brighter they shine.

~ David Nicholas

I will love the light for it shows me the way,
yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.

~ Og Mandino

Steven Lopez went right into action. From what I recall, he wrote to the parking company’s attorney and I think they ignored him. He filed suit. I remember he told me that they played legal games with him. At one juncture, Steven told me that the opposing attorney was pushing the limits on a deadline for a document that had to be filed. He said that attorney figured he (Steven) wouldn’t be aware of the statute of limitations relating to the matter and the case would drop out of the system. But Steven was very aware – and surprised the opposition by filing all the necessary documents right on time. He was having a lot of fun being a “thorn in their side.” Steven was precise, did everything according to the legal book and showed the parking company that he meant business. When it came time to interview the building parking staff and the parking company’s insurance representative, Steven told me that they all ended up supporting OUR cause!

I had little to do with the proceedings. Steven handled it all. And long story short…the parking company finally agreed to settle, probably just to get rid of Steven :-). I meant it when I said he sunk his teeth in like a pit bull. He wasn’t giving up and I think they finally realized that he would take it all the way to trial if he had to.

Perhaps initially the opposition figured that I wouldn’t spend all the money it would take for an attorney to go that far and thought we would quietly disappear if they didn’t respond aggressively. But you see, Steven didn’t ask me for any money up front. He wanted that case and he was willing to do whatever it took to win. He had agreed to be paid on a contingency basis – a percentage of reward. I sincerely believe that winning or settling that case – making the parking company pay for their negligence and apathy - was more important to him than the money.

They finally settled with us. Steven negotiated a $15,000 settlement. That may not seem like a fortune to you, but it sure did seem like one to us. :-) And it seems like one now, considering the scope of the incident. Remember, my expenses were about $1200 from the incident. Who am I to question the compensation that the Universe saw fit to bestow upon me?

Steven earned his percentage and he was on his way to a wonderful career. He had a dinky little office in the San Fernando Valley when I met him and he reminded me later that after our case was settled, I had told him to lease an office in an executive suite in Century City (the prestigious high rise community where I was) because he was too talented to hide away in that dinky little office in the Valley. Sound familiar?

He did lease an office in one of the high rises, we kept in touch, and one day he told me that he acquired a reputation in Century City as the “Tasmanian Devil.” (You can figure that one out). In reality, he was a sweet young man with an unfortunate addiction to Diet Coke. :-) Perhaps it was all that caffeine?

So…I had my day in court and won and I had my satisfaction – legally and financially.

And I had my close encounters with several stars – a TV star, a movie star and a bright young legal star.

The following 12 years at my office building were peaceful.

To be continued...

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Jan 24, 2007 12:21 amre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Thank you, Denis, for letting me know.

I'm somewhat amazed at the memories that are still surfacing. Every time I think it's the end, I put it aside for a while, and another memory pops up.

Or sometimes I will be having a conversation and I suddenly recall something that happened back then. Later, I realize...hey, that's a story segment.

~ Marilyn

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Jan 24, 2007 12:41 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Oh, I've missed you & FFTP! This is a fantastic continuation to your life of lessons. I most definitely believe the difficult situations serve to help us build upon the better moments . . . & make them all the sweeter. We have to learn, or else what is the reason? The Universe is following us at ALL times.

I may not be responding a lot these days, but I AM reading. This weekend the manuscript goes to the publisher.

Blessings -- Linda

Linda J. Alexander, Books For The Thinking Reader
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/

Private Reply to Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Jan 24, 2007 3:40 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

zelma mcpherson


This is truly a wonderful experience reading of your encounters and stars. Are you sure you could not just put front and back on and sell the book ( little humor)

Waiting for the next issue ...


Private Reply to zelma mcpherson

Jan 24, 2007 9:08 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXIX - Unmoved

Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands.

~ Jeff Cooper

For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

~ The Book of Psalms

Monday, January 17, 1994

4:30 am PST

20 miles west-northwest of Los Angeles, 1 mile south-southwest of Northridge

Magnitude 6.7

At 4:30 am, January 17, 1994, residents of the greater Los Angeles area were rudely awakened by the strong shaking of the Northridge earthquake. This was the first earthquake to strike directly under an urban area of the United States since 1933. (From: http://www.data.scec.org/chrono_index/northreq.html)

I will not share the description here so you will just have to trust when I say that this event had a major impact on our city, its residents and its freeways and structures.

Rudely awakened? Now that’s an understatement!

I thought it was remarkable that nothing in my residential unit seemed to moved out of place - except me. Oh yes, there was a bottle of nail polish that fell out of the bathroom cabinet into the sink (but did not break). That was it. The neighbors and I were certainly physically and emotionally shaken - or shocked.

I had taped to the wall above my desk for as long as I could remember a card that I received from Unity in Unity Village, Missouri. The card contained a special Prayer of Protection and although I didn’t pay specific attention to it, I was always aware that it was there. I placed it on the wall because I knew that my subconscious mind would absorb it even if I wasn’t focused on it. I just felt secure knowing it was there.

My neighbors seemed to have varying degrees of moderate damage – nothing serious in the building but the usual that would be expected with a quake – items falling from cabinets, off shelves, etc. I was amused at the fact that nothing moved in my apartment. I must have been in a “center of gravity” or whatever it’s called, I reasoned.

Once everything calmed down and I could think clearly, I was curious and concerned about my office on the 12th floor of the Century City highrise - another area of the city from where I lived at the time. I had laminated plaques on the office walls, some equipment, built in cabinets filled with presentation material and supplies. I called the towers only to find out that the buildings were closed completely and no one was allowed on the premises.

When I had first leased my office in the building years before, I saw an article about the Century Plaza Towers (we called them the Twin Towers, not to be confused with the WTC in New York). These two triangular towers were marketed as the safest place to be in Los Angeles in case of an earthquake. You see, these tall building were constructed on “rollers” so that during a quake they sway with the movement of the quake, but they won’t go down. I had actually been in the suite on the 12th floor during a couple of minor quakes and tembors and let me tell you, that is one eerie feeling - being on an upper floor of one of these highrises and swaying from side to side, in sync with the movement of the quake. I can only imagine what it felt like on the 44th floor. But we knew we were safe.

However, following the Northridge quake, the towers were closed for a couple of days. Finally I called again and was able to reach one of my attorney neighbors in the suite. He told me to bring aspirin and garbage bags. He also mentioned that the entire law library had caved in. Each of our landlord’s executive suites had a complete law library with books from floor to ceiling. The shelves had always “appeared” to be built into the walls. I passed through the library on route to my office but never paid much attention to the library itself. It was just there. However, the back wall of my office was adjacent to the law library. I was told that had someone been in the library at the time of the quake…well, I don’t have to spell it out.

But with my office and the library having adjacent walls, I braced myself to expect anything when I opened my door.

I arrived at the building, and then to the suite. The maintenance (cleaning) staff were on duty in the building and one of my favorite maintenance people was on our floor. He was a Hispanic male with a ready smile who spoke very little English, but somehow during the couple of years he had serviced our floor, I was able to communicate my wishes when needed on occasion (and if course, I kept telling myself that I really should learn Spanish one of these days).

Around the suite, several of my neighbors had arrived and were picking up debris and dealing with varying degrees of damage in their offices. I didn’t want to open my office door. The maintenance worker stood near my door with his master keys. I said and motioned to him to open the door and look. He understood. I wanted to see his reaction when he opened the door before I peeked in myself.

He turned the key in the door and opened it. He looked in then turned and looked at me with a huge smile and said “Ok.” “Ok.” I asked “Ok?” He again said, “Ok.” And I walked forward and into my office.

Nothing in the entire office had moved. I was an organized person and kept my desks free of clutter, but there was a pen on one desk and on the back desk, there was a UPS package that was scheduled for pick up before all of this happened. The package was small and could have easily slid off the desk. The pen could have easily rolled. But here is the amazing part: Nothing…and I mean nothing in my office had moved. Not one thing. Every cabinet door was closed, everything in its place. I didn’t have a lot of stuff except in the cabinets and on the walls. I would have thought cabinet doors would be open.

I also had the same Prayer of Protection taped to the front wall of my office above my front desk. Again, it had been there for as long as I remember.

Well, this time I attempted to reason. Were there TWO centers of gravity – one on this side of town and one on the other? And my home and office just happened to be aligned with each of them? That didn’t seem likely. And what about the destruction of the law library that was so close to my wall. Yet every picture and plaque remained on my wall. Nothing fell.

And then there was one more thing…

A multi million dollar first time event was being planned for three cities – New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. This was the first time in the history of the European Designer Couture Shows that they would be broadcast to the United States via special screenings to private audiences buying tickets in the three cities. My company was responsible for the Los Angeles venue for this event and I secured Royce Hall at UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles). It was one of the most prestigious theatre auditoriums in the city. The clients had flown here and preliminary plans had been drawn up. They paid my company for Royce Hall, I secured it and a substantial profit for myself was built in. UCLA had specific policies with regard to refunds – there were NO refunds for any reason, even in the event of force majeure.

Force majeure (French, which literally means "greater force") is a clause included in contracts to remove liability for natural and unavoidable catastrophes that interrupt the expected course of events, such as an act of God, that restrict participants from fulfilling obligations. So even in the event of force majeure, UCLA provided no refunds of any monies paid. Of course my own contracts would always mirror the terms of the venues I booked.

When was this event scheduled for Los Angeles? It was to occur the week of January 17th. The event was obviously cancelled. Royce Hall and other campus buildings were closed because they sustained extensive damage from the earthquake. Los Angeles was in shock and recovery mode, which certainly didn’t include the latest fashions from the Paris runways! And yet despite the apparent negative aspect, my profit on this event was secure, even though the event was not happening. I assume that the client was likely insured against its losses.

What explanation could be given for both my residence and office to be completely untouched by this high magnitude quake in two different areas of the city and for my financial involvement in the cancelled event to also be completely protected? The only sense I could make of it all was the Prayer of Protection that had been exposed to my consciousness over the years on my wall. To this day, I believe it is one of the most powerful affirmative prayers that exist and a small Unity card is never far away (in fact I have several in my file so that there is always one to give away).

What do you think? Can there be any explanation other than that I had indeed succeeded in instilling in my subconscious mind and claiming in Universal Mind the following...

The light of God surrounds me;
The love of God enfolds me;
The power of God protects me;
The presence of God watches over me.
Wherever I am, God is!

To be continued...

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Jan 24, 2007 10:41 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Rasheed Hooda
As a youngster, I remember reading in a magazine about the Great Fire of Karachi, in which an entire shopping district was destroyed save one shop which only suffered charred exterior walls.

The story relayed that when the owner was awakened in the middle of the night, around 3 AM, by others to give him the "bad" news, he simply said, "I pay my dasond (tithe), I am protected."

I have also heard you say the same thing, during the Thanksgiving call. :)

However, I believe the prayer had its own protecting benefits, which would include your actions, such as tithing as a way of life.


Prosperity Mentor and Keynote Speaker
Be Different, Be Yourself!

Private Reply to Rasheed Hooda

Jan 29, 2007 6:37 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Cathy Elaine
Why am I still awake at 12:30 a.m.? Because I couldn't bear to stop reading. What a wonderful story, and synchronistic. I happen to be in a similar position to where you were in the early 80's. Actually, I worked a number on inconsequential jobs until I found myself in the hotel business. I fell inlove with the business, and it proved to be very synchronistic in my life in that it brought to the surface a lot of issues that I needed to heal from. I also learned a lot about my capabilities. I never thought I would tire of it, but I did reach a place after six years (the longest time I ever stayed in a job before that had been two years) when I grew restless and wanted more. I tried a couple different businesses that didn't pan out, and yet I couldn't bring myself to go back to a job. Every time I thought about getting a job, all the energy would drain from my body. And yet, even though I have an idea of the direction I desire to take, I am not clear on how to make a living now. I know clarity will come, and I am grateful to you for sharing your story. It is inspiring and encouraging. Thanks for being who you are.

Cathy Thorsen

Private Reply to Cathy Elaine

Jan 30, 2007 12:54 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXX: Loose Change

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent,
but the one most responsive to change.

~ Charles Darwin

So we saw that the ‘90s brought periods of economic and social unrest – recession, the riots in ’92, the Northridge quake in ’94. It really seemed like I was handed a career that was impacted by every financial and dramatic challenge that this 500-acre “movie production lot” called Los Angeles could dream up. Throw in a con artist and a scuffle in an underground garage to keep from getting bored… I know this will appear self-centered, but in retrospect, it seems like the Universe planned an obstacle course just for me to toughen up my prosperity muscles and to dare those spiritual laws to prove themselves. Along with some very intensive financial challenges – even moments when I thought the Universe must have decided to abandon me - came the proof - special clients and large creative events that drew me into a different world. I look back now and see the vivid contrast of my sheltered creative world of big corporate spending against the backdrop of an erratic and uncertain world, a world even more uncertain than any of us could have ever have imagined. The second half of the ‘90s through the second quarter of 2001 brought shelter such as…

The Citibank Private Bank dinners

Home & Garden Television cable industry events

Michelin North America Centennial

Amersham Health, Mallinckrodt, and GE Medical, for medical conventions

Extron Electronics, with 4,000 guests at their ‘star bash’ party

Crestone International, an adult rave party for a software convention

Arter & Hadden, law firm holiday parties and client open house

There was also a different kind of unrest in the late’90s. I was increasingly losing my passion for my business and felt subtle stirrings that hinted that there was something different – something more that I was to be doing. I was maturing, entering a (biological) life passage and slowly losing the inspiration for my business. But every time I thought about leaving it, I would end up with new clients and contracted into the future for events. So it was a business that didn’t let go of me. And I had no idea what else I could do. The special events industry was all that I knew. I was not trained for anything else. Something was going on inside of me but I didn’t know what. I was always too focused on the business to pay attention.

Until September 11, 2001…

To be continued...

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Jan 30, 2007 7:28 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Cathy Elaine
I know that being self-centered has a negative connotation in our minds, but who else are we supposed to be centered around? Whose thoughts, feelings and ideas are always with us? Our own. How can we be anything but self-centered?

It is because of being self-centered, attending to our own needs and our personal growth, that we are able to reach out and give generously of ourselves to others.

We can't give what we don't have. We have to fill our own pitchers before we can pour out our gifts to others.

At least, that's the way I see it.

Private Reply to Cathy Elaine

Feb 17, 2007 5:35 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXXI: Ground Zero

What looks like a loss may be the very event which is subsequently responsible
for helping to produce the major achievement of your life.

~ Srully Blotnick

September 11, 2001…

The history, the description, the impact, does not have to be repeated here. There is no need to rehash the events that would stunningly change our perspective, our consciousness and our values while derailing so many lives and businesses so quickly, even permanently.

However, certain thoughts and memories stand out from the events of that day in history six years ago. I could not understand and still do not understand why anyone would want to watch the same footage over and over and over again and saturate their minds with the constant images of the disaster. Once was quite enough for me to be aware of the impact and intensity of what we were experiencing. I could think of no upside to being exposed repeatedly to the media’s frenzy and continuous exposure. I could think of many ways in which the consistent groove being carved in the consciousness of our nation could prolong the injury and prevent the healing that it desperately needed to begin.

The other striking memory is of actor Richard Gere imploring a huge audience and our nation to respond to the events from the consciousness of love instead of anger and hate – and I recall the negative backlash to his statements. I realized then and I realize now how correct he was, but the nation was not open to his spiritual insights – to the fact that the ultimate healing agent for any situation is the power of love. Action would need to be taken, of course, but it is the action of our consciousness that determines the results of our outer action and our individual and collective fates.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

~Albert Einstein

As details emerged and events were revealed that had led up to 9-11, I recall that I had my own lay opinion and insights into the situation. In my simplistic and non-politically educated mind, I could not help but think that had we not become so obsessed with Clinton’s sexual escapades in the White House and O.J. Simpson’s murder trial that perhaps…just perhaps, we would have been paying attention to what we were supposed to be paying attention to, and the course of history could have been altered.

I reasoned that if nature and higher consciousness had a way of providing "wake up calls" to us as individuals to push us toward our growth, then why would this not apply to communities and nations as well? Our self-complacent nation had just experienced its very loud wake up call.

What I did not realize at that moment was that I had also just experienced it as my own…

To be continued...

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Feb 17, 2007 5:47 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Afzal Huda
Wonderful writing! Please continue...


Private Reply to Afzal Huda

Feb 17, 2007 9:46 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXXII: Homecoming

All I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for all I have not seen.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

In June of 2001, I had coordinated an event for my client, Amersham Health, a pharmaceutical company that hosted receptions during medical conventions. We chose ESPN Zone, a sports themed venue, for the client to entertain their physician guests following a day at the convention center. This was for the American Urology Association, a major medical convention held in Anaheim. We bought out the entire sports bar and entertained the 400 doctors who showed up that evening. The entire convention probably attracted over 30,000 attendees. I was responsible only for this after hours “off site” event.

In November of 2001, I created the same event for this client, only this time for the American Heart Association convention in Anaheim. Again, we bought out ESPN Zone. The client also contracted me to handle the printing and mailing of the invitations to their doctor clients all over the United States and Europe. The attendance at the convention itself turned out to be a fraction of the previous one, and only a small handful of doctors actually showed up at our reception. The fact was that the physicians who would normally not miss a major convention had chosen not to fly in the wake of 9/11.

I then found out that of all of the invitations – I think about six hundred - that we mailed out to various hospitals, clinics, universities and medical offices, only a small number even made it out of the mailing rooms to their destinations due to anthrax measures.

There was no question of the impact that 9/11 caused on the hospitality and special event industries. Everything had changed dramatically.

I was greatly relieved when a large media event we had booked earlier for my client, Michelin North American, actually took place in October and didn’t cancel, just one month following 9/11. It was called the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, hosted by Michelin and Ford Motor Company. There were media luncheons and reception and a showcase of 90 innovative environmental cars. Eduardo Michelin himself surprisingly flew in from France for the media blitz.

I honestly didn’t know what the future would hold for the events industry. I did have several significant events in the couple of years that followed, but it was nothing like the years prior to 9/11. I knew that something was happening but I didn’t know what. I knew that something had changed outside of me and something had changed inside of me. Thinking back I believe I was feeling increasingly disconnected from my business. For the first time in two decades, I began to consider the possibility of a change, for increasing financial reasons and because of my growing dissatisfaction. First of all, I think I had experienced just one disaster too many for my taste. :-) But I also didn’t relate to events anymore – the crowds, the themes, the catering, the music - all of those creative elements I had dealt with for so long. They just weren’t me anymore. I didn’t want to be around them anymore.

I wanted peace. I wanted quiet. I wanted refuge. I wanted stillness. I wanted to speak to my soul. More importantly, I wanted to listen to my soul.

I recall going through this difficult time reaching for spiritual support. Rev. June showed up in my life. She was a retired New Thought minister who did several prayer “treatments” for me. She asked for nothing and gave out of love. I was feeling lost. My business had been my “baby” – my identity - for so long and it was detaching itself from me.

Rev. June in her sweet soft manner had a great impact on me at that time. I wondered what I would do if I didn’t have my business. I had no idea where the income would come from if I no longer had the special events industry, if I didn’t have any corporate clients. I will never forget June softly saying to me in one conversation, “Marilyn, you know your business is not your source of income.”

Those were among the most important words I have ever heard in my life. Today they are among the most important words that I ever say to my students. It was also one of the two most important things that June had said to me that impacted my life.

I knew with every atom of my being that she was right. Yes, it was time. It was time for me to go back to my Source.

June had reminded me. My business of twenty years was not my source of income. It had NEVER been my source of income.

To be continued...

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Feb 18, 2007 1:12 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Cathy Elaine
Powerful stuff.

My friend and mentor, Rasheed, mentioned learning this principle from you just the other day.

It's amazing that the most life-changing principles are not necessarily new information, but timely reminders of the need to change our focus or direction.

The people who deliver these reminders are like the helpers along our hero's journey, providing us with the elixir of life just in time.



Private Reply to Cathy Elaine

Feb 18, 2007 8:19 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

I am the person that waits for all of the books in a series to be out before cracking the spine of the first.

I am the woman that has two episodes of Grey's Anatomy stashed on my DVR because it's a three-parter and I don't want to deal with the cliffhanger.

When I saw that there were 144 responses, it never even occurred to me that the story might be incomplete. (Not including the inevitable incompleteness that comes from you being alive and the story continually unfolding.)

So here I am, in your 2001...and I've already taken away from this one very...VERY important lesson about what we believe.

I never thought having the word "survivor" in my vocabulary was an issue. It felt positive and strong. In reading your story, I realized that it is a limiting word and I'm going to eradicate it from my vocabulary.

Thank you for the insight!


Private Reply to AtypicalVA

Feb 18, 2007 9:00 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Hi Jennifer,

Welcome to the network and the story. :-)

I'm so pleased that you have found value already and made it through a few cliffhangers.

It may help to know that the story is indeed coming to an end - well, at least this story. I don't know if you read that I have the opportunity to sell it to a major publishing house. The agent needs my manuscript. But he also made it clear that there has to be an ending. :-) They sure do expect a lot, don't they?

I already have the ending planned..it will be the final chapter of my two-decade career with my final client and it will segue into the beginning of Feel Free to Prosper, which I suppose will be another story/book that the Universe has up it's sleeve.

But whenever I sit down to write that ending, details keep showing up on the way there. With all of the details that have surfaced into consciousness thus far, I have to assume that the Universal Story Teller is in charge.

~ Marilyn

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Feb 19, 2007 8:34 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXXIII: Paper Tigers

We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.

~ Lynn Hall, Where Have All the Tigers Gone?

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control
your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.

~ Amelia Earhart

In 2002, following 9/11 - prior to the culmination of my serious soul searching and meeting Rev. June - I had an unusual shift in my business. I look back and see how exquisitely the Universe was attuned to my innermost feelings about my business and my waning passion for producing events.

All of a sudden, there was a completely new type of booking that evolved for the corporate clients that I manifested. The clients who were referred to me didn’t contract me to coordinate their events. They instead requested that I hire a certain kind of talent for their events – specifically look-a-like performers and sports stars – the real thing. I had a lot of experience with look-a-likes, but the sports world was entirely new to me.

I had previously mentioned events that I produced at ESPN Zone in Anaheim. For these events, I hired a great “Tiger Woods” impersonator along with a real deal sports star – Lisa Leslie, the beautiful WNBA Basketball Star and Gold Medalist. The manager that I dealt with at ESPN Zone was so impressed with my offerings that in 2002 he began sending clients to me who had already booked the venue so that I could propose the talent.

Early in the year, one client had a huge event in two Anaheim locations simultaneously. For ESPN Zone, I booked “Tiger Woods”, Lisa Leslie, and the Laker Girls. For the House of Blues, I booked the “Cher” impersonator and the “Blues Brothers Review” - the latter were outstanding first-class impersonator/performers, the best in the industry.

Then during the year, other large corporate clients contracted me for similar bookings at the sports venue.

But my largest coup that year was the Amersham Health event for the Society of Nuclear Medicine convention in Los Angeles. My client, an exhibitor at the convention, hired me to provide sports celebrities for their booth for the entire three days. Each year for the convention, in different cities, they had created a sports theme at their booth with autograph signings for their visitors, and for Los Angeles, they decided on a basketball theme. Unless you are a real sports fan, you probably won't recognize the stars that I hired. Jaamal Wilkes and Norm Nixon were renowned “Showtime” Lakers of a past era. A.C. Green was recently retired from the Lakers. Ann Meyes Drysdale is a legendary basketball star, one of the most famous female athletes in the world and wife of the late baseball great, Don Drsydale. And then there was Bill Walton, NBA Hall of Famer and NBC and ABC Television Analyst and Broadcaster.

I'm 5'8", Bill Walton's 6'11". No, my hand is not where you think it is. :-)
The legendary Ann Meyers Drysdale is on the right.

Showtime Laker Norm Nixon

Nixon signing autographs for visiting doctors

Is it?

You might find it interesting to note that I had no idea who any of the sports celebrities were that I booked until I researched and hired them. Initially I had no contacts or resources in this area. I just asked my Universal Senior Partner for advice and the doors just opened seamlessly to all the contacts and agents I needed. For Amersham, I had an intuitive feeling to call the UCLA sports department, and the man I was connected with gave me the direct numbers to Bill Walton and Ann Meyers. I didn't know who they were, but he assured me that my client (a pharmaceutical company) would jump (pun intended) at the chance to have them appear. He was right. I am probably the least sports-oriented person you could ever meet. But you know that I had learned to always rely on the All Knowing Presence for my answers, and I always received them. You want sports stars? The Universe has sports stars. And Marilyn has the Universe on speed dial. :-)

I may not have been familiar with these sports celebrities, however, at Amersham’s booth, doctors from all over the world were waiting in long lines to meet these stars and have them sign the Spalding autograph balls that I had ordered. Oh, and they had a chance to shoot a few hoops in the mock basketball court that was set up. It still held no personal interest for me, but the clients and guests had a good time and it was a fine reprieve from my years of coordinating "off-site" events.

For many of these sports-themed events, I contracted photographers to take still shots for the client and souvenir photos for the guests. There is an interesting process in event photography called "green screening." The computer is programmed with a background scene, for instance, a real basketball court or a golf green, and the photos taken of the guests with the sports stars are then placed digitally over the background, so the final photo looks like they're standing "on location." The photos are placed in frames and by the end of the event, guests have their souvenir shot standing next to the celebrity.

So looking back, I see that the events during this time were transitional in nature. The Universe was providing an opportunity for me to “loosen” my hold on my business and be weaned away from producing large events. I was given the opportunity to handle components of the events without the responsibility of the entire event. The profits were not as large, but I don’t think I really knew what was happening…I was just going with the flow. I just knew that things were not the way they used to be and I didn’t know what I was going to do in the long run. I didn’t realize it then, but I was being guided to give up the “lesser” for the “greater.” And I had no idea what the “greater” was.

But at least I wasn’t jumping through hoops doing huge events. So to speak :-)

A vacuum was being created to provide the space for an unexpected greater good to fill. The Universe no longer cared about my making a living. The Universe was more interested in my making a life.

To be continued...

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Feb 19, 2007 11:31 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXXIV: A Different Drummer

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.
Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.

~ Henry David Thoreau

I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go.
My own wisdom and that of all about me seemed insufficient for that day.

~ Abraham Lincoln

2003 took me further into the “limbo” state. Rev. June’s reminder reverberated in my mind and heart and I wasted no time in focusing my reliance on my Universal parent. I came to the deep understanding that my business was not and had never been the source of my income. My business was only a channel for income - an expected channel for a great many years, but still just a channel - and June reminded me that there were thousands – actually unlimited - channels through which my supply could flow. But in order to open the pipeline to the vast storehouse of supply, I knew that I must acknowledge and place my reliance only on the one true Source.

My “deep” understanding of this concept was the easy part. It was my conscious acceptance that provided the challenge in light of the uncertainty of outer conditions. It became more and more obvious to me that “times, they were a changin’.” My business was no longer the security blanket that I held onto over the years. It no longer offered emotional satisfaction. There were a couple of events in early 2003, but nothing of note. And the interest just wasn’t there for me any more. I went through the motions but I felt disconnected from them.

Here I was, a post menopausal woman at a major standstill or crossroads in my life and career, with a vast knowledge of mental and spiritual laws and nowhere to go. Now THAT’s a combination.

Ooooh…and then there was THE thought. I will make a confession to you now that may shock you. I will admit that the direst of thoughts entered my mind at this crossroads. The ultimate thought – the unthinkable thought. The thought that you would never expect someone with my experience, faith and conviction to entertain for a moment. The thought that could throw any full-blooded entrepreneur into a tailspin and bring them to their knees. The thought did indeed bring me to my spiritual knees.

The thought? I actually considered for a moment or two or three that I should look for a J.O.B. Yes, that’s the direst thought. No, it wasn't that other direst thought. Haven’t you heard of the "entrepreneur’s creed?" It was drafted by Patrick Henry in 1775…

I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

~ Patrick Henry

Okay, I know he wasn’t referring to entrepreneurship, but it’s still the same idea to those of us who listen to our own drummer. So maybe Thoreau was a bit closer to the truth.

I actually created a resume. Ha! What kind of a resume does someone create who has not worked for anyone else for decades. What kind of a resume? Well, not the kind that employers take seriously. They know darn well that entrepreneurs would never be happy or stay in a position working for someone else. And I know that I would never be happy getting up early to go to work!

Do you recall when I previously said that Rev. June's statement was one of the two most important things that she had said to me that impacted my life? Actually, I now recall that it was one of THREE most important things that she said that impacted my life.

She told me quite matter of factly that I could never work for anyone else. Well, I already knew that. I just needed to hear it from someone I respected.

But here is the second most important thing that truly impacted my life. And changed it forever...

In the midst of discussing my situation and the options I was attempting to grasp from Universal Mind, June quietly said five words to me that would forever change my life and circumstances. Or if they were not actually responsible FOR the change, they at least served as fair notice OF my pending destiny. It took me awhile to process them, but when I did, they stopped me right in my tracks...

To be continued...

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Feb 19, 2007 3:44 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXXV: Synchronicity is Still My Game

Wisdom is not in words; Wisdom is meaning within words.

~ Kahlil Gibran

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence
will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.

~ Napolean Hill

June said quietly, "You could teach, you know."

I don’t remember the exact feelings I had at the time, but I am certain those words didn’t take root immediately. Teach? Here was a New Thought minister associated with a renowned Church of Religious Science (now called Center for Spiritual Growth and Awareness) and with years of experience in spiritual law telling me that I could teach. I was reaching out to her for support during my own dark night seeking light on my path, and she was telling me that I could teach. It just didn’t compute at the time. June knew that I was advanced in my knowledge, but teaching? I had always thought that teaching only came with credentials and training and formality, none of which I had pursued in my years of self study and application of mental and spiritual laws. True, my teachers were the most brilliant minds of the century in mental and spiritual science, but I had no formal credential.

But the seed was planted and the germination process had begun, even without my tending the garden.

I remained focused on connecting with my Source of supply for guidance, direction and supply. My loved ones knew that when I engaged in serious conversation with the Divine, it was necessary for me to retreat. They understood me and respected my need to be alone. There were two reasons that I found retreat beneficial during these times.

First, I retreated to feel and surround myself with the loving Presence that is the source of all healing, all peace, all harmony and all supply.. It was time to communicate with that Presence, to feel that Presence and to be completely enveloped in its Love. I often think of this as being embraced by the Universal arms.

The second reason that retreat was necessary was because of my firm and unwavering belief in the power of words. It is fine to seek comfort and to vent our feelings of frustration with a caring friend or confident – I believe we must release those negative thoughts and feelings to create our space to receive, but once we have created that space in our mind and heart, it is time to be still in our center of peace and listen.

I knew from years of experience that it was too easy to complaint when someone was there to listen. I knew that if I shut the door to go within, I would not complain or put a voice to what I did not wish to create. I could concentrate my full attention on renewing my connection with my Source and doing my “homework” to begin the process of creation. Those close to me knew that when I returned from my retreat, the magic would follow and miracles would result. They had seen it happen too often to doubt. I would hide out and play with the Universe and return with a major manifestation of some kind.

Their love and support was and is a very important part of my life and my spiritual process.

Unexpected doors did begin to open for me to receive – these new channels involved different clients and situations than I had ever dealt with before. Although they related to my business background, these projects were completely unlike my normal business bookings and looking back, I see that they were meant to be temporary and part of the transition period. They were one of a kind, shorter term projects and I believe now that they were meant to keep me afloat while I was “loosening” my hold on my business and recognizing a new pattern that began to emerge. I needed to release my business in consciousness in order to open my mind to a new world that was presenting itself to me in the most spontaneous ways. So these odd business projects brought income but convinced me all the more of the world I wanted to leave behind.

For the first time, I began to learn to use a computer. My landlord had lost its master lease in the highrise towers a couple of years before and all of the tenants needed to find new offices. I brought everything home and decided to take a breather, as I was hardly using my office in recent years and was experiencing the change in my business consciousness. I continued to have my business contracts done by a secretary at the Towers, but then the time came when I reasoned very clearly that if every eight year old in this city could use a computer, then I could certainly learn to use one.

I was not part of the generation that grew up with computers and it was intimidating at first to say the least, but I caught on fairly quickly. I taught myself the basics at Kinko’s and then one day my close friend delivered a computer to my home. That was the first day of my new life, or rather my new evolution.

I came across a spiritual site on the Internet and one of the contributing writers on the site lived in Canada and wrote beautiful human interest stories. We struck up an acquaintance and spoke on the phone and emailed. At the same time I was getting very strong promptings from within to put certain principles in lesson form. Dave was encouraging me to teach my lessons and I couldn’t figure out how I could possibly find students or make myself known to a community to share my teachings, but he kept encouraging me. I found that when I became very tired…I mean very tired, almost to the point of exhaustion, my conscious mind would be so subdued that my intuition would take over and lesson material would emerge from another part of my being. I received specific intuitive insights about the principles and receptivity of the subconscious mind based on my background.. I would type each segment up and send it off to Dave and to a soul mate, Bill, to review.

One night Dave and I were chatting by email and it was time to say good night. I was being cute and ended the night’s final note with something like...

“Well, good night…

Feel free to prosper,

Suddenly I received an email back from Dave with HUGE letters saying…

“EGADS!! That’s the name! That’s the name! Feel Free to Prosper is the name!"

I wrote, “Egads? I haven’t heard that term in decades, you old hippie, you.”

The next day Bill checked all over the Internet to see if anyone was using the phrase or the name. There was nothing.

Feel Free to Prosper is the name. Synchronicity is still my game. :-)

To be continued...

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Feb 19, 2007 4:45 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

You make me smile, Marilyn. I see an ending a'comin'. . . .

Blessings -- Linda

www.lindajalexander.net ** www.authorsden.com/lindajalexander
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Feb 21, 2007 12:59 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXXVI: Dear Universe, Please Give Me a Sign

If you build it, they will come...

~ Field of Dreams, 1989 film

This story is not about Feel Free to Prosper, This story is about my entrepreneurial journey in the corporate world and how my business served as the “schoolhouse” where I became indoctrinated in sacred teachings of the ages and the most profound laws of the Universe. It is about the purpose of the journey and how it culminated in the recognition of my life’s purpose – and spiritual obligation - to teach others.

This story will end near the beginning.

The natural, spontaneous evolution of the Feel Free to Prosper program, its wonderful students from around the globe and their successes and poignant stories are reserved for another time. But it is necessary to describe the beginning stage of the program in order to understand its relationship to the arrival of what was to become one of the largest clients of Marilyn Jenett Locations. This interweaving of the two worlds is a perfect representation of how beautifully our Universal parent can orchestrate our growth and development and how lovingly this Presence cares for us when we learn to trust it.

To that end…

Feel Free to Prosper began with a small group of students I gathered from the Los Angeles Craigslist online community board. I put my step by step emailed lessons to the test along with a bit of telephone mentoring (I wasn’t fully aware that I was mentoring at the time) for a modest price and wanted to see what would happen. The initial results were very encouraging. I may not have been certain what I was doing, if truth be told, but I couldn’t stop. I felt as if “something” had taken possession of me and was working through me. Teaching these principles felt as natural to me as breathing.

One of my earliest students from that group was owed quite a bit of money from a former employer and they had refused to pay for over a year. Any effort she made to collect failed. She met me and began the prosperity lessons and shortly after her second lesson, she was able to get a mediation date in court. She went to court and the insurance company for the employer adamantly refused to pay, although she carefully kept her cool and focused her attention on prosperity thoughts as the attorneys and judge interacted. The judge finally said he would take the ruling under submission until the following week, but by all appearances the employer’s representatives were not budging.

She had to wait this out until the following week and was very anxious. I worked with her on the telephone over that weekend. Then, despite all outer appearances, the case was settled and she was awarded, in her own words, “a big chunk-o'money!!” She later posted her story, where it remains here on an early archive page of the Feel Free to Prosper Network. This, along with other results coming in, was building my confidence in my ability to teach these principles.

A short time later, a local real estate saleswoman - whom I did not know - saw my post on Craigslist and for some “uncanny” reason sent me an invitation to Ryze.com. I didn’t know what it was. I called and asked her and all she said was that I could have my own website and I would have fun. I had never been on a forum before and in fact, didn’t know they existed, and it took some time to figure out what was going on. I knew the moment I saw the network forums, however, that I wanted to share. I had to share. It seemed like thirty years of my life and my study and application of Universal laws and prosperity principles were suddenly finding outlets for expression. Or more accurately, they were finding me. I found that every idea, every door that opened, with regard to this endeavor, seemed like “automatic pilot” and my responses and actions came naturally and organically. I describe them as “inner promptings.”

I felt strangely like I was “home” at an inner level of my being.

Ryze.com became my backyard and I busily began mental gardening and gingerly pollinating this very interesting cyber networking space with my mental and spiritual wisdom. I was thankfully well received and I then felt prompted to create my own Feel Free to Prosper Network on Ryze, not knowing where members and visitors would come from, especially with no experience in online networking.

The members arrived. The visitors arrived. The students arrived. The testimonials arrived. My offerings were reaching around the world and attracting students from around the world. I watched in awe as I came to realize more and more that I truly did have a gift that made a difference in people’s lives. There was a feeling inside of me that was deeply gratifying and unlike anything I had ever felt in my life.

I was just selling my lessons at the beginning and although I raised the prices periodically, they were still modest for the kinds of results they produced – and especially when compared to the large profits I was used to making in my corporate business. I also offered to call my students anywhere in North America to help them with the lesson work if needed – no extra charge. I was rather dense at the beginning – the Universe was clearly having me mentor people but I didn’t realize that’s what was happening. I was growing my wings.

So from a businesswoman’s standpoint, it didn’t seem “realistic” on a conscious level to be doing what I was doing, but I couldn’t stop. I was possessed by the need to continue. To stop would have been like stopping my breath. Yet watching PayPal payments arrive compared to the huge corporate checks that I was used to receiving in my business was disconcerting to say the least.

One day I found myself whispering, “What am I doing? Is this a whim? Please…give me a sign.”

The sign arrived. It arrived completely out of the blue in the form of a billion dollar company that was destined to be my answer…

To be continued...

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Feb 22, 2007 3:30 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXXVII: Seeing Souper Stars

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I...
I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

~ Robert Frost

Don't be afraid to be original. Maintain your vision,
think big and the forces of the universe will come to your aid.

~ Marilyn

We have been hearing this business lately about "attracting perfect customers" and I think by now, this story has clearly defined my personal perspective.

New business clients have always just called out of the blue whenever I was ready for them. I never thought about how to attract them.

I applied the Universal laws and prosperity principles and I put my attention on the Source of my good. I have never put any attention on looking for or attracting clients. My attention remains focused on the Source, knowing that the Source – the Universe - knows exactly where the right clients are that have need for my services at any point in time. What I am seeking is seeking me. But I do not give it thought because the Universe is all knowing and knows exactly how to bring us together.

There may be no physical, outer action involved, or if there is, I know it will be “inspired” action that brings results.

For over 20 years that is how I have attracted my perfect customers - the world's largest corporations that brought the large budgets to do the large events. And they were always kind, appreciative, paid me in advance of all events (which was my policy) and often gave me repeat business. As you have seen, I simply rely on my Source, my Senior Partner, the Universe, and trust.

Little Chat With the Universe

So, we have seen that when I started teaching my prosperity lessons, the endeavor grew rapidly and I found myself totally immersed. But since my corporate business had been my livelihood for so many years, I became concerned that I was taking an unrealistic path. I was used to dealing with large budgets, not "token" amounts. But I felt compelled to teach as if it were my purpose in life (which indeed it was).

I became a member of Ryze.com in October of 2003.

In November, I decided to have that little chat with the Universe, reminding myself that the Universe is my only source. I said, “If I am supposed to be teaching these principles, please give me a sign that I am on the right path.”

It was two days later. I received a telephone call from a woman who found my number somewhere. I think it may have been in an old article or meeting planning listing. I don’t recall exactly. She was not even a businesswoman. She sounded more like a homemaker.

The woman explained that a friend of her son's was looking for a mansion for a week. I promptly told her that I was not in real estate, that I was an event professional. I explained that I could only rent homes for an evening for a corporate party or event, and that she would need to contact a real estate company for a week’s rental.

She said she thought it WAS for a party but she didn't know anything about the details. A party? For a week? (That really sounded strange). She then brushed off the matter and said she would have to check further and have someone call me, as she was just helping her son's friend. I didn't think anything further of the call and released it.

Less than an hour later I received a call from an associate of a marketing company on the East Coast. The firm had been looking for the right mansion for over six months for a promotion for their client but although they had been offered many homes, no one had presented the right image they needed – and the details were very specific. The estate had to have photographic and television publicity appeal to kids aged 6-15 years old – what we would call the “Wow” factor. And the home had to be available for the winner of the promotion to live there for one week with the parents and several friends.

The client was Campbell Soup and this was a multimillion dollar promotion directed at children.

I secured the perfect residence for them within a week or so. I had no previous knowledge of the home, but about ten minutes after speaking with Jeff at the marketing company, I had a “hunch” to call a certain vendor of mine (who had nothing to do with locations) and he gave me a referral that ultimately led to my booking the Malibu estate.

Campbell paid my company for the rental of the house for the one week Grand Prize and additionally, for the filming of the television commercial. This was a substantial amount of income for me and the best part was that I was not responsible for any other aspects of the event – the actual promotion and publicity would all be handled by their advertising agency and marketing company. Aside from handling negotiations and contracts for the venue, I would have no further involvement until the following summer when the fulfillment of the promotion would take place and I would be wrapping up the final contracts and details before the family moved in for their week’s stay. I had never attracted this kind of client or been involved with a promotion like this before. It was a completely new experience. It was perfect. It contained none of the elements of former events and it took no time away from my attention and focus on Feel Free to Prosper.

Vital Signs

And I said to the Universe, "Thank you, that was a VERY good sign."

I knew exactly what the Universe was telling me…

It meant that I was to continue teaching and helping people, knowing that all my needs are met and I am truly on my right path.

I also believe that the Universe felt that if I were teaching people to attract prosperity, it was important for me to walk my talk. :-)

And...it wasn’t quite time for me to completely release my corporate roots and identity. It was only time to release those elements that distracted me from my purpose.

Campbell’s Souper Star Mansion Promotion officially began in January.

But that was only the beginning. Wait ‘til you see the completely unexpected and striking manifestation that followed…

To be continued...

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Feb 22, 2007 7:08 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Sherry Sword
Wonderful, Marilyn! It's so much fun to watch the Universe unfold its magic. I'm eagerly awaiting the next turn in the road. Please keep it coming....

And speaking of roads....remember that new job I told you about? Yesterday I bought a beautiful, new safire-blue Pontiac Sunfire!! It goes like the wind....

Oh, my God, I just realized -- you were speaking of "the ROAD less traveled"!

Cheers, Sherry

Sherry Ann Sword
Author of How To Be Perfect

Private Reply to Sherry Sword

Feb 22, 2007 11:12 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net


It flows well . . . one point slides right into the next & into the next. Just as it should.

I can't wait to read the book!

Blessings -- Linda

www.lindajalexander.net ** www.authorsden.com/lindajalexander
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Feb 23, 2007 12:32 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXXVIII: Castle Karma

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost;
that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.

~ Henry David Thoreau

Build a castle in your consciousness.

~ Marilyn

Campbell’s marketing company associates flew to Los Angeles at one point to view the Malibu estate and plan details for the Souper Star Mansion promotion week that summer. I met with them at their hotel the evening of their arrival. It gave them an opportunity to meet me in person and go over some details before they went to the mansion the next day.

We were all relaxing in the lounge when Chad, my direct contact, said that they were planning to do another promotion. He asked if I could find them a castle in Europe. Without even a reflective pause, I quickly answered, “Of course I can, Chad.”

”Of course I can, Chad.” Did I say that? Yes, I heard myself say that. I said it with sincerity and conviction…as if I booked castles in Europe all the time, as if it was no big deal.

Well, the truth of the matter was that it was a VERY big deal. And I said to myself on the way home, “Oh God, what am I going to do now?”

How many thousands of castles are there in Europe? How many castles could accommodate the very specific requirements needed for these promotions? How many would appeal to children, have proximity to attractions, be available to rent exclusively for one week in the summer months, have swimming pools (water is a very important part of the Campbell promotions), accommodate our budget, and on and on. The right castle would be a needle in the haystack to be sure. I had never booked anything outside of the U.S. I had no European contacts.

All I was certain about was that there was a part of me connected to a Presence larger than myself that had the confidence to say (and the nerve to use MY voice to say it), “Of course I can, Chad.”

So I figured that that Presence must know the answer so the logical thing to do was to ask for its direction. And I did.

Within a very short time, I had the intuitive prompting to post an ad on two Ryze business networks. I explained what I was seeking, listed the requirements for the castle, and offered a generous finder’s fee to anyone who submitted a castle that I would ultimately book for the client.

There was a flutter of interest and I received about seven responses with suggestions for castles in various countries of Europe. I researched the websites, eliminated a few and gathered details on the rest. I spoke with the owners or managers of these castles and was told truthfully that a week’s stay at these venues would be quite boring for children as there would be nothing to do in the isolated countryside. Also, castles in Europe don’t normally have swimming pools.

Then I received a final reply from a Ryze member which included the website for a castle called Eastnor Castle in England, www.eastnorcastle.com. I look at the site with astonishment and just knew. I knew Eastnor Castle was the one.

Eastnor was not only the most remarkably beautiful castle I had ever seen, but it would be the same even if I were looking through the eyes of a 10 year old…

Eastnor is a dramatic, fairytale castle and setting situated in a 5000-acre estate within an area of outstanding natural beauty - surrounded by a beautiful deer park, arboretum and lake with magnificent views of the rolling countryside.

Despite its spectacular rural location, the castle is only ten minutes from the national motorway and only two and a half hours from London.

The castle, although privately owned, is open to the public throughout the summer as a family attraction with tours and activities specifically created for children. There is the lawn picnic area, the Knight's Maze and Adventure Playground and treasure hunts. They also offer mini Land Rover driving, falconry, painting and pottery workshops, horse riding, inflatables, circus skills. A swimming pool is within close proximity and day trips can be made to London and nearby theme parks.

The rooms of the castle are all magnificent, including the twelve luxurious guest bedrooms, each individual in style and theme and with stunning views of the lake, grounds or hills.

I knew this was the one. I was so absolutely certain and so excited that I immediately sent an email with the photos to my client. The subject line in the email read. “THIS IS THE ONE”.

I was also excited for the young woman who found Eastnor for me and who would receive the finder’s fee. A former school teacher, she and her husband lived in Mississippi and she had just started her new custom tile painting business.

AFTER emailing the client, which I admit was not the appropriate sequence, I contacted Eastnor to check on available dates and prices, etc. There was no doubt in my mind that this was the right location. I felt it in my entire being. As far as I was concerned, I had found, through the grace of the Universe, the one castle in all of Europe that was absolutely perfect for this client and for Souper Star Castle. It had the “Wow” factor a hundred times over.

You will find it interesting to note that the feeling of certainty never left me, even when I called the castle and was told that Eastnor did not have any weeks available for the summer months we requested and in fact was completely booked for the entire year...

To be continued...

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Feb 23, 2007 2:47 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

This is the strength of your story from beginning to end . . . that unwavering certainty, that "voice" that speaks to you to let you know you're on the right path.

And that may be what's often most difficult for us to grasp, at least it has been for me. W/your help & guidance, I've been getting better at it but the idea that I can trust those "voices," they're not just idle thoughts that run around in my brain--& that I SHOULD usually grasp those 1st thoughts because they're often the answers--this is what I get out of your lessons.

THIS is what I think you're "sewing" up so well w/these ending installments of your story.

Blessings -- Linda

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Feb 23, 2007 3:42 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

First, Sherry, I'm happy to see you back here while putting your pedal to the metal on the road to success. :-) Congrats!

Linda, would you please clarify something? A few of you FFTPers have said you can't wait to read the book.

I don't understand. You ARE reading the book :-). Why would you want to read it again? You'll know what's coming in each chapter.

Many years ago I read William Goldman's "Anatomy of a Screenplay" and learned what screenwriters went through. Usually by the time their screenplays hit the screen, they couldn't recognize their own property. In fact, one of my current local students is a screenwriter and admits that he is often hired as a "screenplay doctor."

Please don't tell me that the publishing industry is the same way (major publishers). Will they edit my work to a point where it's not the same story? Or do you just want to see the finished version after "normal" editing?

I'm just not clear on why someone would want to read my story a second time after seeing it here. Although...I have been reviewing it again to begin preparing the manuscript for the agent, and I am reading it with fresh eyes and find that even I am not recalling everything that I wrote in the past :-). That's an interesting phenomena.

I want you know how much I appreciate those of you who continue to offer your feedback and comments here. It means so much. I have also noticed that a couple of Ryzers have recently been referring people to my story on other networks. It's very encouraging when people who don't really don't me that well find the value in my offering, enough to tell others about it.

And yes, I am doing my best to create the ending, but I believe there is subconscious resistance to an end. Haha. Apparently my message is inching its way to completion. How can I leave out the details of the finale of MJL during the beginning of FFTP?

I am just laying my entrepreneurial heart on the table and letting the Universe do with it what it will.

~ M

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Feb 23, 2007 7:46 pmre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Sherry Sword
I can't speak for Linda, Marilyn, but like I said, I think there's always a thrill to see the Universe unfolding its magic, and watching your book unfold from it's inception to print will be fun -- to hold your 'baby' in our hands when it's fully formed will be an honor.

Is anyone else actually visualizing the pages turning, and the chapter headings and endings, like I am?

As for 'putting the pedal to the metal' on success......

It's almost ten years since I had my first "conversation with God" -- since I started really, intently, listening to that 'still, small Voice' within, after a lifetime of indoctrination and practice at ignoring it. I was an intellectual, and I guess you could say, a hard nut to crack! I had developed so many ways to override that Voice. And I know I wasn't the only one. There are a lot of us 'nuts' running around!!

I guess you could say I used a process of elimination -- I tried everything else first!! I've had a wonderful, interesting life full of opportunities and blessings -- as my acting teacher once said, "All the right stuff" -- and I gradually realized that the only thing missing was ME. I had to get behind myself and believe in what the Universe was consistently showing me. I had to believe my good was always there for the taking -- and keep believing it, regardless of momentary appearances -- long enough for it to unfold. And unfold it does, and always will......

And like you, Marilyn -- like all of us, when you 'get it', all you want to do is share it. And speaking of holding our fully formed babies in our hands -- my book took exactly nine months to unfold!!!

Cheers, Sherry

Sherry Ann Sword
Author of How To Be Perfect

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Feb 24, 2007 4:36 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXXVIX: Castle Karma (Part 2)

The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground.

~Author Unknown

Yes, Eastnor was booked solid. Campbell needed to have the fulfillment week of their promotion during either July or August, when children were out of school. As mentioned, the castle was open to the public throughout those summer months and could not close except for weekends - and it was booked every weekend for weddings and events. But we required a full seven-day period. I was told that the castle was booked every weekend for the entire year.

Every other castle choice paled next to Eastnor Castle. Something didn’t click here. This was our castle, darn it. It was too perfect. The way I found it was too perfect. The Universe couldn’t be playing a joke.

I spoke with Heidi, the woman who found the castle for me and told her what was happening. As mentioned earlier, Heidi was a former school teacher. She told me that unless there was a teacher’s strike or something highly unlikely that would cause a schedule change, kids were out of school the latter part of June. She wondered if Eastnor might be available at that time and if the client would consider that time period for their promotion week.

Well, first I asked the client if they would consider late June and they said no, the grand prize week had to be in July and August.

But I contacted Eastnor anyway and asked if there was any possibility that there was availability around that time. The event coordinator at the castle checked the schedule again and discovered that the ONLY full week – the only seven-day period – that was available until the following year was…yes! The latter part of June! Somehow she had missed that on the calendar previously.

I then decided to forge ahead and review all the costs and expenses for the castle and found that the prices perfectly accommodated the client’s budget as well as my profit. I created a description of Eastnor’s features and a list of all the children’s activities – both those included in the price and extras that could be provided - and emailed it to my client. There was no way that the previous “no” from my client about the date would deter me from my conviction that Eastnor was THE ONE. No way. My presentation and my mind were prepared for the booking of Eastnor Castle.

The client had by then asked if I could possibly find a castle in North America that would work for this promotion. I went through the motions – research and calls – and found nothing remotely comparable to Europe, except for a castle in the Texas Hill Country that was patterned after a European castle.

Heidi and I waited in anticipation as the client made their decision...

But of course you already knew that Eastnor WAS THE ONE! :-) Souper Star Castle’s fulfillment week began on June 19th of the following summer in Ledbury, England. Mini Land Rovers and all :-)

To be continued...

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Feb 24, 2007 1:43 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXXVX: Swan Song

Our lives are like islands in the sea, or like trees in the forest,
which co-mingle their roots in the darkness underground.

~ William James

The fulfillment grand prize week for Souper Star Mansion was in August of 2004. Souper Star Castle followed the next summer in June of 2005.

And just one month later, in July of 2005, the next location that I booked, the exquisite little Caribbean island named Little Eden Cay, became the grand prize for Souper Star Island.

Back in that initial meeting in Los Angeles, Chad had informed me that each of these promotions cost Campbell at least $10 million. Each spectacular venue was featured on product labeling and in marketing and advertising collateral that included television commercials, print, the Internet and in-store materials. I recall stating at the time that everyone knew and grew up with Campbell Soup and asking why they were doing all of this promotion. He told me that Campbell used to be the soup that you gave to your kids when they were sick. But now it was the “cool” soup.

Shortly after the promotion began for Souper Star Island, one of my Feel Free to Prosper students sent me an article from a large trade publication for the marketing industry. The article detailed all of the promotions that Campbell was running for children and their budgets. It stated that up to that point, Campbell had spent $450 million dollars to target their young audience with these promotions. Now remember, I had only been involved with three of these promotions at that time.

It became an obvious fact of life…$450 million dollars could buy “cool.” :-)

The booking of Little Eden Cay, www.little-eden-cay.com, brought into my life a most extraordinary and fascinating family. Martin Thomas and his wife Jenifer, with their five young children, were living what he called the “divine experiment”…they changed their roots like sophisticated nomads, creating their homes and their destinies as they went along. The children were home schooled, never watched television or listened to radio, yet they traveled the globe, spoke several languages, were highly creative and advanced, and as if that wasn’t enough, the entire brood looked like fashion models! Martin's family, to me, represents the epitome of spiritual and family values and a prosperity consciousness. They moved from New Zealand to Italy and then left the home they had restored – an old Italian school house that they transformed into a luxurious villa – and moved to a remote deserted island two hours from the mainland in Nicaragua. He said that islands in the area were going cheap at the time, and the family was intent on creating their own adventure and their private “slice of heaven.” (later the title of his published book). For seven months, the couple and their four (later to be five) young children had lived in a small "shack" while their island paradise home was being built, with supplies brought in by boat, piece by piece. Talk about turning dreams into reality!

Some time later, after the Campbell fulfillment week on the island, Martin and I were again brought together through an unexpected synchronistic occurrence initiated by a Ryze member, and Martin became my private student. Our association led to an island booking for American Express, a segment on the largest television network in New Zealand and ultimately the sale of the island for several million. You will find this television clip of the family on their island to be fascinating, www.afamilyonthemove.com/video.html.

Now let’s return to the fact that simultaneously with these bookings for Campbell, Feel Free to Prosper was evolving and growing into various formats – from lessons to private mentoring to group programs and audio programs. My reputation continued to grow and the Universe had provided a very nice foundation along with some major credibility to allow me to grow my program with grace and at my own pace. And I also had the privilege of being exposed to a couple of very special venues and the people associated with them.

But lest you think there was still not quite enough walk to my talk…:-)

After Souper Star Island, there was yet another completely unexpected surprise.

I was contacted out of the blue by the marketing contact who was in charge of the Canadian division of the Campbell Company. They had seen what the U.S. had done with these promotions and had requested the name of the vendor who was responsible for securing these locations. That would be moi. I was asked to book the same or similar venues for the exact same promotions that would now run in Canada.

Last year, in 2006, all taking place in the month of July, we had the fulfillment dates for those next three promotions that I booked: Souper Star Hollywood Mansion for the U.S., Souper Star Mansion for Canada, and Souper Star Castle for Canada. This was the first time I had consecutive bookings like this for Campbell in the same month.

It was also the first time that I think I knew in my heart this was my swan song with regard to my business of two decades.

To be continued...

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Feb 25, 2007 12:00 pmHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXXVXI: On a Clear Day…and Night

When I tell any truth it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it,
but for the sake of defending those who do.

~ William Blake

To see what is right, and not do it, is want of courage, or of principle.

~ Confucius

Back to the Future

Before reaching the end of my story, I would like to tell you about a very significant part of my life and circumstances. Although it primarily relates to a personal side of my life, my entrepreneurial abilities also became involved – and proudly so. This tale would not be complete without sharing with you the course of historical events in the’ 90s in which I become involved and that resulted in what I felt up to that time was the greatest achievement of my life, which I will reveal at the end of this story within the story.

As an adult, I had developed a couple of distinct sensitivities that seemed to become enhanced as a matured and developed my spiritual awareness. I never knew the exact correlation but I intuitively feel that it was related to my growing consciousness. I would like to think that as we become more refined in our energy “frequencies” and become more attuned to our connection to the Universal flow – that our senses become more rebellious to aspects of the world that are offensive or that are not good for us. It’s spiritually poetic to think that as we raise our consciousness, our physical body becomes more attuned to harmony, peace and purity in our inner and outer environment.

The one area that was pronounced in my life and that impacted my equilibrium was my strong sensitivity to cigarette smoke.

For years, that aversion restricted certain social and dining activities and occasionally caused problems when someone would light up in the office suite, in which case I would have to leave the floor. In the early years, I had a “victim” consciousness with regard to this, thinking that I was the only one in the world who had this issue. I just couldn’t tolerate being around cigarette smoke but had to tolerate the silent indignation of having to live in a world where others took away the air that I breathed or prevented me from freely enjoying activities. I recall that in the events business, before laws were passed and put in effect, certain locations permitted smoking. I would usually have staff run those events, but sometimes I had to be on site and it was not easy.


Years later I became aware of a movement in San Francisco, I realized for the first time in my life that I wasn’t alone. I heard that people were protesting and fighting for the right to smoke-free environments. I recall being lifted to a completely new state of being from this awareness. I bemoaned the fact that I had spent so many years criticizing myself for being so sensitive, and being criticized by others who would say it was “all in my head” – or patrons who nastily told me to leave the restaurant if I even politely mentioned that their smoke was bothering me - when in fact there were so many others out there just like me. And now they had a voice. I was elated. I didn’t know it at first, but those brave souls would help me to find my own voice and make a difference.

Over time, the movements became stronger and spread from Northern California to Los Angeles and eventually throughout many areas of the country.. It was a heated debate and the underlying theme was money. In 1987, the City of Beverly Hills passed a total ban, but repealed it less than a year later under intense pressure from restaurateurs, who said they had heavy business losses. In 1993, in one of his final official acts as Mayor of Los Angeles after 20 years, Tom Bradley signed a bill making the city the largest in the country to ban smoking altogether in restaurants. The main force behind the movement was our hero, Councilman Marvin Braude, a former smoker, who waged a 15-year crusade for the ban and finally succeeded. Numerous debates followed, the tobacco industry rebelled, but there was no doubt, as bans were passed in other communities, that California was at the forefront of the anti-smoking drive. Eventually various bills were introduced in the California State Legislature and a lengthy battle ensued between various factions representing the public’s desire for smoke-free environments, their opposition, and the tobacco industry.

At the heart of the broader movement was Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, the leading national lobbying organization dedicated to nonsmokers’ rights, taking on the tobacco industry at all levels of government, protecting nonsmokers from exposure to secondhand smoke and preventing tobacco addiction among youth. ANR was formed in 1976 and began with efforts to enact legislation to protect nonsmokers in the workplace and enclosed public places. Its efforts have reaches thousands of communities and states and they assist countries around the globe to enact regulations. In 2006, the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report praised the organization as “the recognized leader in the field.” ANR’s sister organization, American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation is a non-lobbying, nonprofit educational organization that provides resources for schools, health departments and medical organizations and training for youth and adults.

I was so impressed with and happy about the activities of ANR that I became a silent supporter and contributor - regularly donating money to its efforts and listed in its Annual Report as a major supporter. I proudly displayed on my office wall a Certificate of Appreciation that I received for my “enthusiastic support toward a smokefree society.” I also made myself available to the organization’s directors for anything that I might do as a “passive activist.”

"Courting" History

Immediately following the passing of Councilman Braude’s restaurant ban ordinance in 1993, there was a major uproar. Big Tobacco was not about to take this lying down (hmmm…this could be a serious pun, if you get my drift) and began a campaign to gather petition signatures – a couple of hundred thousand of them, as a matter of fact, which they “dumped” on City Hall, for the purpose of blocking the ordinance and calling for its repeal and another referendum vote by the public.

A lawsuit resulted between certain plaintiffs and the defendants, which included the City Clerk of the City of Los Angeles. Here are the facts, stated as simply as I can without too much legal jargon…

Unaware of the lawsuit at the time, I received a call at my office from someone I knew who was involved in the smokefree movement and knew that I was passionate about the cause.

She explained that it was discovered that the petitions contained an insufficient number of valid signatures of registered voters of the City of Los Angeles and that many of the circulators of the petition were not lawfully registered voters of the city, either. The statutory provision of the City Election Code required that circulators of petitions be residents and qualified registered voters of the City of Los Angeles, or the signatures are not valid and could not be counted.

She told me that I should call a certain attorney, Roger Jon Diamond, immediately, as they were looking for someone who lived and worked in the City of Los Angeles to represent the citizens of Los Angeles who wanted the restaurant ordinance to remain in place. I was stunned at the idea that I could have the opportunity to be involved at this level, but I called Roger Diamond, the attorney who was offering his services pro bono ("without payment and for the public good").

He explained that I would become one of the Intervenors in the lawsuit, participants to the suit who have an interest in the matter in litigation and would be affected by the outcome. We were not parties to the case - the legal phrase is amicus curia, literally translated as “friend of the court” – volunteers who offer information on a point of law or aspect of the case to assist the court in deciding a matter.

I recall that I told Roger that if the only thing of value that I had done in my lifetime was to fight the tobacco industry, then I would not have lived in vain. And I was profoundly humbled and ecstatic that the Universe had chosen me to be an Intervenor in this case along with Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights and the American Lung Association of Los Angeles County. I was representing the citizens of Los Angeles for whose benefit and protection the restaurant ordinance was enacted. I was not required to do anything at all – the attorneys would take care of everything. I didn’t know that by lending my name to the lawsuit, I and the other Intervenors would end up as Appellants in a case that a year later would result in a historical decision by the California Court of Appeals...

More to come on this legal matter...also how my business, Marilyn Jenett Locations, became involved in an important, but "lighter" side of the movement...and my brief television moment in support of the cause.

Interesting Bits of Trivia:

1518: Spanish explorers find the Aztecs and Mayans smoking tobacco through hollow reeds. The visitors try it - and the first cigarette is bummed.

1936: National magazines begin carrying full-page ads that feature health claims, culminating in assertions such as: "More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette."

1938: Camels are advertised as relieving fatigue and aiding digestion. Kool claims to protect against the common cold, and Old Golds boast "Not a cough in a carload."

1953: Ronald Reagan appears in magazine ads with a Chesterfield dangling from his lips, saying "No unpleasant aftertaste."

[Reader's Digest, April 1992]

To be continued...

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Feb 26, 2007 11:52 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part XXXXVXII: On a Clear Day…and Night (Part 2)

Things do not change; we change.

~ Henry David Thoreau

Historical Decision

Although we were originally just Intervenors in the lawsuit when it was at the Superior Court level, Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, the American Lung Association and I later became Intervenors and Appellants when the case reached the Court of Appeal. Again, I was not required to participate personally in any of the legal proceedings, but Roger Diamond made sure that we received correspondence all along, letting us know what we were doing in court :-).

Approximately one year after the case was first filed, I received a letter addressed to me and to Bruce Nasby, President of the American Lung Association, which stated as follows…

“Dear Bruce and Marilyn:

I am very pleased to advise you that on August 25, 1994, the Court of Appeal reversed the ruling of Judge Robert O’Brien and ruled that the City’s requirements that the circulators of the referendum petition be registered voters is valid. Therefore, the ordinance of the City of Los Angeles banning smoking in restaurants will continue to be enforced and will not be subject to a referendum vote by the citizens of Los Angeles.



Roger Jon Diamond”

Historical Victory

At the end of that month, I received another letter from Roger enclosing a copy of the Decision of Court of Appeal. I found out that the published decision was historical in significance and I had indeed participated in something much larger than myself and my personal sensitivities. It was because of that legal decision that California’s Smoke-Free Workplace Law, AB 13, was introduced and put in effect as of January 1, 1995.

On February 13th, I was given the opportunity to write an article for the Los Angeles Business Journal about the law. I titled it, On a Clear Day…and Night. Subtitle: Nonsmokers are now the majority and entertainment venues would do well to heed the call.

I opened the article…

”With the January effective date of California’s Smoke-Free Workplace Law, nonsmokers have finally won their right to breathe easier at work. Along with the obvious business, commercial, and retail buildings, the statute includes restaurants, bowling centers, pool halls, and other recreational facilities, but it does not include bars in restaurants, nightclubs, comedy clubs, or gaming parlors. The new law requires that those venues become smoke-free by 1997.”

I did a lot of research for the article and gave statistics, including those from smokers, regarding preferences for smoke-free environments. I interviewed and highlighted those establishments that had already become smoke-free although not yet required to, and was delighted to find that their revenues had greatly increased as a result. I wrote about the increasing number of lawsuits that were being filed by persons with respiratory disabilities linked to their exposure to secondhand smoke and the connection to the Americans with Disabilities Act. I wrote about jazz clubs and other entertainment venues, theatres and the performing arts, corporate entertaining, “singles” looking for love, and lawsuits.

The article’s byline read…

“Marilyn Jenett is the owner of Marilyn Jenett Locations, a renowned special event location company with offices in Los Angeles.”

Lighten Up…

But that wasn’t all… There were two other events that spontaneously occurred that I would like to share, especially the one in which my company was involved as a direct supporter of the cause.

Let’s go back a couple of years before these laws were enacted…

In 1992, I received a call from the California Department of Health Services and the Western Consortium for Public Health. They had been referred to me regarding their upcoming Awards for Excellence Ceremony as part of their "Revolt against Tobacco" Conference at the Biltmore Hotel. The contact had been told that I might be able to help them with entertainment options for the awards ceremony.

I was able to put together a wonderful program for the evening called “Tobacco Laughs and Lyrics.” First I was able to book professional comedian Jeffrey Jena, who created incredibly funny material based on the smoking issue. He was a big hit. But I also had another idea that we brought to fruition. A friend of mine at the time, Udana Power, was an actress, but she also had an incredible singing voice. For years, she had acting roles on various television shows and played “Fran Woods”, a recurring role on General Hospital, but although she had performed in theatre, her singing talent was not widely known. She occasionally did solo cabaret shows and was an extremely creative singer/storyteller.

Udana and I got together and wrote parodies of several famous songs: Second Hand Rose became “Second Hand Smoke.” Smoke Gets In Your Eyes became “Smoke Gets Up My Nose.” Udana performed those songs in serious songstress style but singing the very funny lyrics and everyone loved it.

But we had also composed the “Don’t Smoke Rap.” It was a real rap song and targeted at the tobacco industry. If I can say so myself, it was very, very clever. Udana changed costume for her stage “rap.” She ended her set with Wind Beneath My Wings as a tribute to all of the heroes of tobacco control who were being honored that evening.

I received a lovely thank you from the California Department of Health Services and the Western Consortium for Public Health, which I have kept and still treasure along with all of the other items I mentioned previously.

The other significant opportunity that presented itself along the way was my appearance on a television show, Harvey in the Lion’s Den, a live show airing on the local CBS station. The host addressed controversial topics and encouraged debate on both sides. I was again called to “duty”. :-) I appeared on the show and had a chance to voice my opinion along with others, including Patrick Reynolds. Reynolds is a grandson of the tobacco company founder, R.J. Reynolds; the family's brands, Camel and Winston, killed his father and eldest brother, and he became a nationally known smokefree advocate.

Personal Victory

I don’t think I need to tell you how proud I was to have found my “voice” in this matter and how grateful I was that the Universe opened these doors of opportunity for me to speak. I can truly state that I felt that my involvement in this piece of history was the most important accomplishment of my life. Not only did the ordinances and laws protect nonsmokers – they were just as significant in encouraging smokers to finally quit – if only because of the inconvenience they experienced. I can only imagine the number of lives that were ultimately saved or how much individual suffering has been prevented because of the influence of these laws.

It appears that one way or the other, I was destined to be involved with “laws” of some kind. :-)

To be continued...

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Feb 27, 2007 11:55 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Sally Kuhlman
Hi Marilyn, I am new to your group and so glad my friend told me about it. I have spent the last few evenings glued to my computer screen reading this post. Thank you for sharing your story, it is very powerful.

Private Reply to Sally Kuhlman

Feb 28, 2007 11:44 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Welcome, Sally, and thank you so much for your appreciation.

I wonder if there should be a prize for you - you have the distinction of being the very last post on this thread before my final segment. I think. :-)

The segments have come to me sporadically over many months. And I would only post when they surfaced in my mind naturally.

I think I have resisted ending the story, wondering what would happen if I thought of something else some time later.

So I solved the dilemma by deciding that there would not be an ending after all...the final segment would be a middle. :-)

~ Marilyn

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Feb 28, 2007 11:55 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Part L: Middles

You're searching, Joe, for things that don't exist;
I mean beginnings. Ends and beginnings -- there are no such things.
There are only middles.

~ Robert Frost

I mentioned previously that last year, in the summer of 2006, concurrently with those consecutive bookings for Campbell, I intuitively felt that it was time to release my business of two decades in order to devote myself exclusively to what my heart was telling me to do – to teach my Feel Free to Prosper program and mentor others. How interesting that within that following month, I suddenly felt the urge to share my story, not realizing it would evolve into this long detailed account, and certainly not anticipating that the opportunity would manifest in a most unexpected way to sell it to a major publishing house. But it appears that telling this story and sharing it with others is all part of the process of letting go and putting that phase of my life behind me in peace. This story completes the cycle. I set out 20 years ago to make a statement. I think we can agree that I have accomplished that. :-) If this story reaches out to inspire and change just one life, then it was worth telling.

I look back with gratitude at lessons learned, even if I was not as acutely aware while learning them as I am now in retrospect. It appears that my curriculum was well chosen by my Universal Teacher. Was I always a perfect student and did I always do my “homework.” No… of course not. But I did finally learn the tremendous advantages of staying with the program. :- )

In 2003, I was urged to teach those lessons to others. Not understanding how such a thing could ever evolve, I stepped forth in faith. I said to the Universe, if I am supposed to teach others, show me the way to do this so that others can grasp these principles easily and quickly and not have to go through my 30-year journey. The answer came, not only intuitively in the form of the written lessons, but in the form of talents and abilities that I never, ever knew I had. I had never taught or mentored in my life. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a “coaching” industry. I thought spiritual laws could only be taught by those who had years of formal study and credentials. I watched for about a year as testimonials arrived privately and at my Ryze network. I think it took that long – and seeing the results in black and white and color - until I fully realized that I was given a gift and I had earned my credentials through my years of study and experience – and love for the laws. The Universe gave me “honorary” credentials and instructions to continue. I came to realize that it was not only my gift, but my obligation to teach what I know.

Last summer, while attending to the Campbell bookings, after decades of being a “health nut”, I was faced with a health challenge for the first time in my adult life, and with victory over that challenge came the clear realization that we must listen to the dictates of our heart and follow the path that expresses who we truly are and one that is in alignment with our desires, values and joy. Our desires, values and joy may change over time and acquire new definitions – that’s part of our natural maturity and evolution - but it is the connection that we feel in the present moment to our Source of guidance and supply that will bring us to our right place and our true purpose. We may not know what that purpose is. I believe that the majority of people do not. But if we reach out with our heart to our Universal Parent, it will take our hand and guide us every step of the way. Its essence is pure Love. We are pure Love. And when we do our best to remove anything that is not aligned with our pure essence, then I believe we open ourselves to guidance and we will be led home.

It is with tears and a some sadness that I end this story. I have never written anything like this before and telling it – slowly and over time – has in itself become a way of life. But the sadness is tempered with an unusual sense of accomplishment. I recall that although a good student in high school, I somehow couldn’t bring myself to finish some book reports in my senior year, which created some issues.

I think this effort might make up for it.

Marilyn Jenett
Los Angeles
February 28, 2007

To be followed in the future by the story of Feel Free to Prosper and its students...

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Feb 28, 2007 3:35 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net


I think your story is a true testament to the strength of your gift. I speak for myself, of course, but I'll bet there are many others out there reading these installments who never would've considered that you hadn't been teaching & coaching for decades, that you hadn't been born to that particular talent. In all logic, you literally WERE born to it but as your story tells, it was relatively recent that you took it to yourself & shared it w/the world.

You have no clue how many you have benefitted from your insight & I'm grateful to be just one of those numbers. Your story is of great value. Thx for telling it!

Blessings -- Linda

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Feb 28, 2007 5:33 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Jenny Meadows
What a great way to start of my day -- with a good book!

Thanks, Marilyn.

(And nice catch on the numerals. I was going to write you, but you caught it before I could say something.)

Speaking of numerals, XIX is missing. Or are the chapters misnumbered?

Jenny Meadows
Austin Texas USA

Private Reply to Jenny Meadows

Mar 03, 2007 7:45 amre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

maggie makris
Hello Marilyn,
I just took a break from writing articles sipped my coffee and read your story.
Congratulations on your success. It's a wonderful and inspirational story !!! Thank you for posting it!!


Private Reply to maggie makris

Mar 11, 2007 6:01 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Anne Taylor
Thank you Marilyn. The story has been and is inspirational.
I look forward to seeing this in print.

Private Reply to Anne Taylor

Mar 27, 2007 3:46 pmre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

I am sure that I haven't found your board by chance and I truly enjoyed your story ..

I take it as a sign to get aligned again :) Thanks Marilyn !

Private Reply to TheFlower

Apr 21, 2007 6:49 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

I thought it was time for a bit of an update...

Well, everyone, as you know, I have been working on preparing this story in manuscript form for the agent. Or shall we say my "angel" has been working on the manuscript. Separate post:


Angel did an incredible job, and I am reviewing my content to finalize. The manuscript is just about on its way.

I stopped by this thread today and noticed that the views have continued to increase, even though the story was completed a couple of months ago.

I'm amazed that this story has had almost 6,000 views! I realize that viewers don't read the story all at once and probably return many times, but still...that's an incredible amount of activity for one Ryze thread. :-) If this is any indication of the future response to my book - well, I'll be flying!

I thought that I would take a moment to share something with you.

My manuscript consists of the following sections that I decided to include:

What Readers are Saying
Title Page
Acknowledgments (to be done later)
The Story Manuscript (53 Chapters)
About the Author

Most of the contents you will have to wait to see, but I do want to share one very special section with you, as follows...


This story is dedicated to those beautiful spirits who were at the other side of cyber space reading as I wrote – reading, watching, appreciating, encouraging, laughing, even crying – and “listening” to my words with their hearts. For without them and their encouragement, this story could not have been written.

~ M

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Apr 21, 2007 2:48 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

www.Karlyns.com - Graphic Designer
Your story is very interesting Marilyn!
I wish you the same success with your book. How exciting!

Get your Ryze Page Designed! http://ryzedesign.karlyns.com/
Web and Graphic Design Services: http://www.karlyns.com/
Wahm Buds: Work at home friends: http://www.wahmbuds.com/

Private Reply to www.Karlyns.com - Graphic Designer

Apr 22, 2007 3:34 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net


It's been quite a ride & your story will take you higher & higher! A wonderful work of inspiration.

Blessings -- Linda

www.lindajalexander.net ** www.authorsden.com/lindajalexander
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/
Bev Mahone's '07 Valentine's Contest Essay Top 5 Winner!

Private Reply to Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Apr 24, 2007 5:02 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Terri Gibbons
Hi Marilyn

Just wanted to take a moment and congratulate you on the completion of your book.

Please let us know how we can purchase an autographed copy.


Discover the Secrets of Cleansing
for Optimal Health and Long-Term Weight Loss
Free 5 Day eCourse

Private Reply to Terri Gibbons

Apr 25, 2007 5:13 amre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Paula Miles
Congratulations on the completion of your book.
I too would like an autographed copy.


Private Reply to Paula Miles

Apr 25, 2007 7:22 am re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

How about if we just have a book signing in each of your cities? I can then just hand you a free autographed copy IN PERSON! With hugs :-)

Thank you for seeing the book as an accomplished fact.

~ M

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Apr 25, 2007 1:28 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Alison Wilcox
Marilyn, I'll host you for the book signing in Buffalo! Buffalo would be perfect - it is a city in wait of transformation and prosperity.
And I look very forward to my autographed copy!

Private Reply to Alison Wilcox

Apr 25, 2007 6:19 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Barb Desmarais

Congratulations Marilyn! If thousands here read your story, just think how many more thousands will read the hard copy version.


Private Reply to Barb Desmarais

Apr 25, 2007 6:37 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net


Washington & Baltimore are waiting for you.

Blessings -- Linda

www.lindajalexander.net ** www.authorsden.com/lindajalexander
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/
Bev Mahone's '07 Valentine's Contest Essay Top 5 Winner!

Private Reply to Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Apr 25, 2007 9:54 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Rasheed Hooda
You can add Houston to the list as well. The Woodlands Barnes and Noble would be perfect before we head to the Montgomery College Auditorium for "An Evening with Marilyn"


Prosperity Mentor and Keynote Speaker
Be Different, Be Yourself!

Private Reply to Rasheed Hooda

May 06, 2007 5:33 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Irina Starr
you might have to consider an international book tour. Panama is ready for transformation :-)


Private Reply to Irina Starr

May 17, 2007 11:18 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Rasheed Hooda

I think you have something new, a different angle at presenting the Natural Laws.

We have always said, and heard being said, that let your feelings be the guide to let you know if your thoughts are leading you in the right direction or not. Law of Satisfaction would definitely describe this notion.

I feel that your Feel Free to Prosper "journey" was certainly guided by this law. Stories of your students will certainly make a great sequel to the original.

I must confess to a vision I had yesterday as I was focusing on the end result of what I wanted to accomplish. It was a vision of you on the Oprah Show with me as one of your showcase students. :) Many years ago, I had determined that I will be on the Oprah Show along with other Metaphysical teachers "like Wayne Dyer" whom I admire and with whom I feel honored to be sharing the stage. I see it happening now.


Prosperity Mentor and Keynote Speaker
Be Different, Be Yourself!

Private Reply to Rasheed Hooda

Jul 22, 2007 11:01 amre: re: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance - Foreword by Linda Alexander#

Walter Paul Bebirian
I believe that this is just the beginning of a long line of books that you will be writting as not only sequels but ancillary stories of others who you have come in contact with or will come in contact with during your journey through life!

All the best to you in all that you do!

thank you!


Private Reply to Walter Paul Bebirian

Aug 26, 2007 7:47 pmFeel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance - Updates#

Marilyn Jenett

Feel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchroncity and Guidance

Story Facts and Book Updates

If you have read this far, then you probably have read my entire story (and perhaps you also enjoyed the conversational posts as well). I would now like to offer additional story information that I hope you'll find interesting and inspiring. Here is what you will find in these next posts:

This post contains "Story Facts and Book Updates."

In the next post, I will share the poignant "Foreword" to my book written by author Linda Alexander. It is one of the most heartwarming and touching pieces I could have ever expected, and I am deeply honored by her gift.

Then you will find the section entitled "What Readers Are Saying" - unsolicited "rave" reviews and comments received during the telling of my story.

The two sections were among those included with the finished manuscript.

Then, you'll read about my surprise invitation to speak at the Women's Writing and Publishing Summit along with many renowned authors, agents and publishers. I was truly honored! My session interview was entitled "Let the Universe Be Your Guide - Using the Laws of Attraction to Get Your Book Written and Published." I will post links where you can listen to the free audio of my session and also download a free ebook from the Summit with valuable articles from all of the Summit's speakers.

Story Facts and Book Updates

• My story was completed over an eight-month period right here on this network forum. It was then edited and converted to the manuscript, which contains 51 Chapters (thankfully with regular numbers - no Roman numerals!). Can you imagine? 55,500 Words in 51 Chapters written exclusively on a network forum?

• As of this date, this story thread has been viewed or read an astounding 9,500 times!

• As mentioned above, as I was writing the story, I received a great many notes, messages of appreciation and unsolicited praise and "rave" reviews - aside from the encouraging comments you have read in the posts above. With permission, many of these comments were quoted in "What Readers Are Saying."

• I have officially dedicated my story and book to the members of this forum and visitors, for if they had not been reading as I wrote, my story would not have been written. The Universe, in its infinite wisdom and guidance, had provided the perfect venue, the perfect audience that would inspire me - not to write a book, but to tell my story.

• I asked the Universe for an "angel" to help me format the manuscript in Word according to professional industry standards - out of the blue, a woman named Angel Brown appeared with years of publishing experience and knowledge who provided me with a perfectly polished manuscript.

• Paul S. Levine, the agent mentioned during the early story segments, read the completed manuscript and officially signed me on May 30th. The manuscript has recently been submitted to major publishers. It is now the job of the Universe to place it in its rightful "home."

• Paul changed my memoir title slightly from the one I originally chose. It has become Feel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance. One publisher has already commented on what a great title it is.

• Paul is now adamantly requesting that I create a book proposal for a second book - a self-help book based on Feel Free to Prosper. He is planning to negotiate a large advance based on my memoir and the promise of a second book to follow.

• I can think of no better example of synchronicity and guidance for a first-time writer (who didn't even believe she was a writer) than to have a literary agent dangle the possibility of representation and eventually sign her to bring her story of synchronicity and guidance to fruition. You'll find a lot more details about the "story surrounding the story" in my speaker's session from the Summit.

• It is my deepest desire that my story will provide the inspiration for you to become aware of and connect with your own source of synchronicity and guidance.

Marilyn Jenett
August 2007

Feel Free to Prosper

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Aug 26, 2007 7:49 pmFeel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance - Foreword#

Marilyn Jenett


by Linda Alexander

Marilyn Jenett says she has the Universe on speed dial. You can believe it. And if you need just a little bit of convincing, this book will take care of that. I met Marilyn online, through a business network called Ryze. Marilyn started her Feel Free to Prosper program here on the Internet. For decades, she had been a student of mental and spiritual laws, the direct line itself being the Law of Attraction.

So I was attracted. I had a big-name title book I’d been trying to sell for years. Years! I’d struggled, selling my writing, selling other books, but never quite getting to the place where my special bio found a publisher. Within days of beginning Marilyn’s program, I had a book contract. I had that sale. Magic? No, the Law of Attraction.

Marilyn’s telling of how she came to grow a location company for special events from nothing - literally nothing: no previous experience, no employees, no business office, no capital - to where Marilyn Jenett Locations became known as among the best in the special events industry is nothing less than a fairly tale. Or it would be nothing less than a fairy tale, if it weren’t all true. Yet it is. Marilyn has been a student of the age-old spiritual laws for over thirty years, and it is in the applications of her studies, and her implicit trust in “the Universe” that she can tell such a free-flowing, easy-to-read, and absolutely engaging story. Because it is all true, it gives the reader a sense of being side by side with Marilyn, easily able to come to the realization that this way of life - it is nothing less than a way of life - can be their own...if they only believe. If they will accept the fact that their thoughts are their reality and their ensuing actions are absolutely the follow-through to those thoughts...readers can own their own life that attracts the positive - moment after moment after moment.

And that’s what’s so engaging about Marilyn’s story. It feels like a Hollywood movie. It feels like a sense of, “Wow, can this be true?!” It has that ‘gain equals gain’ build-up that many will say just doesn’t happen to everyday people. What brings the reader full circle, however, is the plain-language way in which Marilyn shows that, indeed, what she has achieved in her life is, in its magnitude and sense of fulfillment, a mirror of what anyone can achieve if they will just take the Universal Laws seriously and study them as if the direction of their lives depended on them. Why? Because that’s the point. Life, the direction of each individual life on this planet, does depend on the very scientific, spiritual, and, yes, common sense Law of Attraction.

I wouldn’t be writing this right now if that weren’t the case. I wouldn’t have ever crossed Marilyn Jenett’s path. Marilyn is a people magnet, and the beauty of that is that she attracts the people who need her, and the people she needs. The situation always works for good; that’s where the speed dial comes into play. It’s not Marilyn bringing the right people together for the right reasons. It’s the Universe, i.e., Higher Power, God…whatever terminology is most comfortable for a reader to call that all-knowing, all-seeing essence of eternal energy connecting humanity - that is the source of Marilyn’s speed dial.

Some call her an inspiration. Some call her a mentor, others a teacher. I call her all of those things, and feel honored to also be able to call her a friend, a friend with heart, soul, and insight. Read her “true tale of synchronicity.” You will be inspired.

Linda Alexander

Books for the Thinking Reader

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Aug 26, 2007 7:53 pmFeel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance - Readers Are Saying#

Marilyn Jenett

What Readers Are Saying

Marilyn, thank you for sharing your story. It's amazing! I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, leaning forward, smiling and laughing as I read it. I love how in every situation you bring forward (manifest) exactly what's necessary for the perfect outcome.

How exciting! Life truly is an ADVENTURE when you're a student of prosperity.

~ Terri Gibbons

I've been reading your captivating story and I can't stop! I read a little each night and am now on section nine and can't wait to read each one. If anyone has not read Marilyn's story, I encourage you to. It's really remarkable!

~ Christine Rice

Marilyn, it's a great, entertaining story. But, much more, it gives great examples. And, examples often make lessons clearer.

~ Linda Bohrnerud

I am so greatly enjoying reading your story. What a fascinating and enjoyable story it is, too! I can't wait to read the next segment...

~ Amy Derr

Marilyn - I LOVE your story! You're a gifted story teller apart from being a scholar of these Laws. When you described your reasons for going into business for yourself, I was nodding my head. My reasons are EXACTLY the same.

~ Barb Desmarais

You are clearly showing us how the universe works to support us if we would only listen, use the prosperity principles, and follow the promptings of our heart.

~ Paula Miles

I see more than a book. I see a movie!! It is quite intriguing and suspenseful in its own unique way, and like "The Secret" and "What the Bleep" I feel that this is a theme that could translate easily onto the big screen...

~ Martin Thomas

... but as I hung up the phone, I was mumbling to myself, "I see that you really have something, Marilyn."

The ball is rolling. I hope your running shoes are on!

~ Linda Alexander

Dear Marilyn

Thank you for sharing your story. It is a WOW !!! It is AMAZING !

I have been reading your story with AWE, every time I thought of writing something to you. I felt that you are so special and what you are sharing is so SPECIAL too, that what could I possibly write to express the impression that you are making on me and my son.

With Gratitude

~ Raj Kaur

Why am I still awake at 12:30 a.m.? Because I couldn't bear to stop reading. What a wonderful story, and synchronistic. It is inspiring and encouraging. Thanks for being who you are.

~ Cathy Thorsen

As I wrote before, I am intrigued and can't wait to hear the rest of the story. If you ever need your book translated into Dutch let me know. My mother tongue is Dutch (Flemish to be more precise) and I would feel honored if I could do this for you.

You are an inspiration to a lot of people.

~ Vera Regelbrugge

It’s really cliffhanger time! I’ve been riveted to it for several days now, whenever I can sit down and continue reading I cannot break away! Very compelling reading. Exciting news about your book! As others have already said, it IS a page-turner with spiritual principles woven in throughout. Brilliant.

~ Jessica Gleason

I think your story is a true testament to the strength of your gift.

You have no clue how many you have benefited from your insight and I'm grateful to be just one of those numbers. Your story is of great value. Thx for telling it!

~ Blessing -- Linda

I have spent the last few evenings glued to my computer screen reading this story. Thank you for sharing your story, it is very powerful.

~ Sally Kuhlman

Marilyn has graciously shared much of her personal and inspirational story. It's very compelling, and nearly impossible to read without stopping. Worth reading every word!

~ Rod Newbound

My heart feels so open right now from having read your story. I'm very excited about this becoming a book. I really feel it could help people, like me, who understand the concepts but need to hear it expressed the way you do in order to feel that universe shift beneath us and see our own light.

Thank you :)

~ Jennifer Gniadecki

I just wanted to send you a personal note to say how much I am loving your story! For me, the way you are telling your story is much more powerful than sometimes your lessons are. Not only are you teaching people how to achieve prosperity but you are showing them how it’s done and for me that’s so important. I'm sure it will be a best seller and I'd love to have an autographed copy!

~ Lesley Johnston

I believe in my heart that this book deserves to soar - to reach a much broader audience.

~ Angel Brown

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Aug 26, 2007 11:55 pmMarilyn's Speaking Session: Women's Writing and Publishing Summit#

Marilyn Jenett

Marilyn's Speaking Session

Women's Writing and Publishing Summit

Following the signing with my agent, Paul, I received a surprise invitation from Heidi Richards, network moderator, businesswoman and founder and CEO of many businesses. I was honored to be included as a guest speaker at the Women's Writing and Publishing Summit in July.

Here is an excerpt from the Summit description on the website:

“This three-day virtual event features interviews, workshops and networking led by some of the world’s most talented authors, publishers and literary agents. Our Summit is designed to help you develop your writing, stimulate your thinking and assist all stages of writers in the craft and the business of writing. During this summit you’ll get to meet, chat, network, and get to pick some of the best brains in the writing and publishing world.”

The Summit speakers were all notable authors, agents and publishers, so it was truly an honor to be associated. And I might add that men also attended and the key speaker was Dan Poynter, renowned author and expert on self-publishing. I was asked to speak on the topic, “Let the Universe Be Your Guide – Using the Laws of Attraction to Get Your Book Written and Published.”

I was interviewed for an hour by Heidi at the Summit and responded to her very good questions. When I listened to the audio, I was delightfully surprised and pleased at how good the session turned out. You can find my bio and session description along with the other speakers at the Summit website link above, but I’ll post my Session Description here:

"Let the Universe Be Your Guide - Using the Laws of Attraction
to Get Your Book Written and Published and So Much More!"

Prosperity mentor Marilyn Jenett had no conscious intention to write a book. She didn’t consider herself to be a book writer or author and the only way she would consider writing one is if she had an agent or publisher who believed in her. One day Marilyn decided to tell the members of her network forum how she created her special event company two decades ago using the Universal laws she now teaches.

She was amazed at the way her memories surfaced from her subconscious mind after two decades and how the details spilled out in her forum posts. By the third segment, she attracted an agent out of the blue! As her story evolved over the next eight months – right there online – the word got out and attracted visitors from outside her forum - over 8,000 views to date and hundreds of rave “reviews” and letters of appreciation. And this wasn’t even a book!

How did this happen? How does a first-time writer who didn’t even intend to write a book manifest an agent right from the start, a continuous platform of excited readers, “reviews” and heartfelt messages of appreciation – even a woman named “Angel” out of the blue who professionally formatted her manuscript upon completion? How did she create a story so compelling that the agent signed her upon reading the manuscript – despite the fact that he doesn’t even believe in Universal Laws!

Marilyn will share with you how the synchronicity and guidance that ruled her entrepreneurial life continued to govern the creation of a story and soon to be published book, Feel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance. It will inspire others to look beyond the Law of Attraction to the guidance of a loving Universe that can easily become our writer, agent and publicist – our perfect guide on the journey – if we can learn to receive the gifts. [End of description]

Get It Write! The Women’s eGuide to Writing, Publishing and Promoting Your Book

Heidi also asked if I would contribute an article for the above-titled free eBook that would later be offered that would include information of great value from all fifteen Summit speakers. Until I viewed the finished product last week, I didn’t realize what incredible material these industry professionals contributed to this 94-page guide. You'll find it hard to believe that this would be offered at no charge. If you are a writer or aspiring to become one, this is a "must have" book guide that will teach you about writing and about the publishing industry - both traditional and self publishing.

The article I contributed has the same title as my Summit speaking session and is based on the same topic, however I share a lot of different information and detail in the written piece than I did in the session.

Soon, in the next post, I will post the links where you can listen to the free audio of my session and also download the free Get It Write! eGuide.


Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 07, 2007 11:19 amMarilyn's Speaking Session: Women's Writing and Publishing Summit - Listen Now#

Marilyn Jenett

Marilyn's Speaking Session

Women's Writing and Publishing Summit

Listen Free Now

"Let the Universe Be Your Guide - Using the Laws of Attraction
to Get Your Book Written and Published and So Much More!"


To save to your computer, click the right mouse button and choose
"Save Target As" or "Save Link As"

I hope you enjoy my one-hour interview session from the Writing Summit.
Your feedback is very welcome.

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Nov 03, 2007 9:21 amAnother Speaking Session: Women's Media Summit - Listen Now#

Marilyn Jenett

Another Speaking Session

Women's Media Summit

I was again honored to be invited to speak by Heidi Richards for her Women's Media Summit in October (you can listen free below).

Only this time, I was in the company of experts in newspapers, magazines, television, radio and Internet media. The multi-day virtual event featured interviews, workshops and networking led by some of the world's most talented names in public relations and media marketing.

And then there was me - the only non-expert in the bunch...well, at least when it comes to traditional media. I seem to have shown some real expertise at talking to the Universe - or perhaps my expertise is getting it to listen :-)

The session relates to the media journey of Marilyn Jenett Locations, my special event location and production company of two decades, which is the subject of my entrepreneurial memoir. For those who may not have read the story yet...

With no publicist, PR or marketing resources, and using only the prosperity principles that I teach today and the “Universe as my publicist,” I manifested a cover feature story in the Los Angeles Times that attracted thousands of telephone calls for years and syndication around the world via Associated Press. This was followed by local and national prime time television segments and continuing media exposure, including the first article I ever wrote that grossed $250,000 for my business!

So again, you can find my bio and session description at the Summit link, but I will copy the Session Description here. I had to really get creative with this introduction to take my place among those industry notables:

"Let the Universe Be Your Guide - Using the Laws of Attraction
to Get Major Media Coverage"

Imagine this scenario for a moment...

You have made the bold decision to become an entrepreneur and start your own business. You know that you have to find a way to get the word out and get exposure to attract clients. But you have no experience in public relations, marketing or publicity. You don't know anyone in these fields and even if you did, well...the budget isn't there. The only thing on your side is your business idea and the prosperity principles that you have been studying which brought you this far and gave you the confidence to take this step.

A couple of months later, you see yourself in a feature cover story in the Los Angeles Times. Then publications around the nation and world call you to request more photos after you discover that Associated Press released the story. Television and radio stations call. You receive thousands of phone calls and the clients are coming and your business is on the map! You continue to attract unsolicited media exposure over time, but then one day a business publication calls to sell you advertising. You tell them that you don't advertise but ask if you can write an article for their paper. So you write your very first article and it grosses $250,000 for your business!

Your "15 minutes of fame" turns into a 20-year career during which you attract the world's largest corporations as clients. You still don't know anything about public relations, publicity or marketing.

This was Marilyn Jenett's story. In this session, she'll share details on how she did it using principles she now teaches in her Feel Free to Prosper program. You'll meet your master publicist - the Universe!

To read more about Marilyn, visit www.FeelFreetoProsper.com and www.MarilynJenettLocations.com

[End of description]

Following is the link where you can listen to my interview session. Please note that on the date I was originally scheduled to speak, I had lost my voice due to the unusually dry Southern California air, so we rescheduled for the following week. My voice is still a bit hoarse, but improves as the interview goes on...

Marilyn's Speaking Session

Women's Media Summit

Listen Free Now

"Let the Universe Be Your Guide - Using the Laws of Attraction
to Get Major Media Coverage"


To save to your computer, click the right mouse button and choose
"Save Target As" or "Save Link As"

I hope you enjoy how I shared my media journey
and how we can all make a connection to our Universal publicist.
Again, comments are welcome.

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Nov 17, 2007 8:05 amre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Sherry Sword
What a day! A Christmas to remember.....

Your plea for him to leave you your business items reminds me of something that happened to me.

I was living in Newark, NJ in a literally 'marginal' neighborhood just one house away from the border of affluent South Orange. I worked in NYC and was leaving my house at noon to walk to a bus stop a few blocks away on my way to work. As I stepped out my front door, I saw three young men walking down the street who looked like they had no particular place to go. My 'instinct' told me to go back inside and wait. But I was late, so I ignored my feeling and pressed on. They were in front of me as we all turned the corner, but they began to walk slower and slower so that I had to pass them. I smiled brightly and said hello as I passed in front of them, thinking that would surely render them harmless. My 'street smarts' were screaming at me, and I wasn't listening. I was in a hurry!

After just a few more steps, I heard them break into a run as they knocked me down hard, grabbed my purse and ran. I had no credit cards and very little money at the time. All I could think of was the new pair of glasses I had just bought. I shouted after them, "Could you please just leave me my glasses!" Of course they kept running and never looked back.

But several days later, I got a call from the post office. Someone had shoved my bag (glasses, wallet -- minus the small bit of cash I was carrying -- drivers license and all) into a mailbox. The postal worker found my number among my things and called.

In essence, instead of throwing my bag in the trash, they mailed my glasses back to me!

I also learned a valuable lesson about respecting the plight of those young men, and the danger they posed. I learned to protect myself, for their sake, and my own. On that day I could have shouted angry epithets at them as they ran away, but I wasn't angry. Something in me was wiser and knew what to ask of them. And they got it.....and answered my plea.


Sherry Sword
Author of "How To Be Perfect"

Private Reply to Sherry Sword

Nov 17, 2007 12:11 pmre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Rasheed Hooda
Works every time!

You can hear my story on Marilyn's Thanksgiving call that is on her website.

I was robbed while delivering pizza and my state of gratitude worked miracles.

Like you, Sherry, I ignored my intuition and was boxed in and I believe that had I listened to my intuition and checked the dumpster, I would have reclaimed my wallet as well.


Sign up for my Newsletter here http://www.misterweirdo.com/
Free e book here http://www.asamanthinketh.net/?kbid5639
and here http://www.scienceofgettingrich.net/gifts/just_4u.html

Private Reply to Rasheed Hooda

Nov 20, 2007 5:18 pmre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Arlene Holtz
Hi, Marilyn, and everyone else who is still reading and posting on this thread. I am new to this network, and have just started with Marilyn's Lesson 1 of her program. I just finished reading your story, Marilyn, and I wish I had come across it sooner. However, everything does happen in the perfect timing. Perhaps I wouldn't have been ready to receive all the lessons I have just absorbed if I had started reading months earlier. :-)

I knew I wanted to post something here, though I didn't know what it would be, so I am just letting it flow now. I admit I have been skeptical about "prosperity programs" due to the deluge I have received of marketing promotions in the past year, all claiming to have "THE ANSWER" to becoming wealthy, successful, and happy. I have been studying metaphysics, success and personal growth principles, etc. for years now, and though I have succeeded in many areas of my life, the financial and "prosperity" issues had continued to be a ... shall we say... a learning experience!

Marilyn, I want to thank you for your directness in replying to my plea (on another network) for a way to manifest a sum of money for a coaching program I wanted to participate in. I was a little taken aback in how direct you were, though my research of your website and the many glowing testimonials from your students certainly impressed me.

On a hunch, I sent you a pm, you replied and followed up with a phone call! Wow! I didn't expect that, and I am even more astounded now, after reading your story here, that you took the time to seek me out, not knowing anything at all about me.

I have started the first lesson and though I am only on day 4, I already have a lighter feeling about success and my future. I am so much more relaxed and confident in the process of reaching my prosperity, that I so much deserve.

I have had a couple of incidents that I feel are significant that I want to share at another time. For now, I just wanted to thank you, Marilyn, for contacting me, and to let you know that I also feel that somehow this was "meant to be" for me, and also to thank you for sharing this story with so many people. I am looking forward to posting again with some specific experiences I have had in the past few days that seem to be "signs" that something is definitely changing in my consciousness.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Arlene Holtz
Fused Glass and Oil Painting site: http://www.ArlenesArtworks.com
Aromatherapy site: http://www.NaturesAromatherapyEssentials.com

Private Reply to Arlene Holtz

Nov 21, 2007 10:43 pm re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

This is so exciting, Arlene :-)

Thank you for sharing your experience as a new student. You are definitely on your way!

~ Marilyn

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Mar 09, 2008 3:37 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Paul Finkelstein
1am last nite was fun.
I did print ALL 132 pages of this memoir and it is 30 MB.
I punched holes and put in three ring binder so Sara could read it offline. Looking forward to book.
Thanks for sharing.
ps Good read. 30 pages read today.
25 more tonite.
And it will be done by Tuesday.
A quick read for what took a LIFETIME to perform.

* SKYPE ID: Paul.Steven.Photography.llc "Put Your BEST Face Forward!"
"Live Where The Sun Spends The Winter On The Beaches Of The World!"
* http://paulstevenphotography.com/ "Pictures Are Forever!"
* http://www.ryze.com/posttopic.php?topicid=924302&confid=3359 XXTRA-ORDINARY!

Private Reply to Paul Finkelstein

Mar 09, 2008 5:01 am How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Kathleen Jaap, CPA, MA
Hi Paul,

Glad you made it here to the read the tale...Divine Order is working in your life right now...it is no coincidence you are here, now, reading and absorbing the intriguing memoir.....This is how I first found Marilyn as my mentor. In fact, I had been asking God for just that...voila!

Her experiences spoke right to me, as I know they will touch you as well. Her teachings are timeless. Her way is gentle and powerful. Manifestation comes easily when you allow yourself to flow in synch with the mental and spiritual laws that she teaches.

Having Marilyn as my mentor has been a blessing of a lifetime!

Welcome to the family!


Kathleen Jaap

Kathleen Jaap
Business and Personal Prosperity Coaching and Consulting

Private Reply to Kathleen Jaap, CPA, MA

Mar 10, 2008 5:29 pmGood question/How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Paul Finkelstein

I see your going to be the first carbon copy.
Looks like you already ARE.
It seems to have rubbed off on you to be in sync.
Kindest regards,

* SKYPE ID: Paul.Steven.Photography.llc "Put Your BEST Face Forward!"
"Live Where The Sun Spends The Winter On The Beaches Of The World!"
* http://paulstevenphotography.com/ "Pictures Are Forever!"
* http://www.ryze.com/posttopic.php?topicid=924302&confid=3359 XXTRA-ORDINARY!

Private Reply to Paul Finkelstein

Jul 16, 2008 6:19 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Caren Rich
OK, You have my interest... fabulous story, any Christian Louboutins in the next section?

Private Reply to Caren Rich

Jul 16, 2008 6:40 amre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett

Oh, what fun! I just met Caren yesterday (not on Ryze) and she shows up here in the story thread. Welcome, Caren!

Ha, ha...you really got my curiosity going. I was wondering if that was a certain religious sect you were referring to and with a bit of research found out that it's a high fashion shoe designer!

And what stunning shoes. I may be a teacher of manifestation laws, but I would have to waive the laws of physics to fit into those sky highs! :-)

I hope you enjoy the rest of the story, Caren. No more shoe lore, but lots of magic.


Marilyn Jenett
Founder, Feel Free to Prosper Program

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Jul 17, 2008 11:12 amre: re: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Anne Coyle
I have spent most of the day reading your memoirs I just can hardly leave it, just long enough to make something for myself and the two youngest children to eat for dinner. I have just printed it to take to bed with me and for Brian to read when I am finished. It is so engaging and compelling, I'm off now to read some more.

Best wishes and Feel Free to Prosper.

Private Reply to Anne Coyle

Oct 31, 2008 8:01 amHow Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Minerva Paniagua
It is remarkable, thrilling, Inspiring! It makes me laugh & cry out of joy inside! I have manifested several things since I learned about our minds power, and to hear your amazing story,makes me so excited to await the wonderful things on their way to me!! My heart is so joyous to have crossed paths with you! I can't wait to get to the next part! Bedtime for now!

Private Reply to Minerva Paniagua

Nov 08, 2008 11:40 pmre: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Minerva Paniagua

I'm still reading! I just love all the little details you include! The synchronicity of it all is purely amazing, and it comes to prove that we never know how our desires will manifest, therefore we should not dwell on the how. I love it love it love it!

Private Reply to Minerva Paniagua

Aug 11, 2012 6:55 amre: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett


Although this network has been inactive for over 3 years, I want to acknowledge and thank all of the visitors who manage to find the link to my memoir and show up here to read it. As you can see in the upper right corner of the very first post, the memoir has drawn over 38,000 views, increasing daily!

I am truly honored that you have taken the time to read my story and my intention is that you will never look at your business – or life – in the same way again.

If you would like to post your comments or feedback, or just introduce yourself, please visit my friend or fan pages on Facebook:


Or you can find my direct contact information on my website, http://www.feelfreetoprosper.com. You’ll find a storehouse of valuable information on the website. Be sure to sign up for my free newsletter and download my free gift eBook, “An Introduction to Universal Laws and Prosperity Principles.”

As you have read in posts above, the memoir attracted a literary agent which ultimately resulted in a prestigious publishing deal in 2009 for a book based on my teachings. Later in the year I made the decision to change publishers. I was then offered an international publishing deal with another publisher but did not feel that they were my final publisher either.

Yes, my publishing journey has had twists and turns, but I will always acknowledge the role that previous agents and publishers played in the evolution of my books and my destiny as an author.

I am currently signed with one of the industry’s most renowned literary agents who will be handling the publishing of all my books.

The first books to be released:

“Feel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance” (the memoir)

"Feel Free to Prosper: Two Weeks to Unexpected Income with the Simplest Prosperity Laws Available."

Again, thank you for the honor of devoting your time to read my story here online.

Los Angeles
August 2012

Marilyn Jenett

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

May 28, 2017 2:41 pmre: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Marilyn Jenett
Update May 28, 2017...
"Feel Free to Prosper - Two Weeks to Unexpected Income with the Simplest Prosperity Laws Available," the book based on my teachings, was published by Penguin Random House right before New Year's 2016.

I'm honored and blessed to have the world's largest publisher selling my book at booksellers worldwide, including 13 Amazons. And I'm deeply touched by all the top reviews.

The book website:

Amazon.com book page and reviews:

My entrepreneurial memoir will be published next. In the meantime, it's still free to read here on the network. As you can see in the upper right corner of the first post - it's now had over 75,000 readers.

Although not active as it was in years past, Ryze will always have a special place in my heart and is acknowledged in both books. Ryze.com provided the platform for me to discover my life's purpose, share my teachings with the world, and ultimately become a published author. I am forever grateful.

Marilyn Jenett
May 28, 2017

Marilyn Jenett

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Jan 05, 2022 9:26 pmre: re: re: re: How Did Marilyn Start Her Business? A True Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance#

Ian McMinn
Amazing memoir Marilyn. Thank you!

Private Reply to Ian McMinn

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