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Ryze Help > Lesson 12: Veiled advertising on NetworksViews: 680
Sep 14, 2006 5:30 amRyze Help > Lesson 12: Veiled advertising on Networks#

T.E.A.M. Mom!
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Patricia Garrison, Your Bd Leader


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Lesson 12 - Veiled advertising on Networks

Although Ryze is a business network and we all know that you want new business, new members (and old members) need to be careful of veiled advertising on networks.

It is always a good idea to read up on the rules of a network before posting. Find out if advertising is even allowed and please do adhere to those rules.

On one of my networks (http://b2b-network.ryze.com/), I allow blatant advertising every Sunday, but it is quite amazing how many people try to 'slip' their ads in at other times.

For example, there is one member who advertises every Sunday and then simply adds his advertising to that same thread throughout the week as a type of self response - this is against the rules of our network.

Members who respond with: "I agree that the weather in California indicates that Spring is here, so please do call me if you need any perfumed candles" is an advertisement and is not allowed. This form of response is off topic and simply a ruse to advertise.

Please don't assume that your network leader or the members of that board are idiots and won't notice a veiled advertisement..... this is not fair to the network leader and it is not fair to the other members who post within the bounds of network rules.

As Scott Allen says, always ask yourself: "What if everyone did this?"

Always show respect for others by being fair and if you do break the rules, don't be surprised if a) your post is deleted or b) you are banned from that network (usually, one is allowed one infraction without penalty).

Happy networking!


(Oh, by the way… I am NEVER too busy for your referrals!)

Althea Garner, Realtor
First Team Real Estate
Huntington Beach South

We don't sell houses - we fulfill dreams!

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