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Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it isViews: 2034
Sep 27, 2006 10:27 pmBeen thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#


This thought came to me as Truth Seekers has grown since I have been here. Some 300 people get e-mail updates and there are more that read and contribute, but what is known of each. So if you care to share this is the thread to do so.

The who what why and where of -=topper=-

First off my real full name is David Tobkin and from what I have garnered in researching my last name is that it has some German and maybe Jewish routes. The original name was Tapkin, and some in the US actually still use it. I have been trying to get in touch with some of these people.

That covers the who and now the what. Well unless you haven't figured it out I am very liberal. Liberal in thinking and generally safe to say in politics as well. "Liberal" such a moniker that most won't even accept it as much as it fits. But it fits me and I accept it. I am also an atheist with Gnostic tendencies. In other words, I do not knock it all. As for my other tendencies, you may not find a person as left.

I am also an internet junkie that has yet to find a cure, but as addictions this keeps me from others I could get interested in. I build for my own enjoyment an amusement, websites. I have several under the toppers-tap umbrella. I also to my own chagrin have a job, but what are ya gonna do. I work at a grocery store. Nice job for an internet junky in the blue state....well jumping ahead. More of what. At work they have taken to calling me stick, due to my weight. Hence the "Stick Figures. I could build a franchise on this but what a rebuild. I have been topper since the early 80's. I think I am stuck with it.

Now the why, there are many faceted reasons I am here at Truth Seekers. One is safe haven, second, Danielle Cutler, who for these many years it has been my honor to be able to call friend. I remember the creative process from leaving couch potatoes and becoming Truth Seekers. One reason was necessity. Another reason I am here is because Truth Seekers was swinging the way I wanted my own to go so I left that behind and moved in here. I have made many online friends and nibblers here at Truth Seekers. My RYZE travels started by losing a job that I didn't care for and wanted to find something to do from home, the MLM or whatever things weren't sitting with me well so I found that next best thing, a brick and mortar job close to home.

And where is that exactly? Paradise in a way, it is Minnesota, in the city of Saint Paul, and very urban. None of that suburbia for me. I enjoy it here, even with the snow and seasons. But the depletion of the rain forest and the effects of Global warming have weirded out this state. What other place, well in the Midwest maybe, but where can you have a 90 degree day on friday and snow on Sunday?

If the prevailing thoughts ring true, ol'e MN should get colder. We're right on that belt that the depletion of the rain forest has an effect, and in that cloud cover. Even been in Minnesota in winter on a sunny day.

It's freaking cold, cold. cold, did I mention just dang plain cold? I welcome the cloud cover.

Well that's about it for the who, what, why, and where of -=topper=-

Next victim?

Check toppers-tap.com
for details.


Private Reply to -=Topper=-

Sep 28, 2006 12:58 amre: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

David...nice to meet you.

My name is Jesse McLaughlin. I am 26, for now, and have a wife and two kids. I'm currently an Engineer in the Air Force getting my Master's Degree in Systems Engineering. That will be changing pretty soon as I am separating from the Air Force in March and starting a life as a spooky civilian. I still don't know what I am going to do or where I am going to live, but I know it will all be a great adventure for sure.

As for why I come to TS? Sometimes I don't know myself, but I just can't stop myself anymore. The variety of stuff that is discussed here is just too much fun to ignore, as well as all of the personalities and strife showing their faces on a daily basis. I've learned tons here, especially the viewpoints of people I would probably never run into in normal daily life. I'm hooked on learning about different people and this is just another great venue for such a thing.

That's enough for me :o)


Private Reply to JTM

Sep 28, 2006 4:02 amre: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

Greetings all:

I think this was a great idea for a thread. I belong to several different Ryze groups, however this is one that I would highly recommend to other's. The topics of discussion are timely and Dani does a great job of moderating.

Okay, a little about me. I'm 51 years old and share my home with my husband and 10 animals. Some may call it an allergy testing ground, however the reality of it is 9 of these kids I resuced since I moved down here 5 years ago. Our numbers keep changing all of the time. Some of the original family members passed on since we have moved here. Currently the head count is 10.

My husband and I moved to the hills of Strum, Wisconsin a little over 5 years ago. Our vision was to have a more relaxed way of life. We were wrong.

If you have seen the movie, "The Money Pit" you would have an idea of what I am talking about. The last 5 years have been really hard.

However, this experience has really been an awakening for me. I feel that I have arrived in being who I was meant to be.

I will not label myself as a conservative or liberal, nor a Democrat or a Republican. I do not subscribe to any party or platform. Nor do I subscribe to any particular religious affiliation.

I'm just trying to make a positive difference in this world for all.

Linda Danek

Private Reply to Inanna

Sep 28, 2006 6:55 amre: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

Jean Ackle
Hi Dave! Great idea! This network is huge already and growing...

My full name is Jean-Dominique Ackle in Switzerland where I was born and Jean Dominique Ackle in Portugal where I live since I was 2. I have double nationality and Portuguese naming conventions don''t allow for hyphens. Which is kinda fair I think, 'cause if I had been born in Portugal I would have been called João Domingos Pereira Ackle - i.e. my first names translated to Portuguese, my mother's maiden name *included* and then my father's... Naming conventions... now isn't that interesting? LOL

What am I doing here?... Where do I come from and where am I going? That great twisted pre-romantic Portuguese poet would have said: "My name is Bocage, I come from the Nicola cafe and will be going to the afterlife if you shoot the gun you're pointing at me." Bocage was kinda of a free soul (and free lover!) with a nack for upsetting people of his time.
I am here for two reasons I find hard to part: the network and the moderator. I feel and alwyas have since I joined this network IS Dani's playground. I like her rules. :)
The discussions hold the flame of passion. And fun. And intelligence.
And to quote another Portuguese poet, José Régio, "I am going where my feet shal take me".

I had a Catholic education (who didn't in Portugal?!) and like most who didn''t break down under it, became atheist. Later turned into a somewhat moderate agnostic - i.e. I don't believe any religion can speak higher than any other, be closer to God than any other if you will. And as they don't say the same, I am left with the thought they either are just human fiction or merely different ways of some higher being to talk to different persons.
It is more intricate than just this, and I haven't been completely acurate about my beliefs, but it will have to do for now.

I am pretty moderate ("middle of the road") when it comes to right-left politics. Basically I believe you can do well (at all levels) in any case. I also believe it is as hard/dangerous to trust a government or the big corporations. I also think the relations between those two are a lot closer than the relations of any "regular" individual with any of them...
Currently I would be more right-wingish regarding Portugal and maybe a bit more left-wingish regarding the USA. This is because left/right is mainly an economic system issue, more than a political one. And the political and social implications of each system varies from country to country.
I have voted for each of the five political parties currently seated in teh Portuguese parliament on one occasion or the other... No, wait! I never actually voted for the Social-Democrat Center (CDS) party! Probably 'cause I wans't so moderate before they went so right-wing-close-to-fascist as they were in the last ellections! LOL

To wrap up this "why" thing, I value Truth and know it is not an easy "goal" this network aims at. ;)
That was a big "why"!!! And you should feel lucky I didn't mix it with the "what" and then came up with something else here! Or maybe I just put it the other way around...?

"Where" indeed... Bocage pops in my mind again...
I was born in Bern, the capital of Switzerland where my father was chief-translator for the government. A very beautiful town... Ok, I could call it a city, but you're mostly americans and Switzerland is even smaller than Portugal! :P Bern should have a few hundred thousand inhabitants. It's true... I don't know exactly how many hundred inhabitants! Fewer than 5 for sure. They speak German in Bern. I don't speak German. Well... not much anyways... BTW "Bern" is short for "Bären" which means "Bears". There is a pit with live bears right in the middle of the city!
My father was from the canton of Aargau which by Swiss law pretty much makes me come from Aargau as well! "Aargau" means "Region of the Aar", being the Aar a river which, incidentally also goes through Bern. Aargau (and specially the Fricktal where yes, me and my father come from!)is the region where "Kirsch" is produced - Kirsch being a strong alcohol (in Portuguese it would be called "Aguardente" (burning water) and in French "Eau-de-vie" (Water of life)) made from cherries.

Switzerland borders four big countries in Europe, all of which were at some time in history an "empire", or at least "empirialist" (France, Germany, Austria and Italy) and Liechtenstein (a country about the size of the Vatican). It has always been a federation of cantons and one of the most democratic (as in "real democracy") countries I know of. :)

I came to Braga, a less than 100,000 inhabitants town in the north of Portugal, when I was 2 (where my mother is from). About 2000 years old a town. But the Bracarii settled here before the romans some 5000-6000 years ago. It's also called the City or Archbishops... :rolling eyes:. Nation-wide if you want to say that something is very old you might say "It's older than the Cathedral in Braga!" (about 900 years old).
The city is situated in the "Green Minho" region and that's great! Hills all around give it a sort of micro-climat. Portugues food is the greatest! Unfortuantely I myself can't do that many dishes, just simple things. But have received compliments on them! Cooking is more a question of joy than of good technique... ;) Be thoughtful of your feelings when cooking, because that's how the food will feel on you! ;)
Portugal, bordering with Spain and the Atlantic was under a fascist dicatatorship for 46 years til the "Revolution of Carnations" in 1974 (when it finally gave the independence to its former African colonies after a long war period, since 1961). It was also then it mostly ignored the invasion of its also former-colony East Timor by Indonesia. And that was a bad thing. In many ways Portugal is still trying to catch up with that lost period of time.

It is a Republic and there are two autonomous regions made of the two groups of islands off-shore (Madeira and Azores). Macao (formerly also an autonomous region) was given back to China in 1999.

Enough about me already!


Private Reply to Jean Ackle

Sep 28, 2006 8:17 am Introduction?? What DON'T you know? ;-)#

Danielle (Dani) Cutler
You know? This is a great idea on many levels for me. I've gotten to know three people better (Dave, well, you gave me nothing new, and that says plenty in itself my friend.)

Also, even though you all know my story, at least I *think* you do, there are plenty of new members who have joined in the last few months, and I think introducing myself to them, at the very least, is well overdue. So, here we go!

I was born Danielle Regina Piwinski in Staten Island, NY. When my parents divorced when I was 2ish, we moved to PA for a spell, and to Arizona when I was 5. Arizona is the only home I really know, though I admit I feel a sense of homecoming every time I go back to NY, since my family is still in Staten Island, and Brooklyn. I'd also in a heartbeat move there. My AZ-native husband has a different idea about that though, lol.

Rocky teen years brought me a gift that just keeps on giving and giving and giving- a foster family when I was 17. This was probably my first taste of politics and a family that actually discusses it- actively. It was also when I learned that I had a bit of a liberal nature about me when it came to questioning authority.... but THOSE stories are better kept under wraps. ;-) My senior year of high school I took a humanities course, and would always leave with a feeling of satisfaction and frustration after sparring with my Mormon instructor. A paper I wrote on overpopulation in the world received a decent grade with a note, "You are going to change the world Ms. Piwinski."

Teachers have always been an inspiration to me. I also have attempted to play the viola since I was in 4th grade, and in HS won a music scholarship to ASU, thanks to the guidance, and tasking of my music instructor. Music has been an important and life-saving part of my life for so long, and I dare say he was a partner as he accompanied me into my emotion and brought out exactly what needed to be expressed through music. He will always hold a special place in my heart.

College brought political science courses, and though I didn't finish, I have always had an insatiable desire for information. To know more. To know why.

Al Gore then created the internet. And there was much rejoicing. Worlds opened to me, along with realities. I joined Ryze in December 2003, and that was really when I got my full politic on. My husband isn't nearly as outspoken politically as I am, and really doesn't like discussing it too long. It was HEAVEN to find a place where I could discuss, and even better, find allies. People all over the globe who were just as interested in talking politics and ideas as I was!

I joined Ryze for business at first, then found my true calling was the business of bringing information. Information we cannot receive merely by watching our televisions. My business became seeking truth, and in summer 2004 I changed my ailing Couch Potato Network into Truth Seekers. It was just meant to be.

It gets heated, it gets crazy, it gets funny. People criticize, and say it's not about seeking truth. I'm finding those are usually the ones who don't want to search for it. Now, you not only see TS, but you can hear it too, with the podcast that began in March of this year. It was just a natural progression, and helped me also get my ear re-trained, as I love editing so.

On the side, I am the audio addict, and run a blog specifically for that purpose, with the primary focus on radio drama and podcasts. I write audio book and podio book reviews for SFF Audio, am a reporter for Podcast Pickle News, do a podcast review segment for the Sonic Society, and as most of you know if you listen to the podcast, am the evening announcer for a small independent radio station. I also am taking a big scary jump, and am heading back to school in the spring. For what else? Journalism. :-)

On the side, I am a wife of 13 + years to my HS sweetie, and known as mom to two wonderful daughters, whom you can see on my Ryze page. They are the only two things on this planet I can say I did perfectly. I need to update the page to add the new things I am doing, but the photos are recent.

My life, and my politics, are an open book. My husband sometimes worries at how open I am on the internet. Honestly, every now and then I worry as well. But as with terror, there is no reason to hide or be afraid.

It's all about being aware, and about teaching others to be aware, without living in fear.

OK, I apologize for rambling. Thank you for this thread Dave, an awesome idea. I can't wait to come home after the weekend and see all the other bios.

New members- please, I would love it if you would jump in! I'd love to meet you all. :-)

Cheers everyone, see you next week as I am out of town, off to the podcast expo!

Love you all!


Private Reply to Danielle (Dani) Cutler

Sep 28, 2006 8:19 amre: Introduction?? What DON'T you know? ;-)#

Danielle (Dani) Cutler
HEHE I said "on the side" twice.
Too many sides to me!
(I SO need to go to bed!)

Private Reply to Danielle (Dani) Cutler

Sep 28, 2006 12:22 pmre: re: Introduction?? What DON'T you know? ;-)#

John James O'Brien
Torn between wanting to share with many whom I have come to regard as friends and being very conscious that the internet is not your neighbour's kitchen. My life has been a rich and fascinating one--it ain't over yet. But it has had its share of hardship and lessons. These make me who I am and I would change nothing--but certainly would not choose to live everything over again!

Briefly, started out in New England, sent to boarding school in Canada at age 13, and now in Asia completed a three-year term as a directorate officer in Hong Kong. Along the way, I have picked up smatterings of French and Russian, and toyed with Gondunghua & Thai; played piano for 7 years, the dom'ra in a Balalaika orchestra for 11 years; won the art prize in Grade 12 and went on to do a couple of years in art at uni; pursued my hobby of architectural design and gardening to complement my work in information and organizational system analysis, and leadership in the private, public and no-profit sectors. Later I acheived an MA in Leadership & Training and I am now considering whether a doctorate is in my future. Married my boss at one point (only once in a career!) and we had many good years together, parting company after 12 years. Currently with my partner of 11 years. Generally good relationships all round have meant a solid, loving family for our daughter who is now 20 and has started uni after taking a GAP year in Ireland and a year to work (and save up for ALL 4 YEARS!) before starting uni.

It is another period of change, now, and I find that I want to write, travel, and give back. That needs to be balanced with an income sufficient to live in Hong Kong--pricey! So, being a resourceful type, I have spent the last 6 months meeting with "thought leaders" from Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Stockholm and Paris..Brussels in November. The outcome has been a welcome to an invitation only World Bank event, collaboration with a Swedish firm toward introducing a great "Management Update", good habit building service, and a network of inventive minds and some wonderfully warm hearts. After spending the last month or so in Bangkok, I find myself drawn even more to a buddhist philosopy, but tend to think of myself as a "west coast new age" kind of guy from British Columbia.

Ups and downs include two "technical" kidnappings--both by family members--an extensive war of attrition waged by one parent against another, juxtaposition of living on the periphery of great and old wealth, while being friends with those in poverty, and discovering the reality of betrayal and poverty myself due to certain circumstances. I first learned about the "isms" in Grade Four and the lessons have stuck and shaped me and my perspectives in life.

Dani has beat me to my intended blogging and podcasting...but that, a book about knowledge resource development (marrying people, information and organizational systems) and an biography of my mother/self or fictionalized version of the same is all in the cards. Life is too short...time flies, and TS too compelling.

Private Reply to John James O'Brien

Sep 28, 2006 5:27 pmre: Introduction?? What DON'T you know? ;-)#

Frederick A. Babb
It was never easy for me. I was born a poor black child... Ok, that isn't true, but I do love that opening line of the movie "The Jerk".

Here one day and gone the next, my life never seems to permit me to commit to Truth Seekers continuously. I do, however, make some time to check in on the discussions.

Like Dani, I moved to AZ when I was five and consider it the home base for me. But, unlike her, when I graduated from college I moved away when I joined the Air Force and have never moved back. Finally, after moving from town to town, I have settled down in Spain.

A mechanical engineer by education standards and a utilities manager by day on an Air Force base, I am also somewhat of an accomplished writer. I have yet to make the steps towards earning life off of my writing, but I am making the journey towards that goal.

Married to a native of Spain, I have one daughter who recently graduated from high school and is now starting the university life. Children are the best instruments to make one realize how time flies by.

Politically speaking, I come from a family of democrat followers. But, as I ventured into life, I realized how the left wasn't always right and the right wasn't aways wrong. Somehow, I have found myself to be a centeralized political believer with rightwing spices on some subjects. To me, Ronald Reagan was probably the single most influencial politician of my lifetime to date with Gorbachev being a close second.

While I attempt to listen to all sides of the story, I do have a large shield of doubt surrounding me whenever I hear the "victim" stories. I also don't buy when politicians expect people to buy off on political party lines despite beleiving in the message or not.

Truthseekers is a place I find frustrating, educational and almost always repectful. Unlike too many other messageboards that quickly reduce discussions into elementary school recess name calling sessions, truthseekers attempt to reveal the truth as they see it. And, while facts exist, the truth...in the end...is one's own perception of the facts.

Private Reply to Frederick A. Babb

Sep 28, 2006 6:22 pmRE: Introduction?? What DON'T you know? ;-)#

Jack Ward
My name is Jack J. Ward
If you want to know about me by all means go to my Ryze page here...

If you want to know about one of my joys I invite you to see here.

If you want to see what I'm working on constantly to make successful go here:

I have a MySpace and a personal website that I don't open to the public but a few people.
I'm a private person. Some call me left, others right. I don't demand people life as I live, but I demand that they remain accountable to their own beliefs as they profess them.
I expect people to think.
I expect them to think outside of party or religious lines, because no philosophy encompasses truth.
I'm spiritual. I'm political.
I love writing.
I am passionate.
I am eclectic.
Everything else, just ask.
Now, back with the issues! :)

Private Reply to Jack Ward

Sep 28, 2006 6:42 pmre: re: Introduction?? What DON'T you know? ;-)#

greg cryns
Greg Cryns

Birthplace: Evanston, Illinois
Birthdate: 4/18/47 (you do the math)
Now live in: Richmond, Illinois (on the Wisconsin border)

Who am I? As my mother taught me to say, a child of God. I've been married to Yvonne forever. Let's say 35 years. We have seven children and I'm proud to say that six of them were born at home without medical interventions which do more harm than good.

I am the oldest of 10 siblings born to staunch Catholic parents. I am not very close to my siblings. My real family started when I got married.

I never was nor am I now a team player. I was the captain of the swim team and the yearbook editor in high school. I was on the bowling and golf teams too. My kids love to tease me about that. I was also very shy when it came to asking girls on a date so, no, I did not "get lucky" until much later.

I've been in law school and I've driven a Chicago Checker Cab. Before I was married I would fly to Las Vegas about four times a year and that may explain why I never had a savings account. Once I went to O'Hare in the late evening. I was anxious to go to Vegas to gamble. The ticket handler told me there were no more flights to Vegas that night so I booked a flight to Grand Bahama Island instead. They had green felt tables there too. The ticket lady thought I was nuts.

For twenty years I had sold insurance. Enough said about that, though doing that helped me understand that you don't need an MBA to transact business. You just need some chutzpah and a gift for gab and, yes, honesty.

For a short time I had a Little Debbie franchise. That was fun!

I am not mysterious. What you see is what you get. I am not at all PC (politically correct). I think most of you knew that already. I write for a small weekly newspaper and I've become pretty good at muckraking in the boonies. I've found that no matter how small a town is, it is always a microcosm of the big city. You'd be suprised how sophisticated hicks can be.

We have five beautiful acres in a quasi country area that is being overrun by people who come from the big city like we did. I wish I could close the gates. We live in a 145 year old home. We've owned pigs, roosters, chickens, goats, sheep, rabbits, cats and dogs. Most of our kids were 4-H kids. Great program. I recommend it.

I have two grandchildren from my son, Noah, and Chrissie. They've never been officially married and I am proud of them. No signs of divorce there.


Private Reply to greg cryns

Sep 29, 2006 1:51 pmHow may I help you today ... ?#

James Booth
The who what why and where of - jamonbo -

My real full name is James Monroe Booth (jaMES monROE boOTH). I would have been Monroe Phillippi Booth III except my Dad's best friend was lost when the Reuben James sank in the Atlantic (Dad served only in Pacific). Dad was on Iwo Jima when I was born - worst of the fighting over, Navy personnel were called onshore to help rebuild the landing strip and just about anything which needed done there. Dad joined Navy in 1939, served 21 years as aircraft electrician, retiring in 1960 as CPO, Instructor.

My parents met in May, 1944 and married July 4, 1944. A Railway Express driver then, Mom gave Dad a lift one day, and apparently they liked each other - then. She did not see him (nor did I) from the end of July that year until after VJ Day - after August 1945. Mom was the first of the "fair sex" (quoting news clipping) issued a chauffeur's license in Sonoma County, Cafilornia - daughter of a dairyman, she was a natural born veterinarian who carried a catalog of plant names and uses in her head and could identify almost any creature anyone brought home. Mom spoke kindly of just about everyone other than Navy doctors.

By the time I began First Grade in Jacksonville FL I had already moved from Alameda CA to Whidbey Island WA and back, and been across the U.S. three times by car and train. After being moved from two other rooms, it was finally decided Miss Crabtree would be my FG teacher. Within a week I pointed out to the entire class that the calendar she was explaining to us was wrong - that Sunday should be the last day of the week instead of the first ... from what little I knew at that point of the Bible. If that is confusing to you, ask me ... just that from then on, I was more cautious about asking questions or "challenging elders wisdom" shall we say ?

From Jacksonville to Escondido CA, to Hayward and then Fallon NV ... school was a mixture of boredom and surprise. Sitting still for an hour without going to sleep was always a challenge, so I welcomed activities - learning Mexican song and dance, spelling bees which I almost always won, chemistry lab, and band ... the last allowed me some travel, to march in numerous SoCal towns and play in school concerts and games. Having learned to read by the age of 4, history and math became a bore, until I realized two years later I had been missing things I did NOT yet know. In 1960, after a summer living on the side of a mountain near Peter Lassen's grave, I began high school in Susanville CA where I had to choose between band and my new love - the school paper. From proofreader to Sports Editor, I was addicted to the printed page.

As an engineering student, I flunked out of San Jose State, scrapping my AFROTC plans, so enlisted Army for 3 years, 13 weeks Basic at Ft. Puke followed by another 13 weeks of Topographic Surveying at Ft. Belvoir, graduating ahead of most of the Marines in the class ... with orders for First Infantry Division, Saigon - knowing there was NO topographic surveying being done in VN at time. That may have been when I "disconnected" to autopilot, or it might have been well-ingrained before then. After a year in Phuoc Vinh and later, Quan Loi, I turned down a one-year assignment to Monrovia, Liberia - choosing "the devil I knew" for another six months. 10 more months at Ft. Huachuca ended my military service, and I left with no clue what next. My relationship with Dad made me not a good fit with military life, after already having "served 20 years in Navy" while growing up, and I would likely not have done Army had it not been for the Draft.

Never had a "life-goal" or a "burning desire" so I drifted - to Mexico City to SF to Eugene OR, back to Berserkeley and Bay Area in general, on to Madison WI and to Buffalo before returning to San Rafael and communal living - until I injured my hand. That is when I first came to Central Oregon - stayed with family, went to work, back to school, met my wife within a year. Everything came into focus - we purchased property, married, conceived our son, while raising her daughter from a previous marriage. Received a minor degree as one of the last *mechanical* office repair techs in this country - satisfying, but maybe not the smartest of choices, after which I did four years of millwork - always studying people.

I urged my wife to use her talents in sales rather than continuing work in the plywood mills she (and I) had helped "liberate." I quit millwork after four years to run my own firewood business, struggling but enjoying every day, contracting and hiring. By summer of '81 Vicki's RE license was about worthless due to the housing bust here, so we went to Reno and both had work within two days. As an Olivetti technician, I trained customers how to use the equipment, from Reno to Lake Tahoe and Carson City - including state offices. Loved working with the people.

My encouragement led Vicki into banking, specifically RE loan department, then back into sales. My bargain to raise my son did not benefit "career plans" while I worked a wide variety of jobs during the years I was happily married. We divorced January 2001. 30 years ago we finished each other's sentences - now we hardly know what to say to each other, look at things very differently: "Get over it." she says ... and I think, "If I could just 'get over it' it would not have meant as much in the first place."

When Mom's health declined and my sister and I agreed Mom would do better in simpler surroundings here, I soon saw my continuing to work two jobs to pay for what I no longer needed by myself as bordering on insanity, so I quit. Being there for Mom those last three years meant a lot to me - a lot more than what I could have purchased with all the money I might have made. In that time I became aware that I could make income online, and aware that would not happen the way(s) I first thought it would ... but it also occurred to me that I could help others in the same way while rebuilding my own finances, so now I am on a mission, and that is how I come to have too much time to spend with y'all here.

Some days I think how nice it would be to make memories with someone the next 20 years - other days I ask why would I do that. If it is meant to be, it will be. I already have more than I deserve.


Private Reply to James Booth

Sep 29, 2006 10:24 pmre: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

Gwenneth Morgan
Hello Everyone,

I know new members will say, "Who the heck is she?" but I think most everyone who has posted to this thread so far will remember me. :)

My name, Gwenneth Morgan, is a pen name I chose myself to give me more freedom of expression. My alter ego is a relatively well known online business personality as whom I met Dani quite some time ago. Last year, when I felt the need to speak my true personal beliefs, I came to Truth Seekers to interact with like minded others and gained a measure of confidence that I wouldn't be burned at the stake for speaking my mind. I had learned early on that some of the things that come out of my mouth can be quite shocking to others and became very cautious about being honest with everyone except my very closest friends. Being Gwen has been very freeing for me.

Originally from Philadelphia, I am 39 and have been contemplating Truth since I was six years old when my family converted from Christianity to Judism. The resulting confusion led me to call myself an Athiest for a long time until I realized I did believe in a higher power, just not some kind of man with a long flowing beard which seemed to be how most people perceived God. Today I consider myself to be Neo-Pagan although I've never really found a perfect label that truly describes my beliefs.

I've done my share of travelling around the country and have lived in a variety of places including Connecticut, Florida and Colorado. I found it to be highly educational. I love Colorado and have been here for 15 years. I met my husband here, we were married 7 months after we met 11 years ago. We have two beautiful and smart children, a girl 8 and a boy 6. We are a happy family.

I dropped out of sight about 6 moths ago when changes in my home and business became so overwhelming, I suddenly had no time for anything other than working and making money. My husband is switching careers at 45 years of age and I took a business gamble that backfired. I am still trying to rebound from the losses I took this Summer.

The funny thing is, since I started writing as Gwen, it's seemed to become a necessity. The more I ignore her and world affairs, the worse I feel. My goal is to invest and learn to leverage money so I don't have to work so hard for it, then I will be able to devote more time to writing and being politically active. Ultimately I would like to actively participate in reshaping our world and help to elminate injustice on all levels.

I saw the emailed invitation to join this thread and was inspired to reconnect with all of you. I hope to have more time to participate in discussions as my other responsibilities are taken care of. In the meantime, please know that I think of you often. I've missed you!


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Sep 30, 2006 11:49 pmre: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

James Booth

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Oct 01, 2006 12:28 amre: re: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

OK, I'll take a turn.

Hi Everyone
Some of you know me, but I’m still quite new here. I don’t post much, but I like hearing what other people have to say.

I spent the first 30-ish years of my life in Vancouver. I had originally aspired to a career in the visual arts. I’m not sure if I gave up on art or if art gave up on me, but after several dead-end jobs (and getting “invited to leave” a high-profile academy of art), I decided to give university a try, and got a degree in biology. I fell in love with science, and never looked back. Well, that’s not quite true. I actually returned to another series of dead-end jobs. At some point, I realised that my life was not going in a direction I liked, so I bit the bullet, and abandoned every material possession that I owned (short of what could be packed onto a Greyhound bus) and moved to Guelph, Ontario to get a master’s degree. As an aside, abandoning virtually all of my material things was actually a wonderful and rewarding experience. Part of me wishes I could do it again.
After a few great years in Guelph, I found that the thought of returning to the dreaded dead-end jobs sent chills down my spine. So I moved to Ottawa to start a doctorate where I have been for the past 5 years. In that time, I got married and had two wonderful little girls…one is 3 and a half, and the other is almost 1 year. Having kids myself lead to a interest in children’s rights. My sad conclusion is that this is a low priority in North American cultures.

I joined TS because I was interested in US (therefore global) politics, and I wasn’t happy with the information provided by the media.

I just wish you people would stop being so darned ambiguous about your views on Bush.


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Oct 01, 2006 12:57 amre: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

Lili Fuller
I've been holding off on this, trying to determine what I should show about myself. James Booth has more guts than I do. So does Topper. I'm sure it is because there comes a point in one's life where one wonders what the hell happened.

Ok, I was born in Grand Island, Nebraska, May 15, 1951. I am now 55, but thanks to genetics, I don't look anywhere near that age. My family moved to the Panama Canal Zone, where one brother was born, and then to Midland, Texas, where another brother was born. We finally ended up in Oklahoma City, which is the location of the headquarters of the FAA. My father taught engineering avionics. He was intelligent, and kind, and alcoholic, and he died when I was 14. My mother was born on an island in the Caribbean called San Andres, which is a property of Colombia. She immigrated alone to the U.S. and met my father. She developed early onset Alzheimer's disease when she was 54 and died from related complications 15 years later.

I was one of those brainy girls in high school that never went out with boys, so naturally, I married too soon, thinking I would never get another chance. It only lasted a year and a half, and my ex disappeared and hasn't seen his daughter since she was 9 months old. She is now 36 with a 9 year old, and living in Canada.

I joined the Air Force for the G.I. bill and discovered that the systems I worked with were in notes in an old federal notebook that had been my dad's. When I got out, I decided to follow in my father's footsteps and go to engineering school. When I got to my last year (after remarrying and getting a full time job), I told my husband that I needed to take a year off so that I could complete the labs that were only offered in the daytime. He told me that we couldn't afford to be without my income and that I could always get a job as a technician. This was after I scored 1500 on the SAT while in the Air Force. Needless to say, I am no longer married. When my ex called me a 41 year old underachiever, a friend recommended that I look into Mensa, and I was accepted. I hope it makes up for the lack of degree.

I've done okay for myself, but I was laid off 4 years ago, had some consulting gigs two years ago, and was diagnosed with cancer last year. Trust me, this will screw up anyone's plans. I am getting some surgery toward the end of October, and then I hope I can get work. I've been trying to get work, but I have to figure out a good euphemism for cancer so that prospective employees don't just brush me off. If you know of one, I want to hear it.

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Oct 02, 2006 4:05 amre: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

martha johnston
Hello everyone,
I am pretty new here and have not posted before but enjoy following all the threads.I am 54 years old and live in arizona. I go back and forth between Tucson and a small town called Bisbee. I have two grown daughters and four grandchildren.
I met and married my current husband in the late 80's and he and I hove no children together just each other.
My husband and I moved to Bisbee in 2000 looking for a simpler life. All went well there until he got cancer and was laid off. Then we had to return to Tucson where we knew folks and could get jobs. So I certainly understand the difficulty of the job search when you have cancer.
I left the US in 1969 because I wanted to work with the Friends helping men escape the draft. I lived there until 1975 when my Dad asked me to return to the US and live with him.I lived with my dad and my kids until his death in 1993. I worked at local hospitals as an orderly, until my dads death then I returned to school and worked as a proof reader for the local rag newspaper. This certainly is not evidence of my talent as either a writer or a proof reader LOL.
I now work in behavioral health and wish that I could retire.
Wow that leaves so much out but touches the high and low points I guess.

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Oct 02, 2006 6:51 amre: re: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

Danielle (Dani) Cutler
These have all been wonderful!!! I am deeply touched that most of you feel able to tell us about yourselves, it brings a more human element to the board. I really appreciate that. :-)

Hey all- I have returned from the Podcast Expo. I am tired. I am hung over. I am very, very happy and exhilerated.

I have taken pictures. I do not have them all yet- long story- but more are coming, including a very VERY special one that I just can't WAIT to post here!!!


I am going to bed. Will tackle this place tomorrow- starting with that employment thread that went all crazy.

Can't leave you all alone for a moment, can I? Yeesh.

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Oct 02, 2006 2:31 pmre: re: Introduction?? What DON'T you know? ;-)#

Dawn Khan
Topper, how could I have shared what I did last night somewhere in the middle of the night, and NOT also contributed and enjoyed this introduction thread..

Topper, I tell my husband Kevin that you and he have a very similar life perspective, now if he could be off the road an off meetings enough to join us here more regularly. :D

I was born Dawn Simmons, in Pontiac, IL, home of the nastiest prison and the worst movie about stock car racing ever made (Grandview USA). I am born of rich cultural heritage and I would have to embrace multiculturalism to know my own roots. I am part Native American Indian- Chippewa, one of the groups relinquishing Illinois land to the Whites. Can not get too wrapped up in the agression as that was only part of my story..

Befitting given my maternal great great grandfather was an American Indian, and he married a white full blooded English Woman. I am actually related to a United States President, but Old Buck was not one known for great leadership.

My family by marriage is split conservative and liberal, but we have come to believe that in politics you have to keep an open mind. I am liberal in thinking and generally safe to say in politics as well, fits me and I accept it. I was very active in 2004, donating my entire maternity leave to working full time canvassing and turning Colorado Purple-- far from alone on this effort, I had the honor of working the VIP tours of the John Edwards Visit, the venue assistance for the John Kerry visit, the Womens Tour of Colorado with singer Carole King; and the Get Out the Vote with Al Franken!

This year in Ohio, despite working full time and launching a business, we are getting actively geared up for the Ohio election. Our family has alot riding on this election because we have come to believe that the only way the Republicans will take Ohio is through continued election fraud.

Telework: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/Telecommuter_Professionals/

Ryze Winning Career Strategies: http://hfcnwinningcareers-network.ryze.com/
Dawn Mular, http://linkedin.com/in/dmular

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Oct 02, 2006 4:36 pmre: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

Hey all :)

Well, most of y'all know me, but I'll go over a few things here, considering I'm taking a day 'off' after two weeks of back-to-back conferences :)

I was born in Milwaukee in 1971, but soon after my family moved to central Wisconsin and I grew up in the country/small towns that taught me how to love mother nature, especailly fresh water. My childhood memories prompted me to move back (to Stevens Point) when my daughter was born so my children could (3 of them) could have the same wonderful experiences as I had. Not too much has changed about the town since, and it's been a thrill to expose them to all the natural wonders I've deeply appreciated in my life.

I did 'time' in Houston during my high school years and the lack of focus on nature, fresh water, and such in the area (very urban) sectors I lived in took it's toll on me. When I turned 18, I headed north without regret. Houston is a great *city* with many different unique and cultural experiences to be had, but *city* just isn't my style, even if I'm completely enamored of the fresh experiences to be had. (Which work best for myself from a distance ;) )

Politically, I'm deeply, madly in love with a staunch, Reagan-worshipping, ditto-head Republican. I'm also deeply moved and motivated by the 'liberal' views and ethics my mother taught me. I would believe I'm more progressive than not, and if forced to define my political affiliation, that would be the term I would use. What I have found interesting is that my husband, my mother, and I, all agree on the core tenets of honor, dignity, integrity, a strong work ethic, personal responsibility, accountability, and personal strength. Across the board, those are the beliefs that make each of our relationships dynamic, exciting and mutually workable ;)

My old motto, after graduating from the school of hard knocks, used to be: "The best revenge is success." However, I've found that the word "revenge" no longer applies to the happy, healthy and upwardly mobile person that I am, and instead, have adopted a new motto: "I deserve to receive that which I've worked hard to achieve." This underscores the intrinsic value and worth that I believe is God-given to each of us, that many, thoughtlessly, would wish to demean or belittle through racism, prejudices, bigotry, classism, or other forms of stereotyping that directly work in opposition to the problem-solving mentality I've fostered in myself and in my children over the years. I believe it's an excellent motto for the course of my life at this time.

I came to Truth Seekers years ago, shortly after Dani started it, I believe, and have since learned by leaps and bounds that the biggest criminal in this country is the media. Forget about the government or the people of this country--it's the media that has completely fallen down on their job to inform our citizenry. Learning this has only deepened my appreciation for Dani, Truth Seekers, and most of the participants on this network.

I always wanted to further my education after high school, took great pains to try and make it happen, but life and luck or fate, or what have you, intervened. I believe that Truth Seekers has given me the opportunity to acquire more knowledge, study issues of real substance and importance, and educate myself by learning from some of the greatest thinkers on Ryze (and on the internet!) TS has opened my eyes to an entire globe of information I wouldn't have known existed, let alone had thought to seek on my own.

Overall, TS has changed my life for the better. I am now aware, informed, and can comprehend almost anything being discussed in many circles today. It's given me confidence, knowledge, and the tools necessary to present myself in a professional, understadable manner.

For that, I'll be ever grateful Dani has created this space for us.

Thank you!


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Oct 03, 2006 6:06 amre: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

John Leal

Thanks for nothing, JB, I was quite happy with my little introduction earlier :-)

Okay, I'm 63 and married to Carole (the Leader of the Opposition) and live on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. My earlier life included a stint at High School and then into an office at 16 for 4 years. I decided manual work was more to my liking and began with factory work then onto driving trucks. Drinking beer occupied a great deal of my spare time at this stage of life. Around the time I turned 30 my Dad enquired as to what my future plans were. Meaning, had I considered marraige and starting a family? He stressed that if I had, I'd need to adopt a more responsible attitude and change my ways. In other words, try and meet a nice girl whose occupation wasn't involved with pouring beer. But I had the last laugh because I met my future wife when she became employed at the local tavern. She was so cute I asked her if I could take her home for a pet, and she's been hanging around the house for over 30 years now. Our marriage has produced a beautiful daughter, Sue-Ann, and she, in turn, has presented us with a grandson, Elijah.

Over the years I'd picked up a few building skills, so for the last 15 years I've worked as a home renovator and handyman. Nowadays I only work occasionally, as living near the beach has made me realise that there's more to life than climbing a ladder or swinging a hammer. Like fishing, and surfing, for example. I'll never be wealthy, but I'm very contented with my lot. I can usually find a laugh in any situation, and my wife maintains that I'm so laid-back, it's ridiculous. My answer to that is, you're a long time dead.

A couple of years ago I purchased a computer...

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Oct 06, 2006 10:50 pmre: re: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

James Booth

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Oct 10, 2006 10:48 amre: re: re: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

Matthew Stewart-Fulton
This is going to be brief simply because I'm so very tired right now. I'll be back with more info later on.

My name is Matt Fulton. I currently reside in S. E. Michigan near Ann Arbor. I am happily married with no kids and 2 cats. We do have 18 nieces and nephews thanks to some prolific siblings.
I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, except for a year in the UK and 18 months in Peru when I was much younger.
I come from a household of teachers and a rather liberal independant up bringing.
I came here after hearing a few episodes Danielle's podcast. I enjoyed it enough that when I found this site, after browsing around her website for a while, I decided to sign up.

Ok, almost time to go home. I'll be back with more details on another evening.

I look forward to meeting you all in more detail over time.

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Oct 10, 2006 1:24 pmre: re: re: re: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

Danielle (Dani) Cutler
"I came here after hearing a few episodes Danielle's podcast."

You have no idea how that made me GRIN.

Welcome Matthew, and nice to meet you! It's nice to have you here, and glad you decided to poke around this place too! :-)

Seriously, BIG-ass GRIN. Someone other than Dave listens to my podcast! YAY!!!!


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Oct 16, 2006 7:38 amre: re: re: re: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

Matthew Stewart-Fulton
As I said, I'd be back for more. Or rather to present more.

As I mentioned I was born (in 1965) and grew up in Ann Arbor Michigan, home of the Univ. of Michigan. I still live near by and work in A2.

If I have to apply a label I would say my politics are rather liberal and I usually vote for democrats. I have to say that political awareness is a rather new experience for me. I was politically ambivalent for most of my life. It's only in the last 10 years or so that I've started to pay more than passing attention to what is going on in the world.

Career wise I've been all over the map; Theater technician, cab driver, security officer, business owner, IT consultant. It took me a while but I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up. So now I'm back in school acquiring the necessary undergraduate credits to get into a Masters in social work program.

Hmmm... Well I've run out of inertia and it's really early in the morning. Anything else I figure people can either ask about or will become apparent over time.

I look forward to meeting you all over time.


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Aug 09, 2007 8:32 pmre: re: re: re: re: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

For reasons that are glaring I am bumping this up front once again to give those that have gotten involved the chance to update and for new members to give more than what their RYZE pages present.

So here it is once again.

Nothing new for me other than the fact that I hate yet again, another job. And fibromyalsia, fun, I recommend it to anyone, more energy than you may know what to do with, and sleep isn't necessary.

Well you ache 24/7/365, your driving up the walls and you can't sleep.

"You look fine". Well I ain't k?

So be it, I live, anything new with you?


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Aug 10, 2007 1:37 pmre: re: re: re: re: re: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

greg cryns
Yvonne and I and Gus (my youngest child now age 18) will move to the San Luis Obispo area in California soon. Yvonne landed a pretty good job in that area and as an Internet Marketer I can live anywhere.

Yvonne has her ticket for next Thursday, Aug 16. I will stay here in Illinois to manage either the house sale or rental. I sure don't want to have to rent it but sometimes I know I am not the captain of my life ship. Something else is. God?

Politically I've evolved since I joined TS. I've decided that it's not a good thing to stick with something just "because." So, I decided to stop voting for the Dem and Rep power brokers because, in my mind, they are really one and the same. Follow the money and you will end up in one of those parties.

By not voting for a major party candidate, I can honestly tell people what I did. This raises eyebrows and questions. That is my intent.

Staying with the Democratic party would be much like staying with the Catholicism I grew up in just because it feels comfortable. Never mind that I would go to Hell as long as I feel comfortable.

I remember after the last election I told my liberal friends that I did not vote for Kerry. They were shocked to say the least. Of course, they thought I voted for the chimp. I was happy to tell them I didn't do that either. Some of them said, "How can you not vote?" Those people didn't even recognize that alternative parties exist. Such is life.

True story I just took a phone call a couple of minutes ago that interruped my post here. Background: my sons are older now with deep voices. The caller thought I was one of my sons. I answered the phone. "Greg Cryns speaking." The lady said, "Is your mother home?" I chuckled and said, "Yes. She is in Heaven."

Which leads to God. To paraphrase the Lion in Wizard of Oz. I DO believe in God. I DO. I DO. I DO.

In my opinion, there is only ONE important question in life. It has to do with God.

I'm not sure what the question is, exactly.


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Aug 10, 2007 2:11 pmre: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

Daniel Golden
Hmmmm. I've been debating if I should post anything in this thread. I've been fairly private about my personal life on my podcast (that's the Wonderful World Of Danny found at www.wonderfulworldofdanny.com) over the past few years. But, what the hell. Here are some basics about me:

I'm in my early thirties and I' not getting any younger. I've been married for nearly a decade. I have two kids, a 6 year old daughter and a 13 year old son. I grew up in the small hamlet of lovely Duluth, Minnesota. I moved to the twin cities area in the mid-nineties which is where I met my wife. Roughly 5 years ago I moved back here to Duluth, bringing my wife and kids with me. I complain about Duluth quite a bit, but it's mostly due to my dissappointment in the locals who don't realize how beautiful this town is and how much potential is here. I am (as is my wife) pretty much a right-leaning person and we are literally surrounded by people who are the exact opposite.

My wife and I both work for an evil health insurance company, my wife works in the office and I work out of the home as a telecommuter. We have two vehicles (both sort of crappy), a house (our second), an obnoxious weiner dog, a cat who can't die soon enough, a hamster, and a beta. We have a nice, very large back yard that sees rabbits, deer, raccoons, and skunks on a fairly regular basis. We also get crows that hang around our garbage that I haven't managed to shoot yet.

As for politics, I have never voted for anyone who isn't a Republican, although I am a registered Libertarian. I'm considering voting for the Libertarian candidate in the next presidential election. I've considered running for local office for the last few years but honestly have just been to lazy to go to city hall and file the paperwork.

Here's how I stand on a number of "issues":
Taxes-There is no reason why we don't have a flat tax
Iraq War-I fully support the war and think it's a good idea. I don't think we go to war enough.
Immigration-I say open the boarders and look into just buying Mexico.
Welfare (including the public school system)-Cut it off. There is WAY too much abuse in our current system.
Abortion-I'm pro-life, but not for religious reasons and I can completely undertand how somebody could be pro-choice. It's an issue that will never, ever be solved.

And that's pretty muc it about me. Utopia for me is hanging out in my driveway in front of my grill with a beer in my hand and loud, obnoxious music playing annoying the neighboors.


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Aug 11, 2007 12:27 amre: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

Todd Morris
Hi Topper,

Thank you very much for bringing this to the front ... I don't think I was online much last fall when this post was started. I've enjoyed reading all of these introduction, and getting to know a little more about all of you.

Here's a bit about me ...

I was born in the spring of 1969 in Peekskill NY. My dad was in the Air Force for 24 years, and my mom was home with us 4 kids (I'm the oldest, and have two brothers and a sister) most of the time ... she did work at a golf course for a few years when I was a teenager ... which was great for me, because I was a real golf nut back then.

Both my parents are from NY. My dad recently started a blog recording some of his childhood experiences growing up in NY City. It's amazing how good his mememory is; I sometimes can't remember the names of people I met last week. Here's the link: http://Idlewildblueyonder.blogspot.com

Growing up, I lived literally "all over the world". From NY, we moved to Scott AFB IL, where my brothers and sister were born, and my only real memory is pulling all the mattresses into the hallway when the tornado sirens went off. Next were New Jersey, Hawaii, and Southern California. I don't remember much about NJ, besides the fact that my friend Timmy and I had one primary reason for existence; to collect and study bugs (6 year old boys). I loved living in Hawaii as a kid ... beach, fishing, baseball games, etc. Then, once we moved to California, I pretty much lived on the golf course. My mom worked there, so I played at least 6 days a week.

When I was 16 years old, we moved to England, where I did the majority of my "growing up" ... many firsts ... job, girlfriend, sex, drinking, even tried marijuana once. I graduated from Lakenheath American High School in 1987. Then spent the next 2 years working as a waiter and bartender at the base club. In 1989 my dad retired, and the whole family relocated to Florida.

When I was in England, hanging out with the young Active Duty guys and girls, I always swore that I was never going to join the military. lol, that lasted all of about 6 months in FL. Couldn't find a job I enjoyed, and was ready to get out of my house; so one day I literally hitch-hiked to the recruiters office and joined the AF.

Since then, I've actually been stationed in a lot of the same places I lived as a kid: CA, England, FL, HI, IL. In between, I've also spent some time in AL and MS, plus a year in Korea. Additionally, I've done temporary duty in Italy, Spain, and currently in Iraq.

I met my first wife in England, and together we had 3 kids ... Justin, Haley and Jordan. Our marriage lasted for 9 years ... which in hindsight was probably at least 3-4 years too long. Oddly enough, now that we don't have to live together, we're actually pretty good friends ... used to talk on the phone several times a week, and we exchange email regularly since I've been in Iraq.

When I moved back to Hawaii in the spring of 06, I was fortunate enough to meet my current wife Ana (short of Ileana). Believe it or not, this was actually a match.com success story. We'd seen each other's profiles, exchanged a few emails and IM's, then met on the 4th of July at Walmart of all places (school supply shopping). Her kids were with their dad for the night, so I invited her to come to the beach by my house to watch fireworks with us. The rest as they say is history ... we were together almost constantly from that point forward, and got married on Janurary 2nd 2007 (about 3 weeks before I left for Iraq). I now have two additional step-children; Johnathan and Jasmine.

My parents have been in Hawaii also for the past 6 months, and there are quite a few pictures of my family on my dad's myphotoalbum site: http://jerlin.myphotoalbum.com/
I look at it almost every day ... sometimes makes me smile (for all I have), sometimes makes me sad (for all I'm missing).

I've been on Ryze now for a couple of years. I orginally came looking for ways to promote my home business http://PremiumCandleClub.com, but quickly found that it's often more fun to discuss politics here at Truth Seekers.

My politics are pretty much "middle of the road", but can vary greatly issue by issue. Since I started voting in 1992, my Presidential selections have been: Perot, Clinton, Gore, Kerry. I'm batting .250 when it comes to picking winners (some could make a fairly persuasive argument that it should be a more respectable .500). Personally I sometimes wish the 22nd Amendment hadn't been ratified back in 1951 ... Bill Clinton would have won a 3rd term by a wide enough margin that "stealing" the election wouldn't have even been possible (IMO).

And finally, in case any of you can't tell, I LOVE to debate ... and I will often put forward positions/ideas that may not necessarily reflect my own core beliefs. I think debates are pretty boring when everybody simply agrees with each other ;-)

Probably more than you wanted to know ... if you made it all the way to the end, I apprecaite your time.


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Aug 11, 2007 3:07 amre: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

greg cryns

I've lived in Illinois most of my life and never knew about Scott AFB. Amazing.

I grew up in the NW burbs of Chicago near O'Hare when it was still and AFB. My dad was a doc so he was, of coure, a Captain without earning it, so to speak.

I recall in about 1954 or so driving through the main gate at O'Hare and the fellow saluted my dad. I was so proud at seven years old. One time my dad was called in the middle of the night to take a guy out of the nose of a fighter jet. He was a goner but my dad said he had no blood on him.

He was relieved of his duty a year or two later and set up medical practice in Wisconsin.

I don't remember exactly when O'Hare became a commercial airport. Wait, gone to Google, brb.....

Back (whew)

"Lieutenant Edward O'Hare was a navy flyer who gave his life when he was just 29 years old. Today his name is still a byword in aviation. His monument is the world's busiest airport in his home town of Chicago - O'Hare International.

It is appropriate that it should be named after a military hero who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1942. Military men shaped it during World War 2. The largest US troop and cargo carrying airplane, the Douglas C-54, was built at a factory on the site and the base, known then as Orchard Field, was almost entirely used by the military.

When the war ended Chicago quickly established itself as the world's busiest civil aviation operation, but it was the city's Municipal Airport, later to become Midway, which held the title. A far-sighted City Council saw the potential for air travel and decided a second major facility would be needed. They bought Orchard Field from the US government together with another 7,000 acres next door. That was in 1946. Three years later $2.4 million was spent on acquiring more land and Orchard Field was re-named O'Hare in honor of that young war hero.

The airport was already busy before it was officially opened to domestic commercial flights in 1955, but Midway was still the star attraction. In its busiest year, 1959, Midway handled ten million passengers compared to the fledgling O'Hare's two million. It was a testing time but for the newcomer change was to be rapid."

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Aug 11, 2007 3:32 amre: re: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

Todd Morris
Hi Greg,

Thanks for the history lesson. :-)

I've only been through Chicago once ... accidently ... when I took a wrong turn on my way home from visiting my kids in Michigan.

I drove (a generous description given the very reduced speed at which I was traveling) right past US Cellular field, and basically through the center of the city ... at about 4pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Good thing I wasn't in a hurry to get home.


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Aug 13, 2007 9:44 amre: re: re: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

Zainab Morbiwala
This is a decent attempt to let people talk a bit about themselves.

I am Zainab Morbiwala. Born and brought up in India, I am currently workingwith a group of publications. I normally write about anything and everything except IT. Dad and mom have been having an extremely simple existence since I duno when...I have an elder sis who is presently in UK. Bro is yet in school. He is my pet! I have been brought up like any other normal girl but perhaps what differentiates me from my peer is that I emphatise just too much at times and hence I have always restricted myself my truly going all out an enjoy life.

As a child I always wanted to get into investigative reporting but after my studies I realised the scope for investigative journalism in my country is not too good considering corruption has plagued each and every segment of our lives and people are least bothered to even help you bring about a change.

I m 26 right now and in a year's time I plan to move out of my country if I get a good opportunity in writing. I m not too sure what else can I do better. My maangerial skills are restrcited just for myself, I m not a task master and I dont intend to be one. A complete introvert, I love doing petty things which you might consider utter waste of time.

For me the most important task that I have to fulfil in this life of mine is to see mom n dad very very happy! I have made quite a few mistakes in the past to disappoint them. Cannot really undo any of those but I can make sure not to at least repeat my mistakes!


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Aug 13, 2007 10:15 amre: re: re: re: re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

John James O'Brien
To update my earlier post, I am still in Hong Kong, but relocating from Fa Hui (the flower market) to Tung Chung. It is close to the airport and has great facilities so I plan to get fit ;-) But, we'll miss this neighbourhood that has been home for almost 6 years, now, and will have some serious adjusting to do in an id card controlled estate of 5000+ people! The third bedroom is about the size of a north American dining table. Flats do not have closets--but the new buildings typically have a wide window ledge that some people use to cantelever a bed...heck, that gives almost a foot of space just to walk around! We'll put wardrobes into that room and call it a closet.

We were invited to cat sit for friends in Bangkok earlier this summer and were simply overwhelmed with the comparative space (our current 3 bdrm flat fits in their living room). So, we have taken a flat on the river - now being renovated - and will try to spend more time on the Chao Praya to get some necessary R&R.

Other than that, working away at building our consultancy...energizing! missing our daughter who has completed a Gap year in Ireland and her first year of university in Canada. Visitors have included my mother who enjoyed the buzz of Hong Kong and the fascination of river life on a tour to China. TSers en route through Asia are welcome to drop a line - let's get together for a meal and conversation!

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Aug 16, 2007 10:14 pm re: Been thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

Wicked Witch of the West
Geez, how'd I miss this?

Wanna know ALL about me, even why I liken myself to a nasty old witch, you gotta look left and click!

Do that and you can see the real me, the reason I'm MIA most of the time lately, not to mention meet my flying monkeys.

Looking for a Fresh S/WAHM Community? Visit http://www.diapertraders.com Today!

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Jan 20, 2008 7:40 pmBeen thinking about an introductions thread, so here it is#

Danielle (Dani) Cutler
Just bumping this up, so it remains on the front page when this place moves officially.

That way I can un-stickafy it!

Feel free to add your intros- would still love to know who you seekers are!!


Something special in honor of MLK
The network is moving soon! Come see the new digs!

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