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Increase You Sales and Increase your Power of AttractionViews: 1204
Oct 18, 2006 12:35 amIncrease You Sales and Increase your Power of Attraction#

Laura Lockhart
Just a quick note to let you know that I am interested in YOur Success!

Here are 10 Tips to help your Business Grow. As time goes by I will reveal the Other 60. :)

Whenever a network marketer gives a presentation or responds to a prospect and begins by saying, To be honest with you..., it comes across to the prospect that normally the network marketer is dishonest but this time he/she is going to make an exception and be honest with him/her.

The next time your prospect hesitates to move forward with your proposal or keeps giving you resistance/objections, say this to them: Based on what you're saying, this is probably not for you. Shall I close your file?
Selling is a game and fear of loss is a great motivator. When you stop the game, many people will fear that they will lose out on something important, and therefore they will show more interest in your proposal. This little take-away works to your advantage because it conveys to prospects that are stalling that you're not desperate for the sale.
Shall I Close Your File is also a wonderful strategy to use with prospects that are not returning your calls or canceling appointments with you. It conveys that you are not going to allow them to slap you around any longer... either yes or no is fine, but, it's time to make a decision.

Prospects don't care what you would like to do. They know that what you would like to do is sell them your product, service or program. When you try to get an appointment or give your presentation to a prospect by opening the dialogue with: What I'd like to do now is... (set an appointment/give you a demonstration/show you how you will benefit, etc.) it comes across to the prospect as if you are saying: What I'd like to do now is shove this down your throat whether you are interested or not because I get to make money off of you.
A better way to open this type of dialogue would be to say: With your permission, I will show you... (my program/how you will benefit, etc.) Another way would be to ask: May I make a suggestion? (They will say yes.) Why don't you allow me to... (meet with you/show you how you will benefit/show you my program, etc.)
All of this conveys to your prospect that they are in control and they are allowing you to take the next step instead of feeling that you are forcing something on them that is important only to you.

The next time you attend an appointment to give your network marketing presentation (whether in person or by telephone), follow your initial greeting with: How much time have you set aside for our meeting today? There are several good reasons for asking this question before you get started.
1. The response you get will allow you to size up your prospect. (The more time they allow you, the more serious and motivated they are.)

2. If their plans have changed and they cannot give you the time you need to give an effective presentation, you can reschedule the appointment.

3. It conveys to your prospects that you value their time and don't plan to abuse it. This makes them feel more comfortable about your visit with them.

4. You will give a more compelling presentation when you know the prospect has set aside a reasonable amount of time to hear you out.

5. It conveys to your prospect that your time is valuable too and that you don't plan to waste it.
After your prospect responds in your favor, say this: Thanks, I don't think we'll need that much, but I appreciate you setting aside that much time anyway. This will further reinforce to your prospect that you are ready to get down to business and that you honor their time.

The next time you ask your prospect for an appointment or permission to give your demonstration, add this language to your request:
When I'm finished demonstrating my (product, service or program), you can accept it or reject it as you see fit... fair enough?
This little Easy Exit will eliminate any pressure your prospect may feel about going to the next step with you. It conveys that it's okay to say no to your proposal (with no hard feelings) when you finish your demonstration. Don't forget that little fair enough? tie-down question at the end.

You should know that the more yeses you get throughout your network marketing presentation, the easier (and more automatic) your close will be. In fact, if you get enough yeses, you don't need a close at all. The yes momentum will carry you through. But, how good are the quality of the yes's you're getting?
An uh-huh or a maybe is not as good as a yes, certainly, absolutely, definitely, for sure, etc. Here's an easy way to get stronger yeses when your prospect gives you weak commitments:
When your prospect responds to your questions repeatedly with maybe, possibly, perhaps, etc. rephrase the same questions and ask them again. If you continue to get weak responses, ask them straight out: Does that mean yes or no, folks? You have a right to know how you're doing each step of your presentation. By asking for minor yes commitments along the way, you can decide if you should continue your presentation or gracefully disqualify them and go on to someone else

The next time you have a prospect that has looked at your network marketing presentation and will not voluntarily reveal to you how they feel about it, use this baseball metaphor to see how you stand with them:
Ms. Jones, if your interest in my business program were a baseball game, where would I be right now: standing on first base, rounding second, approaching third or crossing home plate?
This little visual you create for your prospects will usually involve a favorable response because it's friendly and non- threatening to them.

TIP 8 - "SAY YES..."
Would you like to increase your closing power by at least 20%? (Say yes.) That's it! Whenever you ask a benefit question, just tag on the words, say yes and your prospects will say yes more often. And the more yeses you get throughout your presentation, the more likely you'll make the sale.
Now, you will have to practice this new behavior several times before you master it. Are you willing to do this? (Say yes!)

Have you ever given your presentation to a husband and wife together and one of them kept presenting themselves as the dominant decision maker? You then focused your presentation on the dominant one only to have the passive one kill your deal at the end of your presentation.
You can avoid this happening by insisting on individual commitments from each person when asking your commitment questions. You do this by simply asking (for example) the husband, Mr. Jones, do you see how you will benefit by this program? When the husband responds favorably, turn to the wife (the real decision maker) and ask, And how about you, do you feel the same way? She will say yes and you will avoid the problem of someone laying low to pounce on you at the end.

All motivation for all animal life is based on avoiding pain or seeking pleasure. (Think of Bill Clinton.) When you are with your prospects, listen for anything that tells you they are in pain or they are looking for pleasure. Then ask them probing questions that get them to elaborate. Questions like, What do you mean? Why do you say that? Would you elaborate please?
The more your prospects talk about their needs, the more likely they will become emotional about them. Since all buying is emotional, you simply build that emotion to a peak and then offer solutions with your product or service. You don't need a close because they will sell and close themselves. We call this, Selling By Attraction.

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