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Are Podcasts Money Makers?Views: 1371
Oct 20, 2006 5:44 pmAre Podcasts Money Makers?#

Nancy Houle TrainingBusinessPros.com

I heard a major radio broadcaster say yesterday they got over 4 million podcast downloads this year so far! Hello!
Given that their market is usually older...where is that coming from? I don't even own an ipod yet! I'm only 38!
I'm going out today to purchase one. Or I'll continue the risk of feeling like I'm not hip or something.

What websites are generating substantial income from podcasts? How does unmarketing deal with the podcast attraction?


Private Reply to Nancy Houle TrainingBusinessPros.com

Oct 22, 2006 2:16 amre: Are Podcasts Money Makers?#

Kurt Schweitzer

I've heard podcasts that had commercials embedded in them. You had to listen to the commercial before content audio.

I've also been to pages festooned with ads to download podcasts.

I suppose there are also subscription based podcasts, where you pay a fee to access them.

These are the only business models I know that use podcasts to generate revenues. Sound familiar? These are the same business models used to generate revenues for nearly all information posted on the Web.

Podcasts (which, by the way, you don't need an iPod to access) are simply another information format. There isn't a business model that's unique to them.

Kurt Schweitzer

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Oct 22, 2006 7:38 amre: Are Podcasts Money Makers?#

Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901


You do not need to own an iPOD to create a podcast. A podcast is simply an audio file that one can actually subscribe to and receive future versions of the broadcast. While there are many places on the Web where you can upload audio files and convert them into podcasts, one of the best I have found is relatively new. It is called "Talkshoe."

While Talkshoe does pay its hosts for creating content (holding talkcasts), and I have made some money from doing this, it is nowhere near enough to make me want to quit my day job.

Lamar Morgan
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Private Reply to Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901

Oct 22, 2006 11:48 pmre: Are Podcasts Money Makers?#

Angelo Cerase
Hi Nancy,

You do not need an iPod to listen to podcasts. Sure, initially the name came merging iPod with broadcast, but you never needed one.

There are numerous other programs you can use to subscribe to a podcast. Personally, I use and recommend iTunes on my Windows PC (which also organizes my music collection). Another program to use is Winpodder.

Most, if not all, programs you can use are free, as well as 99.9% of podcasts.

However, getting a mp3 player (and brand) will allow you to listen to podcasts and/or music on the go wherever you go. An iPod won't be the cheapest, but it has the nicest interface on the player and between the player and the computer.


Private Reply to Angelo Cerase

Oct 24, 2006 5:08 amre: Are Podcasts Money Makers?#

Kelly McCausey
Your question begs another one... what is substantial?

I make a profit from my podcast - though not directly from the show as much as as a result of it. (I have built multiple streams of income around my program.)

It's allowed me to quit my day job and enjoy a stay at home lifestyle as a single mom. For me, that's pretty substantial. But I have a feeling that the few thousand that I make each month would be considered chicken scratch to many others.

I think what I've done with my show is a great model for others. Don't expect the show itself to generate a lot of cash but build income earners around it as time goes by. Money doesn't show up overnight but it does show up!

Kelly McCausey, Work at Home Moms Talk Radio
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Oct 26, 2006 5:26 amre: re: Are Podcasts Money Makers?#

Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901


More than anything, I think a podcast is a wonderful vehicle through which to connect with an audience and actually grow that audience. Now, whether or not your podcast generates any serious money depends like anything upon how you design it. Who do you invite to participate? Why should the general public even care? For a podcast to be successful I believe you have to create a solution to a well-established need.

Lamar Morgan
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Private Reply to Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901

Dec 11, 2006 4:04 pmre: re: Are Podcasts Money Makers?#

Leesa Barnes
Kelly's hit it on the head - use your podcast as a lead generating tool.

Advertising doesn't work in a podcast and listeners don't want to hear them. Sponsorships are good, although I wouldn't rely solely on them, plus, you've got to have a large audience to get any company to take notice of your podcast.

Instead, use your podcast to lay the breadcrumbs and lead the listener to your website to purchase the full course meal.

I did that with my own podcast at http://www.cubicledivas.com. I held monthly teleclasses. I'd announce it to my list and people would sign up and pay the registration fee of $19.

I recorded the 60-minute teleclass and took a 5 to 10-min portion and included that in my podcast. My call to action was to encourage listeners to go to the sales page to purchase the full 60-minute version on CD. Sales were brisk.

This is just one idea of many that you can apply to your own podcast using the funnel approach.

I'd encourage you to listen to Paul Colligan's podcast on profitable podcasting strategies. You can find it here:

Great start if you're looking for ways to profit from podcasting.


Leesa Barnes
Podcaster, Speaker & Author

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Dec 16, 2006 10:23 pmre: re: re: Are Podcasts Money Makers?#

Lamar Morgan 954-603-7901


Are you back or did you never leave? Regardless, it is good to read a posting from you. Listen, if you are a Squidoo fan, Star Trek fan and into interactive podcasting, I want you to take a look at something I think it pretty neat - an MVox Duo. Be sure to watch the demo. This is Star Trek fiction becoming reality.

I also think you should become a Talkshoe fan - because you have so much podcasting expertise. Having a person like you, for example, as a guest on my online talk show - Power Networking - would be a real treat. Check it out at Talkshoe. Just put 1833 in the search box and press Send.

Please advise as to your interest via PM.

Lamar Morgan
Power Networking
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