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Hope this Info, Tips #11-20 will increase your income!Views: 1101
Oct 30, 2006 9:28 pmHope this Info, Tips #11-20 will increase your income!#

Laura Lockhart
If you were the most successful network marketer in the world, would you sell people on coming into your business? Would you rant and rave about how great your products are and how wonderful your business is to every poor soul who would listen to you?
Of course you wouldn't. You wouldn't have the time or energy.If you were the most successful person in network marketing, you would be very careful about how you spent your time. You would only discuss the business with a few of the most serious, motivated people.
Why not take that attitude now? Make people go through an interview with you to demonstrate just how serious and motivated they are before you invest your time with them. It's true that people want things they can't have, so...make them qualify before you give them any serious attention.

One of the greatest sources for building a warm market list is the people you spend money with... people like your real estate agent, insurance representative, banker, long distance carrier, printer, other vendors, etc.
Make a list of all the companies, suppliers, vendors and individuals that benefit from your success and give them a call. They will feel obligated to listen to your program because they risk losing your future business if they don't. And folks, as you know, fear of loss is a great motivator.
If they are not interested in your proposal, ask them for referrals. Ask them to refer people to you that they do business with. Again, they have something at stake so they will usually come through for you.
This system will create an endless stream of people to add to your warm market. Make your list and start calling today.

Try this language formula when meeting people in your cold market.
Step 1: How long have you been doing the kind of work you're doing? (Wait for response.)
Step 2: I'll bet you're making all of the money you want to make... is that right? (They will disagree.)
Step 3: What do you mean? (They will emotionally express their dissatisfactions.)
Step 4: I'm involved in a part-time business that pays me a good monthly income working out of my home. This may or may not be for you, but I'm looking for someone with leadership potential to expand my business. Would you be open to earning some extra money part-time? (They will say yes.)

The late, great Earl Nightingale once said that if you want to be successful, do exactly the opposite of what everyone else does. Most people think that by sending out Christmas or Hanukkah cards to all of their customers each year they will receive an onslaught of new business and referrals. Not true.
Your Christmas card will get lost in the flood of other Christmas cards your customers get. Think about it, do you remember any Christmas cards you received last year from your vendors?
I suggest that you call all of your customers the first week in January, wish them a Happy New Year and then thank them for their help in making this past year a success for you. That call will be much more appreciated, will be remembered and will generate more sales and referrals for you.

Harvey Mackay in his wonderful book, Swim With The Sharks... wrote that if you knew enough about a prospect, the odds of selling him or her would be about 100%.
Ask questions that develop relationships with your prospects and their families. Write the information on a form or enter it into a database. Find out everything you can about their passions, hobbies, goals, children's names, hometown, etc. Make a big deal out of their birthdays and anniversaries.
The more you know about your prospects, the more opportunities you will have to contact them. And every time you contact them, the more sales, the more distributors and the more referrals you will get.

There is something strange and awkwardly wrong about revealing our dreams, desires and aspirations to people that are not harmoniously involved in bringing those dreams to reality. It seems to sap the energy right out of our ideas when we brag about what we're thinking and doing.
There are at least two good reasons for keeping goals a personal secret:
First, some people have a tendency to be jealous and resentful of our accomplishments. There is no benefit to them if we can make our dreams come true. If we do great things with our lives and they do not, it makes them look inadequate. So, why would they encourage us to do things that would make them look bad?
Second, TALKING about our ideas and plans to the wrong people will work against us... regardless of the final outcome. If we discuss our goals before we achieve them, we have already received much of the reward at the time of the announcement. Therefore, talking about our dreams and desires actually diminishes our ability to do them! And if we don't accomplish the goals we've predicted, we look ridiculous.
Conversely, if we keep our dreams and desires a secret, it seems to give them a special energy and power that helps us bring them to reality. And if we don't reach a particular goal, we don't have egg on our faces. Keep your dreams, desires, aspirations and plans to yourself. Let your actions and outcomes speak for themselves
When your distributors are in a rut, they need to see you doing the things that you want them to do. The two most important activities they can do are making calls and going on appointments. The two most important activities you can do are making calls and going on appointments.
Invite them to watch you give your presentation. When a distributor watches you give a presentation, only two things can happen...and both are good:
1. The presentation is a success When your downline distributor sees you give a successful presentation, he (she) will be thinking that he (she) could have done the same thing had that been his (her) presentation. (That will motivate him or her.)

2. The presentation is unsuccessful If you do not have a successful presentation, your distributor will realize that you can fail at giving presentations and still be successful. The key is to give lots of presentations. (That will motivate him or her.)
One more thing: If you're not taking unmotivated and inactive downline distributors with you to watch you give presentations, you are the problem, not them.

Before going on a face-to-face presentation, call your prospects and confirm your appointment with them using this powerful language:
Hello, Mr./Ms. ________? This is _________. I've put in a lot of work preparing for our meeting tonight and I'm calling to let you know that I'll be there right at 7 p.m. as we both agreed. I just want to make sure that I have the right directions. (Read Directions.)
This language will not only pique their interest, it will make them feel guilty about canceling the appointment.

If you can't win prospects over with logic, win them over with humor. By incorporating humor into your presentation, you actually draw your prospects closer to you. People want to do business with people they like and trust. Incorporating light humor into your presentation is a great way to make prospects like you.
When your prospects tell you anything like:
I'm divorced
I'm single
I'm married
I've never married
I don't have children
My children are grown and gone
Respond with, No wonder you look so happy. They will laugh (attracting them closer to you).

Wouldn't it be nice to know who the boss is before you give your presentation to a married couple? If you knew who the REAL boss was, you could direct your important questions to that person knowing that the spouse will agree with everything he/she says.
Here's the way you find out who the boss is: You ask an open-ended question without actually directing that question to either one of them. The question could sound something like this:
Folks, thanks for inviting me over to meet with you. Let me start by asking...why did you decide to look at this program?
The first person who speaks is the boss.

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