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Entrepreneurs with ADD
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"Brainstorm attacks", that's what I call them.Views: 687
Jan 18, 2007 7:54 pm"Brainstorm attacks", that's what I call them.#

Eddie Maddox
"Brainstorm attacks."
I've had to coin phrases before. Now this one.

If you look over my Ryze page, even better,
my Ryze network "Serve Many", you will see
sections of stuff. Each section is the result of
weeks, months or years of having brainstorms
on various things and how to word things and
show them in a comprehensible manner, as
Poetry is presented with thoughts displayed
in easily browsable form.

I go to sleep, not having a Clue I may Not be
finished with some project as I had Thought
I was. I wake up, and Right Away I get hit
with some more new ideas of how to change
wording, layout, organization, etc.

So, I go to my keyboard and peck away. As I
do so, More new ideas! Two, three, four hours
later the new ideas finally subside. Time for

"Brainstorm attacks", that's what I call them.

Thank you,

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Jan 19, 2007 2:35 pmre: "Brainstorm attacks", that's what I call them.#

Heidi Caswell
So I am not the only one. Nothing like hearing the morning alarm go off in the morning and realizing that your mind was going in so many directions that you never got any true sleep.

Brainstorm attacks is a good word. So many ideas, too many to act on. It is a good idea, you write it down, forget for the time being. Later find the someone else had the same good idea, acted on it, and made a pile of money.

So the ideas are good, but they need to be acted on. Meanwhile more ideas come.

At least life never gets boring, and my monday list of cool things to do will last me at least a week.

Thanks for sharing.


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