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Entrepreneurs with ADD
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multi-taskingViews: 679
Mar 09, 2007 6:47 pmmulti-tasking#

*Katie Farmer
I am a member of so many networks that I have trouble staying focused and multi tasking is really overwhelming. I tend to get easily frustrated. I do better doing one specifc job over and over. What do you suggest?
the business I am doing with the mineral girlz is doing very well. I plan to stick with it. I tend to join all the networks people reccomend and I feel quite overwhelmed.

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Mar 11, 2007 5:43 pmre: multi-tasking#

LaDonna Hankinson
Hi Katie:

I know what you mean about trying to keep up with so many different groups. When I first got started with Ryze, I joined several groups and then I felt like all I ever did was sit at the computer and respond to the discussions.

I recommend having one that is your steady group where you keep up with them on a regualar basis. Then you can "check in" with the other groups on occasion as you are able.

I have also found that instead of logging in to each group all the time, I put myself on "e-mail me each time a new message is posted to this group" The result is, when a new message is posted I get an e-mail that tells me "there is a new message from so-and-so in the specific network on this topic" I glance at the topic and decide if I have time or interest to look further. If I do, then I click on the link and read on. If I don't I delete. This way I don't miss anything I really wanted to be a part of, but I don't get bogged down in reading every single response all the time.

I hope this helps.


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Mar 11, 2007 8:07 pmre: re: multi-tasking#

Heidi Caswell
I also use the email notifications. However, the number of messages can overwhelm your inbox. I use gmail for Ryze. I have set up a filter that puts the Ryze message notifications in their own folder. I can scan topics, and use available time to click and read the items of most interest/importance. End of day, delete all messages in the ryze notification.

Heidi Caswell

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Mar 13, 2007 1:35 pmre: re: re: multi-tasking#

*Katie Farmer
thanks I'll try it and see. Idon't want to sit at the computer all day long.

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