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Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.Views: 8970
Mar 22, 2007 6:05 amMost frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

Musa R Kaiser


Looking at the rising complaints against ICICI Bank, Citibank, and Standard Chartered Bank , we request consumers to properly read their documents and keep a record when dealing with these banks, especially regarding credit card and housing loan. These three banks are biggest defaulters and do not resolve consumer problems easily. Be aware of their terms in writing. Keep a perfect record of all correspondence with them. If they do not agree to written communication, immediately stop their services. If you ask some nationalised bank to take over the housing loan from ICICI Bank, even after paying full amount, you will not get back your original documents for months. You will be told that the documents are in Mumbai and they are trying to retrieve the same. This is the answer you get everyday.


Nokia assures that their handset is covered under insurance. They even provide a certificate of insurance. But the condition is that if the handset is lost/stolen, you have to lodge an FIR to seek claims. The catch here is that the police station does not lodge FIR for loss of handsets, they only register NC. So you will never get insurance claims on basis of NC.

Nokia is selling some of its degraded products that have software problems. If you come across such problem in a new set, do not waste your time in running around service centres as it is not going to help much, ask for a replacement with a new set. All those who have purchased 3230 set, have experienced that there was software problem in every set. Nokia is simply dumping the sets, which can not be sold in other countries.


Their confirmed bookings are highly unreliable and of no guarantee that you will be allowed to fly . The booked tickets get cancelled without intimation to consumer only to be known by him when he goes to the airport to catch his flight. You will not get refund immediately, if you have booked your ticket through credit card. If you call up their call centre, if you press numbers relating to refund, you will not be attended at all even if you try for hours together. If you talk to somebody regarding refund, you have to press options relating to ticket booking, so that someone will attend to you. Then you can ask for refund. They are following very good trick.


They advertise that if you take their membership, a plot of land will be given free of cost near Golden Spa at Coconut Grove. Please note Golden Spa is 35 Kms from Bangalore and the said plot of land is over 100 Kms from Bangalore . Based on false promises and with arrangement with Citibank and ICICI Bank, this team cheats the consumers of his money by asking payments through credit card.


If you book your ticket in a private bus operator, you will find that your seat is allotted to somebody else also. Many a times, though you have booked your ticket to some destination, you will dropped few kilometres away, if there are not enough passengers for your destination. Then you will have to depend on other services to reach your destination. Keep the records/proofs and give a complaint to the nearest police station, when you come back. If you find that the police is supporting the travel agent, immediately inform his higher ups or give a complaint to consumer forum. Always try to use government transportation services. They may be bad in service but will never cheat you.


If you receive unwanted advertisement / telemarketing call from any company or recovery agents. You will find it annoying especially when you are on roaming network. Ask their telephone number and report to the police. File a police complaint against the Chairman of the company.


If you happen to get admitted (or admit your family person/friend/relative) for any operation in any hospital, keep all the records. Even if the doctor scribbles any information on a piece of paper and give it you, please keep it with you. In future, for your bad luck, if some adverse thing happens due to wrong dialysis or wrong operation, these things will come handy to fight it in a court. Please be clear that consumer forums are not of much help to you because they do not have good doctors in their panel. Many a times they do not have any doctors in their panel and even if they have, a doctor in the panel will try to help a doctor. In such a case you will have to fight tooth and nail. Hence keep all the records/proofs with you carefully.


Their promises to get you a broadband connection within a week is not to be relied upon. Once your money is stuck (about Rs. 2000), it takes lot of pains to recover it back. If you book Wireless fixed telephone, the Tata indicom sales person will tell you that you can send/receive fax, send/receive e-mails in other service providers' account also (for example vsnl, touchtel etc). Once you install the telephone, you will find that the instrument can not support fax machine even if connected through EPABX, you will find that you can receive e-mails in other accounts and can not send e-mails at all. You have to send e-mails only through Tataindicom e-mail service.


AIRLINES: Air Deccan
BANKS: ICICI bank, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank
BUILDERS: Parimiti Buildcon (Thane), Madras City Co-op Bldg. Soc (Chennai)
CARS: Tata motors, Hyundai
CREDIT CARDS: SBI credit card, Citibank, Standard Chartered
CELLPHONE SERVICES: Tata Indicom Broadband, Airtel, BPL mobile
INSURANCE: National Insurance Co., New India Assurance, generally all private/Multinational Insurance Companies
MOBILE PHONES: Nokia 6260, 3230
TIMESHARE: Royal Goan Beach Club (Goa), Happy Home Constructions (Bangalore), Country Club India Ltd. (Bangalore)
TRANSPORTERS: Sky Packers and Movers (Mumbai), Packways Pvt. Ltd.(Mumbai), Sai Packers and Movers (Mumbai)



We have received many complaints from consumers that they are being harassed in the consumer courts when they go there to submit consumer complaint and attend hearings. They are not being served properly by the clerks, and the judges keep on giving hearing dates without arriving to judgment. These acts are contrary to the purpose of setting up of consumer courts that were basically meant to help the consumers. Please inform us if you have experienced or witnessed harassment or corruption. Inform us the exact time, date, and location of the incident in writing through duly signed letter. Your details will not be disclosed on this website, but you should be ready to co-operate when action against these people is initiated by nabbing them through proper channel.

For further clarifications you may contact:

International Consumer Rights Protection Council
B-9/55, Vijay Nagari,
P.O . Kasarvadavali,
Thane (West) 400601
Mumbai - India .

Private Reply to Musa R Kaiser

Mar 22, 2007 12:47 pmre: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

Raj Adroit

That was VERY USEFUL information. I think all citizens should contribute their grievances and complaints against erring companies, and it should be available on a public forum (it could be a portal). This way, these companies will have some fear of consumer courts and customer reactions.

There is a pretty good site - mouthshut.com on this kind of views (though it's not too active these days).

There is a need to increase the awareness amongst consumers about their rights and Quality. Government is taking some actions, though these are 'just a drop in the ocean'. But it's the common man who will make all the difference.


Paltux Technologies (http://www.paltux.com)
Technology Entrepreneurs Network (http://ten-network.ryze.com)

Private Reply to Raj Adroit

Mar 22, 2007 1:27 pmre: re: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

niranjan burke
hi musa...
that was very very useful information...i have had some trouble with one of the banks mentioned above...they always fill us with wrong info...
thanks for the info again...


Private Reply to niranjan burke

Mar 22, 2007 1:33 pmre: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

Ashis Dutta
Very helpful info.

Is there a mail ID where incidents against companies can be mailed to?

Private Reply to Ashis Dutta

Mar 22, 2007 3:00 pmre: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

Suman Mohan

Very informative and useful shared here.

Well, a community on ryze to bring out all such frauds would help sharing.

I would also like to include SPHERIS, the medical transcription MNC in collaboration with US (erstwhile Healthscribe) in Koramangala is one such Company. Previously they were recruiting freshers and paying them stipend for a period of 3 - 6 months and assured good salary. My friend's daughter had a bitter experience when found that the freshers had to shell out Rs. 3000/- per month as fee for training. The One month training is being prolonger under the pretext of non performance to any number of months...until which time the freshers have to pay Rs. 3000/- monthly.

It is pathetic to know that when people come in search of jobs and good salary, are burning their fingers paying fee and hostel charges from their pockets and are not assured even after 3 - 6 months of a decent salary or job.

The advertisements boast of 10 to 12 K per month...but it is ultimately the freshers/trainees who pay up so much without the assurance of job in future. Could we bring this to light ?

Private Reply to Suman Mohan

Mar 22, 2007 8:29 pmICICI tries a telesale!#

santosh p
3 days back i was in mumbai, on a roaming network.
A lady calls, asks if I am speaking, where I acknowldeged. She says I applied for a Loan, I said NO, she replies that she has a Request Number too, i said i did not apply to any of loans, She swiftly explains me the loan details, the % and all. and asks If i am interested. I replied I would complain to consumer court, and I was on roaming. She shamelesly asks when i am back, I denied for her loan request, she asks for refferals.

Now whats my next step?

Private Reply to santosh p

Mar 22, 2007 11:53 pmre: ICICI tries a telesale!#

Mr Musa,
Thanks very much for some much of info on the fraud that is being perpetuated on the Indian public,in the name of marketing.
These telecallers,are a big nightmare,if i am interested,i will contact the company for loans/services,why the hell should they disturb me.
There should be some kind of regulating authority,to bring these credit card companies on track,how do they calculate fine,how do they calculate interests and so on.
Is it the beginning of more such nightmares,one has to live with.
Has greed overtaken all morals.

Private Reply to BGS

Mar 23, 2007 3:29 amre: re: ICICI tries a telesale!#

Zo Hualngo
Yup, I agree. Very good info.

There was an expose done by CNN-IBN yesterday on Air Deccan overbooking tickets, and then doing a 'go-slow' during check in, and then stating 'late check-in' for the passengers checking in at the end, thus not even giving them a refund.

Air Deccan management says it is a 'system error' and that someone has hacked their network ! Ha Ha.

Private Reply to Zo Hualngo

Mar 23, 2007 5:34 amre: re: re: ICICI tries a telesale!#

Tarun Hukku
This indeed is very relevant information, but useful? I dont really know.

While I respect the spirit behind building such a list it really doesnt help me find a good service provider in these areas.

We had started a thread on'Referrals & Recommendations' (http://www.ryze.com/posttopic.php?topicid=811538&confid=366) and its received an ice cold response compared to any other thread that complains about non delivery of service.

Are we becoming just a society of complainers and to the extent that we cant find a single service provider to recommend?

Are we getting so focused on the negatives that we forget that to improve quality we ALSO need to acknowledge positives. Or is it just that it is easier to trash somenody than to acknowledge somebody.

If we go on like this I guess we will soon be unable to distinguish between the good and the bad or maybe by default we will consider the 'non bad' to be good. Which would be a shame.

Warm Regards

Private Reply to Tarun Hukku

Mar 23, 2007 5:37 amre: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

Musa R Kaiser
Today I got a call from Sachin Tendulkar from a Reliance number 93281 33333 at 7 am !!! Damn call woke me from my sleep !

To the query whether there is an email id of the International Consumer Rights Protection Council, here is the complete website:

and email is

Best of luck,


Private Reply to Musa R Kaiser

Mar 23, 2007 6:18 amre: re: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

Hi Ryzers,
As our beloved Tarun pointed out, it's time we stop complaining and start a proactive approach. Let me give you real instances.

Our great poor man's dream carrier, Air Deccan has been playing around with its customers for a long time. When i had suffered twice due to their cancelled or delayed flights, i met the marketing manager, who is also my friend, and thoroughly took him to task. He pacified me saying that it is a low cost airline with tight budgets, so we should forgive it for its mistakes, things will improve later.

I was furious to know that he thinks these are small mistakes. i told him if things are as bad as this, people like me will take you to consumer court. to my dismay, he laughed at me and said, my friend, please go ahead, till now nobody has ever filed a complaint against us. so you will be one tiny individual fighting a losing cause!

so friends, we all know that in a seller's market like India, we have to endure such bad service providers. We have the choice to spare time for taking them to court, or make sure that we search for a better service provider next time. Not only search, we should spread the good news about them.

ICICI Bank might have numerous complaints against them, but let me tell you, they are far better than the public sector banks. I am an ICICI customer since 2001; i too have suffered under their misinformation service. But i would never go back to PSBs like Canara Bank, Indian Bank, SBM, who think their life is miserable because of pesky customers like us!

Some great service providers i would like to recommend:
> Shell Petrol - amazing service, free air check, unbelievable mileage.

> Barista & Cafe Coffee Day - Great coffee, top quality service.

> HSBC Bank - Surely the world's local bank, which knows how to take care of its customer


Private Reply to GyaaniLawry

Mar 23, 2007 6:57 amre: re: re: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

Ashis Dutta
Lawry, you posting confuses me.

you first said that we should not crib and then you went on to crib yourself (about air deccan) and went further to reveal the arrogance (of your friend, in this case) of people in such organizations.

And in order to bat for ICICI, you denounced (with sweeping rhetoric and without specific complain) other banks.

Too many contradictions.


Private Reply to Ashis Dutta

Mar 23, 2007 3:39 pmre: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

Bliss Blot
When I was in India, I complained about the services. Wait till you read this. I moved to US recently and opened an account with Wells Fargo Bank as soon as I landed here. Wells Fargo has a large network of ATMs and is quite a popular bank. After about 45 days of opening the account it was closed. Yes. They just closed it. With a significant amount of balance. Without a rhyme or a reason they closed the account. And the best part is I knew nothing of it. No one told me anything about it. One evening I tried swiping the card in Smiths after buying a cartfull of groceries and the goddamn card didn't work. I called the bank to check why and they tell me that the account was closed. With just about 20 dollars in my wallet, I was left without a bank account. The reason they gave was that there was some problem in the account so they closed it and are opening a new one for me. My new set of cheque books, cards and the cheque of the balance amount will be mailed to my residence. In a week's time. When I went to the bank, none of the Managers or executives were available. A young guy who am sure is an intern tells me that my new account is active and I can start using it as soon as I get my cheques and card. When I ask about the money in the bank; he says the cheque was mailed to me. I told him I needed cash. I only had 20 dollars on me that wouldn't last 2 days. He had no clue what to do and just shrugged off saying; "I have done my best sir." My only consolation: I shouted, swore and cursed for a good half hour in the bank lobby.The clowns had nothing to say except 'sorry sir.' They have sent a letter of apology but it still doesn't change the fact that I have no cash on me. Now, I have really begun to love INDIAN Banks. ICICI's trying to be like Wells Fargo but they are a lot nicer when you go to them, good old SBI, warm PNB, Namma Canara Bank. Wow! How I wish one of them were here. Nothing like the Nationalised Banks in India. I hate the way banks everywhere are going. Faceless. Impersonal. The future generations will probably not know that human beings work in banks. They will define a bank as a machine that stores and gives money.

Private Reply to Bliss Blot

Mar 24, 2007 7:38 amre: re: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

sabir khan
Few months back i had thought of the idea of getting back at company fraud,
my idea was that we dont go looking for raising complaints against these guys,
we hit them where it hurts most - advertising (highlighting their frauds in a very creative manner & disouraging people not to buy products & services on such companies)
in Newspapers (local dailies preferbally) Business magazine, & Tv Ads, people who have their complains would be ask to contribute the money,
I think at the end of the day only problem people said about this idea was it would be difficult to convince Newspaper's, & Tv Companies to air the advertisement, because they basically run them,
but i think if government of India helps us & if we have enough money to buy Spots in Newspaper & Tv - this idea should work

Private Reply to sabir khan

Mar 25, 2007 4:27 amre: re: re: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

Ashis Dutta

Your idea is very good. There are, however some difficulties.

Firstly, going jugular against big companies (and the worst frauds are sometimes committed by the big boys), one has to be prepared against libel suits.

Secondly, it would be difficult to get space in newspaper ads.

Thirdly, to remain objective and not be swayed by someone’s personal agenda.

And lastly, not become an instrument to inter company competition.

There may be some ways out.

One is, consolidating the cases in different consumer courts of the country and making them public, not by advertisements, but by press release. Thereby, it amounts to purely dissemination of public information. And it is free.

Publicize any conviction by any court.

I am sure, there are other ways as well.


Private Reply to Ashis Dutta

Mar 25, 2007 4:49 pmre: re: re: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

Manoj Sethu
I have some points to make and although I have quite a bit of points to make regarding every other issue like banks (and going by service, I or my friends have faced problems from literally every bank). I shall limit this discussion only to low cost flying.

They are the bad boys and the feeling is understandably valid. But, rewind a 10 years and we all know this was the state of the only domestic airlines Indian Airlines. We complained and lived by them.

I am sure there are dismal services even in high profile airlines like British Airways. I remember BA lost the baggage of some of our guys which got to them 2 days after they landed in Bangalore.

Today since we are so exposed to what we feel is quality service we get to complain about poor service. But then I ask, how many of us who complain have provided excellent, top of the rank quality service without leaving a mark of negativity with our clients? How many of us make a joke of clients behind their backs? At least during my various interactions, I've heard these even from top notch executives.

Airlines like Air Deccan, Spice Jet, Go Air or Air Indigo have at least made it possible for economically middle class (upper, middle or lower) to make flying a lot easier (sans luxury) and also have given the major airlines a run for their money through service. Can anyone contend that these airlines have made the major ones wary of complacency and kept them on their toes?

For those who feel low cost airlines does meet quality service, let's stop cribbing and just `fly the good times' :) for quality service until you feel there are better times.

Private Reply to Manoj Sethu

Mar 25, 2007 6:19 pmre: re: re: re: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

Gagan Chhabra
Manoj, mate, pardon my saying so... but you miss the point. And that point is simple - I promise a service, you pay for it, I had better deliver it. Simple, straight. The past or other (larger) companies goofing up is no excuse for you not doing what you are supposed to do.

On your other bit, Tarun, about bouquets being as important as brickbats - I don't COMPLETELY buy that point either - mainly because, to repeat, if you charged for a service and delivered it, you did it for a fee not to get a bouquet in return. Although I will concede that a database of service providers with a "good" track record is interesting reference while choosing one - to what extent is anyone's guess.

I say ALL of the above with utmost conviction thanks to 10 years of experience of having been part of the outsourced services community - and having sold / account managed / implemented outsourced services solutions for all that time.

I hope I managed to spread some sunshine :) into this coversation with my obviously optimistic outlook!


Private Reply to Gagan Chhabra

Mar 25, 2007 6:51 pmre: re: re: re: re: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

Manoj Sethu
Gagan, my point is complete and sure. Tell me among all the people who take a service from all companies, one company that has not had a service deficiency!

From all your IBMs to HPs, Hiltons to our own MTRs every one has given customers a cup of woes some time or the other. Some even repeatedly inspite of all their SEI CMMs and People CMMs!

Also, service is a relative term. What's service for you, may not be for me. Sometimes it also happens that you have been unlucky enough to get trapped in a company's poor service.

I've flown on Air Deccan, Spicejet, Kingfisher, Indian and most of all those names you can spell on Indian skies, except GoAir and Indigo. Let me tell you except for some delays, I've not had any trouble at all!

So for me all these airlines have some good and some bad.

And, I've had worser experience flying on international carriers like being left to wait for 5.5 hours at the airport inspite of flying business class!!! The same with banks or clubs that are mentioned.

I am not debating on whether those names should've come in here, because it's better to be pre-warned with the kind of instances people face. It would help arm ourselves against such occurances with us. My point is that it should only be used as a indicator, not more than that.

The end point is, are you comfy continuing with your existing service provider? If you are, please continue, if not move on, there are others.

Private Reply to Manoj Sethu

Mar 26, 2007 3:35 amre: re: re: re: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

Shobha(usha) gowri
Mano I agree and disagree with you:
"Today since we are so exposed to what we feel is quality service we get to complain about poor service. "
Its not to: what we feel is qulaity but bec we are charged for it ,one and secondly and more importantly,we need to complain loud and clear ,all the time,about what "I "perceive is bad service.Only then and only then will all those complacent .....get up and say oh...different types of customers and no one shoe is going to fit all
Only if ten people go after them will they sit up
Look at what it has done to something as big as the judiciary-one of the factors people are being given punishment-say Majunaths case within two years-is because the public are watching and the pressure the public can put on any system is mind blowing.
And then just bec BA is rotting(what a pitylook at it ten years ago-all wow)does make soemhting home right
Just bec we had IA treating us like dirt doesnt make it right-so my point is irrespective of,,,we need forums like this to make noise(including say training instt and vendors)
I agree that low cost airlines are just that...low cost not bec they dont need the money but bec there is no otehr committment-othre than lifting you in the air nd bringing you safely down in another airport-anything in between is not assured for
SO we cant complain about them
You chose them...

Private Reply to Shobha(usha) gowri

Mar 26, 2007 4:10 amre: re: re: re: re: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

Manoj Sethu
Usha, yes you are charged, but not for quality service. Never has Air Deccan said they will fly you on time or provide you satisfaction! They just say `Simplifly'.

If you ask their CEO, he always says, we're trying our best to give quality service. There's a lot of difference between `trying' and `promising'!

Then what is their promise to you? Just that you could, if you are lucky, get a cheap air fare and they will land you at your destination with no frills. That's as simply put as `Simply fly'.

The `quality service', `on time flying', `easy check-in'.... all of these are your assumptions. Because someone else gives you that, you expect everyone has to be that way. Not necessary.

But in that breath, I strongly oppose breaking the law, like `overbooking' which some channel claimed. We shall see what the DGCA have to say about that after investigations, or will that get hushed up? We never know.

But, `overbooking' as a feature is common practice, basically in the anticipation that there will be last minute cancellations, which is why you get seat numbers only on your boarding pass and not while you book your flight. So, again Air Deccan is not the main culprit, it's an industry norm.

The basic thing is flight safety, once you take off, they have to safely land you. But then, in recent times, it is not low cost aircrafts that has had a problem. It's `Indian' and Air India which had problems like overshot the runway, or landing on its nose, etc.

I shall mention some statistics about safety I read recently in my next post.

Private Reply to Manoj Sethu

Mar 26, 2007 4:50 amre: re: re: re: re: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

Manoj Sethu
I was reading a magazine at Mumbai airport recently. If someone in this forum has read this mag, please correct these, because I just remember a bit of it.

Some amazing facts....

There are many security lapses at Indian airports, including flouting hand baggage norms, improper screening of baggage and people, etc

Imagine 1 security guard for every 1800 travelers (i think it's even worse than that)!

Flights at Indian airports take off at 4 minutes per flight, ie 25 flights per hour. Internationally it's 1 per minute, 60 flights per hour.

It also said it's a living time bomb, dont know when it could prove costly.

Regarding fog, internationally if my memory is right, flights can take off at 1 meter visibility, while in India, even 7 or 10 meters is difficult. And we boast of high technology in aerospace.

Considering all this, I would rather crib about larger safety issues than a flight delay or an 18 hour delay of a Go Air flight (which apparently I heard was due to fog at Delhi airport where visibility was 5 meters).

By saying all this, I am not intending to downplay anyone's right to complain about shoddy treatment or service. The person who suffers knows best how bad it was, or in what emergency they needed to reach their destination and I wish to empathise with their problems.

But if we were to list them all out, then all companies would fall in there, as each one has been a culprit sometime or the other.

I have a suggestion:
I would appreciate if we could list out a company and list the problem faced and how it was rectified, whom to contact, the tel number, the contact details. etc. Also what papers were sought by them to rectify errors.

I think that would constructive and great information!

Private Reply to Manoj Sethu

Mar 26, 2007 8:18 amre: re: re: re: re: re: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do read.#

Gagan Chhabra
Manoj, am not disputing that there will be service deficiencies... there are bound to be - the services sector is after all driven by people performance and susceptible to human error.

The question here is whether inefficient service delivery is the norm rather than the exception with the service provider - if the service delivery failures are habitual (and in some cases intentionally habitual as suggested by earlier posts) or taken very seriously in the organization.

The other point you need to note in my original post is: you PROMISE, you charge, you have to deliver.

Make no bones about it - in an era of commoditization, the customer demands perfection; and the thought in BD in the services sector today is narrowing the gap between the "promised" and the "delivered". If there are huge lacunae between your promise and the outcome, there is bound to be ill-feeling and long-term impact on brand reputation.

This is a very interesting topic and extremely relevant for me at the moment since I am attempting to author a whitepaper on the subject of narrowing the gap between promised and delivered. So, while work pressures mayn't allow me to continue to be an active participant, will watch this space with keen interest

Private Reply to Gagan Chhabra

Mar 26, 2007 10:05 amre: re: re: re: re: re: re: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, do re#

Manoj Sethu
You are right when you say "you PROMISE, you charge, you have to deliver". But what if I dont promise you that but provide a service at a low cost? As i said the service you expect is our individual perception and expectation.

Even after all that big sensation on a TV channel over Go Air's 18 hr delay and then Air Deccan's overbooking, both the companies still have customers, and some flights are fully booked and flown full. Neither does the channel even breathe about it. If those were big crimes, then how come it's silent now? Now that's what I mean. Just log onto Air Deccan site and you can see what their CEO has explained.

The airlines' know as long as they don't promise anything, none can take them to court just because there's a delay or some other issues.

And about ill-feeling and long-term impact on brand reputation? We might care and not fly them for a long time. But maybe they don't care, for they know that as long as they are able to maintain a huge price variation from regular flights, they have a huge huge market, over 30% of the Indian populace shared between 4-5 low cost airlines!

Anyway, I'd like to stop this conversation from my side, because I am more interested in what remedial measures people have taken in each instance of deficient service.

Private Reply to Manoj Sethu

Mar 26, 2007 12:07 pmre: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: Most frequently complained against companies ... Very Useful Info, d#

Venkat Rao
We love to debate every thing dont we? Let us also care to do something.

To sum up the good ideas (i.e. what we should do):

1. Keep filling up the 'bouquets' thread whenever there is a service provider or manufacturer 'goes BEYOND the call of duty' and provides better than promised, or better than EXPECTED service. This is to encourage good practices and good employees.

2. Also create a thread of all bad experiences everyone has had with service providers and product manufacturers. Would be great to tabulate them according to catergories and nature of complaints. This is necessary to warn innocent users.

3. List fora which would support you in case of latter - consumer forums, NGO's etc.

:) :)

Private Reply to Venkat Rao

Apr 01, 2007 11:26 amAvoid this company: Trans Packers & Movers, c/o Arora Business Centre Dcksn Rd#

Bangalorean Bean
Our company was referred to the moving, packing and stiorage company called Trans Packers & Movers.

They have turned out to be a mother-and-son con artist propreitorship of some sort. They operate out of a cell phone number.

We have had to file police complaints against them on 26 March 2007, and are following up the complaint with a PCR and an FIR into a very unpleasant incident of physical assault. The son Vikram bit my hand, the mother beat me - because they wanted more money as well as some of the stored items. They had stored the goods through my visit overseas but on return, refused to allow access to inspect the stored goods.

This involves employing a crinimal lawyer, considerable time, money and effort.

The original hospital report is with the police but duplicates can be obtained. I have all the original documents, including a packing list, receipts and details of the invoice on their letterhead.

*** "Trans Packers & Movers" were recommended by Ashish Kumar of KPMG in November 2006; he has since left KPMG. The senior management at KPMG have now told me they have never heard of Trans Packers & Movers !

Please - avoid going through my nightmare. Please blacklist this company from your bulletin board referrals.

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