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Are you "spinning" or not?Views: 882
Apr 05, 2007 6:44 pmAre you "spinning" or not?#

Denise Michaels
When you wear all the hats in a business - as most of us do - it's very easy to get caught up in a web of multi-tasking and being scattered with no clear focus from day to day.

I wrote an entire chapter in my TFM book about the issues women are challenged with regarding our focus (or lack thereof) and how multi-tasking can truly be a mixed blessing.

Here's what I think happens: when you become an entrepreneur it becomes very easy to get caught up "spinning in the world of ideas" as I call it. So many opportunities and so little time. You can have a blast talking and thinking about all these cool ideas and how much money you can make with 'em all.

"Ooh, look at this! Great income potential."

"Wow! Look at that. I could just do it in my spare time."

There are lots of people on ryze who say that they have two, three or four different businesses. I may be wrong some of the time - but much of the time I figure they're probably not really making money with any of them.

To complete anything - resulting in cash flow - you have to dig your heels in and get going with one (and keep going) to make money, right? Seems pretty simple so far - ahhhhh, but the plot thickens. *smile*

Here's the challenge: while you're spinning in the world of ideas - you're not getting anything done, nothing is being completed. Why would a person DO that when you don't get paid in business until you complete things and create cash flow?

The reason I believe is at the root of this "spinning" is that it means aspiring or fairly new entrepreneurs get to avoid rejection.

The minute you really "put something out there" you're faced with whether it will be a smashing success or a bomb. And for a lot of people that's scary. Spinning is a lot more fun and there's no fear or risk attached to it.

Here's the funny thing: by "spinning" our subconscious mind believes that it's protecting us from rejection. However, on the other hand over the long run it can really mess with your self confidence - because after awhile you look back and say, geez it's been six months or a year or two years and what do I have to show for it?

For a lot of people it makes them feel like a failure when they realize that they've been spinning - but the truth is they've been very successful - successful at avoiding rejection.

There are solutions - mostly they have to do with facing up to the fact that what you put out to the world there might succeed or it might flop. But when you finally take that leap of faith - you're making forward progress by moving energy and creating momentum - and that generally results in real success.

What do you think??

All the best,

Denise Michaels
Author, "Testosterone-Free Marketing"

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Apr 05, 2007 10:50 pmre: Are you "spinning" or not?#

Adam Herbel
A very good point for the home-base business owners out there. Coming up with ideas is great. In fact those who come up with ideas and systems for doing something better, quicker or in mass quantities are the ones who get rich.

The difference between the spinner, as you call them, and the successful person is the real amount of work that they put into DOING the plan.

Thanks for the ideas...now lets DO our businesses!! =)


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Apr 06, 2007 3:10 amre: re: Are you "spinning" or not?#

Denise Michaels
Hi Adam:

Yes, you're right. What I find is the excuse (or reason) I hear for this is - "I just have all these great ideas and I find it so hard to narrow them all down." Hogwash! Doing just that is what being a business owner is all about. Making the choices - and living with them.

I do a marketing teleclass and one of the lessons is my 4-step formula for creating a USP. It took me a long time (about two years) to develop something so awesome and so simple - and very fast. I've had people tell me they spent months trying to figure out how to come up with a USP and in 30 minutes - bingo! - they have it. Anyway, I digress. Once they come up with their USP I ask them to email it to me. Never fails some people send me 2, 3 or 4 of 'em. Sheesh, you gotta test - but then finally make a decision, right?

I suggest if people have a lot of ideas that they use their creativity and their ideas to go vertical. That is go deeper into developing and implementing marketing ideas, operational systems (ala Michael Gerber), developing your brand - extending into different (but related) products and services - for the same same niche customers - and on and on. But having several totally unrelated businesses with different niche markets doesn't make a whole lot of sense, IMHO.

all the best,

Denise Michaels
Author, "Testosterone-Free Marketing"

Visit me online at http://www.MentoringwithDenise.com

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