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Hollywood & Politics: Then & Now
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"True Hollywood Story"Views: 1341
Apr 05, 2007 10:08 pm"True Hollywood Story"#

Glorinda Marie
Hi all,
Here is my 'True Hollywood Story':

I am an actress who has built a pretty good resume in San Francisco, California. After joining the SAG union, I decided to move to LA temporarily in mid January in order to expand my career.

I started out gangbusters meeting actors, casting people, directors.

Within a few weeks, my car broke down and needed repair. I fixed it. Then I unexpectedly developed a serious health matter that
required several trips to the ER! One time I waited 4 & 1/2 hours
in the ER waiting room which was extremely painful and frightening. Each time they would shoot me up with morphine, slice me up and release me. Then insurance issues kicked
in and caused problems and delays, But once resolved, I finally found a doctor in LA who saw me and said my case was the most severe she'd seen in her career and required immediate surgery!

Next day I went to see the surgeon who looked at me and said he had to squeeze me into his surgery schedule the following day for emergency surgery immediately! The surgery went well, however, three days after the surgery I became impacted and was back in the ER! The surgeon says it will take at least 3 months for me recover fully as my case is unusually severe. I had already lost 3 weeks of classes and this temporary move is a very expensive investment placing us in severe debt! So, we decided to extend my stay a bit here in LA to make up for lost time.

So, three and 1/2 weeks after the surgery, I'm out there and in the game again best I can deal with it. It's really, really tough though - I'm not well but I'm peddling as fast as i can.

This month I have 17 casting director workshops, 3 agent showcases plus I am studying at Scott Sedita's Studios. Some good fortune came when a nice WB director kindly gave me an industry referral that got me into this masterful class. Thanks to her I am studying with a comedic genius! Laughter is the best medicine and boy do I need it now more than ever!!!

OK. So, did you see the news about the enormous fire in the Hollywood Hills? Well, I live in the apartment complex that that fire came within 3 feet of burning down! That particular day I had just taken some medications in recovery from my surgery and was ready to lie down for a quick nap before my class when I suddenly heard dozens of helicopters overhead. I turned on the news and saw this enormous 250 acre fire burning out of control! I heard the anchor woman say, "Barham Blvd is closed'"- the very street I lived on!!! Then the fire alarm in my building went off and we were all evacuated from the buildings for awhile! It took about 6 hours to contain the fire and 2 days to put it out completely. What a nightmare scare!

Two teenagers from Illinois had started the fire as a prank. Needless to say, they are in a detention center currently. The apartment complex has 1,000 units - so thousands of people's lives were placed in jeopardy!

I nearly laughed when the news focused on the safety of the "Hollywood" sign! Never mind all the people in our apartment complex or the people at nearby WB studios next door who may have died. But the "Hollywood" sign is safe - phew - what a relief!

The next day as I began to catch my breath, I went to reward myself with a pedicure. Within a few days, I developed ingrown toenails that became infected! I just got them fixed yesterday!

What next? Locusts? Pestilence?

I swear, I am due for some good news to break soon. Honestly, I'm really a good girl!

Anyway, on a positive note - my studying is going well and I am
receiving glorious and encouraging reviews from the casting directors that I have been meeting.

My goal is to aquire an agent here in LA and at least one invitation to audition for something! I do have a good agent in SF and played a fun role in a Hallmark film last year. But, there is not alot of union work in the Bay Area. Most of the good union work for TV and film is in LA, so I'll probably be a nomad for awhile.

Here is my actress link if you are interested in seeing my portfolio including 3 short demo reel samples of my work:

I do know about 'the secret' and am keeping positive thoughts and counting my blessings and success' each day. But, I thought I'd share my latest story with you all here and hope some of you will send positive loving thoughts my way. Hope it offers you some inspiration - despite obstacles - the show MUST go on!

Wishing you all the best,

Glorinda Marie

Private Reply to Glorinda Marie

Apr 05, 2007 11:12 pmre: "True Hollywood Story"#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net


Oooh, I KNOW positive vibes are coming your way! I literally just hit the "send" button on a PM to you. I wanted to check in & see how you're doing . . . you've just answered my question. I'm so sorry to hear things have tried to get in your way but happy to know you're not letting them!

For those who don't know Glorinda, please check out her portfolio link. I was honored when she sent me a copy of both "The Christmas Carol," in which she played along w/Ed Asner, & a short film she produced called, "The Widow Maker." Visit the "Reels" page & check the "Theatrical" clip: http://www.glorinda.com/reel.html .

I'm glad you checked in, Glorinda. Pls keep in touch!

Blessings -- Linda

www.lindajalexander.net ** www.authorsden.com/lindajalexander
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/
Bev Mahone's '07 Valentine's Contest Essay Top 5 Winner!

Private Reply to Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Apr 06, 2007 12:14 amre: "True Hollywood Story"#

www.Karlyns.com - Graphic Designer
What a pretty name..
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Wow, you've had your share of unfortunate times. I hope you see a smoother road before you now. I'm familiar with the secret too, and I know that a woman with your talent and beauty will see many happier times in the future! Keep smiling! :)

Graphic Design and Marketing: http://www.karlyns.com/
Sage Advice for Practical Living: http://www.ModernSage.com/
Wahm Buds: Networking & Friendship: http://www.wahmbuds.com/
Network with ME today: http://www.karlyns.com/network-with-me/

Private Reply to www.Karlyns.com - Graphic Designer

Apr 08, 2007 4:43 pmre: re: "True Hollywood Story"#

Christina Daly

What a brave and determined person you are! You've weathered a furious storm! Sounds as if you've got a leg in...so keep up the good work. I've looked at your reels and you are awfully familiar to me. I must have seen you on some show or another.

May I ask you what the Hollywood scene is like now? Sounds as if it's as difficult to be "discovered" as it ever was. It looks as if the current trend is to adopt babies from 3rd world countries; wonder if Angelie Jolie would adopt me...lol!

Best wishes, Happy Easter, and please do keep us updated on your path to stardom and the ins and outs of the Hollywood scene.

Christina Daly

Private Reply to Christina Daly

Apr 08, 2007 6:32 pmre: re: re: "True Hollywood Story"#

Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net


I just don't think Angelina & Brad have room for you these days. I saw an online publication out of New Orleans recently that said that in addition to their latest new baby from a 3rd world country, they'd just adopted "Baby Ray Nagin" & had to get him settled into his new life & w/his new family. . . . After all, New Orleans is in many ways these days like something of a 3rd world country, & they did just move there.

Yes, it WAS a very tongue-in-cheek publication but all things considered, maybe he could do better if they WOULD adopt him!! ; >

Blessings -- Linda

www.lindajalexander.net ** www.authorsden.com/lindajalexander
HOLLYWOOD & POLITICS - http://hollywoodpolitics-network.ryze.com/
Bev Mahone's '07 Valentine's Contest Essay Top 5 Winner!

Private Reply to Linda J. Alexander http://www.lindajalexander.net

Apr 08, 2007 8:41 pmre: re: re: "True Hollywood Story"#

Glorinda Marie
Hi Christina,
You are too funny! Brangelina - would you really want those two as parents? Hmmm.
Yes, there is no being discovered here in Hollywood anymore unless you are unusually young and beautiful. Sorry to say, that is not me. For character actors like me it is highly competitive and difficult to even get in doors. I have not yet been invited to even one audition - not ONE - nothing since I've been here (mid January)! ~ Yikes. It is disheartening.

I have an agent in San Francisco (with no pull here) but no agent here in LA yet. So, I just control what I can. I stay in class and meet the casting people through their workshops. Luckily, the feedback for my work has been exceptionally positive fom the casting people and many have taken my demo reels. I pray someone will call me in to read for something soon!!!

One Casting person that I know who is actually very BIG in the film industry emailed me and told me that she had placed me on her 'to cast' list! She will be casting 2 movies this summer. One of them has a 15 million dollar budget - so fingers crossed! She has seen me work in 3 of her workshops and really appreciates my range as an actress and also likes me as a person. So,here is an exapmle - it can take YEARS to develop these important relationships. And believe me, it is all about WHO you know along with your talent.

It's like advertising products in commercials. The average consumer has to see a product 3 times before the product is recognizable to them. In our case- the actor is the product. So these VIPS have to see us at least 3 times before they recognize us and think of us - just to be called in to interview and audition for a job. Then you are competing with hundreds of other actors - many with star names! Perhaps the lottery would be easier. But, if your passion is acting like mine - you gotta do it!
Thanks for taking a moment to look at my demo reels! Yes, you may have seen me before on a TV commercial or in a film. I have been acting for about 8 years and have made about 35 indie films in the bay area and several commercials. Many of my films have screened in festivals or won awards! But the only one that was actualy played on TV and viewed by millions of people was "The Christmas Card" starring Ed Asner - the Hallmark film that I played a small role in. Maybe you saw that on TV at Christmas time?

Moving to LA is almost like starting over though. It's a catch 22 - they want to see TV show credits on your resume - but how do you get these credits if they never call you in to read for these roles?

To anyone intersted in becoming an actor, I can offer this advice: ~ Remember the 5 P's:
1.) Punctuality
2.) Professionalism
3.) Practice your craft (stay in class)
4.) Persitence
5.) Patience (the hardest one)

All the best to you and a very Happy Easter!

Glorinda Marie

Private Reply to Glorinda Marie

Apr 08, 2007 9:43 pmre: "True Hollywood Story"#

Debra Shiveley Welch
I know that you are going to do well. I just know it, and I wouldn't say so if I didn't believe it to be true.

I'm wishing you all the good fortune you deserve, and if there is anything I can do, you just let me know.

I loved you in "The Christmas Card," and I'm sure we here are not the only ones who noticed your contribution to the project!

I'm sorry you've been ill. But, maybe something will come out of it that is fine and good. When we are ill, we often have time and opportunity to reflect...I'm sure you didn't waste your time while "down."

Debra-Author of "A Very Special Child"; co-author "Jesus Gandhi Oma Mae Adams"

Private Reply to Debra Shiveley Welch

Apr 09, 2007 7:52 pmre: re: "True Hollywood Story"#

Christina Daly
Glorinda, congratulations on the Casting Call list. This could be the break you need! You have a face that one doesn't forget and notices right away. I don't know what that 'je ne sais pas' is, but you have it. I can see that your personality and your broad range of acting abilities might land you on TV. One of my favorite shows is "Sisters." I can see you playing a cameo role and being invited to join a cast like this.

Can you get work at a movie studio? Can you become a personal assistant or coach for a famous star? Do you know any of the Hollywood rag writers? Perhaps you could start a column or even end up on a show like Access Hollywood and mosey on into the well known household name category. Forgive me for thinking out loud. It's fun to brain storm.

I actually lived in LA for 10 years and LOVED it. I had a very delayed adolescence there and did everything that I didn't dare do nearer to home. I had a blast and met some terrific people. I've since moved back to my family's territory here in San Jose and raised a son, but those days in LA have a sweet spot in my heart. It's so outrageous there...you can do anything you want to and get away with it. Memories like sitting next to Goldie Hawn at a champagne bar while we were both waiting for our dates and chattering away until I realized who she was and became instantly mute. I remember watching Rock Hudson shooting outside of the Cal Fed Bldg and sneaking on set to gawk at him (that dates me--I think the show was Macmillen and son). I remember being invited to a party at Wilt Chamberlain's home and gawking at the immense size of everything. His house was built for a giant; complete with a swimming pool which was both in doors and out doors with a sauna overlooking the entire basin (smog and all...lol). I remember that Alan Sherman dated my roomate and spent tons of time at our apartment (hello modda, hello fadda...). It seemed as if there were movies stars everywhere and life was one big movie! Great fun for a young single girl.

I hope you're adjusting to all the silliness and managing to enjoy yourself.

Christina Daly

Private Reply to Christina Daly

Apr 10, 2007 2:17 pmre: re: re: "True Hollywood Story"#

amanda tomasoa
Glorinda, thank you for sharing your true life story! What an adventure! It's incredible to see your spirit up. Nig hugs for that!

Glorinda, I can only imagine the awful feeling when you were in pain and had to wait around in the ER and then get all those other things happening to you. *shakes head*

I think this could be th making of you as a fantastic Comic soemday as you have a lot of things to share.

I am very glad you are all safe!!!! I think your life is more important than the Hollywood sign!!!!

AI yai yia...

But there are good news in your life and I wish to hear more!!!

Well done and keep acting GREAT!!!!


New Zealand Artist

Private Reply to amanda tomasoa

Apr 11, 2007 2:31 amre: re: re: re: "True Hollywood Story"#

Christina Daly
Well girls, I made a major typo; the cliche is "Je Ne Sais Quoi" NOT "Je Ne Sais Pas." Ms. Malaprop here; alive and well in San Jose. Still Glorinda, you do have that indefinable quality which propels you into our lives. Yep, you do!

Christina Daly

Private Reply to Christina Daly

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