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The Biggest LieViews: 910
Apr 17, 2007 5:35 pmThe Biggest Lie#

Denise Michaels
I've seen posts and emails recently from people who are involved in either Network Marketing or Direct Selling companies sporting the biggest lie in business:

"Our products are so good that they sell themselves."

Don't get snookered by this hackneyed claim that's been around forever. The truth is that nothing sells itself. Why do I say that? These companies wouldn't pay 50-57% of their revenues in commissions if the products sold themselves. (No, a single distributor won't get that large of a commission on one sale - but when you look at all the levels - experts in "comp plans" know that most of these companies pay the above percentages on commission checks combined.

Do you think that these companies would pay that big of a chunk of their revenues if they didn't have to? Not a chance.

I'm not slamming any MLM or direct selling company - there are a lot of good ones out their that provide great products and offer people a wonderful opportunity to create a business. But you'd better have - or be willing to develop selling skills. For some people this is a piece of cake and for others it's not so easy.

Don't believe anyone who says, "No selling skills needed all you have to do is 'share' the product." And, "It sells itself." Poppycock!

That said I do believe it's a lot easier to sell any product when you're passionate about it and use it personally. But I've still met and known a lot of wonderful women who really loved the product but just found the steps required too sell just too doggone daunting. If that describes you - my book can definitely help.

All the best,

Denise Michaels
Author, "Testosterone-Free Marketing"

PS: I'm looking for one very special woman who is committed
to success for her business over the next year. If you are
serious about transforming your life and your business this
year send me a PM and tell me how I might be able to help you.

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