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Gold & Silver precious metals
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May 12, 2007 11:32 pmQUOTES OF THE WEEK:#


From Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, in their May issue of "The Aden Forecast" newsletter, released this week:

"In the 1970s, inflation pushed gold, silver and oil up to records. But a demand based rise is always the most powerful.

The falling U.S. dollar is also more damaging now than in the 1970s. Then, the dollar was falling from a fixed rate as it was allowed to float in the free market, which was the start of the decay. But the dollar was king then, the undisputed reserve currency and the U.S. was the ultimate power. Today a weak dollar is coinciding with a superpower that is seriously being tested in the global world economy, while record deficits and debt mount, and its reserve status is being questioned and slowly changing.

Yes, this time is different and a weaker dollar will surely play a part in keeping the gold price strong as lower interest rates keep the dollar under pressure. And low rates, together with the expanding money supply guarantees that inflation will pick up. A lower dollar and inflation, in turn, provides the best environment for gold's bull market."

. . . . and from widely-respected precious metals market analyst Jim Sinclair, on his JSMineSet.com website this week:

"The US economy has rolled over and the Fed cannot pump rates without causing a major bust. They would put the final pin in the credit bubble blowing what is left of housing all to hell and launching the Federal Budget Deficit to the next galaxy.

As far as inflation is concerned, one need only read the recent article Monty posted dealing with demand pull - cost push inflation. You know - those old laws of economics few believe anymore."

. . . . and finally, from the irreverent and irrepressible Richard Daughty, editor of "The Mogambo Guru" economic newsletter, on The Daily Reckoning website this week:

"This recent pullback in the prices of gold, silver and oil is one of those rare times in history where opportunity is not actually knock, knock, knocking on your front door, but is actually sitting on your chest, pinning you down, slapping the hell out of your face while screaming, 'Buy, you idiot! Buy! What in the hell is the matter with you that you don't buy?'

And as painful as that is, it is not nearly as painful as not buying, and then watching the prices go up and up and up, while you end up spending hours and hours kicking yourself about 'how much money you lost' by not buying when you should have."

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May 16, 2007 3:22 pmre: QUOTES OF THE WEEK:#

Adam Antoszewski
Thanks Laurielle.

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