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Glowing Testimonial for Marilyn's ProgramsViews: 2560
Jun 05, 2007 12:47 amGlowing Testimonial for Marilyn's Programs#

Susan McCool
Hello Everyone!

Some of you know me from other networks, but I don't often post here on FFTP. I am in two of Marilyn's programs - I Create My Body and Feel Free To Prosper. I have glowing testimonials for each...

I Create My Body

Many of you may have already seen my testimonial about my progress with the I Create My Body program in Marilyn's announcement of her Live Teleclass (which is going to be so exciting). But, for those that didn't read that thread...

I started Marilyn's I Create My Body program several weeks ago. The first few days I noticed results, right away. My cravings changed. I lost all desire to eat "junk" food. In fact, it just isn't appealing to me at all. Its like being forced to eat something that you do not like. I started craving "good" foods. I realized that for the ease of convenience, we fell away from our usual diet of lots of veggies and homemade meals with whole grains, wheat and oats. So, I put us back on that menu of food. I crave salads again (although the dressings seem to do it no justice anymore). Every bite is good...it is fullfilling a craving...a desire.

2 weeks after starting the program, I have went from a size 12 pants to a size 10. And now my size 10s are even a little looser than they were at that 2 week mark. I have so much more energy that I can chase my kids around without wanting to fall over and recoup (I have a three yr old and an 8 month old). In fact, I find myself going on cleaning sprees late in the night to burn off the energy so I can sleep.

I am definately loving the NEW ME!

Or should I say...

I am definately loving having the OLD ME BACK!

Feel Free To Prosper

I have been doing the FFTP Program now for about a week and a half and am getting personal coaching from Marilyn. I have had amazing results. Again, within a few days I started noticing results. I had two new clients that I was going back and forth in emails with. Both very interested in working with me.

But, then I thought things took a nose dive. I called Marilyn in a panick because one of my current clients informed me that she wanted to take a 2 month break - which means 2 months of not having that money. Marilyn explained to me the lesson in the 3rd post of her story - There is no loss in the Divine Mind. She instructed me to read that story. I did. I got a new project that night with a possibility of more. Yesterday, I signed a new retainer client who has already paid me in full for the month of June (an amount that is more than double that of the client that is taking a 2 month breather). Today, I received an email from the other potential client I have been conversing with...he is still VERY interested in working with me. He is just trying to get all of his ducks in a row and he has a few other projects I might be able to assist him with that he is trying to pull the information together for to email to me. This means, this one client will have about 10 different projects for me, plus some long-term projects.

I am definately seeing the prosperity growing in my life. I am now bringing in enough money for my husband to persue his dream of starting his own business.

I know I am doing the homework and that I am manifesting all this greatness. But, I really give the credit to Marilyn for teaching me these simple, gratifying principles that are allowing me to reach my goals much faster than I ever thought I could. Marilyn has become such a great part of my life that I add her to my gratitue journal every night (shhh...she doesn't know that yet!).

I would love to hear how everyone else is doing on their programs. How far you have come. Your rags to riches stories. Please share with me how far you have come from utilizing Marilyn's different programs.

Prosperous wishes,

Susan McCool
Spotlight Marketing & Design
...Guiding balanced business owners to enjoy the spotlight of success!

Private Reply to Susan McCool

Jun 05, 2007 2:21 pmre: Glowing Testimonial for Marilyn's Programs#

Shann Vander Leek


And ...

Thank you so much for sharing your testimonial.

I am so excited to participate in the I Create My Body class next week! I have also been on the fence about getting involved with The FFTP program as well (a short term matter of money).

As a new entrepreneur, I already invest in a mentor coach and a transitional coach. BUT ... There is something magical about Marilyn!

I will manifest the money needed to become more involved with the programs she creates.

In Balance,


True Balance Life Coaching
Discover how to create a well-balanced life by visiting my ryze
home page for a free life balance e-course delivered to your inbox today!

Private Reply to Shann Vander Leek

Jun 07, 2007 1:38 amUpdate: More amazing things are happening...#

Susan McCool
In my last post, I explained to everyone how I was losing my one client for a couple of months. I called Marilyn in a panic. She taught me the lesson of "There is no loss in the Divine Mind." And she was right. I landed a client that pays me more than double that of the client I was losing for those two months.

The amazing part...

There was absolutely no loss at all!!! I called her to discuss our last bit of work before we were to take our "breather." I told her my exciting news and that I no longer needed to look for a J O B outside of the home. She informed me that her own personal issues resolved also and asked if I wanted to forget the two month breather and keep on working. Of course, I said YES! In that phone call we had a tremendous amount of ideas that manifested into several big steps that we will be taking with her business. I am going to use the principles that Marilyn has been teaching me to help manifest these next big steps into successes!

I couldn't wait to tell Marilyn the great news - she was right! There never was a single moment of "real" loss. The universe brought me everything I needed to keep charging forward.

Another gratifying experience thanks to Marilyn's FFTP program!

Want to know the funniest part?

Marilyn asked me if I was ready to receive lesson 2 because I have been working on lesson 1 for two weeks. I shamefully admitted that I haven't even listened to the audio, yet. I have manifested all this greatness and I haven't even got through the first half of lesson 1, yet. So, I told her that I would download the audio and listen to it. I was just about to download the audio when I realized.....I NEVER DID THE FOLLOW UP TO LESSON 1. I have NEW affirmations to write before I should even be listening to that audio.

So, tonight I start with my new affirmation. I can only imagine what the universe will send me when I start that one. In 3 days, I can listen to the audio.

So, for two weeks, I have only been doing PART of Lesson 1...and I have been able to manifest all this greatness.

Truly magical (as Shann put it).

Prosperous thoughts,

Susan McCool
Spotlight Marketing & Design
...Guiding balanced business owners to enjoy the spotlight of success!

Private Reply to Susan McCool

Jun 07, 2007 2:53 amre: Update: More amazing things are happening...#

Marilyn Jenett

I'm speechless. Okay, maybe not :-) Me speechless?

This only proves what I have stated for several years now. It's not about how MUCH information you take in and how much you overload your mind with information - even good information.

I would rather someone take one technique - in this case it was the main part of the lesson - and DO IT - really do it and apply it - than overload the mind and confuse it.

Lesson One comes in two parts - there is Lesson One, which Susan was applying consistently (I know because she told me) and then there is the Follow Up to the lesson that's done about 4 days later. After doing both parts of the lesson, I then instruct my students to listen to the audio. That's my mentoring part that covers material that is not in the written lessons. It brings it all together and complements the techniques with greater understanding.

Susan consistently applied that lesson and she got her rewards. We were happy about the new client making up for the one taking a "breather," but when Susan maintained right thinking and overcame fear, on a subconscious or perhaps Universal level, she affected her client's issues.

In other words, we ALL become teachers when we live in prosperity consciousness. We affect those around us and I believe we affect healing on a global level.

The more we heal, the more others are healed, and the more prosperity there is for everyone.

I hope I'm making sense.

I am very blessed to see all these new messages being posted. Thank you Susan and Christine.
~ M

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Jun 07, 2007 11:27 pmThere is no loss in the divine mind...#

Susan McCool
The lesson Marilyn taught me when I was in panic mode after I thought I was losing money that came in every month, right after my husband lost his job.

I have to say that the Universe really wants me to understand this lesson, as it has been occuring ever since Marilyn explained it to me and had me read the 3rd post in her story (soon to be a book).

After I posted yesterday, a friend told me that she was now in the very same situation I was before I signed that new client - no money for groceries. In fact, her marriage was being deeply affected by their financial situation. I offered to share with that universe has given me. I told her I would send her money and she could work it off (sort of like a retainer type deal). At first she was hesitant. She felt like I was giving her money. I explained that just because she knew me didn't mean I wasn't a "client." And, with the workload I suddenly received, I could certainly use a hand in some of the stuff that she does. And I told her, "There is no loss in the divine mind. What I give you now, I will get back." So, she accepted. I sent her money via PayPal. I walked away from my computer for about 20 minutes. Returned to an email with another project that would replace the money I just sent to my friend. There, indeed, was no loss.

As an aside...

I walked to my mailbox this afternoon to get our mail. We had a check. It was the last mileage check from my husband's old job. It was only $4.80 - but that was $4.80 we did not expect to get.

I am so grateful to Marilyn for teaching me how to use these principles. I heard about them, and I tried to live by them....but it wasn't until Marilyn came along that I truly understood how it all worked and am seeing results.

I am so happy to be becoming so successful, so quickly. Everything I want, I get. It is almost like I am dreaming....yet I don't wake up when I pinch myself!

Prosperous thoughts,

Susan McCool
Spotlight Marketing & Design
...Guiding balanced business owners to enjoy the spotlight of success!

Private Reply to Susan McCool

Jun 08, 2007 9:08 amre: There is no loss in the divine mind...#

Marilyn Jenett

One of the greatest indications of a budding prosperity consciousness is when we lose the fear of "releasing" money.

When Susan released money to help her friend/vendor, aside from expressing compassion, she was in fact giving the message to her subconscious mind that she "had" money and therefore could release some.

And when your subconscious believes that you have money, what happens? It keeps attracting money to you. It's pretty simple.

That's why I believe in the practice of tithing, but won't get into it here. However, I do have a paragraph in my lesson on tithing about a man I met many, many years ago.

He was a young chiropractor. This was way before I was grounded in the laws. I recall that he told me that whenever he was short of money, he would go to Skid Row and hand out bills to the homeless people. After doing this, money would always come flowing in.

When you give the subconscious the message that you have money to release, your subconscious will make sure you have money to release.

And this also keeps building faith and trust in the Universe and its laws.

~ Marilyn

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Jun 08, 2007 11:34 amre: re: There is no loss in the divine mind...#

I am with Shann :

"I will manifest the money needed to become more involved with the programs she creates."


Private Reply to TheFlower

Jun 09, 2007 2:54 amre: Glowing Testimonial for Marilyn's Programs#

Diana Hodge
Congratulations, and Thank you for posting your testimonial!
I rarely post here, but do try to drop in and read the posts often...I always leave this forum optomistic and inspired to succeed after spending time here!
I'm with Shann & Silvia... I need to manifest more money so that I can become more involved with the programs that marilyn offers! LOL
Best Wishes for continued success!

Diana hodge

Private Reply to Diana Hodge

Jun 09, 2007 4:39 amre: re: Glowing Testimonial for Marilyn's Programs#

Marilyn Jenett

Listen up, ladies!

It's the other way around. My program is what is going to manifest that money you want.

What am I going to do with the three of you? :-)

~ M

Marilyn Jenett
Moderator, Feel Free to Prosper Network

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Jun 09, 2007 12:22 pmre: re: re: Glowing Testimonial for Marilyn's Programs#

Alison Wilcox
I second what Marilyn said! Over a year ago, I was saying just what you ladies are saying. Then, I stepped out in faith, paid the money for Lesson One (which I honestly believed I did not have at the time), and within 24 hours had manifested over $1400.
So, I would say.... what are you waiting for? Sign up!
Alison :)

Private Reply to Alison Wilcox

Sep 05, 2007 8:43 pm4 Months Later - STILL SOARING TO SUCCESS!#

Susan McCool
Hi Everyone :)

I've been meaning to come over here and post my results for so long, but time has a way of passing me by. Why? Well, I am spending the majority of my time being successful :)

Yes, that is right. My business is doing fantastic! I am gaining new clients and answering requests with proposals faster than I could have imagined.

I do want to share some of my results. I posted this on my network (http://vpa-network.ryze.com) a couple of weeks ago. So, I am going to share that post over here until I can come back and fill in all the details and catch up on the other great opportunities that are coming my way!


I am a little late posting my intro for Marilyn. But, it is definately one everyone needs to hear. I mentioned in my bio on the home page that my success started after I began her Feel Free to Prosper program. But, what you don't know is that I have started her program twice, still haven't made it past the written portion of Lesson 1 and have received great results both times. Why haven't I made it past Lesson 1? Well, I get so much return so quickly that I actually get too busy to do the homework. So, after my successful attempt of creating prosperity and getting my new schedule figured out, I gave it a go a second time to find another successful attempt. And, even though I haven't had time to do ALL of my homework, I still do part of it, so I am continuing to get results. Its wonderful.

Now, it wasn't just my business that has seen results. My husband was given an opportunity as a partner in a business that services the majority of our town's residents. The best part...he didn't even have to buy in! It was just handed to him. He was also given another opportunity to work for his old boss at his own schedule, he just had to name his pay and terms. So, when he doesn't have work with the other business, he does with this man. Constant flow of money. I have been able to stop several medications I was on due to health issues with no problems arising. I was on Prozac for post-partum depression. I was able to stop and didn't go 'crazy' like I had twice before while trying to stop. I was also able to stop my restless leg syndrome medication with no issues in my legs, STILL. And, recently, I was able to stop taking my heart medication that keeps my heart beating regularly. The best test for this is the summer months with all the heat. While I do have a few minor symptoms...I am no longer fainting - a major plus!!!!! And, I was able to lose 20 lbs within 3 months with no exercise or a major change in diet and have kept it off.

So, of course, with all of my success (and my husband's) I just HAD to share Marilyn and her program with everyone. If you are serious about being successful in business and life, her program is the key to jumpstart your prosperity!


Susan McCool
Spotlight Marketing & Design
...Guiding balanced business owners to enjoy the spotlight of success!

Private Reply to Susan McCool

Sep 07, 2007 10:08 amre: 4 Months Later - STILL SOARING TO SUCCESS!#

Marilyn Jenett

When I saw this latest post of Susan's on her network, I replied...

"Your results from Feel Free to Prosper have been remarkable and very gratifying for me to witness. I have always believed that students are drawn to the right teacher by "divine appointment" and there's no doubt that you were truly ready to move forward and prosper in your life.

But you have been holding out on me! :-)

I knew that you had stopped those other medications, but you didn't tell me about the heart medication. What a great surprise to read that here!

Just think...this is only the beginning. And can't wait to see what happens when you finish the homework. :-)"

To which Susan replied...

"LoL...Marilyn. As I typed that I realized that I hadn't told you. I was waiting to see if you caught it ;)"

I LOVE those kinds of surprises!

~ Marilyn

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Sep 07, 2007 4:45 pm 4 Months Later - STILL SOARING TO SUCCESS!#

Sharilee Guest
Congrats to you BOTH!!

I feel honored to be a part of this incredible group!

Sharilee Guest
Founder, AmericaTakingAction.com National Education Network
Founding President, Bookwise
Winninginthemargins.com (Use passkey: freedom)
Consultant, Simply Fun
Distributor, That's A Wrap
Affiliate, Bare Foot Books
Come Hang Out at Yuwie!!
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Private Reply to Sharilee Guest

Nov 15, 2007 1:04 amWho needs the Universe on Speed Dial when you have Marilyn?#

Susan McCool
Marilyn always says that her program is like having the Universe on Speed Dial. I agree. But, I found that having Marilyn on my Speed Dial (which she actually is, a bonus for being one of a very select few private students) is a VERY powerful thing!

Yesterday I was in panic mode because a proposal I needed to move forward with a big design/development project for one of my newest clients was not given to me after a week and the deadline was YESTERDAY! I could not connect with the person giving the proposal and the whole project was riding on this ONE proposal.

I called my back up person and got no answer. Sometimes, this back up person can get very busy, so I thought I wouldn't hear from them yesterday and would be "up the creek." Yeah, I know, I know - NEGATIVE THINKING IS BAD!

Which is why I called Marilyn for some much needed intervention for my negative thoughts and panicking mind. But, I got no answer. She was actually on another call at the time. So, I left a voice mail and sort of explained the situation and asked her to please call me with guidance.

I literally hung up the phone from leaving her a voice mail and low and behold my back up person called. He was open to help me ASAP and was able to get a proposal to me in just a couple short hours! I was soooo relieved!

After I spoke to him the original person called me also. But, I had to inform them that I had to call my back up b/c I was nearing deadline. They understood, no hard feelings!

I called Marilyn back to let her know all is well. I hang up and guess who calls me!!!


She didn't even listen to the second message letting her know that I don't need the Universe on Speed Dial. I only needed to call Marilyn and everything worked itself out.

Marilyn explained to me that I didn't even need to speak to her. Speaking to her voice mail allowed our spirits to connect and help bring me back to the spiritual plane for guidance. And I certainly got it within MINUTES!

I just had to share my story. It was another lesson in the ways of the Universe.


Susan McCool
Spotlight Marketing & Design
...Guiding balanced business owners to enjoy the spotlight of success!

Private Reply to Susan McCool

Nov 16, 2007 10:01 amre: Who needs the Universe on Speed Dial when you have Marilyn?#

Marilyn Jenett

Susan and Members,

Susan, did you happen to notice that this thread of yours has had over 500 views since you started it a few months ago? It appears that many are interested in your prosperity evolution. :-)

Now, to the subject...a very interesting one...

I won't take all the credit for these seemingly "supernatural" occurrences - then again, I do believe I deserve more credit than the Wizard of Oz. :-) Besides, I always say that the "supernatural" is really quite natural.

It seems that you, Susan, have recognized this connection of Spirit at a different level than previously noted on this network. I will get to your experience after I give a bit of background here for everyone.

Many times in the past, students have noticed that immediately after we connected, they would have a prosperity manifestation - sometimes before they even received the lesson material. Here is an example I pulled from the network archives:


I have explained this in the past and I will again...

In my opinion, there are two reasons that an immediate connection with a prosperity mentor or teacher can produce instant results:

1. The first reason...

One of my great teachers was Champion K. Teutsch, PhD, an extraordinary man who was not only renowned in the US for his groundbreaking work relating to mental and spiritual laws and consciousness, but he was honored in many other countries. You can go to this thread and scroll down to read my tribute to him and his wife after he made his transition a few months before in 2005:


He was truly one-of-a-kind in this field and I was so fortunate that the Universe brought me to him.

Often when I went to Champion's office, he would state that as soon as I came in contact with him, I would tune into and pick up his consciousness. I would laugh about it in front of him. But then I would return to my office and some major piece of business would arrive out of the blue!

I was delighted by this but never really thought about it over the years until I started teaching Feel Free to Prosper and the same thing would happen with my students or soon-to-be students. Champion was again proven right, just as he had been proven right about many things in the medical and scientific communities.

We are all greatly affected and impacted by the consciousness of those around us. We have all felt the influence of certain people who lifted us up or made us feel happy or joyous and we have sadly experienced the opposite effect of some people.

So it's not surprising to find that when we meet someone who has a firm faith and conviction in prosperity consciousness, we can be influenced by that strong faith, vibration or "frequency", however you perceive it.

2. Now the other reason this happens is actually very obvious and easy to understand once it's explained:

When a potential student resonates to me and we connect, they acquire new inspiration and hope - the possibility that they have found the answer and solution for their life situations. And what happens then? Their subconscious mind immediately opens up with faith and expectation - and faith can move mountains. Remember the Biblical phrase about "faith as a grain of mustard seed?"

Even the tiniest bit of faith, when "sown," can open up our consciousness to grand manifestations.

We know that someone can be given a placebo instead of a medication and get immediately results. What is that about? Faith.

Now with regard to a situation like Susan's, she has been a student of mine for months now and has seen pretty remarkable results. So I'd say that her faith level is up there. And yet some of those old worn out patterns have reared their head on occasion when something triggers it. So she got caught off guard. But her subconscious mind wants to guide her and bring her back to her prosperity state. Her instinct is to reach out to me because I am her mentor and it has worked for her in the past.

She will find resolution when I speak to her, but in reality, here is what I believe is happening with her now.

I tell my students often that my definition of a mentor is someone who teaches their mentees to tap their own resources so that they don't need to depend on the mentor. The mentor teaches the eaglet to fly on its own.

However, during that process, the student can lean on me and allow me to be the "bridge" to get there. They can use my faith in the laws until they have increased their own faith level.

Susan is reaching out to Spirit for guidance and help. I represent her connection to Spirit - her bridge. But in that instant of reaching out to Spirit, Spirit answered her. The longer walk across the bridge was no longer necessary.

Spirit wanted to reveal itself to her, and did a perfect job of doing so - even before she could reach me personally on the telephone.

So I think the eaglet is growing her wings and learning to fly on her own. Or we can say, she is discovering what it's like to have the Universe on speed dial. :-)

She will then become a bridge for others in her life.

I'm honored to have been the one chosen to teach her.

~ Marilyn

Private Reply to Marilyn Jenett

Nov 25, 2007 9:52 pmre: re: Who needs the Universe on Speed Dial when you have Marilyn?#

Sally Kuhlman

Hi, I just wanted to pop in and say I am really enjoying reading about Susan's story.

Also, I wanted to give my own testimonial for Marilyn. Like Susan I began the FFTP program and started seeing results immediately (before getting to the audio portion). With in a few days I got a new client, someone I had been working on for months called me out of the blue and said, "I figured out how we can work together". I emailed her a contract and received the signed contract and check in the mail the next day.

This same week, I decided to let another client go, someone who has been a bit of a struggle. I only want to work with happy, positive people and she was always focusing on the negative and lack. Within 24 hours of letting that client go... one of my older clients called and asked if I had time to work with her because she had lots of new ideas for marketing her business and wanted me to help. And I LOVE working with this woman. She is always positive, grateful and has the prosperity mindset. Letting go of the negative energy created room for the positive.

Then last week I got a surprise completely out of the blue and not related to my business. It's a long and complicated story but here is the short version. A family member where there has been much tension suddenly started having a different attitude. We were actually communicating and really listening to each other. Just being able to communicate with this person was a blessing that I was thankful for. But then out of the blue he announced that he wanted to help us out financially with some of the children's expenses while my partner was building her business. He's going to be sending us a check every month! This was totally unexpected income. I told Marilyn and she congratulated me on my gratitude miracle.

One last thing... I just released my first e-book on November 1st, and I've sold more than I expected in the first month. I believe that is because of the homework from Part 1 of FFTP. Like Susan, I have not finished all of my homework because I have been busy being successful. I think I am going to go work on a it some more today.

I've been studying prosperity for years and things have slowly been falling in to place but I have to say meeting Marilyn and beginning the FFTP program has really put the universe on speed dial and put me in the fast track.

Thanks Marilyn!



Private Reply to Sally Kuhlman

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